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Searched for: flexus
17 Aug 2021 18:13
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi Royalty.

Thanks for the additional information. You are exactly right. A topper is not ever the solution to a sagging mattress. I am, again, sorry to hear of that unfortunate experience and hope you enjoy your Flexus for many years to come!

16 Aug 2021 21:15
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi Royalty.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

Thank you for sharing that experience. We are glad Flexus has come through and you're finding comfort and support on your new mattress.

Did you purchase the Helix mattress directly from the manufacturer? Or through a third part vendor?

15 Aug 2021 12:05
  • Royalty
  • Royalty's Avatar
I hope I didn't post this in the wrong place, but I thought it would be helpful to buyers. I recently replaced a very old innerspring cheapish queen with a King mattress. I was initially interested in the ease of bed in a box as I was moving and really didn't have time to get to a store. I ended up buying one of the most expensive mattresses from Helix called the midnight lux. I bought this because many, many "review sites" said it was the best of the bed in a box mattresses. Basically it's a hybrid inner spring with a layer of poly and memory foam on top. Initially it felt great and I was very happy. However, 2 weeks into owning it there were indentations where I would sit up at night reading! 2 weeks! It made sleeping on the area very uncomfortable and I was absolutely shocked and very angry given the cost of this and immediately requested a return. I have seen this brand mentioned on this forum, and I just wanted would-be buyers to know how low quality they are. Clearly the memory foam and / or poly is very low quality and has poor durability. On the tag it says the bed is actually Brooklyn bedding made in Arizona, so Helix isn't even a real mattress factory despite misleading statements on their website. I would be wary of BB after this experience. Anyway, using all the information I learned from this website I bought an all Latex king from Flexus FOR LESS MONEY THAN THE HELIX. 3inch x4 pieces (soft talalay, medium dun, firm dun and x firm dun). So far it's been great as far as support. The feeling is so very different from memory foam that I'm still getting used to it (owned less than a week). It seems to be just right. Thank you for the time, expertise and information to help me make the best informed decision for a relatively expensive purchase.

-edited for clarity.
15 Aug 2021 08:12
  • Dillon
  • Dillon's Avatar
Thank you. You have been helpful and the insight provided from this site is invaluable. We purchased from Flexus.
10 Aug 2021 22:32
Hello Annacafe,

Initially you called my business, Flexus Comfort, requesting a particular mattress with certain specifications, which we do not make. I saw no reason to waste your time and immediately advised you that we could not help you. However, you were insistent that we provide a service that we simply do not provide. Because you sounded extremely frustrated in your search of a mattress, I recommended another local manufacturer that I am familiar with who I thought might be able to help you. Unfortunately, you were not happy with the response from the salesperson you spoke with and called me back, upset, saying, "I don't need anyone telling me what I need. I know what I want and it only takes 7 minutes to make a mattress." I was not sure how I could help at that point, but I nevertheless offered to call the owner on your behalf, as a courtesy to you. One hour later, I received another angry call from you because the owner had not called you back within the hour. You stated, "You think I'm going to wait around sitting by the phone waiting for someone to call me?!" This turned into an unnecessarily lengthy phone call in which you called me a liar, among other things. After this phone call, you called me back a FOURTH time to advise me that you posted a negative comment about my company on the Mattress Underground, which was completely false and unfounded. To say I regret trying to help you, would be an understatement. The fact that you are now making petty comments about my attire and appearance, truly speaks volumes about your stability. I hope that others on this forum take that into account in assessing your credibility. I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for.
09 Aug 2021 17:27
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Tyber.

You’re welcome! Glad to be of help :)

When I last spoke with Larry, the owner of the Latex Mattress Factory he mentioned that he sources his Talalay latex both from Talalay Global and from Radium to avoid any possible supply chain disruptions. Many other companies are most likely doing the same so it’s worth giving them a quick call.

Meanwhile, do you have any recommended sources for finding a quality, but simple 100% cotton or maybe Tencel mattress cover? Something 9" deep with a zipper, for my three layers of 3" latex?

