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The Four Tenets That Make a Great Mattress

There are two comments customers frequently repeat in my store when picking out a mattress, and both comments have validity, but not maybe in the manner you’d expect.  The first comment is, “You can’t tell anything by trying out a mattress for 20 seconds.
When Luma Sleep’s founders developed the company’s mattress product line, they reached out to Michael J. Breus, PhD, The Sleep Doctor™. From his research and design work with developing the Dr. Breus Bed over 10 years ago, Dr. Michael identified what he has come to define as the Four Tenets to Better Sleep.  They are...

Why Choose Latex over Memory Foam

Why Choose Latex over Memory Foam

Latex is made from the milk (or sap) of the rubber tree. It is whipped into a foam and heated. The result is foam rubber, otherwise known as latex, which is naturally conforming, buoyant and long-lasting.

Memory foam is polyurethane foam made from blown petroleum products. It is an unstable product that breaks down, off-gasses and does not breathe. Memory foam mattresses have three major problems: a pungent chemical odor, toxic chemical off-gassing, and a tendency to trap heat.

Why Google isn't your friend when shopping ....

Most consumers today have a healthy amount of skepticism for reviews that are posted on the same website as the company that wants to sell you something. People have figured out that the company has employees or a web designer in charge of those reviews and can weed out the bad reviews or just write their own little works of fiction. While this is misleading, it can result in greater sales for a while. Over time, as consumers have become educated this method has become ineffective. So, what do these companies do now? They host fake "review" sites

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