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26 Sep 2022 18:37
No, I'm not looking for a mattress for me or a cover. My kids sleep together and are inseparable. So I figured I'd let them share a big bed
for another year or two. I'm looking for a mattress 10-12 inches thick and under 1500
26 Sep 2022 15:54
  • Billy1956
  • Billy1956's Avatar
My wife and I would like to stay sleeping together but each have different issues. My wife needs to have the head of the bed up due to Acid Reflux etc. I need it to be Flat due to back and hip issues. She is a back sleeper and I am a side sleeper.. We found a manufacturer in NC. that offers a split head mattress. They will make it to our preference and ship in a box. We have Twin Size Rize adjustable bases that will work separate of each other. This is the make up that we are considering. What are your thoughts?
Split head Queen mattress
Top to Bottom
2" Quilted Organic Cotton fabric( has gel infused visco)
2" Gel Infused Visco
3" Latex C4 or C3?
6" HD Poly Foam.
13" Profile
26 Sep 2022 14:25
  • kfinn
  • kfinn's Avatar
We have an ajustable split king base (two twin xl bases) by Ghost Bed, and my husband and are are very happy with the bases! The only thing we would like to change is the height of the legs. The legs we have are set at 12 inches and we would like to have legs that are around 8 inches. I see the current adjustable bases that are sold by Ghost Bed now have customizable 3 piece legs, so that leg height can be 4, 8 or 12 inches high. I think offering this flexibility is a great idea, and I am wondering if I can purchase the customizable legs to use on my current Ghost Bed.adjustable bases. I see 6 inch legs offered on the website, but I do not see an option to purchase 8 inch legs or the customizable legs and was hoping a Ghost Bed representative could respond. Thank you so much!
26 Sep 2022 13:31
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi erdocss.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

To clarify, is it a waterproof mattress cover you're looking for? If so, there are many options. My personal favorite is this one which I use for my own bed.

Or are you looking for a mattress for yourself that you can feel good about letting your kids sleep in with you without lamenting the price tag?
26 Sep 2022 10:17
  • 9b3h3ljsdaf
  • 9b3h3ljsdaf's Avatar
The Flobeds Big and Tall Vzone with 16" of latex looks interesting. That is a ton of latex.

I typically sleep in the center of the bed, I'm concerned about the middle seam in a split bed (left/right) system. Any issues with this?

Other suggestions for other manufacturers?
26 Sep 2022 07:13
  • Burpleson
  • Burpleson's Avatar
Flobeds sells all Talalay, not CozyPure but the latter has great mattress pads.
26 Sep 2022 07:10
  • Burpleson
  • Burpleson's Avatar
SleepEz is great based on personal experience but you may want to checkout CozyPure and Flobeds (all Talalay latex).
26 Sep 2022 00:46
  • 9b3h3ljsdaf
  • 9b3h3ljsdaf's Avatar
Hi All,

I am interested in a buying a new king size latex mattress in the USA.

Male, athletic build, 240lbs, side and back sleeper, no medical concerns.

I do NOT want a DIY bed solution.

I am primarily interested in an all latex, no coil mattress (microcoils are ok as a layer). However, I'd consider latex/coil hybrids if strongly recommended.

Which latex mattress brands are considered the highest quality with best warranty support and customer service?

Cost is not a concern.

I’ve been looking at Naturepedic and OMI. OMI seems to be amongst the most expensive latex options but they do no list their components, layers, build.

Thank you very much.
25 Sep 2022 22:57
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Rehoboth.

Thank you for the additional information you provided. These throw a better light on your choices.

Polyfoam layer above the spring unit appears intact visually, but is old. It is 1 inch thick. Do you think we should replace that while we have it apart? The springs strike me as more audible than they used to be, but it could well be simply that I'm paying far more attention to the mattress than I had in a long time.

Any additional layer will in one way or another affect the general feel of the mattress as a whole but, this layer being further away from the skin, and only 1”, it will not add much to the comfort or support Generally a layer like this is placed just above the spring unit to act as a buffer for the mechanical stress of the coils against the comfort/transition layers. The springs should be fine if they are level and the nonwoven fabric and glue still intact.

