An interesting month


It's been a very interesting month with a lot happening behind the scenes both in terms of website development and in terms of manufacturer membership.

I re-arranged the "internal workings" of the website so that a commenting system was available on all the pages of the website with all the comments being posted directly in the forum as well as on the page itself. This is an amazing system and for those of you that are interested is part of the Kunena forum that I am using and is an add on called Kunena Discuss. When I first started developing the website I was using a content management system called K2 which was great but was not compatible with Kunena discuss so I had to switch back and turn all the pages back into Joomla articles ... not as easy a job as I thought it would be.

I will also be publishing the initial list of the founding manufacturer membership in the next few days with a menu link on the main menu area so it will be available from every page on the website. I'm excited about this as it is a wonderful group of high quality manufacturers that represents amazing value in mattresses. All of them without exception have been truly supportive of what I am doing and have offered great feedback, ideas, and insights.

Once this is published, I will of course continue to talk with manufacturers but will also start to focus more on creating a "consumer presence" on the web and beginning to get back to what I love the most ... which is helping people to find great mattresses at great prices and that fit their unique needs and preferences. It is an exciting time and the beginning of much more to come.


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