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19 Apr 2022 10:49
  • bobby2478
  • bobby2478's Avatar
I've been on a bit of a journey in my quest to find a new mattress, and below I'll outline what I've tried and my results:

I started with Luma Hybrid Slumber System, with Medium (28 ILD) Talalay. My hips sank in too far (not enough support) so I changed my side to the Medium-Firm 32 ILD Talalay. My hips still sunk in too far causing discomfort on my back. I also took off the 3" comfort layer that came with my luma and instead put a 3" Medium Dunlop D75 topper in it's place. While this helped as it was more firm over the Talalay, I still had back discomfort. I returned the Luma as it wasn't addressing my back discomfort (but definitely was better than the 7 yr old Tempur I started with)

I next tried a Sleep Number 360 iLE. With the firmness cranked up to 100 it definitely made a difference, but the comfort layer was too thick and soft and my hips still sunk in too far. So while it was better than the Luma, it still wasn't giving me the support I need. We decided to try this initially because I require a firm bed with more support, my wife needs a softer mattress and this allowed us to do both. We'll be returning this shortly as it's within our 100 night trial.

Last week I got the Novaform 14" Serafina Pearl Gel mattress in Firm. After a few nights it's definitely an improvement over both the Luma and the Sleep Number, it's more firm and I'm getting more support. However I suspect the top layer of memory foam is still not dense/firm enough and it appears my hips sink in too far still. The past couple of nights I put a towel folded over a couple times under my hips and it has made a difference. I no longer have lower back pain (which went away with the Sleep Number), but my upper back muscles still feel tense and don't fully de-activate. So while it's a drastic improvement from the other options, I suspect the top layer is still too soft and not providing me with enough support under my hips. It also may be too firm under my shoulders when I sleep on my side. Also, regardless of whether it worked for me or not (which has been the primary battle thus far), it's too firm for my wife and we'll need to return it. For reference these are the layers in this mattress (Cool quilted cover, 2-inch Cooling Gel Pearl Memory Foam, 3-inch LURAcor Foam, 9-inch Premium Base Foam)

After all of this I'm leaning towards getting a mattress with zoned foam to provide better support for my hips while relieving pressure from my shoulders when I sleep on my side. And more than likely we'll need to buy 2 completely different Twin XL mattresses to form a king, since I require something more firm/more support while my wife needs something softer. While the Luma had zoned coils, it didn't address my issue and I feel the issue was with the top comfort layers not providing the needed support. I like the feel of a firm memory foam in that it will allow you to sink in on only minimally, but still firm enough to push back on your hips and keep them from sinking in too far.

After doing additional research online the only ones I've really seen that offer zoned foam (not coils) are the Casper (which as good reviews on Consumer Reports). What would your thoughts be on the Casper Original or the Wave Hybrid? My main concern is getting anything where the comfort layers are too thick and thus don't provide the necessary resistance/support for my hips which allows them to sink in too far and causes my spine to get out of alignment. Any other suggestions? I've also got Nectar, Helix, Nest, Novosbed, Loom&Leaf and Winkbeds on my list to evaluate, but don't think any of these offer zoned foam.
23 Feb 2022 19:51
  • Basilio
  • Basilio's Avatar
Hi wk5h, and welcome to The Mattress Underground.
Glad to have you :) here.

About 12 years ago, my wife and I bought a sleep number - we both liked it, and for 12 years it served us well until the foam support started breaking down.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble finding a replacement for your old mattress. It can be quite a challenge to replicate the feel of your 12-year-old mattress when it was in its’ prime. It may be useful to include some of your stats (height, weight, and sleep position(s) for you and your wife) to be able to better guide you. but generally, a split king configuration is a good way to go for sleeping partners with different comfort needs and preferences.

We went shopping at a brick and mortar store, and ended up with a split king option - I got a Purple Hybrid 4 and she got the Purple Hybrid 3. Of all the mattresses aside from the Temporpedic hybrid, this was the most comfortable we tried in the store

Unfortunately, one issue with the major mattress brands like TempurPedic is their lack of transparency in disclosing mattress specifications you need to know – construction, materials used, and the quality firmness of individual layers – which makes it difficult for consumers to make an informed decision.

