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06 Dec 2012 18:54
  • zeff
  • zeff's Avatar
I finally bought my latex mattress at Literie Laurier 375, Cremazie O., Montreal, Qc, H2N 2H9 (514.381.1260). It’s a 9" 100% talalay latex mattress for 1639$, but got an incredible discount at 1300$. The mattress is absolutely pure heaven!! I also purchased latex pillows at Futon d'Or for 60$ a piece.

One store you definitely must stay away from is Dormez-vous (Sleep Country). Salesperson don't know anything about what they're talking about. They'll tell you anything you want... to sell any products they can.
Good luck with the purchase of your new mattress.
06 Dec 2012 12:10
  • tanyaden
  • tanyaden's Avatar
Hi zeff,

Do you mind to share your mattress shopping experience? I also live in Montreal, and I really appreciate if you can help me a little. Maybe you can point me to good quality products/manufacturers. Or you encountered places you better to stay away from...
Are you happy with the mattress you finally bought? Which one is it? what manufacturer?

Thanks for any input!
06 Dec 2012 09:44
  • tanyaden
  • tanyaden's Avatar
Thanks a lot Phoenix!

I just started my research, but it looks like it won't be long and painful process - thanks to your website.

I'm happy to know that here in Montreal we have some choice. Usually I order whatever I need from the States, but it would be hard to do with mattress.

Thanks again,

05 Dec 2012 20:52
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi tanyaden,

You are fortunate because there are many factory direct manufacturers within about 100 K of Montreal. While none of them are members of the site ... there is some very good quality/value in the area (more than almost any city in North America). They are listed in post #276 here .

You may also find this thread helpful (with some feedback from one of our forum members).

Hope this helps.

05 Dec 2012 17:29
  • tanyaden
  • tanyaden's Avatar
Hi Phoenix,

First of all, thank you for this great site! It has a lot (and I mean A LOT) of useful information. Thanks!

Now, my question. Can you recommend any good store outlet/manufacturer in or around Montreal, Canada. I'm doing my initial research, but I would like to talk to professionals at some point.
I see only 3 Canadian companies in the membership list, and all 3 of them are on the other side of the country :-(

Any help is greatly appreciated!
24 Oct 2012 18:54
  • marcandre
  • marcandre's Avatar
I visited today Matelas Sélection in Montreal and the owner told me that he can't get Latex International's Celsion in the two softest ILDs (15 and 20), citing not enough demand. He told me he would have had to purchase like a full truckload.

I'm quite surprised by this; places like sleeplikeabear still list these ILDs as being available (maybe they have enough stock?). Also, I was under the impression that a top layer of ILD 20 was not uncommon at all. Actually, I was leaning towards having a 2" 20 ILD over a 2" 28 ILD as a top layer.
07 Aug 2012 02:18
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi zeff,

They seem to have a hard time calling a spade a spade. I guess there's nothing wrong with synthetic latex but when it comes to pricing it at 1644$, I think you're right advising me to stay away from S & F.

You're certainly right about this. All the proprietary names are meant to make various materials sound better than they really are.

This was an exausting day. I will take a few days to figure things out, but if you do have any other advices, please let me know. Thanks again

That's a lot of places to visit in a single day and I can see it must have been a long day. I sure do appreciate you sharing some of the examples and prices you listed with the forum though. There is a wide value range there but some of it is very good and comparable to some of the best value local manufacturers around the continent. I know from my own experience that sometimes the most difficult part of a long day of testing is remembering what each mattress felt like. At least there's no doubt that you can end up with a great quality and value mattress given some of the choices you mentioned.

I would probably narrow things down to some of the better value outlets and then perhaps do one more round of testing with some of the "top" choices to narrow things down. Futon d"Or wasn't even on my list but they certainly also have good value (comparable in a materials sense to the Green Sleep but the Green Sleep probably had their special flexible and adjustable foundation under it which contributes significantly to the feel ... and price ...of the mattress). I've added them to the list so others that read it will know about them as well ... thank you.

I'm amazed that Montreal has so much good quality and value choices available in a single region.

Thanks again for your feedback :)

06 Aug 2012 23:08
  • zeff
  • zeff's Avatar
Hi Phoenix,

First, I want to say thank you so much for sharing your knowledge regarding mattresses in an open and honest manner. The information available can be overwhelming and with so much hype and gimmickry it is hard to trust what you hear and read. Also the links and location were very helpful. :)

S & F (Sealy) Zenbody Pure 9'' is made of smart latex. Why not calling it synthetic latex (Sapsa). They seem to have a hard time calling a spade a spade. I guess there's nothing wrong with synthetic latex but when it comes to pricing it at 1644$, I think you're right advising me to stay away from S & F.

I went shopping today and found both Zedbed (semi-firm Baltic at 1949$ or firm Boreal at 1449$) really comfortable at Matelas Bonheur: matelasbonheur.ca/lang-en/zedbed/424-latex-semi-ferme.html.
They also carry the more expensive Greensleep Vimala latex mattresses: matelasbonheur.ca/lang-en/zedbed/424-latex-semi-ferme.html at 3699$. A bit too expensive for me... but so comfy.
Matelas Personnel offers the Lucern 6" talaly latex and 3" foam for 1779$.
Haestens offers the british Dunlopillo 100% talalay at 2300$
Matelas Laurier offers a 9" 100% talalay latex mattress for 1639$
Futon d"Or has the 9" Neptune 100% Dunlop latex with wool quilted envelope for 1709$ futondor.com/boutique/produit/?q=317-Latex%20Neptune.
or the Confort with 6" dunlop latex with wool & cotton layers at 1030$ futondor.com/futon/product/?q=88-Latex%20Confort
ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint 1: matelasbonheur.ca/fr/lang-en/zedbed/424-latex-semi-ferme.html/| Archived Footprint 2: matelasbonheur.ca/fr/lang-en/zedbed/424-latex-semi-ferme.html/|Archived Footprint 3:futondor.com/boutique/produit/?q=317-Latex%20Neptune|Archived Footprint 4: futondor.com/futon/product/?q=88-Latex%20Confort

This was an exausting day. I will take a few days to figure things out, but if you do have any other advices, please let me know. Thanks again
06 Aug 2012 02:54
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi zeff,

I would pass on the Zenbody even though it's a nicer version than the Embody in the US (it's all latex) but the latex is still lower quality and mostly synthetic.

