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Searched for: Fox Mattress
16 Aug 2019 04:51
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Sweet Dreams's Avatar
It seems you're not alone in questioning this, as on this page there are three questions all asking basically the same thing. They clearly state that their latex is organic and that certifications are shown on their site. You should be aware that such organic latex is only of the Dunlop variety, since Talalay can be either "natural" or blended (which includes some synthetic) but not certified organic. Hope this helps!
- Bill
25 Jul 2019 17:18
  • mpicasso
  • mpicasso's Avatar
My head hurts from reading and literally have gotten to the “paralysis by analysis” phase. Enjoy a latex bed but those at City Mattress (Pranasleep) are just too expensive (Samadhi and Wahe...even considered the “discounted” rack). Visited the Charles P Rogers showroom in NY, which provided a nice sleep but at $2600, I still was on the fence. Before that, favored a BeautyRest Black but found enough reviews suggesting to look elsewhere. Recently, I have been steered towards the Wink Plus bed but cannot find a showroom to try.
I am 6’1” 255#’s, so BMI over 30 (dieting and exercising, and down from 260#’s...still dropping). Currently on a queen, sleeping solo except my dog. Sleep on my back, primarily, and sleep hot. Did like the idea of wool but concerned about its longevity, so thinking more of a Talalay/Dunlop mix, as opposed to springs. Budget is in the $2000 range but more concerned with finding the bed best for my needs.
1) From what I understand, springs are better for isolation of movement, not much more. Am I understanding this correctly?
2) Sleeping on a queen, now, but thoughts of going full-size, for room. If I stayed queen, could it extend the life of a mattress, due to slightly more “sleeping area”? Had planned on building a slatted platform frame, so cost is not much difference between the 2. Only need to buy new sheets.
3) Ideal weight is around 210#’s - will I notice the difference in the feel of the bed, if I purchase based on my weight now? Have a 3” latex topper on it now but think bed is past it’s useful life. Basically asking if it would make more sense to get a different topper or even a “cheap” bed, to hold me over while I continue to lose weight (will take 6-9 months, at minimum).
4) Not sure the search parameter to use, looking for local manufacturers but live in 33461 zip code. Planning to visit Ghostbed sometime over the next few days, and frequent the Orlando area (32811), as well. That said, no concerns with driving 3-4 hours away, especially as I saw Fox Mattresses falls within that distance.
The information provided has been VERY beneficial but struggling to apply it to real world applications. The more I try to educate myself, the more confused I get, and therefore struggle to figure out even the questions to ask. Saw a note about the importance of pillows, something i sleep on about 60-70% of the time...not going to even begin tackling that idea!!!
Thanks in advance!
11 Jul 2019 09:44
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hi KTsoundman,

Welcome to our mattress forum :).

Great post, thank you so much for posting. I moved it into it's own thread about Fox Mattress, it's better this way for all. Great story, I am not surprised as Chelsea Carter is the third generation Carter to help manage the business. Yes they are truly experts and I am quite confident in the value of the materials they used, and the service you will get.

Well done with the summary and we will look for your updates in August. Good luck with the move!!!

08 Jul 2019 10:21
  • KTsoundman
  • KTsoundman's Avatar
Not sure if this is the best topic to locate this post, but it seemed like a fit! First, THANK YOU so much for the TMU site. My wife and I are 56 & 58, empty-nesters downsizing our house size about 50%. We have different sleep styles and weights. I snore! We had a 5 yr old "Brand Name" mattress that was amazing for 6 months, less comfortable by the year mark, and torture by 18 months. It is NOT making the move with us in August! I finally stumbled onto TMU after many hours, over several weeks of researching mattresses and components. A lot of what I read confirmed what I thought I knew, and much more was brand new and helped put "all the pieces together" for me.

