An Overview of Microcoils as a Comfort Layer

Most innersprings are not suitable as a comfort layer since they are not so comfortable to sleep on directly although some can provide the "conforming ability" to help a comfort layer do its job. There is however a type of innerspring called a "microcoil" which is made by several manufacturers and which is designed specifically for use as part of a comfort layer. They are made from thinner more flexible wire, have more coils (usually over 800) and have less thickness so they can fit in a “eurotop" or "boxtop" mattress since they can not be made as thin as foam or fibers. They are typically used with a thin foam layer or quilting layer over them so you won’t feel the individual coils. As a comfort layer, they are much more pressure-relieving and comfortable than sleeping directly on their more supportive innerspring cousins.

Pricing and durability of microcoils.

While they are more expensive than the low grade polyfoam that is typically used in the upper layers of a mattress, they are less expensive than a good quality foam like HR polyfoam, latex, or high-quality memory foam. They also have a high level of resilience and point elasticity and so like latex or HR polyfoam can provide support to the recessed areas of the body that are not in direct contact with the support layers of the mattress. They are also more durable and less prone to body impressions than the lower quality foams that are so often used in mattresses.

How microcoils function in the comfort layer. 

They are typically used over innerspring support cores (probably because the same manufacturer or supplier would likely make both), and are often called “coil on coil” mattresses. The same or similar terms are also used for other types of innerspring combinations so be a little careful when you hear this term that it is actually referring to microcoils being used in the comfort layers. There is also no real reason that these couldn't be added over a polyfoam or latex core except that it may need a cushioning layer to protect the foam below it. It is rarely found with this combination however. Overall, they represent a good value option in a mid range mattress that is well worth testing as an option if they are available in your area.

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kateack's Avatar
kateack replied the topic: #2 28 Aug 2018 10:53
are you familiar with the Naturepedic EOS mattress? I have MCS so need an organic mattress. I am allergic to latex as well, so I am looking at the micro coil top as opposed to the latex. Wondering how comfortable it would be with coils right under me. I have back issues, but fibromyalgia as well, so pretty tricky. I have a new 100% wool mattress, but it is way too hard no matter what kind of topper configuration I put on it...featherbed, multiple wool toppers, etc. I cannot get to a store to lay on one, so a little scary after the wool mattress $$$$ mistake. Thanks, Kate
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DR replied the topic: #3 29 Aug 2018 09:38
I tried the Naturepedic EOS with the microcoils. Honestly, I couldn't make it more than an hour on them. To me, the coils felt like they didn't contour at all. I couldn't understand why this would be used as a topper. That was just my experience, though.

The good thing about Naturepedic, however, is that they do accept returns on their beds. The return shipping can be costly, so confirm with them ahead of time what this will cost you. I've also seen their microcoil topper on BedBathandBeyond as well as Amazon. The return process for just the topper may be easier through those retail points.

I saw another person posting about the Naturepedic microcoils here; this member seemed to like them (and perhaps is a better judge, since I spent so little time on this layer):
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Luma Sleep replied the topic: #4 30 Aug 2018 06:25
Thanks DR for weighing in. The use of microcoils as a comfort layer in lieu of materials like latex or some new age polyfoams has been around for a long while. The challenge, as DR aptly notes, is that in most cases, microcoils do not provide a comparable level of comfort and support , especially when compared to latex. A great deal depends on the size and sleeping position of the sleeper, as larger individuals will cause the coils to completely collapse, especially when sleeping on the side. Microcoil design changes that decrease diameter would provide more support but then they become much more expensive and most mattress manufacturers do not include them in mattresses priced below $3000.
Naturepedic does have excellent trial periods and return policies, but do note that they apply only when purchasing directly from Naturepedic and not from retailers that also sell their mattresses.
With your MCS condition, you likely have few options other than Naturepedic

Hope this helps!

Team Luma
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deuxcv replied the topic: #5 05 Sep 2018 00:21
as dr mentioned, i have the naturepedic eos with microcoils and love it. i tried latex at the sore and originally had at home and just couldn't get comfortable and with the comfort swap program, ended up with the microcoils and really love them. mattress is going on 3 years old with no change of my opinion of it. i would definitely buy this mattress again. for what it's worth, i'm 175# and sleep mostly on my back and a little in the beginning of the night on my side. i went with a spring combo that they dont advertise... plush coils and medium microcoils. for me it gives great contour and a feel of support very unlike the experience of dr. perhaps dr tried the firm support coils which i think is in they most popular pairing... "cushion firm"... firm support coils and plush comfort layer. like i said, i preferred plush support layer with medium comfort layer. i never really tried the microcoils in the store so don't know if there are other combos that i'd find comfortable too.. someone mentioned their return policy, so just to clarify, if you buy from them, everything is returnable at a cost. if you buy from another retailer, you can swap the comfort layer for 90 days directly with naturepedic, you just have to pay for shipping each way, so gets spendy. if there is a store ANYWHERE easy to get to with a cheap flight, i'd say if this is your best bet for a mattress, it'd be worth a couple hundred bucks to go try all the combos in person, plus get a bonus mini vacation. they have company stores in a bunch of cities and growing and they have a dealer locator for 3rd party retailers too. good luck, deuxcv
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Luma Sleep replied the topic: #6 05 Sep 2018 05:27
Thanks deuxcv for weighing in and providing helpful information about your experience with Naturepedic. We hope others searching for microcoils will find it useful as well.

Team Luma

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