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Searched for: Amerisleep
12 Aug 2020 22:26
  • mdgail1
  • mdgail1's Avatar
Hi Folks, I hope this is ok. I want to share a list of vegan mattresses I have been compiling in recent months. Thankfully, my favorite mattress maker, didn't disappoint either as they sent me a lovely message today when I messaged them about a need for a vegan mattress with varying layers. Anyway, many of these mattresses are honored manufacturers here on the forum. But please remember to always do your research.

vegan mattresses



Not listed as a vegan mattress but this is an affordable latex mattress with no wool cover. Only organic cotton.

SleepEZ Vegan Mattress

3 vegan mattresses
Vegan Select Natural Matress (9")
Vegan Deluxe Natural Mattress (12")
Vegan vZone Natural Mattress (12")

Cozy Pure
Can offer all of their mattresses with a vegan cover. Just choose vegan from the options.

Kiss Matress
(parent company is sleepez)
Uses eco friendly memory foam topped by 3 inches of talalay latex
Vegan friendly
kiss mattress
I went back and forth between this mattress and the ROMA from sleepez. The ROMA won out.

Avocado Vegan Mattress

Joybed LXC

EarthSake Vegan Hemp Mattress

420 bed
Hemp and memory foam mattress

Live and Sleep
Eco Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

Goodnight Naturals
7 inch vegan mattress (latex)
10 inch vegan mattress (latex)

Has 3 or 4 eco friendly memory foam mattresses that are vegan friendly

Eco Friendly Memory Foam (not all memory foam is eco friendly)

White Lotus

Nectar Mattress
Uses tencel and plant-based polyurethane

Naturepedic Vegan Mattress

Urth Sleep Green Mattress

Harvest Green Original Vegan Mattress

Essentia Mattress
Vegan mattress with memory foam made from rubber tree sap

Note from SleepEZ:
On 8/12/20 8:33 PM, Sleep EZ Support wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Thank you so much for coming back to Sleep EZ! We actually do have vegan
> mattresses, you would just order our organic line but request in the
> "comments" section at checkout that you want us to send it with our organic
> cotton 4-way stretch cover instead of the cotton & wool cover. There's no
> extra charge for that, you just want to make sure the top layer is not split
> because if your top layer is split you will feel the split through the
> thinner cover.
> If I can be of any additional assistance, please do let me know.
> Thank you so much and have a great day!
> Rodger Hermes
> SleepEZ
> 623-299-9624
22 Jun 2020 10:03
  • neednewmattress20
  • neednewmattress20's Avatar

Try Winkbeds

I'm sorry I'm hijacking this thread

Specs from Winkbed:

MemoryLux Firm:
2" layer gel infused hypersoft pillow top (1.8 lb density, 17 ILD)
2" layer Firm AirCell (also a 2.5 lb density, 22 ILD (it pushes back more, has more resistance to weight))
2" 5- Zoned progression foam (1.5 lb density, 65 ILD)
5" Atlas core foam (1.8 lb, 28 ILD)
Quilted bottom side for extra firm feel (this mattress is flippable)

I found Amerisleep specs on their site


Their chat rep said the AS2 would be their closest to the proadapt firm
20 Jun 2020 11:38
  • neednewmattress20
  • neednewmattress20's Avatar
I am following this thread. I'm interested in recommendations to match the proadapt firm as well.

We recently got a Brooklyn signature in firm, but we didn't realize how much we both enjoyed the memory foam feel. Don't care for hybrid.

Need firm, looking for something similar to our previous original 20 year old Tempur pedic.

The proadapt firm had the closest feel to us so far. But do not want to spend that much.

We are between Novosbed firm, Amerisleep as1 at the moment.

