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Natural Escape vs Beautyrest Hybrid? 03 Jan 2022 12:39 #1

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Hello My Green Mattress,

I have a similar post in the main forum, but I also wanted to target the same info in your expert forum as I am considering your Natural Escape mattress.

I decided to join to ask for some expert advice (or hear from other forum users who might have some knowledge).

Quick summary of our situation:

My wife and I are sleeping on a 16-year-old pillow-top inner-spring mattress that we just can't take anymore.

I am 5'8" and 140 lbs. and primarily a side-sleeper (although I change to back sleeping sometimes during the night).
Wife is 5'2" and 114 lbs. and is primarily a back-sleeper (with some side sleeping).

I have been doing some initial research on options for replacement at various review sites and here at TMU. My initial round of research led me to home in on a hybrid mattress with a medium-firm firmness level as a likely choice that could satisfy both of our needs (aiming to get something that makes my wife the most comfortable between the two of us).

We finally found some time to go test out some hybrid mattresses at local showrooms yesterday just to experience how they feel since we had never tried one before, and we found the following Beautyrest Hybrid that we thought felt wonderful in the showroom, and liked it best of any mattress we tested:

Comfort Layers:

1" AirCool® Gel Memory Foam
1" Beautyrest Firm Comfort Foam
1" Beautyrest Comfort Foam
Support System:

1000 Series Beautyrest® Firm Pocketed Coil® Technology

We both loved the feel of this mattress, and that gives me some confidence that hybrid with a firmer feel is the way to go for us. But I am hesitant to go with one of the "big" manufacturers due to lack of transparency about materials used, as mentioned in many posts and articles here at TMU

So now the tricky part starts.

I am trying to find a hybrid mattress from some of the trusted member companies that might match the feel of the Beautyrest hybrid that we tested.

Use of non-toxic materials is important to us. We are not necessarily looking for organic, but would like all foams to be CertiPur, low-VOC, etc. Interestingly, Beautyrest does claim this for all their foams for the hybrid per the certifications/warranty section at the following link:
I realize that is not the equivalent mattress we tested at MattressFirm, but it is the closest I could find on the Beautyrest site (one of the infuriating things about making informed comparisons for mattresses from the major manufacturers... can never find the exact match easily with all the specs)

My previous round of online research prior to our in-person testing led me to home in on the following options (order does not indicate preference):

1. My Green Mattress Natural Escape - www.mygreenmattress.com/hybrid-mattresses/natural-escape/

I have had a great experience with MGM in the past (my two children are both sleeping on Pure Echo mattresses from MGM), so they are a "known quantity" to me. The Natural Escape looks like it could do the trick, but I do have concerns about it being too firm and how the wool layer plus 3" Dunlop support layer would compare the feel of the Beautyrest. Seems there is some feedback here on TMU that this mattress feels very firm without a lot of pressure-point relief, and that the zoned coils for lumbar support might be too firm and what the impact that difference would make for a side-sleeper.

2a. Luma Natural Latex Hybrid in medium firmness - lumasleep.com/products/natural-latex-hybrid-mattress?variant=31613063135287
2b. Luma Hybrid Mattress Slumber System in medium firmness - lumasleep.com/products/latex-hybrid-slumber-system

I like the ability to swap out comfort layers with either of these options to fine-tune the feel, but still feel lost as to what might get closest to or be even better than the Beautyrest we tested. One concern I have regarding the info on the layers on the product pages is inconsistency in identifying the foam and latex certifications. For instance, the layer diagrams for both mattresses show that the HD base layer is Certi-Pur, but nothing regarding certifications is mentioned for the HD NRG foam later in the latex hybrid slumber system mattress. Similar issue for the "Natural Latex" layers in the natural latex hybrid mattress. It would be nice to get some better clarity on if the HD NRG foam is also Certi-Pur certified and if the natural latex is certified to have no fillers, etc. (GOLS or OEKO-TEX?)
Beyond those concerns, really trying to get feedback on how the comfort and support layers in these two Luma mattress options might compare to the Beautyrest hybrid.

3a. Nest Bedding Sparrow Signature Hybrid - www.nestbedding.com/products/sparrow-signature-hybrid-mattress
3b. Nest Bedding Owl Natural Hybrid - www.nestbedding.com/products/owl-natural-latex-hybrid-mattress

The Owl construction looks very close to the Natural Escape from MGM except for the extra 1" transitional layer, so I would have the same questions for this one as for the Natural Escape regarding wool as a comfort layer and how that would compare to the Beautyrest hybrid we tested.
The Sparrow seems different enough in construction of the comfort layer that I'm not sure how different it would feel compared to the Owl and if that would affect the firmness level to choose?
I also like the ability with these to swap out layers to change the feel if initial choice turns out uncomfortable.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I would welcome any suggestions I might not be considering or anyone's feedback about any of those I mentioned above.

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