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29 Sep 2022 16:54
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
Thanks very much phoenix!

I thought there would be some rules on here about selling, so wasn't trying to do that here, but get some advice. Thanks for the tips.

I hadn't thought of sanitzing, so just included the fact that the mattress was protected by a mattress cover, non-smoking home, etc. I'll check into that.
29 Sep 2022 16:23
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Lu1968.

Selling a mattress or components on the forum normally requires prior permission (see the forum rules here ) but since you meet all the other criteria I've decided to allow it "after the fact" in this case. Usually, interested subscribers would see your post and send you a PM, so you may want to watch your inbox as PM's do not send notifications.

It may also be worth listing it on the old Craigslist and eBay as well as Kijiji and Marketplace since there are many people that look for used mattresses/components to build their DIY. With the steep increase in prices many people are looking for a workaround to build a DIY with rescued components. As selling points, I'd research a few ways of sanitizing and provide the links in your posting, and provide the purchase date.

27 Sep 2022 15:56
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
Well now I'm stuck with all this LATEX! I can't get rid of it. I've sunk several thousand dollars into trying to get a good nights sleep and now trying to sell the mattress and all of the toppers I've accumulated.

The Talalay is less than a year old. I could kick myself for not returning within the allotted window.

I don't have a lot of room to store it and realize its not ideal to store it long term. I can't store it flat as it should be. It's rolled, bound, covered, and standing on its end. I dont want it to get ruined like that but not sure what else to do, except keep trying to post it for sale.

I'm in Montreal btw. I paid about $1800 for the main mattress and then there are 4 different toppers. Hoping to get at least $800 for the mattress.

Any advice on storage, selling, price point?

Also, the Logan & Cove ain't working out either. Too hard and causing pain. I can't return it until I get make some space. I'll have to store it upright until they pick it up and hoping to try a Ghost Luxe next.

Bedtime musical chairs. Fun times.
27 Sep 2022 15:37
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
Any advice ?

I have posted several times about my trials with a customizeable Talalay mattress and have given up on it. I'm currently trying a Logan & Cove, but not liking that either. It's a slight step in the right direction though. I'll return it soon. But I have to get rid of the Talalay and the various pads I've purchased in hopes of recuping some of my money so I can try a Ghost Luxe next.

I've posted on Kijiji and Marketplace without much luck or even interest. I realize it might be really difficult to sell a used mattress for anywhere close to what I paid. It's less than one year old. I paid around $1,800 and hoping to get at least $800.

Would appreciate any advice on price. I'm in Montreal btw.
22 May 2022 19:23
  • mattressdude123
  • mattressdude123's Avatar
I'm buying a mattress with my wife. We weigh 175lbs and 120lbs. We are seeking a medium-soft mattress, memory foam, ideally cooling, that is very durable. We can spend up to C$3,000 but would prefer to go much lower if we can still get adequate quality.

The consensus seems to be that Serta and Sealy mattresses are generally way overpriced and many argue that you should avoid the online box brands too. Apparently they are not durable and build / material quality is lacking for the price. Not sure what that leaves us with in terms of options locally (Montreal, Canada).

We went to a Dormez-Vous store and tried a bunch of mattresses from Sealy, Serta, Casper, Purple and Tempur-Pedic. The best one for us was the Serta iComfort TempActiv III (we actually loved it and I fell asleep on it in-store) and a close second was the Sealy Posturpedic Optimum Chill Trio Vivid. They were priced near our price limit with taxes.

What are some great soft memory foam mattresses that are durable?

Any help much appreciated. Thanky you.
15 May 2022 18:09
  • brianlfmca
  • brianlfmca's Avatar
Hello TMU,
Thank you for creating this website which I find very informative and helpful. I'm in the process of getting a mattress for me and my partner. We had a medium spring coil mattress from costco but eventually returned it because it felt too soft after we spent two weeks on it. The turning point for us was that 1) it gave us this restless feeling sometimes, it's like our upper part of body was sunk in while the lower part - hips and legs - were raised high uncomfortably. 2) it sometimes got really hot
For reason 1), we now prefer a firm mattress, and for reason 2) we want to avoid memory foam mattress, (although we heard it's been greatly improved with new technologies nowadays but we don't know how well it works)

My mother got a latex mattress recently and we were under the impression that she's very happy with it, so now we are tempted to get a firm one too. Since we've never slept on a latex before and I see a review mentioning latex having this push-back feelings, so we would really like to find a place where we can actually lay down on one physically before making the decision, but we haven't found any store with all latex constructions in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

We also looked at some members' websites of this forum, but unfortunately lots of them don't have a return policy. We'd really like to lay down on one in person before throwing $3000 at a mattress with some fancy pictures and texts but also might make us reluctant to go to bed every night.

