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Everyone is built differently; your mattress should be too!

My father started working in the bed industry in 1971. By 1979 he was designing waterbeds for JC Penny’s and 20 years later he designed the Original Talalay Latex mattress which was a very unique system at that time. He kept it simple: sourcing out the most durable and sustainable components he could find, and making sure that the construction and mattress specifications match the needs of each individual sleeper on the mattress.

I grew up around my father’s business, and since 2003 I’ve been working side-by-side with him gaining much knowledge and invaluable experience. When we started expanding our business online we realized that in many ways this was not much different than servicing our small coastal town in Northern California: If you offer quality products and you treat your customers well, word travels fast. We are very skillful in matching the sleeper with their perfect mattress and this is a top priority. In fact, for twenty years, we’ve been pairing people with the right mattresses without them ever stepping foot in our showroom.

We know our stuff!

Our approach to making mattresses is very unique, but it’s our customer service, our insistence on quality, and especially on making sure that the product is “just right for each individual sleeper” that makes people recommend us again and again.

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Dewey Turner
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How do you buy a bed without ever laying on it? You can and should read plenty of reviews, scour the Internet for information comparing materials, warrantees, and customer satisfaction. But what works for other people won’t necessarily be the right solution for you. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all model for people. We’re all built differently; your mattress should be too.

Why Choose Latex over Memory Foam

Why Choose Latex over Memory Foam

Latex is made from the milk (or sap) of the rubber tree. It is whipped into a foam and heated. The result is foam rubber, otherwise known as latex, which is naturally conforming, buoyant and long-lasting.

Memory foam is polyurethane foam made from blown petroleum products. It is an unstable product that breaks down, off-gasses and does not breathe. Memory foam mattresses have three major problems: a pungent chemical odor, toxic chemical off-gassing, and a tendency to trap heat.

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