Ghostbed also but I wish they made different firmness levels.
07 Apr 2020 09:54
  • AKelsey
  • AKelsey's Avatar
I am a lightweight (125lbs) side sleeper with back issues. I have scoliosis so I really need a mattress that is going to keep me supported and offer pressure relief. My boyfriend is a lightweight (145lbs) stomach sleeper. Since we both need such opposite things, I'm having a hard time finding a mattress that will work for both of us. We only want a queen so a split isn't really an option either. I have slightly narrowed it down to the Helix line (moonlight or midnight, can't decide), the casper, the zotto, the tuft and needle mint, or the amerisleep 3 (as3). My boyfriend can give a little more on the firmness because he sometimes sleeps on his side as well, and my back issues are more important in this decision. I am thinking we should go with a mattress firmness of 5, but not sure because we are both so lightweight. Should we go with a 4 or 4.5 or will that be too soft for him? I was pretty decided on the casper but worried it will be too firm for me. HELP!

Thanks so much,
20 Jan 2020 13:40
  • Kotik
  • Kotik's Avatar
Like so many here, I’m trying to make sense of all the different options and pick a mattress that will work for both me and my partner.

My partner: 6’4” and 235lbs and both a back and side sleeper. He has some moderate lower back issues due to an old weight-lifting injury, where he’ll experience lumbar pain when he does certain lower back exercises. Our old cheap innerspring mattress bothered his lumbar region due to lack of support.

Me: 5’4’” and about 120lbs. Primarily a side sleeper, although I do end up on my back often enough. I had no previous back or sleep issues—until recently. After buying a new bed frame and waiting for a box spring to arrive, we were sleeping on our old, sagging innerspring mattress with no box spring—TERRIBLE IDEA. That was uncomfortable and contributed to what came next, but my main issues started once our new Amerisleep medium-firm memory foam mattress arrived. After sleeping with the new box spring and Amerisleep mattress for one night, the very next day I experienced considerable pain in my lumbar region after I twisted my torso in a normal movement. The pain eventually centralized in my right sacrum/SI joint, though other parts of my lower spine could be involved. At first I blamed the old mattress and lack of box spring, but after a month with no relief, I eventually realized the new memory foam mattress was exacerbating or even causing my problems. I’ve been sleeping on the floor with a cheap innerspring mattress and it seems to be slowly helping somewhat.

I’m now understandably wary about new mattresses! After going through your guidelines, I’m eyeing a King sized latex hybrid mattress system with a pocketed coil support system. We'll probably want something with medium-firm support (correct me if I'm wrong). Now I’m just trying to choose.

Support is key, especially with our weight discrepancies and my current back issues. Of course I also want something that is comfortable and holds up! I’ve been looking at the Luma Latex Hybrid and the Nest Hybrid Latex, but I’d really appreciate some guidance. The Ultimate Hybrid Pocket Coil/Latex by Arizona Premium Mattress looks great, but I’m hesitant to buy something with a difficult, costly return if it doesn’t work for us (and I live in South Florida). Is there a mattress with similar stats to the Ultimate Hybrid that has a generous sleep trial and an easier shipping/return process? Or what other mattress would best fit our needs? Any input would be appreciated.
26 Nov 2019 13:36
  • Rloh2o
  • Rloh2o's Avatar

I have a Amerisleep AS4 mattress that was recently replaced for a warranty issue. The replacement mattress is firmer than the original and both my wife and I now are experiencing back and shoulder issues. I see you sell an all natural 3" topper. I'm considering getting one in the "soft" configuration so that we can change the "comfort" of the mattress yet keep the "support" the mattress currently has (if that makes sense).

In reading up on material to help with our issue it just seems latex is the best option for us. If my band aid approach is not recommended please feel free to let me know, we are not ruling out a new mattress.

Thank you
21 May 2019 10:42
  • Mia12345
  • Mia12345's Avatar
Hi Sensei,

Thanks for the thoughts on the Amerisleep - that makes a lot of sense!

I wanted to circle back to the question about buying a polyfoam core/base vs building off the existing Novosbed. I felt like I was on the right track, but yesterday was one of the warmest days we've had this year and the bed felt completely different. I woke up with nerve compression/tingly feet :( I know temperature changes MF feel, but it seems a bit much to have winter vs summer versions of my bed layers!