You are fortunate though because there are more factory direct mattress manufacturers in and around Montreal (within about 100K) than any other city in North America that I know of and almost all of them produce latex mattresses as well as every other style and combination as well. There is a list in post #276 here (I added the cities so it would be easier to scan).

You have some great choices near you and I certainly wouldn't be considering a major brand or a chain store (see the mattress shopping guidelines here ) with so many high quality choices so close to you :)

05 Aug 2012 20:52
  • zeff
  • zeff's Avatar
I've recently started shopping for a latex mattress, mosltly because of very positive feedback I got from your website (and others). The only one I found was Zenbody by Stearns & Foster at Sleep Country (Dormez-vous in Quebec). The saleman told me he only has a few left at the warehouse since the stores won't be carrying them anymore. Reason: sales are not so good and not popular with clients.
I've had quite a hard time finding a quality latex mattress in Montreal. (I weight 150 lbs /5'9'') Can you help? Thanks
14 Apr 2012 06:25
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Sylvain,

My thoughts on Essentia are in this thread starting in post #2 and continuing with a discussion with a company representative.

The Zedbed certainly uses high quality materials and could make a good quality choice (although latex has a very different feel from the memory foam in the iComfort line). It is on the expensive side though which is often the case in larger outlets that carry many major brand mattresses. They seem to be an up and coming company that is unusual because they actually pour their own memory foam.

While I haven't done extensive research in Quebec (partly because I don't speak French) ... I do know of many factory direct manufacturers in the province and I would suspect that at least some of them may have better value for similar quality latex hybrid mattresses. There is a wide range of latex mattresses as well as every other style available here. The ones I know of within about 100 K of Montreal (and I've added the ones I'm aware of in the rest of the province as well) include ...

www.matelasalhorizontal.com/ Terrebonne
www.letendrematelas.com/ Drummondville
www.literielaurier.com/ Montreal
www.literieprovinciale.ca/fr/ Montreal (see some comments in post #1 here )
matelasbourck.com/ Terrebonne
www.matelasdauphin.com/en/#.VM2IJS4n-Do Brossard, Quebec city (several), Sainte-Foy, Beauport, Charny, Levis, Scott, Gatineau, Thetford Mines, Rimouski
www.matelasexcellence.ca/ Laval
www.matelas-personnel.com/ Montreal
www.matelasprestige.com/ St-Eustache (see some comments here and here )
www.matelasrene.com/ Drummondville, Matane, Granby, Nicolet, Quebec city (several), Riviere du Loup, Rimouski, Shawinigan, Sorel, Trois Rivieres, Victoriaville
matelasselection.com/# Montreal
www.futondor.com/ Montreal
www.matelassiesta.com/ Brossard
www.matelasconfort.com/ Quebec City
www.matelas.qc.ca/ Notre-Dame-des-Pins
matelas.com/index.htm Saint-Tite
www.matelasliondor.com/ Chicoutimi, Alma
www.matelascondor.com/ Cap-Saint-Ignace

ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint: matelas.com/index.htm

There may be more that I haven't sorted through yet but there are some very good choices here.

30 Nov 2011 07:58
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hello Moux,

Matelas Lapensee is a local manufacturer with locations in Orleans, ON and Gatineau, QC. They have been making mattresses for over 100 years and make a wide range of mattresses including memory foam, latex, and innersprings. They are transparent about their materials they use and would be well worth considering as a good option in the Ottawa area.

Besides Matelas lapensee, there are two other local factory direct manufacturers I know of that have stores close to Ottawa ...

www.matelasdauphin.com/en/home/ A regional factory direct manufacturer with 15 stores in Quebec including Gatineau. They also make a wide range of mattresses including memory foam, latex, and innersprings and are transparent about their materials as well and would also be well worth a visit.

obasan.ca/ Factory direct store for SleepTek in Ottawa. They make some very high quality latex mattresses that can be customized with your choice of layers but are also in a more premium price range.

NOTE: there are three additional options in the next post if you scroll down.

Of course there are many more in the Montreal area but that is quite a drive away. All of these are using higher quality materials and are typically better quality/value than most of the mainstream choices in the area.

If you are looking at memory foam ... I would make certain that it was high quality (5 lbs/sq ft) as lower densities will soften and break down more quickly, especially with higher weights. I would also tend to use the thinnest possible layers that provide you with good pressure relief as memory foam is a non supportive material and if the layers are too thick for your weight distribution or sleeping positions they will contribute to sleeping out of alignment. Memory foam can be long lasting in its higher densities but it will generally not last close to 20 years (10 to 12 would be a more realistic expectation).

Other options that may work well for you is softer latex in the comfort layers which is more durable and supportive than memory foam and any of these could be over a support system of latex, innersprings, or good quality polyfoam. Innersprings and polyfoam will (or should) be lower cost than a latex support system. The comfort layers are the weak link in the durability of a mattress and this is where higher quality materials are the most important.

One final comment is that the support system needs to be firm enough to provide good support to the heavier areas of your body (particularly the hips) so while the comfort layers can be soft to provide good pressure relief and the softer feel you like ... the support layers still need to be firm enough to provide good support.

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