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23 Apr 2019 14:18
  • calentarse
  • calentarse's Avatar

My wife and I are the same weight. Definitely should not have become this soft so quickly. I am open to another model of theirs if they do give me a warranty opportunity toward a new bed. I see ultimate dreams is discontinued anyhow...

Thanks for the spring suggestion. I already submitted the claim and it has been 36 hours and still no answer. I will definitely keep the forum posted, no pun intended.

In the meantime, we flipped it over and are sleeping on the polyfoam. I awoke with no hip pain : )
23 Apr 2019 13:18
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi calentarse,

Welcome back to the forum :).

I am sorry the Dreamfoam did not work out for you. We are seeing some consumers having issues with mattresses after 1.5 to 2 years, Typically this is about the time period I that a lower density memory foam will break down and cause issues. This also happens faster for higher BMI consumers (with your original weight of 150 lbs for each of you.. I doubt you gained much weight during this time)

I am happy that you initiated a warranty claim, it can be a tedious process for many people, but from my past experience with Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam they are very responsive, let's hope it works out for you. It might be useful in the warranty claim process to take some pictures and measure the maximum depth indentation with a taut string placed across longitudinally/diagonally. (Feel free to post the photos here)

I have not heard of any changes to the T&N mattress since they were purchased by Serta... Serta / T&N news article .

Thank you again for your update and I'd be curious to know how it all works out for you. Good luck!

22 Apr 2019 07:29
  • calentarse
  • calentarse's Avatar
Just wanted everyone to know that we settled on the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams mattress and were pleased for about 2 years. After that time, it rutted pretty badly where we were sleeping and became unbearably soft. We have contacted to company to make a warranty claim because we believe the ruts are 1.5"s or more. Will try to update where we go from here! Suggestions welcome. We are thinking of going back to Tuft and Needle now since the one we purchased a long time ago has held up VERY well.
13 Apr 2019 17:20
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey Laaandry

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :).

Thanks for the post. What did Brooklyn Bedding tell you the difference is? There as been some discussion of these new mattresses since Q4 2018.

Below are my cut and paste from their website. The signature has the 2" Titanflex, which is one of the newer memory/poly foams. You can read more about the newer generation of new generations of polyfoams here.

The signature has the 2" Titanflex and 2" Energex foam, and the Bowery hybrid just has the 2" comfort foam (whatever that is) and also foam in the quilt package. Signature also markets some temperature regulating qualities. Clearly, there is a fairly big difference between these two products. I have not slept on them side by side. Which one is better for you is an entirely different question. Have you tried these mattresses?


Offered in three levels of firmness to let you decide the level of support you need
Features a 2" top layer of patented TitanFlex™ foam, combining all the contouring properties of memory foam with the responsiveness of latex
Designed with a 2" layer of firmer transitional Energex™ foam for deeper compression support
Engineered with a 6" base of up to 1,024 individually encased Ascension™ coils for increased support and decreased motion transfer
Infused with cooling TitaniumGel™ to moderate your body temperature throughout the sleep experience
Finished with a 1" high density foam base for added durability and reinforcement of individual coils

Bowery Hybrid

Offered in a universal, medium firmness that balances just the right amount of pressure point relief with optimal support
Features a 1” layer of quilted, gel memory foam that resists body impressions and provides optimal cooling comfort while you sleep.
Designed with a 2” layer of comfort foam to create a gentler transition to the mattress core.
Features open cell technology for increased airflow and breathability.
Engineered with a 6” base of up to 1,024 individually encased Ascension™ coils for increased support and decreased motion transfer.
Finished with a 1” high density foam base for added durability and reinforcement of individual coils.

Thanks let us know if you have other questions.
10 Apr 2019 19:32
  • lizzy3434
  • lizzy3434's Avatar

