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25+ Years of Award-Winning Service

My family and I have operated award-winning sleep shops since 1992. We've won every award that the Western Michigan Better Business Bureau offers to a retail establishment, and we've received numerous Pinnacle Customer Service Awards. Mattress To Go's unique concept is the result of combining my many years of retail sleep shop experience with the public's requests for affordable premium mattresses. And while this discounted pricing concept may be new, our level of service and community involvement remains stellar. Part of our Comfort For Everyone campaign is that we make frequent donations to our local domestic violence and homeless shelters. And we're also a permanent donation center for the Cell Phones for Soldiers program.

I have over 25 years of award-winning experience in the mattress industry and my credibility, integrity and level of expertise are all beyond reproach. I know that shopping for a mattress isn't something you do every day and that no matter how hard you try, you can't become an expert about mattresses through a week or two of shopping and web surfing. Knowing about beds is my job, so that's why I encourage and welcome your questions.

Feel free to browse my Beducation® videos. I guarantee that once you're done viewing those you'll know more about shopping for a bed than most salespeople. Want to compare? No problem. Tell me what you've seen or read about and we can review how one product differs from another. I'm constantly staying on top of the offerings within the mattress industry and I'll happily explain the practical application of different mattress components. To make things easy, I always list complete specifications for our mattresses on my web site and in the store - you'll find Mattress To Go is one of the most transparent and consumer-friendly sleep shops in the industry.

Jeff Scheuer ~ Creator of Beducation®
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Don't Judge A Mattress By Its Cover...

Don't Judge A Mattress By Its Cover...
There are two comments customers frequently repeat in my store when picking out a mattress, and both comments have validity, but not maybe in the manner you’d expect.
The first comment is, “You can’t tell anything by trying out a mattress for 20 seconds.”
The second comment is, “This mattress feels good, so it’s perfect.”
Let’s take a look at each of these.

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