Moisture Control is Key!

Moisture Control is Key!
Often overlooked by traditional manufacturers, moisture control in mattresses and bedding is probably one of the most important components to a undisturbed sleep.
When we sleep we perspire. If that moisture is trapped in the fabrics next to our bodies, we get clammy and hot and are usually woken up by it.
To alleviate this issue we will throw off the blankets causing the moisture to evaporate so quickly that we get a chill. We then repeat this process over and over, destroying any hope of having a good night's rest.
Introducing Wool and Alpaca into your bedding products are good ways to regulate body temperatures naturally throughout the night. Wool will continue to feel dry even when it has absorbed 30% - 50% of its weight in moisture - think of those sheep which live in many different climates around the world! Capillary action (wicking) moves the moisture along the fibres and away from your body, keeping you cool and dry. Alpaca fibre is hollow works much like wool but even better, with faster drying and better capillary action. Alpaca does not contain lanolin which we love for its antibacterial and anti-dust mite properties. It is often blended with wool for this reason.
In closing, research will tell you there are many synthetic wicking fibres on the market today. They are used in sportswear and traditional mattresses and bedding and show excellent capillary action. Unfortunately, tests show they do not offer the quick-drying ability of wool resulting in bacteria being trapped in the fibre pores leaving behind an odor. Most of us have purchased these high tech garments and have been surprised by the seemingly impossible to remove smell after just a few workouts. Manufacturers then combat this problem by adding even more chemicals to mask the odor - something none of us need in our chemical-soaked environment. These are just a few properties outlining why Wool and Alpaca are naturally better - keep cool, keep warm and of course, keep clean!
Laura Aprile
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