For years I have slept on a Stearns and Foster purchased 17 years ago. When my back started to hurt I decided to buy a new mattress and chose a Saatva because it was recommended by a friend. The Luxury Firm model was too soft; my back was actually worse. So I went to a brick and mortar store and purchased a very high end innerspring by Chattam and Wells. The first night I had to leave the room when I started to have respiratory problems. I read up on off gassing and started to air it out. After two weeks it still had a strange odor; I couldn't sleep in it. I called the manufacturer who suggested they send out a new bed. They aired the mattress out before sending. Although it did not have a super strong odor, the fumes in the mattress continued and I could not tolerate it. Again, I aired it out. After two more weeks, I still couldn't tolerate it. I was able to return it but am now paralyzed and indecisive about what to do next. I spoke with the owner of a family owned mattress store in a nearby town. He suggested I purchase a Chittenden and Eastman he says he has custom made. He said the problem was likely memory foam in the Chattam and Wells. The contents say 44% polyurethane; he says some of that could be memory foam and that most problems like mine, in his experience, are reactions to memory foam. Is this a thing? He mentioned fire retardants as well. I really want an innerspring, maybe a hybrid (rather than switching to latex) but I don't want another experience with respiratory issues. The Saatva, btw, was fine--no off gassing. And I am currently sleeping in my son's room on a Tuft and Needle. I have never been "allergic" to a mattress before so this is confusing. So sorry for the many details and length. Thanks for any help with this dilemma.
04 Apr 2019 16:56
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi ron bruce,

I am glad to see you are working the process, and that you decided to do some things differently this time around :).

You can perform a forum search on Tuft & Needle here , and there is a bit more about them in the simplified choice thread here .

I look forward to your progress when you have a chance.
20 Mar 2019 13:05
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi sweetandsourkiwi.

Do you consider the 1.5lb polyfoam in the cover of the Hybrid Latex a weak link?

This is not a week link as you can see in the durability guidelines here

Going off my memory, this means they increased the Medium Titan Chill Endurance foam from 1.5" to 3" in Nest Alexander Hybrid.

Nest's old version (13.5") Alexander Signature Hybrid, was not much different from the newer (13.75") ... as it had 2 x 1.5" inch of Energex instead of the 1 x 3" of Energex they are using now.

So this would make more of a "memory foam" feel in the bed, right? My main concern was sinking in and getting memory foam "hug" (which I strongly dislike) and the fact memory foam and regular foam can feel "hard" after a few hours to me. I thought the Energex might negate that somewhat, but it sounds like it's getting more buried...so I think I'm still headed in a latex direction

Latex seems to be a great direction for you to move into for you .... just for the sake of "straightening up" some misconceptions about the Energex ... this is a high-quality polyfoam, one of the newer generation of what I term "high-performance polyfoams" The foam is also more immediate in its response and not have the "hug" and "memory foam feel" quality you strongly dislike. These high-performance polyfoams also tend to be extremely durable and some of them are engineered to provide feels that are somewhat similar to latex, others similar to memory foam, and others simply versions unto themselves. TitanChill should be one of these high-performance polyfoams you’ve seen mentioned on the site described as hyperelastic which would have all the conforming qualities but less the "dead" feel that is characteristic to memory foam.

Hope this helps

17 Feb 2019 12:13
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi NYC_sleepy,

Thanks for your update.... I am glad to hear that you are happy with your "year and a half " Brooklyn Bedding Signature model BME and I agree that it is too bad that the design/materials you liked have changed ... it is quite frustrating and confusing when companies modify designs/constructions but use the same model name .... quite frankly its not good for branding purposes. either.

The only place I have found that compares the two mattresses are on these affiliate marketing review sites, where they have reviewed the old and new versions. As many are aware we caution using these sites for reliable information. You can see my comments about the Sleepopolis Site (and many other similar so-called "review sites" which are really just revenue sites that know little about mattresses or mattress materials) in post #11 here and in posts #4 and #6 here but the good news is that you ended up buying a great quality/value mattress in spite of the somewhat questionable information there.

Whether one is a trusted member or not, is not really related to specific marketing claims. Thanks for the note on “Nanobionic” cover, which one can see information on the Nanobionic website , which is a little light on the “science” of how this technology works.

An all latex mattresses is a great choice provided that you like the feel of latex and it matches the comfort/support for your particular PPP needs and preferences (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). Both Latex Mattress Factory and Sleep on Latex are trusted members of our sites which means that I think highly of them, their products and their service. I'd make sure to place a phone call and discuss with each of them your specifics and sleeping history, needs and preferences to help them guide you to the best fit. (Also ckeck the TMU coupon/dixcount codes for some savings)