My BMI is in the low 20s, mostly side sleeper, sometimes back, almost never stomach. The main health-related issue here is that I don't have any built-in padding so a hard mattress feels like sleeping on a wooden floor. And since I don't weigh much, a medium mattress feels hard. I don't weigh less than I used to, but the average BMI has gradually gone up, so perhaps manufacturers are using slightly harder foams to compensate? (When I looked for commercial mattresses at the outset of all this, they felt firmer than when I had bought the current mattress 11 years ago.)

As the “average BMI has gradually gone up” you would sink in a little more and perhaps reach the firmer layer below more than with your previous BMI (sagging and foams that break down will further amplify this the sink into the layer below”

Both you and your wife have fairly low BMIs so you won’t need a thick mattress, once you know the general direction you want to go into (and it seems you have a fairly good idea) this goes also well with so your plan to start with building your DIY from the bottom up, from the firm to the level of comfort that you seek sounds like a very good plan especially as you love “tinkering and customizing things”

This is off topic, and I don't think it will pertain to this project, but I encountered one component I don't understand while looking for foam. DIY Mattress sells these 1-inch-thick "micro pocketed coils". I understand that they'd go right over the existing coil layer, but how are they meant to change the feel of a bed? What's the point of coils that thin? Or do coils that thin not really change the feel much at all?

Microcoils are a softer and thinner version of pocket coils that are used in comfort layers instead of as support layers. You can read a bit about microcoils in this article and a forum search on " microcoil " will bring up quite a few references to them and mattresses that use them as well.
• The microcoil layer position in a mattress depends on the mattress design. If used as a topper, for example, even though microcoils are a high-quality and durable material they are a much more limited choice for a topper and many people tend to feel them. You’d still need some type of foam on top of them as the cover may not be enough to prevent the sleeper feeling of the coil underneath.
• The microcoil material technology is still developing but has not achieved the support/pressure-relief capabilities of latex.
• have a “springier” feel. You can read more about microcoils in this article and in post #8 here and post #2 here .
• How they perform in each specific design that uses them will depend on the other materials that are over and underneath the microcells. They are certainly well worth considering as a comfort layer option for those who have tested it and like it.

Microcoils have a different response curve (more linear) than latex (which has a more banana-shaped response curve) They work well for those who prefer their feel and resilience or whose testing shows that they do better with this type of response vs foam.

I love both tinkering and customizing things, so this is right up my alley. In younger years, we had to be creative with the budget, and I found out that a cheap way to have nicer things was to find broken ones and fix them. It was amazing to me how people would throw away valuable things, just because one part (even a fuse!) had failed.

It warms my heart to hear that sentiment so well expressed. Indeed this attitude helps shift from "consumerism" to creating and recreating value.

I look forward to you receiving the foams and learning about the DIY progress.

25 Sep 2022 10:32
  • Sleep EZ
  • Sleep EZ's Avatar
Hi Redsox and thanks for coming back to Sleep EZ! The next softest step would be to order medium/firm/firm, but that's barely any softer, and she might not even notice the difference in softness. As such, I think she'd do just fine with medium/medium/firm. If she sleeps on that and it's still too soft, she can rearrange the layers to medium/firm/medium, and if that's still too soft, she can order an extra firm layer for exchange and end up with medium/firm/extra firm.
24 Sep 2022 20:32
I just purchased a Thuma bed for my 7 and 5-year-old and need a mattress that goes with this bed. They're potty trained but still don't want to go over the top. Any suggestions?
23 Sep 2022 12:51
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi JBR2022.

Do you mean if you lay on it immediately after delivery? I'm assuming that unless the truck was temperature controlled, it would arrive relatively warm. If you were to lay on it nearly immediately, I could see there being some heat retention.

Or, are you experiencing some trapped heat long after delivery?

23 Sep 2022 12:46
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi Seeker4.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

Sorry to hear of the current state of your sleep and pain on your current mattress. Springs are less likely to sag/sink so you're probably right that the foam has broken down over time.

I know you mentioned you're in Tucson but we very highly recommend Arizona Premium Mattress in Phoenix and Sleep EZ in Tempe. Both specialize in latex and are experts in the mattress world and would be able to give you wonderful guidance!

23 Sep 2022 08:22
  • elenim
  • elenim's Avatar
Standard king frame. The mattress is just very short of 80". The company is suggesting that it will expand over the next few days...
Thank you!
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