About a month into it, my back was letting me know the 4 was too soft, and I was able to exchange it for a 3.
About a month after that, my wife and I are both now waking up to lower back pain. Nothing debilitating - just what she describes as "tender" in the lower back, and it hangs with us both in the morning for a couple of hours.

Purple is using a layer of buckling column gel while it is a quality and durable material and some people may do well with … instead of getting firmer when you compress it more deeply like all other foam materials ... buckling columns start off firmer when it's not compressed and the gets softer when the columns buckle under pressure.
If you are interested to see why you may have gotten off the track with selecting this mattress you can see is more info from Phoenix articles about buckling column gel in this article and in post #2 here and a forum search on " buckling column gel " will bring up more comments and feedback about it.

We're reaching the end of our 120 day trial with the store - and I'm wondering which way and where to go?

In your search for a new mattress it would greatly benefit you to start off with a few basics and take a look at the mattress specifications you need to know to compare the quality of materials and components to the mattress durability guidelines here . Also, we have a Mattress Shopping Tutorial you can find information to help in your approach to finding the best mattress for both you and your wife. You definitely have the right idea, as the most successful way to find the right mattress is to do some in-person testing locally.

I've seen some decent review so the Ghost beds, and the Saatva Loom & Leaf - but another part of me is wondering if we should't just go back to a sleep number bed since we had one and liked it for the time we did?

I took a look at the Saatva Loom and Leaf; as, they are not transparent in the materials used in the layers and they have over 4” of memory foam, While I can't speak to whether any of the mattresses you selected would be a good "match" for you in terms of comfort, firmness, and PPP ... I would be cautious about Saatva’s 12" Loom & Leaf as they tend to use some lower-quality materials than I would normally suggest in the durability guidelines. Saatva does not disclose to me the density of the bottom two layers (see post #2 here [url]). so I would treat them both as 1.5 lb density.

I can't speak of how well, any of the GhostBed mattresses will suit you or your wife because every person is different and has their own set of needs and preferences, but[/url] Ghostbed are one of the Trusted members of the site and they have a few well-constructed hybrid mattresses; the Ghostbed 3D Matrix does have dual comfort by use of sensors and a smartphone app which may help if you and your wife have very different preferences, which resembles the comfort control you had with the Sleep Number bed. If you are considering this bed I’d make sure that you are taking into account that there is a gap between the two separate units.

Hope this helps,
23 Feb 2022 09:53
  • wk5h
  • wk5h's Avatar
About 12 years ago, my wife and I bought a sleep number - we both liked it, and for 12 years it served us well, until the foam support started breaking down.
We went shopping at a brick and mortar store, and ended up with a split king option - I got a Purple Hybrid 4 and she got the Purple Hybrid 3. Of all the mattresses aside from the Temporpedic hybrid, this was the most comfortable we tried in the store.
About a month into it, my back was letting me know the 4 was too soft, and I was able to exchange it for a 3.
About a month after that, my wife and I are both now waking up to lower back pain. Nothing debilitating - just what she describes as "tender" in the lower back, and it hangs with us both in the morning for a couple of hours.

We're reaching the end of our 120 day trial with the store - and I'm wondering which way and where to go?

I've seen some decent review so the Ghost beds, and the Saatva Loom & Leaf - but another part of me is wondering if we should't just go back to a sleep number bed since we had one and liked it for the time we did?

Feeling a little disappointed in the Purple - really wanted to like it - and now wondering if we're going to be ordering a new mattress every 100 days trying to find something that doesn't hurt.
24 Jan 2022 14:36
  • rsh916
  • rsh916's Avatar
Am 178 pound 5'5 female left side sleeper and sometimes turn half on my rt hip not all the way on my stomach. Arms stretched or under pillow. Not sure what the position is. I am currently on a plush beautyrest xclass which was too hard for my shoulder so they sent me a Loom and Leaf topper. I want a new mattress. Love sinking into my mattress with it being soft. I am torn between memory foam and latex. What build would you suggest in latex? Was interested in the avocado organic luxury plush mattress as I want a high thick mattress but then I looked at the price. It looked like everything I need, plush and thick but forget the price. 7100 before tax. Any suggestions on a bed or latex bed would be very very much appreciated and thank you !