Long story, short; we felt we wanted a spring hybrid and I was thinking Latex, but there were NO dealers in our Jacksonville, Florida area where we could "test" a few beds to compare. By using your Trusted Members list, I was able to find Fox Mattress only 90 minutes' drive away. We planned a trip and were lucky to connect with Chelsea - the owner's daughter upon arrival. We spent two hours discussing and sampling beds and materials. She was patient and definitely an expert. We thought we needed split (internal or otherwise) bedding to make us both happy. Instead we wound up with a mattress that has a ton of support (L&P QE Elite Coils, Latex AND their Soy-based foam for a pillowy top that is VERY dense - I think 3.5 lb??). Yay. Also, it is flippable, so bonus there. Yes, we spent more than we planned, but he mattress value is really much more than the extra cost.

When we first walked in, we said we had been researching and looking on-line for some time and decided to drive down from JAX. Chelsea immediately said "Mattress Underground". She gave us the TMU discount without us mentioning it at all, and that was after working out a deal for us to afford the addition of an adjustable base. Great folks, who appear to make a great product. I just wanted to thank you for the site, the recommendation, and also confirm directly that Fox is a great place. Of course, this is all before we even get to sleep on our new mattress, as our house is being built! Will update with more comment on the actual mattress after a few nights sleep.
19 Jun 2019 07:34
  • jjd
  • jjd's Avatar
Thank you for responding! I'm actually not sure where I saw that $312 now that I'm looking back, there's a good chance I'm mistaken on that, so I wouldn't take it too seriously.

Just yesterday I went back to look at the website to see how I might have ordered the mattress protector anyways, and it looks like when you click the little X on the pillow that is now included instead, (which by the way, unlike the mattress protector, the pillow is something I'm interested in, and indeed I ordered one from Amazon yesterday) and click "ok" on the message that appears, it simply doesn't remove it at all. I thought I saw the mattress protector get removed outright when I placed my order, especially when I removed the default promo code to use the underground promo code. This happened in both Firefox (which I use a lot of addons for) and Chrome (which only has lastpass installed.) Might want to have your IT team look at that as there is a good reason why some of us might want to just opt out of that.

The mattress indeed got here fast, I slept on it yesterday. So far, the feel is as expected for a foam mattress, but I'm not sure if it is doing anything for my back pain yet -- so far it's slightly worse, but it's my understanding that I need to give it a few weeks at least, which is exactly what I intend on doing. The box was a bit beat up, so I did a recording of an unboxing just in case (the fedex guy rang the doorbell and I just saw the truck driving off by the time I got to the door, so no chance for me to inspect before accepting.) So far, the bed is in good shape, and the literature suggested posting an unboxing video, so I made it into a full unboxing video as much as I could (I only have my phone for a camera, and my hands are shaky due to a neurological issue, so it won't be a good one.) No apparent damage to the mattress, so all good on that end!

However! I did notice that this was manufactured and shipped from 4455 W Camelback Rd in Phoenix, which is about 14 miles from where I live. I am a bit curious as to how the rep was certain that my mattress was already removed from the shelf when I think it is unlikely that the place was even open at the time I called, or that the people responsible for opening it had eaten their wheaties yet :) Either way, I agreed to that policy when I ordered, so I'm going to accept it, but I just think it is a bit underhanded on the part of the person I spoke to.

Anyways, the trial is ongoing...
28 May 2019 10:17
  • The Toddler
  • The Toddler's Avatar

Your mattress should have been delivered with the “law tag” that would have contained the information listed here . A US law tag will look something like this and is required to say that the mattress includes all new materials and the type and amount of materials inside expressed as a percentage of weight along with the other information listed including the date of manufacture. Information showing that the mattress has passed the fire regulations is also required and is often included in the same tag. You can see some more of the type of information that is normally on a law tag in some of the images here .
ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint: americanlawlabel.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Anatomy-of-Law-Label.pdf



I recently received a mattress from a well-known online retailer. I’m actually enjoying it more than I thought I would, so perhaps I should just stop thinking about it and enjoy it. However, I looked at the law tag, and I’m having trouble determining if the components listed on the tag actually match up with what the components were advertised to be.

For example, it was advertised as having cotton and wool on in the top layers. Wool is not mentioned at all on the tag. Are there ever circumstances where ingredients can be left off a tag, or does it vary by state?

For example, although the tag says it meets fire requirements, I'm not sure if it lists the fire barrier as a component. There is mention of a “polyester fiber batting.” Could that be the fire barrier? If not, could you explain what batting is?

