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28 Sep 2022 12:15
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi csinc.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :) So glad the resources here have been useful!

Pricing is such a finnicky thing. Everything from shipping, interruptions in production, storage fees, employee wages, the electric bill, etc can factor into it not to mention sourcing materials, etc.

Dormio firm density is 90 while MFC is 85.

I don't think you'd notice the difference here at all. If the feel of the wool is a particular feature you're looking for, then you might notice and miss that. Wool can be quite expensive to source as well (again, could be part of the cost difference). But, if wool isn't a deal breaker, I think you might find yourself perfectly happy with the MFC model.

Of course, as you mentioned, the benefit of Dormio is you get to test in person and know with 100% guarantee that you like what you're getting. It's truly a toss up!

28 Sep 2022 12:08
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Thanks for clarifying, erdocss.

While I can't tell you exactly which mattress to buy, I can certainly give you some tips! If you haven't already, you may wish to read this article on sleeping positions and the various needs related to comfort layers. We've also got a great Mattress Shopping Tutorial .

Without knowing more specifics of what you're looking for, it's hard to make even a basic recommendation (firmness level, hybrid vs innerspring, latex/memory foam, etc) but I can tell you that our Trusted Members are expertly vetted for durability and transparency as well as knowledge in the mattress industry and customer attention. You may find a great contender with one of them.

28 Sep 2022 10:41
  • steelwindmachine
  • steelwindmachine's Avatar
I have a king size SleepEZ 2" Talalay Soft topper that is 5 years old. The topper has bowed on both sides of the glued seam. This makes for an unpleasant ridge down the center of the bed.

We've periodically flipped and rotated the topper over the years, but it's seemingly (pun intended) due for replacement.

My partner and I are predominantly side sleepers. Three months prior to purchasing the topper we bought SleepEZ's Natural Eastern King 10,000 with split Top: Dunlop Soft/Talalay Medium, Middle: Medium Dunlop, Bottom: Firm Dunlop with their Twin XL wood foundations. We then slept on this for those 3 months, shuffled the Top and Middle layers around a few times and found that in the best configuration my partners lower back pain shifted up towards her shoulders. We bought the topper to try to remedy this and the pain was slightly less.

Now we're contemplating what the replacement topper will be. We'd prefer something without a seam and apparently only Dunlop king toppers are available without a seam.

SleepEZ has a good selection of Dunlop king toppers in 2" and 3" thicknesses, with Firmness from Soft-Medium- Firm and Extra Firm.

We're not married to SleepEZ and would consider other brands. We're not sure whether changing to Dunlop makes sense and if so what firmness/ILD . We don't really want to be A-B-C+ testing multiple toppers.

I do know that Dunlop is generally more resistive/less plush feeling than talalay. So I don't know if going from a 2" Talalay Soft to say a 3" Dunlop Soft would provide appropriate support, but still allow for good contouring and help alleviate an upper body pressure point and not cause a lower back pain flair up.

Any guidance is appreciated!
28 Sep 2022 10:01
  • steelwindmachine
  • steelwindmachine's Avatar
hello, am following up on this issue since there was never a post regarding whether or not this was resolved.

Any luck?

I have a SleepEZ talalay king topper with a seam too and it is also a bit disruptive. The topper is ~5 years old now and definitely bowed, so I'm looking for a replacement without a seam. So far only Saatva has confirmed their latex topper doesn't have a seam.
28 Sep 2022 05:09
  • Billy1956
  • Billy1956's Avatar
High Phoenix, Thanks for replying. This is the info they gave me on the foam. I am hoping you are someone know what the numbers mean and can tell me of the Quality?

I can not make it more than 10 inches thick with the covers I have. They only allow for a 10 inch height on the borders.
1. In the cover is a 1536 foam. Its low density, acts as a softening gel.
2. The visco gel is 4 lb memory gel.
3. The latex is dunlop, I am not quite sure of the density
4. The base foam is 1836. the strongest you would want for a bed. I can get 2536. That is super firm. Almost like laying on the ground.

The split is right in the middle. 30 inches from the side, 33 inches down. All materials are Cetri-pur US. It is not flippable. That's the one downfall. You can not flip or rotate it.
If you like the combination you came up with. I could just take an inch of the foam and that would allow it to fit in the cover. 5 inch base foam with 3 inch C4, and 2 inch visco gel. Would give you a nice medium firm bed
27 Sep 2022 22:53
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi billy1956,
Welcome to The Mattress Underground :)

We found a manufacturer in NC. that offers a split head mattress. They will make it to our preference and ship in a box. We have Twin Size Rize adjustable bases that will work separate of each other. This is the make up that we are considering. What are your thoughts?
(13”)Split head Queen mattress
2" Quilted Organic Cotton fabric( has gel infused visco)
2" Gel Infused Visco
3" Latex C4 or C3?
6" HD Poly Foam.

