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08 Jul 2019 16:51
  • Latex Mattress Factory.
  • Latex Mattress Factory.'s Avatar
Please keep in mind that there are only 2 manufacturers of Talalay latex in the world and only a handful of Dunlop manufacturers in the world. As such, we're all getting our latex from the same few places. When comparing companies, warranty and return policy is important, customer service reputation is important, and number of years in business is important as well. If you’re looking to replicate the PranaSleep Super Vinyasa 6 Super Plush, the best way to do this would be to call them and ask the thickness and ILD rating of every layer in their mattress and ask the name of their latex supplier at that point as well. You would then just look for another company that sells Talalay from the same manufacturer and with the same ILD ratings, then order those same layers. Please note that we carry Talalay latex from both manufacturers (Latex International and Radium), so if you can find out the ILD ratings and thickness of each layer of the Prana Sleep mattress, we should be able to supply the exact same latex that you would find in their mattress. Once you’d found a place to purchase the layers from, you’d need to find a place to purchase the cover from, and as long as the cover is the same thickness as the 1” cover on the Prana Sleep mattress, you should get the same feel out of your DIY mattress as the Prana Sleep mattress.
08 Jul 2019 10:28
  • kwills
  • kwills's Avatar

First off, thank you for running this site. My husband and I are on the search for a new mattress and this site has been invaluable. We really appreciate all you do.

We are currently sleeping on an inner spring mattress from a small company based in Pennsylvania that is about 14 years old. You have to climb a mountain in the middle to get to the other side it's so sunken in. We both wake up with shoulder, back and neck pain every day. He's about 6'3" and 180 lbs. I'm 5'0" and 130. I'm a side/stomach sleeper, he's a back/side sleeper. I sleep with a down pillow and he sleeps with a Tempurpedic pillow. I tend to like feeling like I'm sleeping on a cloud, where he's a more medium kind of guy.

We had looked at the PranaSleep Super Vinyasa 6 Super Plush (the medium guy's idea), but just couldn't swallow the almost $7,000 price tag, so we are looking for alternatives as we are ready to ditch the springs. I had looked at the Prana Karma Sky Plush, but, while I liked the feel, I didn't like that it had springs in it. I have looked at GhostBed, Zenhaven and FloBed, but really am not sure what would compare most closely to the Prana or if there are others that would be similar without the sticker shock.

Any advice you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. The whole bed in a box thing slightly frightens us, but waking up feeling the way we do every day frightens us more. Also, we are located in Buffalo, New York if that helps.

Thank you!!
10 Apr 2019 09:52
  • Arizona Premium
  • Arizona Premium's Avatar
Thank you for your interest in our products. I find the the OM Guru price to be laughable to put it mildly. I especially loved the patented Perimeter Wrap which is nothing more than a fire barrier. The latex is the exact same latex we use in our all natural talalay designs. The quilted top says it has many different layers of this and that including wool however the picture shows all the layers to be very light in color and natural wool is in fact much darker than what I see in the picture. That thick top quilt will be an issue down the road because all those layers will compress and cause dips in the bed which is something you are trying to get away from now. The PLB World's Best would be a much better mattress overall.

Now here's some honest truth, you are too heavy for either of these beds to hold up for more than a few years. Super soft Talalay does have an awesome feel but will compress and lose it's support for someone your weight. If you are committed to that soft a mattress then you better make sure you are willing to purchase a new layer every few years or you need to move up the layers to a firmer configuration. With our zippered covers you have the ability to change the upper layers when the start to lose support. The lower layers like the base core will hold up fine for many many years. We also have the very same latex PLB uses in all their models including the World's Best. I think it's best if you call me direct to go over the various layers and firmness choices. One thing I do know is that you will save a ton of money going through us. 888-773-7326
09 Apr 2019 16:01
  • PatrickFSU
  • PatrickFSU's Avatar
We are looking for a new mattress to replace our 5 year old Sterns and Foster pillow top that has already broken down and causing me some lower back pain in the morning. Unfortunately I had not found this site when we originally purchased back in 2013, so much thanks Phoenix. I wanted to check out some latex mattress after reading some of the great benefits on here, so my wife and I went to a few stores that were referenced in Post #2 here to try a few different mattresses out. The one that we both liked the feel of the best was the Pranasleep OM Guru, which for 13k is laughable. We also liked the pure talalay bliss world's best bed, but liked the OM Guru a little better.