10 Aug 2021 18:41
  • phillybed
  • phillybed's Avatar

I have been researching mattresses for quite a while now and am still having trouble finding the right one. Trying out beds at the big mattress chains, I have found that my favorite is a soft-medium memory foam or hybrid mattress. Specifically, the Tempur-Pedic Luxe-breeze, Luxe-adapt, and pro-adapt models all seem to be the best I have tried out, with the soft LuxeBreeze feeling the best.

I know from reading this forum that it can be hard to directly compare mattress softness and feel just from the model name alone, so some pointers in mattresses with similar layer orders and densities would be helpful. I've also been interested in latex because I sleep hot and would like the durability, but have been unable to try any out in person.

Some more information about myself, I am 5' 7", 155 lbs, and sleep mostly on my side. I can only afford around $1000 give or take, and am about an hour north of Philadelphia. I would also prefer the mattress to be able to be shipped right to my front door if possible.

So far, I have seen recommendations for Brooklyn Bedding, Lumasleep, Novosbed, Loom and Leaf, T&N Mint, SleepOnLatex, etc. Mostly I am hoping to be able to replicate the softness that the Tempur-Pedics have while still having the dense, slow sinking feeling, and the cooling outside.
03 Feb 2021 20:07
  • apilotinheels
  • apilotinheels's Avatar
06 Dec 2020 07:12
  • GhostBed.com
  • GhostBed.com's Avatar

Sorry we missed your post to reply when we had the chance.

So glad to hear that you selected GhostBed Lux to get some well needed rest.

Our customers do value the sleep trial and warranty.

It seems your reasons to select GhostBed Lux match the mission of the company to simply provide a better mattress at an affordable price.

Future TMU readers just know that the coupon will auto reply if you click the special offers here at the forum.

22 Sep 2020 15:30
  • Acesplit
  • Acesplit's Avatar
Hi all,
I did a massive amount of research before entering into my most recent mattress buying adventure, and ended up getting a Sleep on Latex mattress (medium), which unfortunately just isn't working out (had it 60-90 days, tried a topper (2" soft) it is just causing my wife and I a lot of pain and sleeps fairly warm. I think we'll need to get a hybrid mattress which I was very hesitant to do the first time around because I move a lot in my sleep and was concerned about motion transfer. So, here I am looking for guidance and direction.

Edit: before this we had two Loom & Leaf mattresses (queen -> king)

Some stats on us:
Me: 350lb, side sleeper
Wife: 240lb, side sleeper
27 Jul 2020 17:44
  • Arizona Premium
  • Arizona Premium's Avatar
I don't really know too much about those beds, I'm a latex expert so questions in that genre I can help you with.
27 Jul 2020 14:17
  • Crankytoaster
  • Crankytoaster's Avatar
During my mattress search I managed to narrow down the choices to these two mattresses. I've slept on the same tempurpedic mattress for 19 years and I found that these two mattresses are the closest foam density wise that is in my budget. I was just worried about the latex layer in the ghostbed which is something that I'm worried I will not like. Also, I'm not certain on the two firmness options of the loom and leaf because I think my tempurpedic is a little on the firmer side. For reference I am 5'9" and weigh 125 pounds also I am a side sleeper. I am also curious about the 5% discount for the ghostbed by mentioning that I am a member of this site, how exactly do I let them know during my order? Right now I am leaning towards the relaxed soft for the loom and leaf for my final purchase which I need to get done within this week because I am moving into an apartment on August 13th. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
EDIT: I ended up going with the ghostbed luxe because it was 300 dollars cheaper and had a free return policy. Hopefully it works out.
05 Feb 2020 13:51
  • alikigia
  • alikigia's Avatar

