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Searched for: Tuft Needle
18 Dec 2013 14:42
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi amattressbuyer,

It's somewhat synchronistic that you are mentioning them because I have been talking with them for some time as their company developed and I just hung up the phone from talking with JT (one of the owners) before I started replying to your post. They have just been listed as a member of the site (a few minutes ago)

They use 3 layers of high quality polyfoam (in the range of 2 lbs) and are well designed to have a "medium firm" feel by most standards which is in the "sweet zone" for many people.

They are good people and now offer a 6.5% discount, an extended trial period, and cost free returns to the members of this site which of course reduces the risk of any online purchase :).

18 Dec 2013 13:39
  • amattressbuyer
  • amattressbuyer's Avatar
I am considering getting the Tuft & Needle mattress. It is the #1 rated mattress on Amazon and it has a relatively modest price. I do have concerns about it being more of a "futon" than a standard mattress though. I have read a number of your posts but still don't know enough about what materials to look for in a mattress.

I sleep on my stomach and want a medium firm mattress. Thanks for your perspective.

I found out about the mattress on a site called HackerNews:
and I like the story behind the company.
28 Oct 2013 17:25
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi stack,

A mattress is only as good as its construction and the quality of the materials that are inside it. The amazon link doesn't include the foam density (which is the most important factor in the durability of polyfoam and how long a mattress will maintain its comfort and support) but there are certainly some good quality polyfoam mattresses that can be suitable in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) and can be durable as well and of course polyfoam is a lower cost material so the cost of the mattress would be lower as well.

I can also tell you that I have spoken with John-Thomas Marino at Tuft and Needle and they are knowledgeable and transparent about the futons and mattresses they make. They are just beginning to make mattresses (they used to make only futons and shikifutons/shikibutons) and they are focused on providing good quality and value to their customers and would be well worth considering for those who prefer a more minimalistic approach to buying a mattress.

I would need to know the specifics of the mattress you are considering from the upholster in Rochester to make any meaningful comments about it.

Only your own careful and objective testing or personal sleeping experience can know if a mattress is suitable for you in terms of PPP but I'd certainly be happy to share my thoughts about the quality of the materials in a mattress you are considering if you can provide the specifics of the design and the quality/density of the foam inside it. A retailer or manufacturer should be able to provide this to you.

Just in case you haven't read it yet the tutorial post here has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choice. Some of the better options and possibilities in the Rochester area I'm aware of are listed in post #11 here .

28 Oct 2013 14:11
  • stack
  • stack's Avatar
I recently went to an upholsterer in The Rochester NY area. He had a 5' mattress displayed that was poly and had a cover on it. It felt so much better than my "S&F, new, Estate Glenda Plush Queen." This thing is aching my sides even with some foam and latex toppers on it, it is a stiff slab of steel - nothing "plush" about it.

I am thinking of buying this one in Rochester or this one from Amazon.


Not sure about this and wonder how I can make the best decision. The place in Rochester also had samples of foam toppers that were poly and seemed nice too.

If either would last a couple years only it would still be a better value than my new Brick and Foster. The Rochester store is not on Amazon but is named Howards Foam and Fabrics.
08 May 2013 08:27
  • paisley
  • paisley's Avatar
Yeah, for sure they are awful companies, i know. I think of them like this, if i were to buy a name brand it would last me 2-3 years max. So i'm just puting absolutely everything into my comparison chart of what my options are. i have every option on the table, and doing a cost per night breakdown if x y z. etc, etc, etc. in order to figure out if i can afford to buy a mattress right now and which one, so i'm just looking at all my options whether they last 1 year or 25. : ). I think those brands are downright evil to sell someone a 2k bed that lasts 3 years or less. But they go in my chart anyway so they can be eliminated based on cost/value. Needless to say their price per night based on longevity is not good. lol. But i still need to calculate them on my chart cuz that's how i choose things, i''m just like that so i'm even putting short life beds on there. Even the 4 big S beds (well, 1 was a K) i did like, although i didn't get a chance to really read reviews, i briefly did and as suspected, breakdown begins very early. I find myself wondering why they don't just make pillowtops they zip off? i mean, of course it means people wouldn't re-purchase the bed so the mani won't be able to make more money, but if someone buys a 2k-3k matty and has to replace it after 3 years they surely aren't going back to that manufacteurer. So that is one thing that baffles me.

And while we're on the subject of coil beds, is there a list of the indie coil bed makers? and what are some coil bed makers with good value? do any coil beds last? Even if they last just 3 years? i know it's about what they put at the top, so i'm trying to find coil beds that put good stuff at the top and i know the big names do not. One of the things i want to do is get a sense of the type of coil beds i like, which is why i went to sleepies, there was a bed i actually really liked, but i do know not to get it, b/c in 6m-2 years it will be for naught, which makes it not an option. But i am figuring out what type of coil bed i like in addition to everything else. (and so far it looks like i like big 'ol tufted ones. (although i'm not quite yet ready to look at coils dedicatedly because i'm still looking into latex and have 2 more stores to visit).