Do you, or one of the other retailers, offer something similar to the feel of the OM Guru, which I read is a combination of Talalay latex and foam? My worry, and where I could use some advice, with the OM Guru is support, and I read through the comfort vs support layer articles and I get to a degree the differences there between relieving pressure vs spine alignment. I don't know how to test spine alignment though, and since I am already having lower back pain due to insufficient spine alignment in our current mattress I want to make sure we are good going forward. My wife and I both like the feel of a soft mattress, like the feel of sleeping in the bed, but not to the degree that a full foam mattress feels like. The mattress we replaced with our current mattress was a tempur-pedic and neither of us really liked it. We enjoyed the initial feeling of sleeping in the bed but neither of us slept well, I had back pain, and the reason we went with our current mattress was it had the foam pillow top with traditional spring underneath. We liked the OM Guru as it felt like sleeping in the bed but still had some bounce and life to it from the latex.

My wife is primarily a stomach sleeper with some side sleeping. She is usually around 130-140 (currently she is pregnant with our third so isn't 140, no comment, and isn't stomach sleeping). I am a bigger guy, 5'10 244, and typically start sleeping on my back or side and usually wake up on my stomach.

Thanks for the help you can give!
10 Dec 2018 05:56
  • Flsteve
  • Flsteve's Avatar
I am looking at buying a king split mattress from Sleeping Organic. I have been on TMU site for two days and I'm still not confident enough to pull the trigger. I am 5'8 and 200 lbs and a side sleeper. My wife is 5'8 and 150 lbs and is all over the place. I am looking at an all Talaly bed and from the bottom Firm Firm Medium Soft and Firm Medium Medium Soft. I am not sure if this is correct. I am also going to start looking for an adjustable base ASAP. It is Sunday and I left Sleeping Organic a message to call me. Also I have seen a lot of blended Talaly Latex and read Sleeping Organic was 100% Talaly Latex and was wondering if that is a true statement. They are on the nice list (sorry a Christmas thing) so I am just trying to be cautious. From everything I have read I would like a 100% Talaly Latex bed with just a nice cover over it. If there are any other sites I should visit could you please let me know. I went to CM and looked at Prana beds and almost had a heart attack over the price. The beds were very good but I think I would be getting a better bed and at a quarter of the price from Sleeping Organic. Any suggestions would be great.
15 Nov 2018 17:11
  • Sleep EZ
  • Sleep EZ's Avatar
Hello Adamwbenjamin

Thank you kindly for your inquiries!

Unfortunately, without knowing the exact densities of all the materials in the Prana mattress link you provided, I cannot accurately match any of our configurations to that model.
However, based on the information you have so kindly provided, I would recommend the 10" model. This model consists of three 3" layers of latex, encased in a cotton and wool zippered cover. If you are primarily a side and/or back sleeper, at 200lbs I recommend a Medium Talalay over Medium Dunlop over Firm Dunlop configuration. The medium Talalay will provide adequate contour for you at your weight, while the medium over firm Dunlop layers below provides gradual support. Talalay latex is a bit softer, which is ideal for your top contour layer. And Dunlop is a bit firmer, which is ideal for support layers.

There is no definitive answer as to which type of latex lasts longer. Both Dunlop and Talalay latex are produced with real rubber, which creates a much more durable cell structure compared to that of standard poly and memory foams. As long as you choose the correct densities for your weight and sleep preference, latex foam can have an average life expectancy of 10 to 30 years.

Lastly, shrink-wrapping the foam for packaging does not affect the long-term integrity of the foam. This simply makes shipping more cost effective, and handling of the mattress/components much easier for you the customer.

Please come back anytime should you have more questions. You can always call our office directly as well at 480-966-8731. Thanks again!!
14 Nov 2018 16:05
  • adamwbenjamin
  • adamwbenjamin's Avatar
After trying a talalay mattress at Jordan's Furniture, I've been debating between go for the Zenhaven or the SleepEZ.

