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We started out manufacturing massage tables back in 1989. Naturally, the key to a professional massage table is that the clients experience a high level of comfort when lying on the table … so we started looking for solutions to include foams that are comfortable but also durable to last the lifetime of the table. The HD and HR polyurethane foams were the best materials at that time to ensure that the table performs to the highest standard for years of quality use. We were also the first ones to use 5lb of durable memory foam in the headrest cushions and back then nobody but Tempur-Pedic was using memory foam in their products. We had an amazing response from our professional clientele such massage therapists, chiropractors, and bodyworkers around the globe and we ended up producing over 30,000 massage tables.

One thing led to another and we employed our gained experience and the qualities of durable memory foams to produce mattress toppers to enhance the comfort and sleeping experience on existing B&B mattresses. We had instant success and the customers using them were so amazed by the difference it made to their sleep that the orders kept coming and in no time we expanded to offering them online and trade shows. Our new “shifted” business exploded and we started designing our own innovative mattresses all having the same end goal … customer comfort, quality, and enhanced sleeping experience.

Always buy a good pair of shoes and a good bed, if you aren't in one you are in the other. 

Needless to say that since then we’ve introduced our latex lines, have added organic Dunlop latex and included only clean and safe materials. We have more than 30 years’ experience, in the “sleep industry” and in getting things right ... all with the consumer’s best interests in mind. Doing business is a wild and rewarding journey and in the process we gained so much knowledge in mattress design, various foam products and how they suit a particular sleeper that we love to share our knowledge and bring integrity and good advice not only to our ever-growing Canadian customer base but to all that seek clarity and a good night sleep for years to come.

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