A split Queen is a good solution for partners with different sleeping styles, sleeping positions, and firmness/comfort needs. The adjustable bed in combination with a split mattress will also be able to accommodate different elevation needs for both sleepers. So, you are going in the right direction. First off I’d pay attention to the quality of the materials in this mattress (foam densities, especially the top 4 inches of memory foam which tells you about its durability and for how long you'll sleep well on it before the foams start to break down). I would always make sure that you find the mattress specifications you need to know so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the mattress durability guidelines here Have you tested a similar mattress? (including the type of materials used}
You are not mentioning your BMI, height, weight, or history with your current mattress in your personal stats to be able to give you some more pointers. 13” profile is a fairly thick mattress. Do you need that much height? When you say ‘twin size rize adjustable base’ - Rize seems to make both twin and queen size – but I’d make sure that the mattress complies with the Rize warranty & vice versa as a queen mattress will not fit a twin mattress base.)

If you are questioning which mattress type or firmness level would be better for you and your wife this would be impossible to know for sure as you are the only ones that feel what you feel on any specific mattress but ... there is some fairly extensive general information in the mattresses section of the site (particularly in the sections about sleeping style, preferences, and statistics along with putting the layers together and the page on tips and tricks here ) that can give you some general concepts, guidelines, and insights about the effects of different body types, sleeping styles, and mattress designs for different people but this is only generic and not specific to any particular person and may be more complex than you really need to know.

The mattress shopping tutorial here has the basic information, steps, and guidelines including suggestions about how to test a mattress for what I call PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) that can simplify your search and help you make the best possible choices. Perhaps most importantly it can also help you avoid the worst ones (like the major manufacturers or any manufacturer or brand that doesn't disclose the quality of the materials in their mattresses and most mass-market stores that have little knowledge about the mattresses they sell). Did the manufacturer in NC provide the densities of the top 4 inches of foams used in the bed they can build for you?

If personal testing on similar mattresses locally isn't possible (either because there are no reasonably similar mattresses that you can find locally or because you have difficulty finding out more detailed specs of mattresses you are testing) ... then the next best way is more detailed discussions with an online manufacturer or retailer themselves. They are much more familiar with their own mattress designs and materials than anyone else (including me) and they can use the information you provide them about your body type and sleeping positions, your preferences, your history on different mattresses, and the results of your local testing to make suggestions based on the "averages" of other customers that may be similar to you. The more accurate and detailed the information you provide them the better you will help them to help you make the best possible choices out of the options they have available. Of course the options you have available with each retailer or manufacturer (or with a particular mattress) and your ability to exchange layers or the mattress itself or use other forms of fine-tuning after your purchase or the return policy may also be an important part of your personal value equation or to offset the risk that can go with any online purchase.

Post #2 here also has more about the different ways to buy a suitable mattress (either locally or online) that is the best "match" for your body type, sleeping positions, and preferences that can help you assess and minimize the risks involved in each of them.

So I'm always happy to help the forum members here with "how" to choose, to act as a "fact check, or to help them find better manufacturers or retailers that have better quality and value but "what" to choose in terms of either a mattress or the balance between comfort/pressure relief and support/alignment that may be suitable for a specific person is always up to the only person who can feel what you feel on a mattress and best left to personal testing and your own experiences or more detailed discussions with the more knowledgeable people at the retailers or manufacturers that sell a mattress you are considering.

Note added later.: I have moved your second post to the same thread to add it to the info and your stats
27 Sep 2022 21:57
  • BillyIdol
  • BillyIdol's Avatar
I bought Purple 4 and had back pain just like you. Im looking at Tempurpedic now. I like Luxe Adapt Firm. Try out the whole line of Tempuroedic.

Also, try Aireloom Preferred M2 Firm and Plush and Plush Plus (includes topper). Airelooms have that “floating on a cloud feel”.

Latex? Go with VZone FloBeds because top layer is adjustable in zones. Havent tried one myself.

If you didnt like Purple 4, Id stay away from Purple and Intellibed. The buckling column gel has good pressure relief but support was lacking.

