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Be VERY careful when you see someone selling a "package" deal. Whether it's on Amazon, eBay or even an Authorized Leggett & Platt Dealer.

On our website, we break out the prices on all our mattresses. Some websites only show your package price when you buy the Adjustable Bed AND the mattresses. So what's wrong with that? Usually a LOT! I've personally been contacted by some of the Chinese foam mattress manufacturers as well as some of the cheaper US Made foam mattress suppliers. Some of the pricing I've been quoted by the relatively unknown US companies tells me that the mattresses they're representing as US Made are one of two things. They're either REALLY cheap foam made in the US or they're actually made in China and being misrepresented. 

One company offered to sell me 13" Memory Foam or Cool Gel mattresses in the Twin XL size for right at $40. What could I do with those mattresses?  Well, I could combine them with a Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed in a "package" deal that would APPEAR to be a tremendous bargain. But my customers would end up hating me when the mattress lasts no time and has to be replaced within a year or two. 

Some of the Chinese companies tell me who is currently selling their mattresses successfully on Amazon and eBay. They want me to be impressed with the profits being made. I'll look at their listings and see these $40 mattresses listed as "Ultra Luxurious" or "Super Plush" or whatever buzzwords they think will make you believe it's a really good mattress. But it's not! 

I've researched a LOT of the package deals being offered around the Internet. Knowing what the Leggett and Platt Beds cost the dealers and comparing that to the package price tells me approximately how much money the dealer has in the mattresses. And usually, it's VERY little. 

Of course, they all have stories about how they buy so many they get really attractive price breaks. It doesn't work that way. I've spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars with vendors and been offered minimal price breaks only after doing a great deal of business. The only price "break" these dealers are getting is the price difference between what they pay for the mattress they want to sell you and what they would pay for an equal size mattress of higher quality.

So how do you protect yourself from these unbelievable "package" deals? Here's how. If they don't state the price of the mattress separately, beware! If they don't give you a good explanation of the layers and construction materials in the mattress, beware!

If the "deal" sounds too good to be true...well, you know the rest of this sentence.....

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