Cotton is also not mentioned on the tag. However, the tag does say “cover: poly blend.” The site said cotton was used but it never said 100% cotton, so I’d guess that it may be part of the “blend?”

04 Apr 2019 16:45
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi jmeyer98,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :), and thank you for your kind appreciation for the TMU.

It is a sad but very common story about small family mattress retailers, they simply cannot afford to stay in business. The mattress industry is also a reflection the changing relationship between consumers and industry and the effect of advertising and (sad to say) the loss of critical thinking and long term thinking (IMO) on a larger level. I could probably spend the next few months on this single subject which would open the door to even more thoughts and comments and I should probably stop while I'm ahead.

I am glad you decided to pay a visit to Fox Mattress as this is the most "efficient" shortcut and helps you discuss and test your options at the same time. With their many years of knowledge and experience they are a most reliable source of guidance and would have your best interests at heart to "talk you through" the specifics of their mattress and its properties and "feel" of the materials they are using (temperature regulation, resilience, firmness etc) and the options they have available that may be the best "match" for you based on the information you provide them. As you are aware they are a Trusted member of this site which means that I think very highly of them and that I believe that they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge, and transparency.

Good luck on your visit with them and we look forward to your update.
Don't hesitate to ask any questions if you have them.

02 Apr 2019 08:52
  • jmeyer98
  • jmeyer98's Avatar
Thank you for all the information you've provided!

We relied for years on our local mattress store. He was a small operation, one small family operated store, had been in business for years but in 2015, they closed their doors. After three purchases over the last decade for our three kids, he never steered us wrong. All three mattresses are still in wonderful shape, but my oldest son has just plain outgrown his twin bed (after growing 5 inches in under 2 years). So, we started by going to the only local bedding stores in our town (all chains). Unimpressed and after escaping one very high pressured "only get this price today" sales tactic, we came home empty-handed and turned to the internet.

Now better educated thanks to this forum, we are heading out to Fox Mattress in Holly Hill tomorrow. While it is a two hour drive for us, I'm much more hopeful we will find the right mattress.
13 Feb 2019 14:35
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hi marzee,

I am sorry you are having a difficult time finding the right mattress. First let me explain what this paragraph is referring to:

Bonnell, continuous coils, and offset coils are also joined together with a tightly coiled thinner wire called a helical and different types and designs of these can also make a big difference in how each individual coil is affected its neighbors and the firmness and conforming ability of an innerspring. Pocket coils are kept together through the use of fabric "pockets" which are joined together (rather than the coils themselves being joined) or in the case of higher quality versions by "hand tying" each coil to other coils near it. These pocketed or hand tied coils have more independent movement which gives Pocket coils their greater "shape conforming" ability while the other 3 types act more together in a group with other coils because of the helical connections. All other factors being equal, this gives them greater firmness.

The them they are referring to is the Bonnell, continuous coils, and offset coils, not the "pocketed coils". These type of mattresses would be firmer, similar to what you once purchased.

This link here is a list of our trusted members that sell innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

Here are a few links of four companies that are in the northeast USA and you can check out their products they can most likely make/sell what you need.





Good luck and thanks for posting.

Please note I removed the duplicated posts, as we strive to keep the forum as organized as possible. Thank you.