So I'll ask the real question, where can I find a place to actually lay down on a latex mattress in the Ottawa-Gatineau area? I'm going to visit Montreal next week so I'm also ok if there's one available over there.

Some background: 41 Male 5’6 78kg back sleeper, 39 female 5’2 52kg side-sleeper
15 Apr 2022 22:21
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi JMD5.

. Both of us really like the feel of springs with a good comfort layer to conform to curves/relieve pressure. My husband just wants to buy The Fairmont Bed (sold by Fairmont Hotels, made by Sealy), but I'm not convinced it will last long and even when I asked for specific info on material, it wasn't enough detail.

Your intuition serves you well. “Hotel mattresses” tend to be lower quality and value than the consumer mattresses made by the same manufacturer in the same price range and more basic versions of the retail products that many mattress companies offer (which isn’t a good thing). One of the "secrets" to many hotel mattresses is that they usually use a bedding package that includes a mattress pad or topper that is a big part of how the mattress feels and can also add to the durability of the mattress (replacing a mattress pad or topper can be less costly than replacing a whole mattress because a mattress or sleeping system will usually soften or break down from the top-down). In many cases, the more subjective short-term experience of sleeping at a hotel is an improvement over the mattress that people sleep on regularly and this often "translates" into the perception that hotel mattresses are better than they are. They are a frequent source of buyer's remorse. They tend to be firmer products using softer “top-of-bed” materials to create extra plushness. There’s more good information about hotel mattresses in post #3 here .

. I was considering trying the Ghostbed Flex (what they recommended as well), but I know the foam is 4lb, and what I've read here is >5lb is recommended for our size.

I agree that for your BMI I would not consider any mattress with more than one inch or so of lower than 5lbs/cuft density.

. I've also considered trying to find a good solid innerspring and get a separate topper that we can change out as needed... But I haven't seen just an innerspring anywhere (they all seem to have pillowtop) and I'm not sure about which manufactures would have strong coils for extra weight. Any recommendations there?
Then of course we'd need to find a topper we like...

This sounds like a good plan but I’d recommend doing this under the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced manufacturer or retailer.

Below is a listing of Canadian and US manufacturers/retailers who are trusted member manufacturers/ retailers of the TMU that offer DIY mattresses and ship across Canada who you may wish to consider. They are very seasoned in providing good guidance over the phone and fitting their customers with a suitable product in terms of comfort/support needs. You may want to consider giving a call to expert trusted member MFC , I know that @Mario would be happy to help with any questions you may have of their products.
Arizona Premium Mattress : Phoenix AZ-based manufacturer offers hybrid and latex mattresses, latex mattress toppers, via standard UPS ground shipping to Canada including Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and more.
CBH Wood Furniture: Canadian manufacturer of All-Natural beds. Would be a good lead if you are considering an all-latex bed.
Dormio : Canadian Manufacturer specializing in organic/natural latex mattresses with options that fit all budget ranges.
MFC : Canadian online retailer with a very good selection of latex mattresses and hybrids
You can also browse our TMU Trusted Members as there are some US-based companies that provide products to the Canadian market but you'd need to call and check
While not a member you may want to try SnugSleep : which has a factory and showroom in North Vancouver, Canada carrying natural latex mattress products.

. Neither of us have tried latex, but I think we need to. I'll have to figure out if there are any retailers locally that have a showroom with latex options. It looks like Costco has a Sealy Posturpedic mattress with latex - I know, stay away from Sealy... But Costco is also quite tempting because the customer service is so fabulous.

While customer service and easy returns are quite “tempting” this 14” mattress is an all-foam combo with only a 2” maximum of latex. The remainder of 12” foams within the mattress will have an effect on how the mattress will feel to you and the durability of the mattress and how long you’ll sleep well on it. Additionally, all of the layers of foam work together in a completed mattress and it would be difficult to tell how “latex” will feel to you. Latex is a good and durable material but you’d still need to find the mattress specifications you need to know to compare them to the mattress durability guidelines here for your specific BMIs.