22 Jan 2019 15:28
  • miso
  • miso's Avatar
We Just purchased a Purple mattress, my husband loves it. I can't sleep on it due to all the pain I feel during the night and upon waking (tossing and turning trying to get comfortable) ( no sleep at all). The Purple is very hard on my body I've only had it a week and sleep is impossible . I've had a Tuft and Needle but as it aged I found myself turning it every 3 days again because it was causing pain in my hips, back and lower spine. I need something softer than the Purple but not low quality with so many on the market it's confusing. I don't want to keep purchasing a new mattress every 3 or4 years. I'm a senior that wants to sleep more than 3 hours . Is there a quality mattress that will offer more comfort? I've done some research , but honestly it's very confusing. Please help , I don't see myself trying out and returning mattress for a year until I discover one that suits. Am I asking for too much.
last night I started to research all this complicated mattress information. I've found the difference between latex and memory foam.. Now I understand why the memory foam doesn't last. Now Dunlop vs Talalay. Natural vs Manmade added to latex? What's the difference ?. How will this affect the quality of the mattress, the durability ? I'm tired of wasting my money on a product that promises everything but gives not so much. Also the chemicals used for fire retardant, what's the point of getting all natural if it's going to be doused with chemicals ? I want this to be my last mattress purchase. I just can't afford this anymore. Can anyone give me answers. I'm exhausted, everything hurts , headaches that never stop , and sleep is a fantasy .
Avocado or Nest or Pure Green . I need simple answers . Please
20 Dec 2018 15:34
  • Forscythe
  • Forscythe's Avatar
Hey there, brand new here, apologies if I mess this up in some fashion. This question isn't about only Sleep EZ mattresses, it seems more general, but sleep EZ is one of the mattresses I'm considering and unless I'm missing something, I can't just make a general post but have to address this to one of the Expert members.

Anyhow, I'm looking for a new mattress. I recently bought a tuft and needle after my old mattress completely died in the center after many years of use. Unfortunately, while the TaN was great for about 40 days, I now find it lets me sink in too much.

Some stats about me
Due to health issues/preference/laziness (heh) I spend a lot of time in bed on my side using my laptop. I sleep on my back however. So ideally I'd like something that is a good choice for both side and back positions.

I am 6 ft, 225 lbs and that works out to a BMI of 30.5 I actually have pretty lean arms and legs, and carry my excess weight in my torso. So I probably want something that gets firmer quickly and doesn't let my hips sink in too much relative to my legs (which is the big issue with the current tuft and needle.) I'd love to lose weight and am trying with a small bit of success at present, but history suggests I'm more likely to gain than to lose, at least in the long run.

I live in a pretty small area and haven't found any good options locally, so I'll be buying online. I care a lot about value, but can afford to spend a good chunk of cash upfront if that'll get me a better value long term. I am very unlikely to consider anything without a 60+ return policy (I prefer 90+ day, really).

After doing some reading here, and having a fair bit of analysis paralysis, heh, I've concluded that a latex mattress seems like a good choice. That would offer good support, value, and avoid sleeping hot (which I hate). I particularly like the idea of being able to open a mattress up and replace worn out layers with new ones rather than replace the whole mattress, in order to minimize longer-term costs.

At the moment then, I think I've homed in on three main options.

1. Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams, Twin 9" for $800
I like that it offers three layers instead of just two, which presumably will make for easier replacement if the middle three inches of the mattress wear out but the bottom three are fine. Other options just offer a single 6" base, so this seems like a point in its favor. It also lets me have slightly different options for each layer. Their calculator (thanks for having this!) recommends 2" medium blended talalay, over 3" Medium Dunlop, over 3" firm Dunlop. Unfortunately this mattress is currently on a sale which ends tomorrow, and will jump in price by 200 bucks, so if I want to get this I think I need to make that decision quickly before that happens. The return policy seems decent, and the free and prompt shipping is a plus.

2. Naturalux Latex Mattress by Arizona Premium Mattress for $850
6" Dunlop core, either medium or firm for me I expect, but I'm not sure which. The topper is either 2" or 3". The two inch option doesn't seem to let you choose firmness, while the 3" option does but adds $65 to the price. It's also on sale for about 200 off, but doesn't list an ending date. I'm guessing that the only reason I'd prefer this to the Sleep EZ option is if I can't make a decision by the time that sale ends, but this sale is still ongoing. The Sleep EZ three part mattress seems to offer superior customization.APM will also take much longer to complete the order, which I'd prefer to avoid.

3. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress by Sleep on Latex for 595.
This appears to be a standard price, not a sale.
2" top and 6" base layers, both of which are Dunlop. I assume this is the reason for the significantly lower price, relative to the other two choices. I honestly don't care at all about how "green" a mattress is. This offers a low price, prompt/free shipping and the best return policy. Still not as customizable as Sleep EZ though, and I'm not sure whether I'd want to get medium or firm.