The mattress I liked at Jordan's was ever so slightly on the firm side: Pranasleep Super Vinyasa www.pranasleep.com/products/earth?variant=13098023649323

What configuration would be close to this but a tad softer on top? The support was damn near perfect.

Also, I've read a few people on reddit and other places posting about the differences of talalay and dunlop. One thing I've read is that Talalay is softer AND more durable, while dunlop is firmer and less durable.

I really just want to get the most bang for my buck here on their "Configurator" page.

I'm 6'1 200 lbs - My height and weight are RIGHT in the middle of where their calculator would make different decisions which is irking me.

Any help would be great :) I'll definitely be using the MUG10 discount.

Zenhaven: $1,899
SleepEZ 100% Organic: $1,615 with two pillows and a cover

EDIT: I'd also like to add that when debating with the Zenhaven salesman, his main point of their $300 increase in price was because SleepEZ ships the mattress in multiple boxes and compresses the product.

I personally don't care about white box delivery as i'm capable of assembling the mattress fine, but does this delivery technique make the mattress any less good?
20 Sep 2018 11:30
  • Arizona Premium
  • Arizona Premium's Avatar
I would make Prana fix the issue since you paid a lot of money for that mattress. Their warranty should cover those issues. If you do have to start over but on a budget then our Ultimate Hybrid is a great option. It uses 3" of all natural latex over the best pocket coil spring money can buy. Check out the specs here - www.mattresses.net/ulhypoco.html Let me know if you have any questions. There are a variety of firmness choices so reach out if you need help choosing.
20 Sep 2018 11:10
  • Beersrice
  • Beersrice's Avatar

We are on the search for new mattress. We need to get rid of our 10 year old Prana due to hammocking. We really like the latex feel of the Prana. The most important thing we need is something that gets rid of motion due to my husband's RLS. We are mostly side sleepers, he is 6'1", 190lbs and I am 5'3", 170lbs. Do you have any recommendations for laytex beds? I know that Latex can be quite expensive and we really don't want to have to put in thousands of dollars like we did with our Prana and be frustrated a few years in that it is sagging. Are there other options as far as more affordable mattress that has good support and longevity in which a laytex topper could be added?

08 Jul 2018 08:19
  • gauss66
  • gauss66's Avatar
Welcome to the site E_soles and great you have reviewed all the excellent articles on how to determine your best mattress and the feedback from others. I was not far from where you are at in decision making process - not long ago. I ended up striking up a great dialog with Luma Sleep ( Stefano ) to further understand their mattresses/sleep systems. However, I was not in a position to actually experience their mattresses - as their Florida showroom has been delayed ( where I currently live ). Most important to me - I really wanted to understand the 'feel' between a hybrid and all latex. So I visited some local mattress stores ( City Mattress is one - where they have some internal brand - Prana sleep ). After trying our several firmness levels between hybrids and all latex, I liked the extra springiness of the hybrid. The springiness was not overwhelming - and it felt more comfortable. In the past I have slept mostly on spring mattresses ( the last was a Justice Mattress ) and earlier I had a Temperpedic know off - called Thumperpedic ( long story on this - but I was told I was buying a Temperpedic - and did not even know it was not one, until I moved ! ).

Now I am working with Stefano on configuring their hybrid for me. I am also getting adjustable bases - as I am getting a king.

So my recommend - go lay down on some all latex vs hybrids from a few different brands and see if there is a preference. Then call and strike up a dialog with one ( or more ) of the experts here - who can discuss more details/choices for you ( firmness and layers will be a big area to review and make choices ! ).

Best of luck
04 Apr 2018 10:27
  • Bschmuls
  • Bschmuls's Avatar
Hi All.

I have been in need of a new mattress for years. I have a Prana Sleep Vinyasa (firm) from 12 years ago - LOVED this bed. I need to replace it and i was wondering what is the best Mattress in the $2500-3500 range for a KING. I am 6ft4 235lbs and a side sleeper. I have seen a lot of claims of latex mattresses all being the best - its VERY confusing. Prana is asking for $5000 for the latest model Vinyasa which is crazy. Please help - my A type personality is killing me - i cannot make the decision as there is no clear best Latex mattress.