I came across a few references including this one which shows Brighthaven which is almost identical to Oak
(13 ¾ “) Sealy Posturepedic Natural Origins Oak Crest ~ Foam Combo (Tight Top)
Support ~ 8” Polyurethane (1.45 lbs/cuft)
Comfort ~ “Targeted ComfortSense Memory Foam - 2.5 LB + 2" BioGel Latex - 3.75 LB + 3 1/2" Gel HDM - 1.35 LB” according to National Mattress as shown in the screenshot below.
Cover ~ Bamboo infused organic cotton ¬+ Silk & Wool fiber

Even with Costco’s easy returns, the best you’ll probably accomplish is to buy yourself more time while searching for a quality mattress that meets your needs and preferences.

Hopefully, you find some of these resources useful.
15 Apr 2022 09:42
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
Hi FloBeds people,

I'm hoping you can help with suggestions on your VZone components.

I purchased a talalay latex mattress from a local manufacturer (Montreal) in Dec. It's killing me.

Here's what I currently have:
2" 19 ILD (Talalay)
2"19 ILD "
3" Med (Dunlop from Sleep on Latex, topper that I already had)
4" 36 ILD (Talalay)

I've tried various configurations with no luck. I'm in a lot of pain. I have an old upper back injury and usually prefer a firm mattress, BUT I have recently developed "frozen shoulder", so need softer there.

I'm female, 5'2", 125 lbs, petite.

It's too late to exchange or return my mattress. So, wondering about keeping those layers as the core and adding the VZone's on top, and what your recommendations are. I think the option with Plush might be good for me.

Can I order the two components that I see on your website (head, etc.) and (torso, legs, etc) zones and place them inside of the customizable mattress cover that I currently have? How thick are they, I cannot find that information? I have a Queen size mattress/frame.

I see you also have a convoluted topper, in talalay which I do not find offered elsewhere. Wondering if this might also make a difference.

I live in Canada. I do not find any manufacturer's in Canada that offer Zoned mattresses.

Do you exchange out Zones if I buy only the components and not the whole mattress?

29 Dec 2021 13:23
  • xla77
  • xla77's Avatar
I'm from Montreal area, that's why I also check shipping fees.

Foamite claims 60% less petrochemicals in their KN foams. It's not clear but I believe that means 40% plant based ingredients while MFC uses 30% plant based ingredients in their HR foams. Claiming that their customers are big corporations and marketing the KN foams with a "60% less petrochemicals, 100% more natural!" slogan is not enough to explain why their foams are so different and why their prices are 150 to 300% more expensive than the competitors. Especially when they also claim to "sell the least expensive custom mattress at a great factory direct price".

I check with Eversoft and I get a 365$ price for my example. Again, it's almost half the Foamite price.

19 Dec 2021 16:15
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
I just purchased a 4" 34 ILD, 2 " 19 ILD Queen Talalay Latex mattress from Matelas Princesse in Montreal. Fantastic customer service.

I've only had it a few days and will call them this week to see what they recommend but also wanted to inquire here.

I bought a latex pillow along with the mattress (they gave me a great deal) to replace my lumpy old down filled one.

After the first night I could barely get out of bed or move. I was in terrible pain. Now, I have an old back injury (fracture upper vertebrae), previous neck injury, and chronic shoulder pain. I sometimes have spasms that leave me in severe pain for days. I was afraid I was on my way to a terrible spasm morning, but managed ok.

I had slept with the new pillow as well. I'm not sure if it was the pillow and/or bed. I think the pillow was ok but I'm not used to it so think I need to ease into it.

The second night I replaced the pillow with the old lumpy one. And added the 3" medium Talalay topper I had purchased last year from Sleep on Latex to put on my spring mattress that was sagging.
I still woke up with pain but not as bad as the first night.

I know latex has a breaking in period but I cannot afford to be in agony for weeks.

I'm 5'3", 125 lbs and a side sleeper.

So now what? I'm very disappointed as i had such high hopes that this new latex would help alleviate my pain from my old mattress. Yes, I have arthritis in my back but have slept on hotel beds that were more comfortable and didn't cause me pain.

I started to research softer toppers. I don't want to go with a cheap memory foam or something that will compress quickly or that I have to air out and fluff up frequently as I've read about wool toppers and feather beds. I saw the noodle latex topper that looks interesting.

I'm in Montreal, Canada so looking for a Canadian company preferably.
18 Nov 2021 15:44
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
Hi there,

What did you end up getting?