19 Dec 2018 12:14
  • cjjones
  • cjjones's Avatar
Thought Id do an update on my Brooklynbed order. So I ordered the latex toper from their sister site mattresstopper.com. Its been a nightmare. I only went w/ them bc of their return policy, the price, and the 1-2 days of processing time. I ordered it on the 10th, received a email on the 11th from them w/ a tracking number and estimated date of delivery. Brooklynbedding email stated my package had been shipped. I checked the tracking in the next couple days and noticed that there was no update info. I did not contact anyone bc I thought the tracking must be behind. This was my mistake made bc I had a similar thing happen last year and after me wasting time tracking it, the package came as it should have and the tracking didn't update until after the package was received. The date of arrival was estimated as the 15th. I called Fedex Friday14th to see if they could hold it from the truck and let me pick it up so the package would not sit outside all day. Fedex said the package was never delivered to them. I looked up the tracking and still no update. It was after hours so I called and left a message w/ Brooklynbeds and also sent an email. I called on the 15th and the rep said, "the tracking label was created bf the order went to production and it has not been sent to fedex yet." I repeated what I did in my vm and email, that I did not want to wait if the product was not in stock. I would rather cancel and make a purchase somewhere else. I was told no problem, you package is going to be mailed Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Later in the day someone answered my email from the day bf and said the same thing, the label was created early and that fedex created an expected delivery date. Which is a pushing the blame somewhere else bc it was their email that said, "your package has been shipped." I then waited around most of Monday and never saw any change in the tracking so I called to ask if it was going to be shipped today. The rep repeats what the other said about the label but then stops and says wait theres a email. She reads the email and it states that the package was sent to fedex but it was lost bf they scanned it. So I ask her when it will be shipped. she says well it could be a couple days. So its looking like it will be another week bf I get it. I tell her that I cant wait unless she can get it to me faster. She checks and tells me it will be shipped fedex 2 days w a new tracking so I will have it Thursday at the latest. I call today to see if its shipped and the rep starts to tell me about the shipping label being created early. I correct him w/ the info and he says, yes I see another tracking was created but they didn't have it in production so it could be a few days. I tell him if it is not in stock I want to cancel and can he make sure bc I would still like the product if it can be here this wk. He tells me he will go talk to production and call me back in about an hour. That conversation happened at 10:30 and its now 3. I thought at 1 that maybe he went to lunch and would call me back. Its really unfortunate bc most everyone I talked to did sound as if they wanted to make me happy. Its seems its a business problem and not a customer service rep problem. Im hoping that he has not called me back bc it is trying to get the product shipped to me bf telling me another story but the odds are not on their side. I will update when I hear from them.

I do also have a Fox Mattress review but I will hold off on that.
10 Dec 2018 21:43
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi cjjones.

Congratulations on your new mattress order! :)

As you are aware you chose something Fox Mattress, a Trusted member of this site, which means that I think very highly of them and that I believe that compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge, and transparency.

I have seen negative reviews on other sites but with as much business as they do I cant really put much value on the small amount of reviews.

I certainly agree with your common-sense approach regarding some of the customer-service reviews and take them with a grain of salt especially at a time when the internet anonymity allows anyone to post virtually anything online and have it be represented as fact, many times needlessly destroying the reputation of ethical and good companies. While there are many customer accounts that are legitimate and represent “real people” issues I’d pay much more attention to the quality of materials within a mattress and deal with a business that is transparent and presents factual and accurate information and focusing upon strict quality guidelines for their products and not on marketing stories.

There are many more moving parts when it comes to reviews but generally, other people's experiences also won't tell much if anything about the suitability, quality, durability, or "value" of a mattress for any particular person (see post #13 here ), and I usually recommend to avoid considering reviews as any sort of a reliable indicator of the appropriateness of any particular product for anyone's specific needs.

10 Dec 2018 10:02
  • cjjones
  • cjjones's Avatar
Ok thanks. I was mainly concerned that something might have happened that caused them to be questionable customer service wise or even products not being what they are listed as. I have seen negative reviews on other sites but with as much business as they do I cant really put much value on the small amount of reviews.

I have several pieces of latex to buy and 2 will be from Arizona Premium Mattress Co. The one I would like to buy from Brooklyn is the 3 inch 19 Talalay. I plan to buy from them bc it comes w/ a bamboo cover for the same price as similar uncovered pieces, and according to their site they have free return shipping if its not what I want. Hopefully that is the case. I need this piece to covered and for a period of time to not have to worry about ordering a mattress cover for the build im doing. If it doesn't work for me, it may need to fit the needs of the person sleeping on the Fox mattress we just bought. So the return policy is a good fit for us.
18 Oct 2018 09:18
  • cjjones
  • cjjones's Avatar
Well I called Christeli, and Fox yesterday and explained everything. Christeli said that they don't sell toppers or individual layers anymore bc they found that most people dodn't end up happy w/ the toppers and ended up buying a bed later. Fox was similar but Im not sure if they do sell toppers or not, bc my questions regarding fixing the bed were kind of blown off and instead I was told about their beds. I did ask about there beds In saying this, I am not criticizing these companies bc I knew going into it that they are in the business of selling beds, not fixing old ones. I did ask fox about there beds so cant knock her for talking about them.