Please help with making my decision- Much appreciated!

Thank you
21 Mar 2018 20:41
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Jill71rdh.

I have never tried a latex mattress and have chosen it because of longevity and it's apparently much cooler. If I give you my zipcode can you tell if there are any stores near me that have latex for me to try? It is 17025.

Based on your earlier input, I suggest that you find a local shop and give latex a try. Latex is not only the most durable foam type and good at motion isolation but it is very breathable and a great choice for temperature regulation. You can perform a forum search and you can type in the key term any city or area you would be closer to and consider driving such as Enola, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, or any other area and see what other businesses have been discussed in that region which may be helpful to you.

www.magicsleeper.net/ Pottstown (or Pottsdown), PA. Local factory direct manufacturer that makes a range of good quality and value mattresses including two-sided innerspring mattresses and a number of latex and latex hybrid options. Family owned and good people. They also make custom designs and sizes and they are also a member of this site.

You could also try gardnersmattressandmore.com/ Retail outlet in Lancaster, PA. They carry a wide range of manufacturers including Pure Talalay Bliss, Posh & Lavish, Pranasleep, Organicpedic (OMI), Naturepedic, Savvy Rest component latex mattresses as well as Vi-Spring and Hypnos which are more "ultra premium" brands. While all of these manufacturers generally use good quality materials ... I would make some careful value comparisons here because some of them may be in higher budget ranges than other similar mattresses.

Other than this, we have decided to discontinue the provision of listings of potential retailers in various geographic regions (unless they are already approved site members), because of the difficulty in maintaining such lists in a retail landscape that is constantly changing, and most importantly the confusion it was creating with the consumer members who incorrectly assumed that these businesses had indeed gone through the strict qualification process and were approved as members of The Mattress Underground. Such an assumption is unfair to both the consumers seeking assistance, as well as the very businesses and manufacturers who meet the criteria to become Trusted Members of The Mattress Underground.

Whatever business you’re considering, I would always confirm that any retailer or manufacturer that you wish to visit is completely transparent (see this article ) and also make sure that any mattress that you are considering meets the Post #13 quality/value guidelines here .

Also, you had suggested a firmer model due to sleeping on my stomach . I start out on my stomach but toss and turn all night long between my side and stomach. I don't know if it is because of our mattress but I am lucky to get 3 hrs sleep at night. I am not sure how much longer I can take that but I am the worst person for making decisions. Especially if I can't try something out before I purchase. The level of firmness really has me confused because of sleeping on both stomach and side

I am sorry to hear that you hardly get 3 hours sleep a night on your current mattress, but I am glad that you are researching rather than just rushing into making a "blind purchase" as ... at this point probably just anything would feel better than your current mattress, but this would not determine how long you will sleep well on the mattress. I would add that most people who paid little attention in the past to their sleeping positions, body needs, and seeping environment would have a similar situation as you do and they would have to go through a period of relearning what "normal" is for their bodies which would involve some local testing and experimenting. You are correct that for your prone sleeping you would need firmer and thinner comfort layers to keep you in better alignment and avoid hyperextension of the lumbar area. Even though you may be tossing and turning and switching between stomach and side sleeping (because of an unsuitable mattress), you would still need to determine first what your primary sleeping position is (stomach or side) and base your options on that. To determine this you may ask yourself questions such as ... When was the last time I comfortably slept on the mattress? and … What position did I use to go to sleep in ?... and... What position did I use to wake up in? ... How often did I wake up? ... Although personal needs may change over time, they are usually gradual and remembering some details about when you last slept well on a mattress would be a good starting point.

Ugh. Now I am leaning towards a memory foam hybrid because of motion isolation being better. Is a viola hybrid good?

