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DIY Latex build - any thoughts 02 Apr 2022 21:22 #1

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Hi there,

Been lurking for the past couple weeks looking into a latex build. (Ngl I've been having so much fun doing all the mattress research and reading all these posts).
My "old" memory foam mattress has worn out so it is time for a replacement that lasts.

Some stats:
- 6 ft tall
- ~175 lbs
- twin size bed
- mix side and back sleeper. I go to sleep sideways but I wake up on my back. This mixture is what leaves me indecisive on firmnesses.

One of the main things I am looking for is back support, specially when on my back. It's been tricky balancing firmness vs softness between back and side.
I was considering between latex core and coils, but I think I'll go with latex, I feel I'll get more firmness out of it.

So the build I have in mind is:

- 6" dunlop firm
- 2" dunlop medium from Sleep on Latex (dunno the ILD but I think it is 30ish, I already own this layer so I want to use it)
- 1" or 2" soft talalay (I think 22 ILD) (Maybe medium soft instead of soft, ~24-25 ILD)

So a few (not so few) questions:
0) Any thoughts?
1) Any thoughts on the firm core vs medium? I wanna go firm for support and soften up with talaly if needed.
1.1) Would having a firm core be too much for side sleeping? I think that it would be good for back, but dunno for side.
2) Any thoughts on the build without the talalay layer? Would that be too hard?
3) Out of curiosity, how heavy is the latex core for a twin or queen size? (Want to know if I need to start going to the gym to change the sheets)
4) Regarding covers, what is the difference between bamboo and cotton covers?

I will probably get a core, test it with the 2" topper and then see if the extra layer is needed. So ultimately my main main question is: medium or firm for core?


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