27 Sep 2022 18:56
  • Zurtle
  • Zurtle's Avatar
I have rheumatoid arthritis in all my joints except my spine. So shoulders/hips hurt to lay on side. I have been forced to sleep on my back 100% of the time as a result for the last 10 years. That aside, I like sleeping on my back and side. So I set out to get a new mattress since I wanted to size down my bed anyway. I finally found what seemed like the perfect mattress, of all the mattresses I tried, the purple 4 was a dream to lay on for me. So I bought the purple 4. For the first little while it was amazing, best sleep I had had in years, and I could actually lay on my side. However, I've only had it a month, and already it seems like part of the grid under my hips/butt compresses too easily compared to before and compared to the rest of the bed, which leaves the hips/butt too low and causes me lower back pain. So here I am back to the aggravating search for another mattress. From what I tried in the stores, a soft latex was the next best feel after the purple. I'm open to buying a whole mattress, I'm also open to building my own mattress. I saw intellibed sells a topper with 2.5" of gel grid. I was thinking of maybe using their topper and then building a mattress underneath it, but I don't really know how to design a good one. I need to be able to move around on the bed easily. On another note, does anybody know if any of these other materials can offer similar pressure relief to the purple 4 grid? I also thought about getting a purple 3, but without knowing exactly why my purple 4 is giving way too quickly, seems a bit of a risk. I appreciate any help.
Weight 175, height 5'9

Also, I've read some of the articles here, but I'm not finding where I can go to buy the individual parts of a mattress, where would I buy the latex layers, mattress cover, fire sock? Or which article gives the details on that?
27 Sep 2022 15:56
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
Well now I'm stuck with all this LATEX! I can't get rid of it. I've sunk several thousand dollars into trying to get a good nights sleep and now trying to sell the mattress and all of the toppers I've accumulated.

The Talalay is less than a year old. I could kick myself for not returning within the allotted window.

I don't have a lot of room to store it and realize its not ideal to store it long term. I can't store it flat as it should be. It's rolled, bound, covered, and standing on its end. I dont want it to get ruined like that but not sure what else to do, except keep trying to post it for sale.

I'm in Montreal btw. I paid about $1800 for the main mattress and then there are 4 different toppers. Hoping to get at least $800 for the mattress.

Any advice on storage, selling, price point?

Also, the Logan & Cove ain't working out either. Too hard and causing pain. I can't return it until I get make some space. I'll have to store it upright until they pick it up and hoping to try a Ghost Luxe next.

Bedtime musical chairs. Fun times.
27 Sep 2022 15:37
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
Any advice ?

I have posted several times about my trials with a customizeable Talalay mattress and have given up on it. I'm currently trying a Logan & Cove, but not liking that either. It's a slight step in the right direction though. I'll return it soon. But I have to get rid of the Talalay and the various pads I've purchased in hopes of recuping some of my money so I can try a Ghost Luxe next.

I've posted on Kijiji and Marketplace without much luck or even interest. I realize it might be really difficult to sell a used mattress for anywhere close to what I paid. It's less than one year old. I paid around $1,800 and hoping to get at least $800.

Would appreciate any advice on price. I'm in Montreal btw.
27 Sep 2022 14:43
  • lumy
  • lumy's Avatar
Having problems looking for a mattress for my mom, who is really used to firm innerspring mattresses.
I've ordered a BB Signature (Firm), which she found too "memory foam hot" after one night. She might be slightly allergic to memory foam or something in that bed
She has slept a few nights on my Nest Latex Hybrid (Firm) before and liked it (but this is currently a Medium since I prefer that)

We don't want to spend too much on this mattress since she's here only a few months per year. Preferably <1000.
update: returning the BB signature, CS is great.

Updated considerations:
Bite the bullet and just get another Nest Owl in Firm.
Get Brooklyn bedding's CS to exchange for something else, but the next firmness level should be Plank, which I read sometimes doesn't hold up its firmness? She's more or less lightweight so it might be fine. Probably Dreamfoam (Elements?) Latex since it's also BB but latex on springs
Drive 1.5 hrs to Santa Cruz to check out Bay Bed, but I don't know how much their mattresses will cost, might end up getting something not that much different from the Owl (in terms of price)
Find the same beautyrest bed she slept on for years, but I'm pretty sure the Asian models are different, they don't even have the same sizing standards
Found something that might be similar enough in Mattress Firm, but their return policy...
Random Amazon actually firm non-hybrid innerspring mattress? get IKEA HAUGESUND
27 Sep 2022 14:31
  • GhostBed.com
  • GhostBed.com's Avatar
Hi KFinn,

First, thank you for being a GhostBed customer. We truly appreciate your business and your support of are 5th generation family business.