You have quite a few good options. Here is a shortlist of zippered covered offered by some of our Trusted Members:
Arizona Premium Mattress cover would fit your criteria and generally has a large selection of mattress covers, bamboo, organic wool cover, organic cotton. The zipper is made with Teflon and zips around all four corners making it easy to assemble. Some models come in sizes from 6” to 15”

• DIY Natural Bedding has a few ticking options that you may wish to look at
They also have a [diynaturalbedding.com/product/expandable-knit-ticking/] but this is an expandable 100% Organic Cotton Double-knit ticking [/url]that you might wish to consider (3" to 15" in thickness)

Latex Mattress Factory has a removable and washable 360-degree zipper cotton cover from 2” to 12” in thickness.

• Nest Bedding also has this mattress encasement .

• Sleep EZ has Natural and Organic cotton & wool Zippered Mattress covers between 6” and 12” in thickness

• Sleep On Latex has organic cotton covers sizes from 1 to 12” in thickness which has a zipper all around and allows for the top part to be removed and washed. They can also custom make them but it takes a little longer to ship.

• Sleeping Organic has organic full zip-off covers that can be custom made with or without wool.

09 Aug 2021 06:52
  • Annacafe
  • Annacafe's Avatar
Good morning SerenityStar.
Thank you for your response. You are so right in saying the only simple matresses are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but even those mattreses are now made with knot covers and memory foam and latex is creeping into their models.
I will look up the place I found for the coils - there are several places, but only one appealed to me after a conversation.
Of course one needs the correct tools to put the bed together, so it is not viable.
Flexus Comfort? Absolutely not.... I have only spoken to them on the phone and landed myself into a time consuming nightmare. They also have many complaints on this forum, but they must be related to TMU, because they continue to be a member and seem to jump as soon as MU contact them.
There is a link I found yesterday on this site, that in turn linked to a video featuring the owner of Flexus. If I had seen it long ago I would not have bothered to even call them one would think if he is promoting his company he could at least put a shirt on and visit a barber.
There are many people looking for a decent, traditional mattress, some of whom have posted on TMU but they never get a response.
Let's hope we find something soon..
09 Aug 2021 04:14
  • Serenitystar80
  • Serenitystar80's Avatar
Sorry to hear your not sleeping well. I'm going thru the same thing with a recent poor mattress purchase so I can empathize what your going thru. It is so challenging to find a simple made coil mattress these days, either they are luxury high end models or really low end models. I don't believe I've ever seen damask ticking either.

I did see Flexus Comfort Mattress Company in CA that sells a basic bonnell coil mattress that may interest you, but it has bamboo quilting for the fabric. Is it possible to buy something simple like that and add a damask cover to it so you won't feel the layer beneath it?

May I ask where you can source the bonnel coils so inexpensively for a DIY? The only place I've seen sell coils are the pocket coils and they are about $300 for a basic system. I hope you find something that works for you and get sleep soon.
07 Aug 2021 22:08
  • Tyber
  • Tyber's Avatar
Hi @phoenix,

In addition to Flexus, I'm now also considering buying my 3 inch latex layers from Arizona Premium or Latex Mattress Factory. I'd like to get 100% Talalay from the Denmark (Radium?) source, rather than USA or Dunlop latex. I also want the comfort layer to be something like a soft 19 ILD. I think at least one of those sellers should be able to get that for me. Waiting to hear back from them.

Meanwhile, do you have any recommended sources for finding a quality, but simple 100% cotton or maybe Tencel mattress cover? Something 9" deep with a zipper, for my three layers of 3" latex?

I really want to avoid a thick top surface, such as wool, to avoid affecting the latex feel. I'm not overly worried about fire protection.

Posh and Lavish has a quilted Tencel cover on their Toppers that is amazing. They have "almost" the same cover on their mattresses, but with wool added, which in my opinion kind of ruins the latex feel... requiring a separate topper to get back to the latex feel. So I'd like to find a simple but quality cover that gives me the latex feel from the start.