Mostly, I'm wondering if the 3 inches of MF in the top comfort layers in the Novosbed aren't stable enough to build on, since they're so impacted by the warmer weather (1" - 3.7lb / 8 IFD and 2" - Plush 2.5lb / 12IFD)?

Would it be better to build on an actual polyfoam support core? If so, I'm having trouble finding a list of places to get a core/recommendations on polyfoam cores from TMU (might not be searching for right keywords...).

Or should I continue to focus on the few inches of MF I'm adding on top? Last night, it felt like I was going right through the top MF comfort layer/topper....again maybe bc of the warmer weather. When MF gets warm, I think that means that my whole body "goes through" or compresses more (not just the heavier hips/butt) and hits the firmer layer underneath, in which case, I'd want to add in another comfort layer to cushion? I really wish I understood the physics here more!

Thank you again!
18 May 2019 12:31
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey Mia1234

Just fyi, once you mentioned the Amerisleep gave you some kind of "arching" thing, I didnt really compare the two products. I did do a quick lookup on the Amerisleep AS4 and I have to say that I don't really even know what this layer is:


The Affinity layer with Surface Modification Technology (SMT) is our ergonomic transition foam. It has “zones” that provide extra pressure relief in key areas like the shoulders and lower back, along with precision-cut channels that carry away even more heat and moisture. It’s enough to make you feel like you're weightlessly resting on a cloud.

It may be that this "zoning" they have in this layer, does have too much firmness and/or pushback on your hips/lower back area. It seems like this may not be the right one to try to improve as we may be trying to overcome other variables that don't work for you. Just my thoughts after taking a look at the Amerisleep AS4.

Have a good weekend.

17 May 2019 12:29
  • Mia12345
  • Mia12345's Avatar
Thanks, Sensei! That makes sense. I am trying them under the fitted sheet and some of the toppers have comfy covers on them too.

If you end up with any thoughts about Novosbed as a "base," just getting an actual foam base, or trying harder to make the Amerisleep a base, I'm all ears! Thanks again.
16 May 2019 12:07
  • Mia12345
  • Mia12345's Avatar
Hi Sensei,


I've purchased the MFS 2 in. 5lb topper.

It's the Amerisleep AS4. But, my sleep trial done in a couple weeks, whereas I have some more time with the Novosbed to try out the newly ordered layers. In terms of feel, the Novosbed is more uniform and "firm," whereas the AS4 does some weird arch-thing in just my lower back.

Here are the Novosbed specs as provided by them:
1" - 3.7lb / 8 IFD - 5th generation high-density gel visco-elastic memory foam
1" - 1.95 lb / 9 IFD - 5th generation premium airflow foam
2" - Plush 2.5lb / 12IFD - 5th generation open-cell pneumatic memory foam
7" - 1.75 lb / 32 IFD - Premium support foam

Does it make sense to stick some not MF/polyfoam layers in between the MF layers? I have two different 1 inch polyfoam layers. It's funny to think that before this I thought of beds as one uniform object and now they only exist as layers.

Thanks again!
16 May 2019 09:46
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey Mia1234,

Thanks for the post. I see what you mean on the 5lb topper from USA members. I believe the MFS would be perfectly fine to try, and the Amazon return process is consumer friendly.

Just a point of reference, the 19ild Talalay when used on top of a memory foam topper will provide a feel that is different than the "Talalay mattresses" you had tried in the past. I am not sure those were the best "latex feels" out there.

Regarding the base mattress, what was the Amerisleep mattress model that you also have. I think the model with the more "durable" base would probably be the better choice. Forward it to me again, and I will try to look at the differences in these two.

11 May 2019 12:00
  • Mia12345
  • Mia12345's Avatar
Hi Sensei,

Thanks again! Good to know I'm on track with the next step and that does mostly make sense.

I looked at the list of recommended places to buy MF toppers/layers on this site. I've purchased a 1 in. 4lb from Foamorder (on its way) since I liked the feel of the 3 in. 4 lb I have, but my butt was sinking in too far.