Generally, I would not recommend memory foam for stomach sleepers, but if you chose to go that way keep in mind that due to its viscous nature and poor breathability the foam will trap your body heat which will cause the foam to soften overnight and create misalignment and postural issues. Latex, on the other hand, offers the same support/comfort throughout the night and although. As far as motion isolation goes, latex is very point elastic and like memory foam is a good material for restricting motion, which means that it compresses at millions of specific points across the surface to take on the shape of the body profile with much less effect on the area around the point of compression. The difference between the two is that latex is highly resilient which means it absorbs much less energy than memory foam which has little to no resilience at all … hence the dead feeling and difficulty in repositioning. As you mentioned that the sleeping temperature is an issue I highly recommend that you find a shop nearby or visit Magic Sleeper which is one of Trusted Members of this site and like all the members here I think very highly of and consider them to be among the "best of the best" in the industry.

If personal testing on similar mattresses locally isn't possible (either because there are no reasonably similar mattresses that you can find locally or because you have difficulty finding out more detailed specs of mattresses you are testing) ... then you seem to be on the right track with your initial online choices and I suggest that you have a more detailed discussion with each of them. They are much more familiar with their own mattress designs and materials than anyone else (including me) and they can use the information you provide them about your body type and sleeping positions, your preferences, your history on different mattresses, and the results of your local testing to make suggestions based on the "averages" of other customers that may be similar to you. The more accurate and detailed the information you provide them the better you will help them to help you make the best possible choices out of the options they have available. Of course the options you have available with each retailer or manufacturer (or with a particular mattress) and your ability to exchange layers or the mattress itself or use other forms of fine-tuning after your purchase or the return policy may also be an important part of your personal value equation or to offset the risk that can go with any online purchase.

21 Feb 2018 15:36
  • MattressToGo
  • MattressToGo's Avatar
Are you comparing the new mattress you received to the mattress you bought in 2015, or to a floor model you sampled recently when you purchased your new mattress? Comparing to a three year old mattress would have no bearing on what a mattress company might currently be producing, even if they are using the same name, as there are always running changes in lineups, and often even changes in component suppliers.

However, if you sampled a floor model in a showroom and you feel that the mattress that was delivered is drastically different from what you sampled, you'd want to then pay a visit to the showroom where you made your purchase and speak with a knowledgeable salesperson there. Take a look at the law tags on the mattress you sampled and see that the information presented there matches the information on the law tag for the mattress at your home (model number, name, burn prototype #). Check the production date. If a mattress store is showing a three-year old floor model, that generally wouldn't be considered representative of the current lineup and models that would be delivered.

There will always be variations between floor models and a new mattress (not only because of use but also because of the variations in IFD and ILD of various foam batches), but if you feel it is quite drastic it's always worth a bit of investigation just to make sure you received the correct product and what you ordered is indeed representative of the floor model you tested in person.
21 Feb 2018 05:11
  • Nataliemurat
  • Nataliemurat's Avatar
I want to clarify about the 'zero support' issue. What I should have said is that the support in the 2 beds they sent to our 2nd home DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME SUPPORT as the showroom model (from which we made the decision to buy the bed) or our original purchase in our 1st home. That is the problem. And that is what the matrress inspector said who came to do his tests. That bed should not be on their showroom floor becasue it does not represent what the buyer may receive
20 Feb 2018 00:32
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Nataliemurat.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :)

I am sorry to hear that the new Pranasleep is not supportive enough for you. (Sorry about your recent hospitalization I hope to you feel better.)

We bought a super Vayu in 2015 ($8,000!) and love it so much we purchased another one for our 2nd home when it was on sale 10% off. That one was completely different than the one we currently owned - the new one had zero support, we both ended up with back pain.

While the cost of Pranasleep is certainly in a significantly higher budget range that other similar mattresses, they use higher quality/density foams and there are no what I would consider to be a weak link in the mattress in terms of durability. “Zero support” of course is more about your perception than factual as there is no mattress that would have “zero support”, but I understand what you mean.

While there is always the slim possibility of a manufacturing defect, folding it for shipping wouldn’t be a problem. The first thing I would check is to make sure that your support system is still perfectly flat and that there are no parts that are sagging or that are bending under the weight of the mattress and the people sleeping on it. It should provide similar support to having your mattress on the floor and you can test this by putting your mattress on the floor to see if it makes any difference. If it does then it's possible that your support system could be part of the problem as well.

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