Basically I'd like to know if my logic here checks out, am I right to pick latex, if so, have I picked good choices based on my stated preferences/stats? Are there reasons to think I'd find the SleepEZ's customization/talalay comfort layer (or any other feature) will make up for the significant price difference between it and the cheaper Pure Green mattress? If I do go with a 2-piece mattress, should I choose medium or firm for the base core? Is there something I'm missing or mistaken about somewhere in all this? I know that much of a mattress choice is personal preference and can't be solved for me by others, but any and all info that can be provided to help me try and make the best choice would be much appreciated.

Finally a thank you to Phoenix and everyone else who has contributed to this site. I am very glad i found this resource.
22 Nov 2018 07:42
  • Luma Sleep
  • Luma Sleep's Avatar
Hello diggis_tennis,

If your Lake Mattress is "worn out" in three (3) years, it is likely covered by the warranty. Most mattresses offer 10 years warranty and even inexpensive/promotional mattresses are 5 years. We suggest you make a warranty claim and use this to get either a full credit or a great discount on a replacement mattress from Lake Mattress. In looking over their website, they now appear to offer 120-day in-home trial/return/refunds. This will take the risk out of your purchase. The all foam mattress you "tested" has strong specifications, and the price seems decent, considering it has 3" of latex. An 11" All Latex Slumber System by Luma Sleep is superior, but is indeed a lot more expensive. Tuft & Needle has gone over to the "dark side" in a sellout to Serta-Simmons. Proceed with caution if going there. We think your best bet is to leverage a big discount and go with Lake Mattress. Not only will you likely get the best value but you will be spending your money in the local economy.

Thanks for asking,

Team Luma
20 Nov 2018 04:01
  • dian
  • dian's Avatar
I have the tuft and needle (regular) and am very happy with it. We've had it for over 2 years and it's held up very well so far. I just saw the Mint is on sale for 20% off now.
19 Nov 2018 11:09
  • diggis_tennis
  • diggis_tennis's Avatar
Hi, I currently own a Lake Mattress gel comfort mattress and its been 3 years or so and I feel it's time to replace it. Not sure if Mattresses should last longer or not.

I got a quote from them for a config i tried out in the store (for less than 5 mins) and picked a config that felt most comfortable in the moment.

Txl 12” mattress
1.5” BB
3” Latex,
3” 2423
4.5” 2436
Price 660.00

For Luma i am considering the all latex slumber system which is twice the cost.

I have a tuft and needle original mattress in my guest bedroom (which i havent really slept on) but i see they have the Mint mattress which is 12inch and better support and proprietary cover.

any thoughts /advice?
11 Nov 2018 15:46
  • scarlettfeverr
  • scarlettfeverr's Avatar
I'm new and live in California. I weigh about 170 (ugh) and my husband about 160. He can sleep on just about anything. I however, cannot. It’s been almost a year, and I’ve gone through five different mattresses and my back STILL hurts. Each mattress just made it hurt in a different place. I went to a chiropractor and he didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with my back...and when I sleep in hotel mattresses it’s usually fine.

So far:

Tuft and Needle: waaaaay too hard. Killed upper back
Helix: same
1st Saatva: too soft, killed lower back
2nd Saatva, medium-firm: killed middle back
3rd Saatva, firm: not killing middle back as much but very very stiff, not waking up feeling good and a topper (real expensive T&N one, last resort) hasn’t helped.

BUT I tried my kids' cheapo IKEA spring mattress last night and my back did fine with it! So much motion transfer, though. Why does my back love cheapo mattresses with tons of motion transfer and hate all the expensive ones I've tried? What does that mean? Any thoughts?

I'm not entirely keen on getting an IKEA mattress (even though that's what my back seems to like) because I know they don't last...I don't know what to do now. But I can't keep waking up like this, I just want this hell to stop :(

Edit: Just remembered IKEA doesn't even carry CA King sizes so that's out. Arrrggghh
10 Aug 2018 07:31
  • jwblue
  • jwblue's Avatar
I purchased a Tuft & Needle mattress. I like how it feels and sleep well on it.

The first few days I slept on the mattress I would wake up with minor back pain. Now I do not.

I am close to the 100 day trial period ending. A few of the reviewers on a website stated that they were getting back pain after the 100 day trial period and could not return the mattress. Nobody would want to be in that situation.

I am torn whether to return the mattress.
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