I found this website after I had already purchased a myessentia mattress back in 2012. I had purchased their softest model first and returned it because there was no support at all. The classic 8 was ok at first but I feel again that there isn’t any support. I also experienced lower back and hip pain. I like the softness of the top layer because I need pressure relief but am tired of the memory foam feel. I purchased a loom and leaf relaxed firm and loved it at first but have returned it because some days it would get so soft my hips would dip too far in (and mind you I only weigh 130 and am 5ft4) and I would feel a hard layer that would cause a lot of pressure in my hip. Now I’m thinking, after reading virtually all the content on this website (I just thought of this site again recently and that’s what helped me make the decision to return the loom and leaf, because it does indeed have a weak link) could I do something to the myessentia mattress to salvage it? The latex side of it is said by the company to be a medium firm (I contacted them but they won’t disclose the ILD nor the density of the base 6” of latex they used in 2012 to make it) so what could I add to this mattress to make it more supportive? Mind you it’s not supportive but also doesn’t provide enough pressure relief. I go numb very easily and need pressure relief cause of severe nerve pains. Would a wool topper and a firmer layer of latex underneath the myessentia do the trick? If so, how many inches of wool on top and how many layers of wool is needed? (also is cuddlewe a good brand for wool toppers cause I find them to be more affordable and they offer returns on a used topper). Would a latex/wool combo topper be better? Would plain latex work to relieve the pressure and would a firmer layer on the bottom help to provide more support? How thick would that bottom layer need to be? Again, I don’t want that sinking in feeling of memory foam anymore it keeps me up at night but I love the pressure relieving properties of memory foam because it really does do the best job for me and my tendencies to go numb often throughout various parts of my body. Any suggestions or information would be so greatly appreciated!!! This mattress coat so much money I’d love to know if and how I can salvage it to sleep on it! By the way it has held up having been moved about the house a million times and slept on for 8 years it’s the same today as it was a few months after we got it so I think the latex used is good and sturdy and not finicky. Thanks for your input and time!
03 Jan 2020 09:50
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey Lokenzal,

Welcome to the TMU Forum :) ! Thanks for your question.

I understand that most mattress review sites are junk, but what about consumer reports? They are well established and as far as I'm aware have a good reputation. They have a lot of cheaper mattresses well rated and I'm curious if they can be trusted in their reviews of mattresses.

Here are some thoughts from a previous Phoenix post that best expresses our views on the CR topic, post #2 here :

You can also see my comments about the Consumer Reports mattress ratings and recommendations in post #2 here and in this topic . While they may be a good source of information about more "objective" purchases ... as you can see I would consider them to be an unreliable source of information or guidance about purchasing a mattress and their "ratings" are somewhat nonsensical and meaningless. My thoughts are also shared by most of the more knowledgeable people in the industry (see post #5 here for an example).

While other people's comments about the knowledge and service of a particular business can certainly be very helpful, I would always keep in mind that you are the only one that can feel what you feel on a mattress and I would be cautious about using anyone else's suggestions, experiences or reviews on a specific mattress (either positive or negative) or review sites in general as a reliable source of information or guidance about how you will feel on the same mattress or how suitable or how durable a mattress may be for you.

22 Aug 2019 09:29
  • fearful_jesuit
  • fearful_jesuit's Avatar
Hi, I'm new to this forum and wanted to get some advice about finding a new mattress, as I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by my options and lack of knowledge.

First, a little about my body and sleep habits: I am fairly ectomorphic at 6'2" tall and 165 lbs. I tend to sleep on my side, but I've found that I fall asleep fastest on a firmer mattress. At the same time, after doing some research, I want to be cautious of getting too firm a mattress, as I don't want to put excess pressure on my hips or shoulders (I am an athlete in my 20s and haven't experienced this yet, but I realize that this could change as I get older).

I can give you an overview of some of my past mattress models and my thoughts on them. In high school, I used an Ikea mattress that I would rate as 7.5/10 firmness. I actually liked this mattress a lot, but I think the materials in it are probably lackluster, and at any rate I believe it has been discontinued. (It is at my parents' house so I don't know the exact model). In college, I used various dorm-issued mattresses, all of which I found a little on the soft side.

