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Hybrid Mattresses Making Huge Leaps Forward

At Arizona Premium Mattress we have noticed a huge increase in sales related to our Pocket Coil with Latex designed hybrid mattresses. I think one of the main reasons people are gravitating to this type of mattress is that it's more of a "known feel". In other words when buying a mattress online you are always taking a risk of it not being what you expected especially since you cannot try it first. Most people are familiar with the feel of a spring type mattress but as many of you have experienced lately the durability of the foams used in those fall short of expectation. Most spring mattresses were not designed so they could be roll packed and shipped via FedEx or UPS until very recently.

When Leggett and Platt approached us with their newly designed Combi-zone and Caliber Edge springs that can be compressed and rolled it opened up a whole new market for us and many others. Leggett was missing out on the whole internet mattress boom created by the mostly poly foam mattresses like Casper and Tuft and Needle which are easily compressed.  Now with these new designs of pocket coil springs they can easily be incorporated into what is commonly referred to as a Hybrid Mattress.

Hybrid mattresses usually consist of a pocket coil spring with a variety of foam layer choices including latex, memory foam and gel foams. So if you prefer the sinking in feel of memory foam or gel you can get that on top of a pocket coil spring. If you prefer the natural aspect of latex along with it's increased durability over other types of foam you can now get that feel but at a much more affordable cost than the traditional "all latex" mattresses. 

Foam mattresses almost always have a firm base foam and then other layers on top. Hybrid spring mattresses are no different, firm spring base then layers on top. The difference is you get some of the bounce factor that most people are familiar with when choosing a spring base. Plus a spring base will almost always outlast a poly foam foam base so the increased durability make it a wiser choice than an all foam design.  All foam mattresses almost always have layers that are glued together making it impossible to change the feel once you receive it whereas many Hybrid spring mattresses come with a zippered cover allowing you to make a change to the layer (s) if it's not right for you. This fact along with the "known feel" is why I believe the pocket coil hybrid mattresses are becoming so well received and a logical choice for many on a budget over the main stream "one firmness fits all" foam mattresses.

Ken Hightower ~ Arizona Premium Mattress Company

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My husband & I purchased a Brooklyn Bedding #bestmattressever back in October (it is a version no longer available with 3 layers of memory foam). Our old mattress was a double-sided pillowtop from Denver Mattress that we bought way back in 2002 - it had seen better days and my husband's back was starting to hurt all the time. My husband adamantly insisted on purchasing the "soft" version, vs the medium or hard, though I wondered if medium was probably wiser. He is primarily a back sleeper, I sleep exclusively on my side. We are both overweight - he is 210lbs, I am 250lbs. The new mattress came and it was beautiful and comfortable and neither of us had any complaints initially. But after a week, the hip I sleep on started to become very tender. I visited some family for a few days and the pain went away but as soon as I came back and slept on the new mattress, it came back again. But we wanted to give the mattress a fair trial so we slept on it until mid-December and I contacted Brooklyn Bedding to return it. They offered a cooling gel-infused memory foam topper and an extension on the trial-period so we accepted. And for the past two months we've been sleeping with that on top of the mattress. My hip is mostly better, just the occasional twinge, but my elbow of all things has begun hurting - the one on the side I sleep on. And my husband's back still aches slightly. Plus I feel like we are sleeping warmer than we did on our our pillowtop. So I contacted Brooklyn Bedding again. They no longer carry the same mattress we have and asked if we'd be willing to try the new Signature Hybrid which is two layers of foam on top of 6" coils. Supposedly it sleeps cooler due to the coils. And they suggested we stick with the "soft" option saying it "will be softer than your current mattress with the topper due to the pocketed coils. Since the topper still didn't make the mattress soft enough, I would definitely encourage going with the soft comfort level to get you that added pressure point relief." I just want to confirm we are heading down the right route? Is staying soft wise or should we push for medium? (My husband is still thinking soft is best.) And I just don't want my elbow and hip pressure points hurting.

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