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Tim Masters is the owner of My Green Mattress (MGM) that has been handcrafting mattresses for over 25 years. while we are always looking for ways to make our mattresses and our customer service the best in this industry we are constantly looking to interact and educate consumers about what makes a good quality and safe mattress. As a Family-owned and operated and factory-direct company, My Green Mattress is not only passing the savings on to consumers but it also focuses on the highest quality, components, and materials.

We are happy to guide each customer through a satisfying buying process. We invite you to use our online chat, send us an email, give us a call, or post a question here in The Mattress Underground’s discussion forums.

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Why Go Green with your Mattress?

There are two comments customers frequently repeat in my store when picking out a mattress, and both comments have validity, but not maybe in the manner you’d expect.  The first comment is, “You can’t tell anything by trying out a mattress for 20 seconds.

Have you ever put serious consideration towards investigating what materials were used?  If you answered no, you’re not alone.  Most Americans don’t think about these questions, rather focus solely on comfort and longevity when choosing their sleep surface. 

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