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Well ... this is an great day!

Its time to release the initial founding group of manufacturing members of The Mattress Underground. Each one of these represents what I believe to be one of the highest value mattress manufacturers in North America and I am excited that they are part of this.

I am fortunate to have had the chance to speak at length with each of them and every one of them are what I consider to be "mattress people" who are dedicated to making great mattresses at great prices. While they each of course have differences in their mattresses and in the markets they target, they share in common a commitment to quality and transparency in what they produce and sell and there isn't a single one of them that I would hesitate to purchase from. I am also grateful for their support of this project as it is not always easy to be an "early adopter" of a new idea and go against the natural inclination to "wait and see" before becoming a part of anything that represents something different.

This is a great beginning ... but of course, it is only a beginning. While there will be more over time as I continue to talk with other manufacturers and invite those who share these same values to become a part of what we are doing, I will always be grateful to this initial group who were instrumental in the launch of The Mattress Underground.

 They are (in alphabetical order) ...

Arizona Premium Mattress Factory:

Beloit Mattress Company:

Buis Mattress:

Custom Sleep Design:

The Mattress Factory:

My Green Mattress:

Sleep EZ Factory:

The Mattress Factory:

Thank you to each of you for becoming part of this and for all the help and ideas you have shared.



PS: The current membership list is here


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phoenix replied the topic: #2 13 Apr 2011 03:12
I'd like to welcome Fox Mattress in Volusia County, FL as our newest Manufacturing member. I had a great conversation with Rick the owner and as you can see from his website, he is another high value local mattress manufacturer who believes in the same principles that is the reason for The Mattress Underground.

We now have 9 of the highest value mattress manufacturers as part of our membership and as our efforts move towards increasing consumer awareness of our website, we will continue to do our part in increasing the visibility of these manufacturers and others like them who manufacture the "off brands" which represent real mattress value in North America.

Thanks again Rick for your support!

Fox Mattress: Volusia County, FL.
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phoenix replied the topic: #3 09 May 2011 18:02
I'd like to welcome 2 new manufacturing members to our growing list of high-value mattress manufacturers.

The first of these is Oklahoma Mattress Company in Oklahoma City, OK. I have had many great conversations with Jim the owner there and he like the other members of our group is a "mattress person" through and through. It's great to have them as a founding member.

Second is Parklane Mattress in Tualatin, OR. While I hadn't had the chance to talk with Scott there until recently, I did take the time several months ago to drive a few hours from Seattle to Tualatin to try out their mattresses and was truly impressed. They have several outlets in Oregon and Washington states.

These new founding members are all producing high value mattresses and are open and transparent about the materials they use and their methods of construction. They can all be trusted to provide accurate and truthful information and I am grateful and proud to have them as members of The Mattress Underground.

Every one of our members produces the kind of value that you just will not find in the chain store mattresses produced by the major manufacturers.

Thank you to each of you.

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phoenix replied the topic: #4 11 May 2011 06:07
I'd like to welcome Bay Bed & Mattress in Santa Cruz, CA to our growing membership list. I have had several conversations with Dan, the owner there and in addition to great value in mattresses, including quality modular mattresses using innersprings and latex, he has also made some valuable suggestions to this site which I certainly plan to implement as time allows.

Thank you Dan for your support of this project ... and of course for being part of a growing group of manufacturers who are changing the direction of the industry.
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phoenix replied the topic: #5 04 Nov 2011 16:26
I'd like to welcome as our newest manufacturing member of The Mattress Underground.

There are many mattress manufacturers in the Los Angeles area with a wide range of mattresses, quality, and prices and its been an ongoing process to talk to many of them on my list. When I first called Flexus comfort and had a chance to speak with Henry the owner ... it was like a breath of fresh air. We ended up talking over the course of several hours and several conversations about mattresses, what he was building, and the industry in general and it became clear very quickly that he was exactly the type of manufacturer that The Mattress Underground was designed to help people discover.

He has been in business for a long time, is knowledgeable, focused on helping people, and quietly building high quality mattresses that have great value. In other words ... he is what I call "mattress people". It's always exciting for me to make these kind of discoveries and get to know another manufacturer who is so closely aligned with the goals and values of this site and I'm excited to include Flexus Comfort and Henry to the growing list of what I consider to be "the best of the best".

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phoenix replied the topic: #6 06 Jun 2013 01:08
Hi kevinwu123,

That's probably the record for the shortest post on the forum :)

What mattress are you "testing" for?


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