An Introduction to Mattress Manufacturers

There is a wide variety of manufacturers, divided into broad categories that can be "differentiated" by the corporate culture instilled by their ownership in the case of larger manufacturers or the personal values of the owners in the case of smaller manufacturers. They are also widely differentiated by the value they produce, their knowledge and skills, and how they incorporate these into every mattress that they make. In spite of most of the information you will be exposed to, so-called "off-brand" manufacturers are quietly making better mattresses than any of their more well-known counterparts ... and doing so at a significant difference in quality and price. Knowing which of these brands have better value or even more importantly, knowing how to tell based on the materials they use and the information they will share with you, can save any consumer a significant amount and allow them to get much greater value for the money that they spend.

The four main categories of mattress manufacturers. 

These manufacturers fall into four main categories, depending on their size and the areas that they service, and knowing these and some more general information about each of them can help you determine which may better suit your own unique needs and circumstances. The differences will not be so much about the brand name itself, as many of the largest "name brands" are also the source of the highest levels of complaints and consumer dissatisfaction, but about the materials used and the quality of construction that is in the mattress itself, regardless of brand. As a group, these many different manufacturers make a huge variety of mattresses and can be very different from each other in the options they provide and in their mattresses themselves.

These four main categories of manufacturers each have a separate page in this section which describes them in more detail but in general, they are:

Discovering your best choice.

They do however have one thing in common and that is they are all considered to be "off brands" by the larger manufacturers who would like nothing better than consumers who never did any further research into any of them. We have used this "off-brand" name throughout the website to describe them because in spite of the fact that it has some "derogatory" implications attached to it, we believe that producing an "off-brand" is something they can be proud of and that in almost every case one of these represents the best choice for any consumers. It didn't take nearly as long in the earliest part of The Mattress Underground research to discover this than it did to actually come to realize and understand that we weren't "missing something" in making a statement such as this.

In the 2002 census, there 597 mattress manufacturers in the US and over 100 more in Canada. There are probably many less than this 9 years later. These mattress manufacturers (especially the larger ones) will sometimes produce their own materials in a mattress but in more commonly they will purchase raw materials, fabricate it to their needs, and then use it to produce their mattresses. In other cases, they will purchase materials that have already been fabricated and primarily "put the materials together" in a mattress using the skills and knowledge they have learned, in many cases over several generations.

Regardless of which group they fall in, the materials and quality of construction, the length of their supply chain from raw materials to consumer, the level of profits that are added at each level of the chain, and perhaps most of all, the values of the company itself, either on a corporate level in the case of larger brands or on a more personal level in the case of smaller privately owned brands, are the distinguishing features that determine whether they are already in a "mattress underground" that is already "resisting" the general trends of the industry. We hope that these will also choose to become part of "The Mattress Underground" itself and help them to re-connect with the millions of consumers that are looking for the kind of quality and values that they have always incorporated into their business.


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Sandybeaches's Avatar
Sandybeaches replied the topic: #2 11 Feb 2018 08:37
I'm new here, and came here as 1) A consumer who feels the mattress buying process is almost as frustrating as the "new car buying experience." and 2) as a design business owner who is in the process of purchasing a smallish mom and pop local furniture store in small town America. Mattress sales make up 35% of this store's revenue, and the process is quite frustrating to me, as a consumer who shopped them for a mattress and left without making a purchase. The first thing I want to implement with my purchase of this store is to treat my customers the way I want to be treated during the mattress buying process which is to simplify the process by offering the best value for their budget, the best mattresses, from a reliable, more off brand USA manufacturer, their personal sleeping style, body composition, and feel while educating them on the mattresses, and educating my salesforce while being totally transparent and honest in the process and making it a pleasant, and gratifying experience for them. I want them to leave happy, knowing they got the absolute best value their money could buy. My question for this forum is, how do I go about finding the right manufacturers that I can team up with and order wholesale from, feeling confident in the quality and be able to stand behind these mattresses, and meet my goals for my customers?
AnnaP's Avatar
AnnaP replied the topic: #3 25 Feb 2018 17:21
Hi Phoenix,
Quick question...I see that DreamFoam Bedding are no longer a recommended member of your site. I was seriously considering their 13" Ultimate Dreams Memory Foam mattress. Can I ask if you no longer feel they use high quality materials in their memory foam mattresses?
phoenix's Avatar
phoenix replied the topic: #4 26 Feb 2018 19:01
Hi AnnaP.

Quick question...

and ... Quick answer....:)

I understand your concern … U Dreams would meet the quality/value criteria for a Memory Foam product and would and raise no “red flags” for someone in a more “normal” BMI range, but I would advise a slight caution for someone in a higher BMI range.

Good Luck!

AnnaP's Avatar
AnnaP replied the topic: #5 27 Feb 2018 08:31
Thank you Phoenix! I am lightweight person at just over 125 lbs. Being a side sleeper only, and really liking the Tempur Cloud Luxe, I thought this may be a good mattress for me.
I always have problems with pressure points, and this mattress sounds like it may help combat that. I was really torn between this and the Novosbed, but I think I will purchase the Ultimate Dreams based on cost and materials.
The only thing I am concerned about with this mattress is proper spinal alignment. When a mattress has deep memory foam layers, I am guessing this can be an issue? But since you have confirmed that they still use high quality materials, my hope is that the 3" of 4lb gel memory foam will offer good pressure relief, while the 2" of denser 5lb memory foam will help to support me and make a nice transition into the base layer. I have had cheap memory foam mattresses (low density foam) in the past with a 3" comfort layer over the base, and have pushed through them, ending up feeling that hard base layer below.
Anyways, thank you for your reply. I think I will pull the trigger on the Ultimate Dreams mattress today, and will update when I have been sleeping on it for a bit. Thank you for creating such an awesome website!
phoenix's Avatar
phoenix replied the topic: #6 27 Feb 2018 18:10
Hi AnnaP.

Thank you for your kind words! I am happy to be of help. :)

The Ultimate D memory foam is quite plush and rated the softest on their comfort scale with 5” Memory Foam top layers. The 6" polyfoam core of 1.8 lb would be suitable for your BMI. I would have a bit of a concern for a or back stomach sleeper who would need more firmness, but side sleepers can do well with this product.

Good luck with your purchase, and we look forward to any updates after you have the chance to sleep on it for a while.


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