I'm glad to see that your happy with GhostBed's one of a kind adjustable bases that won two awards for 2022! As the best adjustable base award from Good House Keeping & Womens Health Magazine's Bedding Awards.


We appreciate the mattress underground community and your time to join this forum to share in the community.

Now regarding your question.

You are correct that we do sell a replacement 6" on the GhostBed website as stated

"Need a shorter bed? Your Adjustable Base comes with 12” legs included, but those who need a shorter bed will love these 6” legs. Made with tubular steel, the GhostBed Adjustable Base 6” Legs are designed with durability and exceptional quality in mind."

However, I'd reach out to our friendly US customer service team to see if they can check in the warehouse, or we may have a third-party solution.

I'd make a note of when you purchased to confirm if you have our new sustainable adjustable base that we launched a few months back or the original one.

We appreciate customer service feedback like this to continue to update our products to service the needs of our customers to provide options and the need for under the bed storage.


Brian @ GhostBed
27 Sep 2022 12:06
  • rehoboth
  • rehoboth's Avatar
Thanks for the kind words!

Okay, here's version 2.0.

We took out all of the original foam except for the thin layer right over the coils, and then laid the 60x80x2 IFD 36 across it. As expected, my wife liked it and I thought it was much too firm. We then cut it in half carefully, with scissors (you don't need an electric turkey knife ... it's foam =) and doubled the thickness on my wife's side, so now 4 inches of IFD 36. She thought that was wonderful.

Now for my side.

We tried putting 2 inches each of 28, then 18, then Serene 12 (listed bottom to top) but this felt somewhat firmer than I wanted and was also too thick for our shell (newbie mistake!) After puzzling a bit about what I would like to try removing from the setup, I took out the 28 and left it as 2 inches of 18 with the 2 inches of 12 over it. This was certainly very soft =) although I am still trying to decide if it gives enough support. I felt like I really liked it before we put the quilted top back on, but the quilted top made everything firmer. As one might expect, this improved my wife's satisfaction with the mattress even further (she is now absolutely thrilled with it =) but limited my own.

So, I'd say at this point she's 100% happy with her side and I'm maybe 80% happy with mine. I wish it were softer and also had more support -- what I originally loved about the mattress (as it came from the factory) was that it somehow felt both soft and supportive.

I think the first thing I'm going to try is 12-and-28, as odd as that sounds: I'm wondering if making the transition layer firmer might improve the support feeling, and since I have an appropriately sized piece of 28 currently in the bedroom, that's a pretty easy experiment to do.

We are wondering if putting another layer of 12 over the existing 12 - whether more Serene or its equivalent in an actual memory foam - might help with the softness side of things.

On another subject, I wanted to mention my experiences with the different vendors we used.

We bought the Serene from Allyson Brooke, the 18 and 28 from buyfoam.com, and the 36 from Foam Factory. In each case the product appeared to be exactly what I ordered (in terms of density and approximate IFD) and arrived reasonably promptly. I had originally ordered one more thing from Foam Factory but changed my mind, and emailed them to ask whether it could be taken off of the order. They replied quickly that it would be no problem, refunded the money I'd paid for that part of the order, and sent the remaining thing I had ordered.

Positioning the foam is best done with a 2nd person, I think it would have been a hassle to do it with only 2 hands since dragging it around isn't good for it. It doesn't weigh that much, but it is very bulky.

If you have small children, think about where you plan to let it air out. I am grateful that my foam survived having little people playing on it without suffering any damage.
27 Sep 2022 11:14
  • Billy1956
  • Billy1956's Avatar
I am looking for a Split Top / Flex top Queen Mattress. I do not want an Air mattress. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
27 Sep 2022 09:16
  • csinc
  • csinc's Avatar

This forum has been really helpful as we try to find the best queen mattress for us. Based on the information here, we've been focusing on latex.

We have been to Soma and Dormio, both of which were great. We really liked The Summit and The Chamberlain at Dormio. They are very similar. 6" firm, 2" soft, 2" soft (bottom to top). The Summit has the top 2" of soft as a topper, The Chamberlain has it included in the mattress.

However, after looking online, it looks like we could get almost the same thing from MFC for more than $1,600 less. This is calculated using a medium Maoli with a 3" soft topper.

There are two main differences we think: 1) Dormio also uses an inch of wool on their topper and 2) Dormio firm density is 90 while MFC is 85.

Are these significant differences? Will we even notice? Are we missing something? Happy to pay a bit more for in person shopping, trying the product, swapping layers, etc., but this seems like a big difference.

We're planning to go try the Dormio mattresses again to check for alignment and see what can be done on price, but wanted to get an impartial opinion in the meantime.

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