Thank you so much for your help.
07 Aug 2021 19:18
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Tyber

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :)

Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear about your “side sleeper hip and shoulder pressure points”. It seems that you are on the right track with your selection of an all-latex bed. I’d make sure that you carefully assess your needs to select the appropriate support/comfort configuration in terms of ILD firmness of each of the 3 layers to best mitigate your pressure point issues and still maintain a neutral alignment for your spine (neutral alignment is one of the primary considerations for getting a good night sleep)

Are the any other brands that offer similar 10" three layer latex for under $1000 per twinxl that I should consider instead?
Just trying to get best bang per buck in this price range that will work great with adjustable base, and help with my side sleeper hip and shoulder pressure points. I like the idea of being able to replace a layer in future to change feel, or if a layer wears out.

I am sure that those who take the time to scour the internet can find the lowest price point possible, but whatever you find, along with budget considerations, I’d also do a bit of due diligence regarding the vendor/manufacturer you purchase your products from. Before you make a purchase I'd ask several questions to find the information you need to know along with warranties, exchange/return policies, and where they are sourcing their products/components in case things do not go as well as you hoped for.

Flexus Comfort is currently running a Summer sale and the Natural Latex Mattress in Twin XL sows 25% off now. You do a Forum Seach on our site to find out what other consumers have to say about them. Flexus is one of the Trusted members of the site and even though they recently did have some supply chain and workforce disruptions in my recent conversation with the owner he mentioned that things are back to normality.

With your limited budget in mind, I looked around our membership directory and found a few that you may wish to consider.

Arizona Premium DIY section also one of the Trusted members and experts of this site. They also have a sale for their 3” latex layers which would bring the cost down to about $200 each. You’d need to purchase a separate zippered cover (TwinXL/Twin Organic Cotton Zippered Mattress Cover ) which will allow you to replace/exchange layers as needed and it costs around $139 for this size bed. This would in effect bring you a little under $750 for one unit.

Sleep on Latex is also one of the Trusted members of our website who has an 8" Solid Organic Latex bed for $725 that you may want to consider it especially if you have organic certified product considerations.

You may also want to peruse our Trusted Members ~ Directory linked above in search of additional options.

I hope this helps. Let us know of your eventual decisions and any other options and vendors worth considering that meet your budget limitations.
05 Aug 2021 13:50
  • Tyber
  • Tyber's Avatar

I'm looking to buy two (2) Twin-XL Latex mattresses for our new split king adjustable bed.

We currently have an 11" memory foam Original by bedinabix.com that we liked ok. It is about 7 years old, and starting to have compressed areas and pressure points. It was a bit more responsive than regular memfoam.

I think we'd like to switch to latex, to avoid the sinking effect of memory.

We've looked at brands like flobeds, but just don't want to spend more than about $1500 to $2000 total for 2 twinxl mattresses.

That led us to looking at flexuscomfort.com. we can get a custom 10" setup with 3 latex layers for about $810 per twinxl, $1620 total.

But I don't see much in the way of reviews on that brand. Anyone have experience pro or con with them?

Are the any other brands that offer similar 10" three layer latex for under $1000 per twinxl that I should consider instead?

Just trying to get best bang per buck in this price range that will work great with adjustable base, and help with my side sleeper hip and shoulder pressure points. I like the idea of being able to replace a layer in future to change feel, or if a layer wears out.

Thanks in advance. :) :)
29 Jul 2021 10:09
  • janet444
  • janet444's Avatar
Just be sure to check in if you don't get further communication with them about it. I trusted that the pickup company was coming on a Monday at something like 2 pm. I took some time to prepare for the pickup on a very hot day, only to have the pickup company never arrive. But when I called Flexus, Henry did ensure that a company would come pick it up on Wednesday before my new mattress was delivered. So it was all handled, but I wish I'd checked in maybe the Friday before to make sure that everything was confirmed.
26 Jul 2021 20:44
  • bow4iverson
  • bow4iverson's Avatar
I recently made a purchase of a 13" full latex mattress through Flexus Comfort, which consisted of the following layers:

3" Ultra Firm Dunlop - Base Layer
3" Medium Talalay - Support Layer
3" Medium Talalay - Transition Layer
3" Soft Talalay - Comfort Layer
Cotton & Wool Stretch Knit Zipper Cover

At first, the mattress seemed like it might be a little too firm, but after a week I started to really enjoy the firmness of the mattress. Maybe my body got more used to it. It seems to have good support as I don't sink much into it and also seems to have enough give to make it "feel" comfortable.