But, I'm not finding a good 2 or 3 in. 5 lb from that short list. Sadly, Memory Foam Comfort doesn't seem to ship to the US or else I could get their 2 in. 5 lb. I'm not sure where else to look for a good quality one! I did also find a reversible layer of 1 in. 4lb attached to 1 in. 5lb.

Based on your message, I'm planning to try combinations like: 1.5 in. lower density/cheap one I had, 1 in. 4 lb, 2 in. 6lb, on top of the Novosbed Soft.

I'm not sure about the specs for Novosbed Soft. I see others reporting on Medium and Firm on www.themattressunderground.com/talk-to-the-experts/expert-member-section/memory-foam-comfort-f/22066-new-novosbed-mattress-its-layers.html?start=0 TMU . I can try to call them, but I think it's something like:
-2 in. 3.7lbs Gel MF?
-3 in 4lb MF?
-7 in premium support foam

So, the layering isn't quite progressing because below the toppers it goes back to lower density again. I also received their Comfort Plus soft topper 2 in. 1.8 lb, but it's not MF.

I do still have the Amerisleep mattress, but was going to return it soon because of the intense feeling of overarch in my lower back that I get (which I feel even with the 3 in. 4lb topper on it), unless there's reason to think it'd be a better "base" than the Novosbed.

Is there really no objective, at-home way to measure how far you sink into a mattress? I'm craving more data and science and less "how does it feel to you?"

Thanks again. It's almost a year since losing my previous comfortable bed and this is getting so old!
01 May 2019 17:07
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey Mia12345,

Thanks for the post, no worries about the radio silence, and thank you for the kind words.

Let me answer some of the questions and some misc points. Totally understand about the sense of adventure and DIY, but you wouldn't be the first to do a “DIY Light”, shall we say….just make some adjustments and you know may just work for x amount of years.

Even if you are not totally into it there are some basics that have proven to be clearly successful. A quick read of putting the layers together overview is helpful, to know differential and progressive construction. More details on differential here and progressive here . I think you should start with progressive layering firmer / thicker height - more plush / thinner height.

As you know, latex and memory foam are very different materials with very different properties, and your preference is memory foam. But.. if you were to get any latex I would say look for a 2” or 3" 19-22 ILD Talalay topper, this plush Talalay can work with most memory foam toppers, or on it's own on top of a mattress.

The latex you tried is not the right choice for you, too firm, not his fault, it probably just what he had. Maybe your local guy can get a 19ild topper? Or, buy one as you know, a lot of the trusted members have Talalay toppers. Sleep EZ, Arizona Premium. Flo Beds, and Foam Sweet Foam...to name a few.

I've continued to test various components and found a local custom mattress person who built me something with an assortment of layers. I've been working with:
- 6in flexible individually wrapped springs which I'm pretty sure I don't like the pushiness of
-2 in. dunlop latex layer which has firmness issue mentioned above
-assortment of MF layers/toppers - nice quality 2 in. gel 6lbs, and 3 in. 4lbs and cheapo Bed Bath Beyond quality 1.5 in. (not sure density) and 3 in 2lbs
-Two 1 in. polyfoam layers labeled "16" and "23"

Given this, I'm wondering if finding a topper or two to put on top of an existing memory foam mattress (I still have the Novosbed soft, which I find way too solid with not enough sink), might be easier. Does that make any sense? Should I turn it upside down to really approximate using it like a MF core/base (so the polyfoam base is at the top and then I can add comfort and transition layers - or is that crazy)?

No not crazy at all, you should do this!!!

It will be interesting how you view the difference between the coil unit. Do you know the manufacturer of the coil unit? Model #? Do you know the specs of the Novosbed? Probably best to try combos on the foam, better chance to get where you want to be. Try the Novosbed, how long ago did you purchase this? No Amerisleep? Try it first regular side up, you could turn it over, but try that later.