(and you know my personal situation is, i prolly can't even AFFORD a long-term matty right now, and might only be able to adjust this one i have, but i still am shopping for one just in case, and b/c i have other things to figure out as they related to the matty i'm about to adjust or get rid of). My options might come down to buying a short term mattress, something 1 year, or 2 years since i don't have the money to buy a 10/20 year matty at the moment. and so far the 2 lower cost/night (that are upfront affordable right now) are a very inexpensive latex for 2 years (i'm sure they would last longer but in 2 years i want to put money down for a bed that feels the greatest, not just feels like what i could afford at the time), or a sub $1,000/3 year coil. (although i don't have any spec. coil). Just getting a topper has the lowest value/cost effectiveness if i can't incorporate it later.
08 Apr 2013 18:18
  • noneedlessnoise
  • noneedlessnoise's Avatar
Thanks for the reply Phoenix. I am able to return my TempurPedic for the full purchase price, and it sounds like that is what I'm going to do. I am wondering if Latex is the best choice for me though, with the heat issues. I've read that they're not great as far as heat retention goes. I get hot very easily, and unfortunately for me, this isn't just a sleeping issue. I've been recommended this: www.tuftandneedle.com/shikibed which is similar to this: www.shepherdsdream.com/p-25-the-premium-all-wool-mattress-5-thick.aspx

And I've also been told to just buy a regular inner spring mattress like everyone else. What are your thoughts on those two mattresses? Or should I just stop worrying and go with the latex mattress?
07 Oct 2011 18:24
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar

Arizona is one of the most competitive areas in all of the US as there are several great value manufacturers that are located there.

Three of these are members of this site that I have come to know and trust through many conversations. While they may not have fancy showrooms ... they use quality materials in their mattress, actually have a factory behind them, and have exceptional value. They all compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, and transparency. ...

www.mattresses.net/ Phoenix. Ken (the owner) and Greg here are both very knowledgeable and Helpful.

www.sleepez.com/ Tempe. Shawn (the owner) and the other staff here are also very knowledgeable and helpful here.

Both of these manufacturers specialize in customized latex mattresses which have various combinations of layering options but also have other types of mattresses as well that are available locally that are not shown on their websites or shipped across the country. They have many years of experience in the industry and offer some very high quality and value customized mattresses and for those that are fortunate enough to live locally they have a local showroom/factory where their local customers can test their mattresses.

Those that live in Phoenix are fortunate to have quite a few manufacturing members of the site available locally and to be able to try in person what most people have to purchase online.

I have also talked with or know about several other manufacturers in the area that may also be worth considering.

Brooklyn Bedding a company based in Phoenix. They sell a "simplified choice" mattress site and make latex hybrid, memory foam, and other mattresses through their Dreamfoam sister site. They have a factory showroom in Phoenix where you can test their mattresses locally as long as you make an appointment first and a mall store in Gilbert where you can test a few of their most popular mattresses. They also own R&S bedding which is a line of retail stores mainly in the Phoenix and Tucson areas (and a couple in the Salt Lake City area as well) which sells mattresses which include a range of latex, memory foam, and pocket coil mattresses which are the ones I would focus on if you go here (and not the Serta mattresses they also carry).

www.tuftandneedle.com/ They make a 10" polyfoam mattress that uses good quality materials (1.8 lb polyfoam base layer and a high performance 2.9 lb polyfoam comfort layer) and is a good quality and value choice in its budget range. They are normally only available online but for those in the area you can call them to make an appointment at their local Phoenix 2nd floor showroom where you can test their mattress in person.

www.latexpedic.com/ Factory direct manufacturer in Phoenix. They make a line of two sided latex mattresses and a two sided pocket coil/latex hybrid that are good quality/value.

a1mattressinc.com/ or www.organicsleepsystems.com/ in Tucson. I talked with the niece of the owner here (who is not in the store a lot). She said she would pass on a message for him to call me after I tried several times but this didn't happen. They manufacture their own mattresses including latex but also have what she called their "bring in mattress line" made by Natura which are good quality and have a wide variety of models of latex and latex hybrids but are quite expensive and don't have the same value as their own brand or other factory direct manufacturers.
ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint: a1mattressinc.com

www.mattressfactoryinc.com/ Factory direct manufacturer in Phoenix. Have been making mattresses for about 20 years and make innersprings, latex, and memory foam including Talalay. Primarily sells to retail stores but also has a showroom and will sell factory direct.

www.manta.com/c/mm3vnck/springpedic-mattress-factory Manufacturer in Tucson. I have talked with Jesus here and they make mostly low budget promotional mattresses. They will also make a memory foam mattress with 5.5 lb memory foam and while they mostly sell lower cost mattresses to local retail outlets ... they do have a showroom and sill sell direct. No latex. Mainly of interest to those who are looking for mattresses in a very low budget range.

www.manta.com/c/mm82m2j/desert- Factory direct manufacturer in Glendale. Has been around for a long time and has gotten smaller as he gets older but won't give up on his values. Uses higher quality polyfoam than mainstream manufacturers such as 1.5 and 1.8 polyfoam and even HR in his bases. Good value for lower budget innerspring mattresses.

qualitybeddinginc.com/index.html Manufacturer in Phoenix, AZ, They make mainly innerspring/polyfoam mattresses although a few of them include a small amount of latex and one of them has a microcoil comfort layer as well. I haven't talked with them and I don't know the quality of the polyfoam they are using or if they will provide this information to their customers.

www.arizonaorganicmattresses.com/index.html Phoenix, AZ. They sell OMI (Organicpedic) and Savvy Rest latex mattresses which are both high quality mattresses that use high quality materials (including organic latex) but they are also in a more premium price range than other similar latex mattresses that are available in the area so I would make some careful value comparisons if you visit them.

www.sherwoodbedding.com/ They are a regional wholesale manufacturer based in Phoenix who manufactures mostly innerspring with memory foam or latex mattresses. They only sell through retail outlets in several states but the closest ones to you are in Phoenix. They have "better than average" value but are not in the same value range as the factory direct manufacturers that are close to you.

Hopefully this will help ... even though most of the manufacturing is happening in Phoenix.


PS: Just to clarify as well since my online name is the same as the city where several members and non members are manufacturing mattresses and several members have asked me ... my name is from the mythical firebird "Phoenix" and is an online name I have used for many years long before The Mattress Underground. It always seemed strange to me that it also happens to be a city where there is a lot of good value mattress manufacturing :).
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