From Christeli, the Madeline was suggested to me for my size and my partners. After talking to Christeli, I took my partner to a mattress store that carried tempurpedics so we could try the similar to Madeline together. I explained how to lie on the mattress and think about how each part of the body felt. Im the one w/ the pain so mainly I hear, "whatever you like is good." :) I had previously thought the cloud supreme a tiny bit to firm and the cloud elite perfect and the cloud lux maybe to soft. They all felt good but being in Ive been sleeping for 3 days now at home my body is unhappy so probably the softer ones, even the lux felt better to me than last wk. I called Christeli back and said I was concerned that the Madeline was going to be to firm and that I was considering the Briella (1 inch thicker of the same density foam) which is said to be a little softer. I also said I had seen a couple people online say that they though the madeline hard but of course I know everyone is different and that there are probably are 1000 people that didn't think that so I know to take it w/ a grain of salt. He said he had had more people say it was to soft than hard. So I hung up thinking well tomorrow I will figure it out. Today I wake and I think I am really concerned about the fact that there is only one layer of memory foam at one density. From what ive read, its 5 lbs (I think I read that here but it could have been on another site so not positive on that) so that's good but the fact that there is no softer layer concerns me. Looking at the Briella which is little more pricey, its the same foam ( I assume) and again only one layer. The next mattress up is the Danieli which is compared to the rhapsody and firmer. I do plan to call Christeli back and make sure that it is 5lbs and that the Briella has the same foam but I believe I am correct so at this time, that info is what I am working w/.

I glanced on bedmasters site and they have only 3 beds w/ prices and they are a little more than what I want to spend. Christeli's having a sale so that's why I can even look at 2 of the 3 above.
I glanced on other sites like luma and another one, but its almost to many choices. I had set on Christelis but now my concerns are making think, should I wait but then the sale will be over. OF course I don't want to make the purchase based on sales. Not sure that there were any questions in this post, but maybe someone has comments. I would love to hear from anyone who bought any of the 3 Christelis above and how it worked out, specifically how much softer they became. Of course I would not make my choice on someone elses experience but it would be nice to hear. Most of the reviews on other sites don't state what Christeli they bought.

After looking at the luma site it seemed to me that I saw one of their mattress in a big box store but maybe it was luna. ?? :P That's where I am at the moment. Will update as I decide. There is still a used cloud elite that I could have for under 1/2 price of anything new but not sure if I want to go that route now that its a few years old. Then there is also a cloud supreme for the same price as the Christelis but it is a at wholesalers and I have not seen it in person.

I will say for those looking at tempurpedics, in the past if it was made 10+ years ago I would not have a problems w/ gently (guest room types) tempurpedic but I don't believe they are what they use to be. I saw 3 tempurpedic Flex this wk at a closeout store that had layer separation. Of course they did not say that was what it was but my eye saw it across the room. All from different shipments so if anyone is buying a Flex make sure its been handled perfectly.

ok back later. Thanks again everyone!
15 Oct 2018 19:53
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi cjjones.

Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate it and .... Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :)

I am sorry that your Tempur Advantage is not working out for you, but there are a few options that you can try and make it work for you. You’ve certainly done your research and your understanding of the underlying issue and what can be done to resolve it is good. You are correct that the Advantage is one of Tempur’s firmest lines (rated as Firm on their internal scale, which would certainly account for the pains and restless nights. The Advantage is an 8" mattress with
• 0.8" of TEMPUR material
• 2.8" of TEMPUR material
• 4.4" AirFlow System Base Layer:
• Removable/Washable Velour Cover

As you’d like to keep the Advantage mattress and as you indicated that it is in good condition probably adding the correct thickness/plushness topper or even replacing some of the existing layers within your current mattress could work well. The mattress has a removable cover and you certainly have quite a few options to make it plusher.