I'm in similar situation. In Montreal, visited one manufacturer who tried to convince me to purchase the absolute most expensive option available. Not impressed and now back to square one.

I'd like to find a local manufacturer where I can choose different layers of latex so I can use the 3" latex topper I already have.
08 Sep 2021 10:29
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
Coming back on here to report that I went with a Med. 3" Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress topper from SleepOnLatex.

Welp, that helped for about a month or two. Too hard and yet not enough support. I realize it wasn't going to fix the underlying mattress problem.

Now, I'm considering just purchasing a latex bed.

Went to visit a local manufacturer but cannot afford almost $4K for a 9' in Sri Lanka natural organic latex mattress. Ideal, but outrageous price. Top layer is soft (28)ILD , then med (36), hard (44 ILD( at the bottom layer. All layers 3'. Density 5.7 lbs. Cotten/wool cover. FELT HEAVENLY for the 10 mins I layed on it.

But I spent $380 CAD for the topper already.

SO...when I visited Matelas Selection here in Montreal, since the $4k is too much, suggested maybe I go with their 6' , same as above. And use my topper.

They didn't seem to want to spend time with me to discuss that option however.

I'm researching this as an option though. I did like that Mateles Selection makes separate layers that you can change out to suit your preference. Having my own topper complicates this and they weren't sure how it might affect the warranty.

Their 6' wasn't as comfortable at trial. They couldn't tell me the IDL of this one. It's one block of Sri Lanka latex for $2659.

I'm unlikely to pursue that company. Have to buy a $75 - 109 regular mattress cover from them to get the warranty, even though I have one of my own that covers the entire matress, not. just the top.

Anyhoo, now I have to figure out if I should chuck my almost $400 full size latex topper that I"ve had for a year and get a whole new bed OR try to build my own using that topper as a middle med layer and try to match the $4k mattress I liked. If so, where to get the other layers (Sleep on Latex), cover? Warranty? Changing out layers if needed?
24 Aug 2021 11:04
  • hansiefer
  • hansiefer's Avatar
TL;DR: Wife prefers 6" ILD 36 Latex without any comfort layer. The next option with a 2" additional latex layer was a tad bit soft for me. What should I do? Search for a mattress that has a 1" comfort layer or buy a 1" mattress topper?

Went mattress shopping today to Literie Provinciale (Montreal) after seeing shop suggestions over here. We are set on replacing our second-hand IKEA spring mattress where we can almost feel the hard springs each time we move. We tried the hybrid spring options but decided based on PPP that we liked the all Latex better. The Latex here is 100% Latex Talalay. 6" ILD 36. From what I'm seeing, it's a trusted store.

However, while ILD 36 works for my wife like a charm. For myself, I do like a bit of a softness to my sleep. They did not have the option to add a 1" Talalay to the bed - this would have been ideal for me, less for my wife.

Are there solutions on the market where I can add a 1" Latex layer to add softness? Or is that the wrong direction?

Edit: I did notice the comment about 1" topper in the topic below. If topper is the way to go, I'm looking for a topper and not necessarily to add it to the set-up, I.e., I don't think there's enough give in the fabric to add an inch encased.

It would be for half of a Queen-sized bed (30"*40") if possible - I prefer my wife has her ideal: ILD 36.
04 Jul 2021 14:07
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey kitwit,

Welcome to The Mattress Underground :) ! Thanks for your question.

Anyone has any review for the noa mattress? seems like they are headquartered in Montreal. Doesn't say much about the materials specs.


Thanks for including the product link, kitwit :) . I checked out NOA's site, and to your point, only a listing of the Luxe's proprietary materials were given: gel memory foam, latex, and microcoils in the upper comfort layers, over a transitional layer and 5-zoned pocket coil support core. It is available in a single firmness that is ranked 7/10, and compares its value along with other hybrid mattresses of higher pricing. NOA does offer a 100 night trial period, as well as a 15 year warranty. The site also features an online email form for submitting questions, you may want to check in and ask details regarding the mattress components' specs, this question check list provides pointers on what questions to ask. In the meantime, perhaps we'll hear from Canada-based TMU subscribers who may be familiar with NOA models. Good luck with your research and let us know what you find.

03 Jul 2021 20:11
  • kitwit
  • kitwit's Avatar

Anyone has any review for the noa mattress? seems like they are headquartered in Montreal. Doesn't say much about the materials specs.

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