Make topper combos - higher density below lower densities. lower height on top of higher height.

Example - Top - 1.5 inch one of the better ones you like / 2nd Layer - 2.0 inch 6lb Gel (wish this was 3"). You may need a good high quality 3" 5lb memory foam.

The 19 ILD topper 2" can be used over the 2" 6lb, 3" 4lb, or the 2" Dunlop. And over the 3" 5lb (if you get this). This may work a lot easier, I would be interested. Plus it feels more like what you used to like. Not innerspring but foam bed with good layers. But you have to sleep on your favorite (s) and give it some time, if you find one you like.

Ask any quick questions if I am not making sense :).

It is nice to hear back from you....

10 Feb 2019 19:53
  • onepeachymama
  • onepeachymama's Avatar
Hi, I'm struggling to find a mattress that I love. I ordered an Amerisleep AS3 since it was marketed for combo sleepers. My husband is primarily a back sleeper who likes a firmer sleep than I do. I'm primarily a side sleeper who has had shoulder surgery and need pressure point relief. Though I slept well the first few nights, my shoulder began to hurt. After two weeks, I set up a return. I did more research on latex, went to a Savvy showroom to see how I liked the feel, but there was no way I could pay what they were charging. After more TMU research, I bought a 3" soft talalay topper thinking I'd save up for the mattress components. I liked the idea of giving my hubby a firmer feel. Fast forward to my current latex mattress which is firm Dunlop on the bottom followed by medium Dunlop, then split medium talalay for him and soft talalay for me with the 3" soft talalay topper on top. While the support is great in some respects(lower back doesn't hurt, sleeps cool), my shoulder still hurts. The latex is too bouncy, and I wake up multiple times at night as my husband moves in his sleep. I miss the slight "sunk in" feel of memory foam. I tried an inexpensive Wal-Mart 3" memory foam in place of the latex topper and slept soundly, but my lower back was sore. Would a higher quality memory foam topper make a difference, or do I need to start over again? I'm so desperate for pain free deep sleep.
03 Feb 2019 11:27
  • Mia12345
  • Mia12345's Avatar
Hi again,

Thanks again for the kinds words! Since last post, I've been researching and racking my brain.

Sensai - I wanted to circle back again to see if you've had any luck unearthing specs on the Comforpedic Advanced Rest/Luxury Firm? I'm thinking looking for parallels might be the easiest way to find a good fit since I was happy with my last bed. It's hard to believe how difficult it's been to find a similar experience. It feels like a common problem I'm finding is when on my back, having my hips/butt sinking in to the top layer too much (over arching my lower back/lumbar spine) and then hitting a second/another layer that is too firm (hurting my butt bones). I need a better balance of a soft but supportive comfort layer or couple top layers.

You posted the Amerisleep specs as something like:
3” memory foam 4 lb
2” polyfoam 1.65 lb
So maybe I need that second layer to be MF or latex or something different that has more contoured support.

I wish there was a bed that just held and conformed to your back in its neutral/normal position! It's too bad that memory foam, which conforms so well, may also allow heavier parts (butt) to sink in so much more.

I also consulted with Amerisleep and they hypothesized that the overarching could be my butt sinking too far while my shoulders are not sinking in enough. They suggested breaking in the shoulder area of the mattress. However, if my butt is already sinking in too much before it's been broken in and we're in freezing winter weather, it's hard to imagine that more breaking in would solve this problem. To survive, I've just been using a 3 inch memory foam topper from Bed Bath Beyond that we had, plus 3 fleece blankets folded under my legs (knees to ankle area) to get a couple hours of sleep on my back before going to the guest bed to toss and turn on my sides...So, I think I need to try another new foam mattress, but am at a loss of how to decide. Hence, hoping to learn from my previously loved Comforpedic specs.

I will also look around to see if I can find latex to try out in store again, as you've suggested I revisit that material.

Also - Lesleyann725- I see you! I am right there with you. Ugh scoliosis and atypical weight distribution! Good luck!

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