My real question comes to adding foam to my current tempurpedic. I have tried 2 different foam toppers. Unfortunately, they are from big box stores and did not work for me. . It sucks bc its too gooey and after 20 mins I was basically laying on the hard foam of the mattress since it was not being heated by my body temp.. I tried it for a few wks and was in horrible pain all night and started having headaches coming from my neck.

From your description, it sounds like you are not enjoying the feeling of the Memory Foam. The “gooiness” and the changing overnight with the temperature is something that is characteristic of memory foam, especially lower density. Memory foam can be a "love it or hate it" material and it certainly has some "weaknesses" that for example, latex doesn't have even though they are roughly equivalent in terms of their ability to relieve pressure. Lower density memory foams (which is most likely what you experimented with) will tend to have a lower functional ILD which means that in combination with the thickness of the layer you may feel the layers under them more than higher density memory foams which can also quite dramatically affect the perception of softness of firmness. In other words, I agree with you and you’d be probably wise to avoid it as your experience indicates you don't do well with it

One of our Trusted Members, Christeli , has much experience with approximating the feel of Tempur lines for customers that have tried them and liked a certain feel. You could reach out and ask for their guidance in “fixing” this bed. You could ask if they would be willing to send you a layer to replace some of the existing firmer layers within the Advantage or even send you a topper that would be a better match for you. If you chose to go with a memory foam rebuilt I’d keep in mind variables I mentioned before and keep in mind that 4 lb memory foam in the way it is usually formulated by most companies will usually feel softer than 5 lb (or 7 or 8 lb) memory foam in most uses. They will also tend to be more "responsive" (compress and come back faster) and less temperature sensitive. In addition to this ... they are usually layered in a way (as in the Cloud series) that will increase the perception of softness of a mattress.

Another option would be to DIY rebuild the Advantage bed as described above but using one or two latex layers instead, either by adding a latex topper or replacing one of the memory foam layers with a latex layer or both. A quick search under our Trusted membership listing can lead you to several manufacturers/retailers (some of them central Florida) that can certainly provide latex layers or toppers and also assist you with selecting a firmness that has the best chances of success for you.
Yuu can try to call Bedmasters , Fox Mattress , and Luma Sleep , that are located in Florida.
I have also reached out to mattresses247 who are a very experienced component layer supplier and carry good quality/value layers as thin as 1” and may be able to assist you with your rebuild.

I hope this gives you enough options to help make good use of your Advantage mattress.

23 Jun 2018 23:43
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi PhotoGary.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :)

I’m very sorry to hear about your low back issues and the health issues that you are experiencing so with that in mind, you’d definitely want to make sure that whatever you choose has very good deep down support to promote a more neutral alignment. The two basic functions of a mattress are to provide support/alignment and then comfort, and between the two I’ll recommend to defer first toward support. This is described a bit more in the basic functions of a mattress here …in general lower back pains in the morning are associated with lack of support and a PPP mismatch (Pressure Relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preference)

if there are any recommended manufacturers or small shops in this area, could be the Tampa Bay Area, which is quite large but never-the-less, I am willing and eager to find a new home for my back.

I agree with latexmatttressfactory that the safest way to see if you like the feel of an all latex mattress would be to visit a showroom and test a few of them personally. There are a few other options that you may wish to consider, all which are Trusted Members of our site which means that I think very highly of them and that I believe that they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge, and transparency.
  1. Luma Sleep located in Tampa, FL has all latex and hybrid/latex lineups that you may wish to test. (Luma is also an expert member of our site and you can reach out directly to ask any question you may have. Luma is just about to open a showroom in Tampa. They did not contact us yet with the showroom address and the opening day, but if you would like to visit them, let me know and I’ll call them on Monday to find out all details. Alternatively, you can reach them directly, either through the expert member of our site (link provided above), or by chatting with Stephano directlyon their site, or by phone.
  2. Two other trusted members in Florida that you may wish to visit
  3. Bedmasters , located in Port Charlotte, FL (about one hour and 20 minutes away from you)
  4. Fox Mattress located in Volusia County, FL (if you want to go a little further... they are about 2 hours and 20 minutes away from you)
I hope this gives you enough options to try locally and if you have any questions about specifications or certain products you discover, feel free to post back on the forum and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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