After college, the first mattress I bought was a 2017 Leesa mattress. I recently sold this because I found it had started to sag slightly in the middle after only 1.5 year of use, and I really hated the feeling of sinking into a "bowl" in the middle of the mattress. The materials of the Leesa were a layer of 2-in Avena foam (polyfoam) at 20-IFD 3.65-pcf, a layer of 2-in memory-foam at 9-IFD 3-pcf, and a layer of 6-in polyfoam 32-IFD 1.8-pcf. I suspect that the 3-pcf memory foam layer was the culprit in the middle sagging so quickly.

I've currently been mattress shopping, but I'm not really sure about what I should be looking for. On a friend's recommendation, I went to a reseller near me who sells factory and floor models at deeply discounted prices. There, I tried a Stearns and Foster "white label" memory foam mattress – it was really firm, which I liked, but after doing research on this forum it seems like Stearns and Foster is a brand that I should stay away from, especially since the retailer couldn't tell me about the specific materials used in the mattress. I next tried a Saatva Loom and Leaf mattress, which I really liked in terms of feel (nice and firm), but which seems to be a little less than ideal because it features a convoluted layer of 4 lb memory foam in combination with their 1.5 lb base layer that Phoenix has said is not especially high quality. I also tried a Nest Bedding Alexander medium hybrid mattress. I know that Nest Bedding is a trusted member here, which indicates their mattresses are of a high quality, but I think that the medium is a bit too soft for me. The reseller is, however, offering a great deal – about $750 for what is normally a $1299 mattress. Finally, I tried a Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream mattress, which felt really nice (about the same in comfort and firmness as the Saatva), but which I don't think I would consider because it is a Chinese made Zinus mattress and doesn't offer transparency about its make-up.

I was hoping to get help about what my next steps should be in searching for a mattress. I am in graduate school on a fairly humble stipend, so I would prefer to spend less than $1000 on a queen mattress, but I could splurge on up to a $1250 purchase. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
27 Apr 2019 17:33
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey gmck,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :).

Thanks for the post and the questions. Generally speaking, we are also noticing that many companies are moving to some lower densities. Regarding the Loom and Leaf and Ghostbed Luxe, Ghostbed is one of our newest trusted members and as you see on the Ghostbed TMU page - Ghostbed Luxe Specs , this product uses very high-quality specs, this has been a very successful product introduction with very low return rates, per my discussion with the Ghostbed CEO.

Saatva/Loom&Leaf/Zenhaven is certainly a very good company and has built a solid e-commerce business. My issue with Loom is they use contract manufacturers to make their mattresses in different regions of the country. Of course, they say all these contractors use the "same" specs and it is all "tightly controlled" but the reality is quite different. I do like that L&L does give a pretty detailed spec listing on their website. Although I am a little dubious about the Our cooling gel spinal panel, a panel of laminated gel does not help a person sleep cooler, there is simply no evidence of this, mostly the evidence is the opposite and more heat is retained....but, when you "feel" gel in a store it feels cooler, the same way a metal spoon feels cooler than a plastic spoon.

Also for a little clarification, I don't agree that Nest Bedding is choosing weaker layers, as you can see from this Phoenix post #6 , where the Nest CEO gives a clear description of the Alexander Signature.

Thank you again for your post, and please let us know if you have any more questions.

25 Apr 2019 10:09
  • gmck
  • gmck's Avatar
I was debating between Loom & Leef (Relaxed Firm) and Ghost Bed Luxe. I want something with decent materials, such as foam with a 4lb density or better and 1.8lb or better polyfoam. These two brands seem to fit the bill and are both under $2K. It looks like many manufactures are starting to change their layers and are going with weaker materials, for example Novosbed and Nest (Alexander Signature Series) just recently switched to lower density foams, or at least it appears that way through my research. I was curious if anyone had any feedback on Loom & Leaf vs. Ghost Bed Luxe.
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