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need help finding mattress 22 May 2020 20:39 #1

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My wife and I had been on a 24 year old plush Serta Perfect Sleeper (flippable, inner spring, polyfoam). Can't believe it lasted so long. For some reason it worked for us (my theory below) but we are having trouble finding a replacement.

We don't like memory foam or a hybrid with memory foam.

Here is what we are realizing we like:
want to be "on" not "in" mattress
want good responsiveness and ability to reposition easily
want good edge support (no polyfoam piers or polyfoam encasement)
want to sleep cool (most of the year is hot and humid in eastern NC)
want good bounce
want good motion isolation (know this is less likely with innerspring but want to minimize)
want edge to edge coils
want tight top (no pillow top)
prefer no zoning (or just 3)

Here is our info:
I am 6' around 180lbs; wife is 5'4" and around 180-190lbs.
My wife is a stomach sleeper (she doesn't mind soft as long as she doesn't have to lift up to reposition).
I am a side sleeper (need pressure relief for hips and shoulders).

After doing the tutorials on TMU and other research/mattress trials, I am narrowing on three types: 1) a flippable polyfoam innerspring like we had, or 2) a 100% natural latex without fillers or GOLS in either three layers of all foam (preferably a customizable do it yourself with zipper cover), or 3) a flippable/two sided with latex over an innerspring but no polyfoam at all to get full benefit of longer latex durability.

Given our normal sleeping positions we are at opposite needs my theory as to why the old mattress worked is because it was only about 11" thick so it likely didn't have too much padding for my wife's hips to sink too far. Also, since it wasn't pocket coils (I would guess a Bonnell or open-end offset system) perhaps that too supported my wifes hips. For me, I think the 2" or so of polyfoam probably drew pressure relief from the coils which I suspect were softer on initial compression then firmer on deeper compression. Once the foam was shot the coils were soft enough for comfort.

So here are my questions:
1) What would you recommend we look for in a mattress for a good fit for us in general and what specifications for components?
2) Does 100% natural latex have fillers like clay and feldspar if it isn't blended with synthetic? If so what is the percent filler usually?
3) Is it standard for latex warranties not to cover small cracks and tears? I would think such cracks and tears would expand and deepen over time, esp. when rotating layers.
4) Where is the latex manufactured? Should I prefer North American manufactured latex?
5) I have seen some hybrid latex, one sided mattresses with no base support layer of dense foam under the coils. The quilted mattress cover appears all the coils sit on. Is that not a bad design?
6) Would the Natural Escape's five zones be a problem for my hips needing pressure relief as a side sleeper?

Thank you!

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need help finding mattress 23 May 2020 12:46 #2

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Hi Seneca55
I'm going to answer your questions in reverse order.

6. The Natural Escape has a very subtle increase in firmness in the lumbar region. The goal of the lumbar region in my opinion is to support the mid-section without causing disruption or feeling totally different than the rest of the mattress.
5. The base foam essentially adds height and makes tailoring easier when constructing. Non-essential. The coils are the support to the mattress.
4. All organic latex is coming from overseas where the climate is right for rubber trees. I would check the certifications to decipher quality.
3. Most quality manufacturers are offering quality warranties against manufacturing defects. I'm guessing the tears and cracks refer to a company that offers layer exchanges so they are more prone to that happening.
2. GOLS organic dunlop latex would not have filler or syntheic.
1. As you see from your research through these forums, most experts here prefer the quality of latex over foam in terms of longevity and performance. Foam can be helpful when looking for a more plush mattress. But when looking for a quality supportive mattress, a high quality innerspring with latex is proven successful for many.
My Green Mattress for your blissful sleep :lol:
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