This may sound like a strange question and I'll do my best to articulate it as clearly as I can. I have seen conflicting opinions on what may offer too much softness and not enough support based on either the layers or body size in relation to the support. Do you think the layers offer the support necessary if I am a 70% back / 30% stomach sleeper? I have 5'8", 230 lbs.

Thank you in advance. This is a fantastic forum and you are all so knowledgeable!.
15 Jul 2021 16:23
  • trinityalper
  • trinityalper's Avatar
Well after countless hours of research both here and elsewhere on the internet, I finally decided on the Flexus Quadra-Flex with Medium Talalay.

I am a male, 6'2", weigh between 180-190 pounds, and have a pretty lean/athletic build. I sleep in various positions, usually on side and stomach I think, sometimes on back as well.

My current IKEA mattress has been on a downhill slide for a while, and has started giving me back and neck problems, especially when I end up on my stomach. I think it lacks support around my midsection, causing my lower back and/or hips to misalign. At the start of this search, on an impulse, I purchased a NovaFoam comfort grande plus mattress from Costco for $500, and I thought it was terrible, offered less support than my 3.5 year old IKEA mattress--I took it back the next day. That's when the more serious research started.

Right off the bat, I knew I didn't really want to go for a memory foam mattress. Maybe I should have done more research into them. But I've generally liked my mattresses to be more responsive and as cool as possible. Plus I not sure about the manufacturing process or the durability of memory foam. After I discovered latex, I really wanted to give it a try with its claimed durability, cooling properties, and natural traceable sources. But I didn't have a good reason to rule out coil mattresses either.

I had a very hard time deciding between full latex options and hybrid latex-coil options. I ultimately selected the quadra-flex after reading the article on this website about zoned systems and the body types they can be good for. In general, I felt like I matched that description with shoulders that are broader than my narrow, yet heavy hips/mid-section. I'm really hoping the zoned coils in the quadra-flex help support my hips and mid-section to prevent misalignment. Plus, the hybrid option was within my budget whereas the 10" latex option recommended by Flexus was substantially more expensive.

I also had a very hard time deciding between medium and firm talaly latex. I have a history of sleeping on firm surfaces due to lots of work and recreation outdoors, which I think helped me develop a preference for firmer mattresses, plus my intermittent stomach sleeping habits demand good mid-section support to prevent hyperextension of my lower back. My current mattress was labelled medium-firm and I think I should have bought the firm, although I was happy on it for a while. I called Flexus and the man on the phone recommended medium after I told him my situation. I still went back and forth between medium and firm and thought about getting split medium/firm (partially to try them both out, and partially because I think my smaller girlfriend may prefer something softer when she stays over). But I ended up taking the advice of Flexus representative and ordering entirely medium.

During this buying experience, I did have trouble finding good guidance on what level of firmness can be a good fit based on sleep style/weight/height/BMI, etc. I realize its highly individual and personal preference based, but I ended up feeling like choosing between medium and firm was no different than flipping a coin. Either way, I'm glad Flexus offers a latex layer exchange for $68. Flexus, it would be nice if you included a factsheet about what kind of latex you consider "soft/medium/firm" somewhere on your website, to make it easier to numerically compare things.

I'm writing this now to document my thought process during this experience. Perhaps it will help someone else in a similar situation down the road. If any of the moderators or anyone else have any feedback the process and thoughts that I documented here, that would be much appreciated!
09 Jul 2021 08:56
  • GhostBed.com
  • GhostBed.com's Avatar
Hi Padillam5.

Not sure if you found your sheets and protector yet

Looking at the flexus hybrid it seems to be a standard size of 12" thick. So it does not seem that you'll need a "deep pocket' fitted sheet.

With sheets its not about thread count because then your putting a thicker layer on your hopefully breathable mattress.

We offer extremely breathable GhostProtector & GhostSheets.

Plus if your new hybrid is a bit too firm. We just launched a GhostBed Cooling Topper that has built in waterproof protection.

Stay cool this summer & sleep well!

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