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30 Jun 2022 13:36
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi Millalite.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

Thanks for sharing some of your stats with us and what it is you're looking for. I'm not sure which resources you've already had the opportunity to review, but we always suggest starting with the Mattress Shopping Tutorial and you may also find the Durability Guidelines useful. You're likely to find a good match from any number of our Trusted (and well vetted) Members .

If you're looking to replace your current mattress with another memory foam model, I'd suggest starting with GhostBed mattresses to see if anything seems to your liking!

21 Jun 2022 16:10
  • Basilio
  • Basilio's Avatar
Hi gilly777,

Thank you very much for your thorough and thoughtful response. We have found today after going to rooms to go that memory foam is not what we like. We also have been looking at the nest sparrow in medium for my wife and soft for me. It is my understanding that the soft is not very soft. I know this is very subjective but compared to the Pollock CFM hybrid from Stearns and Foster that we really liked today. I do not know how it will compare. Unfortunately a split king is what we are looking for and are limited. Can you recommend any split king mattresses that are hybrid with a gel foam comfort layer?
I know we can do the whole push me together thing but idk seems like there would be a gap despite the products that claim to close the gap.

We really like that polluck which has the micro coils and gel layer which leads me to believe that I really like this combo. So what would be ideal if a manufacture had a split king configuration with a medium/ medium plush with gel and micro coils that had good durability unlike the stearns and foster has seem to have. Got any recommendations? Lol
I really enjoy researching all of this but the most frustrating time is finding the mattresses themselves; both online finding companies and in person to lay on. I also find it difficult to find the specs for the mattresses which I automatically question the integrity of the maker since it seems this industry is driven by claims on numbers.

Its good you have ruled out one material which is not fitting your needs. It sounds like your desired configuration would suit you both if you can get the right firmness levels. Aside From the Nest Bedding Sparrow , Members of the site Biosleep Concept and GhostBed have hybrid mattresses with split king configuration, as well as the Richmond Bedding offering of their Flexalloy Hybrid Cool Gel Mattress which seems like it might tick ‘all the boxes’. I would say that whatever manufacturer you go with, make sure there is a adequate trial period so you both can fully test the mattress once ‘broken in’ to see how it feels for you. Let us know which mattress you finally choose.

10 Jun 2022 19:56
  • Basilio
  • Basilio's Avatar
Hi rhemy1,

Do you have a suggestion for a full latex mattress no coils. I weigh 226 lbs and tend to sleep on ever side. I’m 5’ 11”

It is difficult to make any suggestions with certainty, as again a mattresses comfort and ability to provide support while you sleep is unique to you having a unique body type and needs and preferences. Thanks for providing additional stats; I will say that at a higher BMI, while you’ll need to put a special emphasis on more durable materials and constructions and probably on mattresses that are thicker have firmer comfort and support layers (firmer materials feel softer for heavier people and firmer support layers are usually important to for good alignment for higher weights). I would especially make sure you read Post #2 here that has some generic guidelines for different body types and sleeping positions and post #14 here has more about the benefits of thicker comfort layers and thicker mattresses. You will likely want to look at firmer-feeling mattresses to provide enough support and prevent any misalignment in your spine or joint pain, but not that firm that it created pressure points since you are a side sleeper. This is to say that I would definitely run all of this summarized info by the retailer/manufacturer themselves as they are the best to know how their mattresses and designs work with different body types, weights, and sleeping positions. Which is why it is so important to speak with someone knowledgeable rather than be given a “script response” from a sales rep that has little to no experience with how the mattress works.

Since it sounds like you are leaning towards an all latex mattress, some options from TMU trusted members list would include a DIY mattress construction under the direct supervision of a trusted member such as DIY Mattress , who allow you to create your own customized mattress, they have 2” and 3” layers of both Dunlop(this a denser, firmer latex with a ‘bouncy’ feel) and Talalay (A softer more responsive feel in case you like that better) of various firmness levels, allowing you to use for example, a Talalay layer at the top for comfort, with Dunlop below to provide support. By providing them your stats and sleeping preferences they can create a layered latex mattress which you can place on a base like a platform or adjustable bed frame.

Member Latex Mattress Factory specializes in mattresses for plus sized people and are extremely skilled in guiding consumers to good fit mattress on the DIY construction model, I would go for something with 10” of more of firmer natural latex mattress. (On the call I would make sure to mention the base model construction that you tested in the shop and liked) so that they get a better sense I’d start with these two and then see what other similar options you can find from other members that best fit your personal criteria (price, returns, warranties, and all else that is important to you) such as Flexus Comfort and CozyPure , who likewise offer all-latex mattresses. I have included a list below of all the trusted members who offer all-latex mattresses:
Arizona Premium Arizona SleepEZ Bay Bed & Mattress BioSleep Concept CBH Wood Furniture CozyPure DIY Mattress DIY Natural Bedding Dormio Organic Beds Flexus Comfort Mattress FloBeds Foam Sweet Foam Fox Mattress Gardner Mattress GhostBed Latex Mattress Factory Luma Sleep Mattress Makers Mattress To Go MFC My Green Mattress Nest Bedding Oklahoma Mattress Company Richmond Bedding Shepherd’s Dream Shovlin Mattress Factory Sleeping Organic Spindle Mattress Texas Mattress Makers The Beloit Mattress Company The Mattress Factory
It’s good to see that you started by eliminating the worst contenders then deciding the basics – the feel and firmness you want in a mattress, what materials or options you do or don’t want (like ‘no coils’) You are on the good track. Let us know how far you go and we’ll be happy to make additional comments on any of the mattresses you are considering.

02 Jun 2022 14:24
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi Pleg10.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum :)

Sorry to hear of the collapsing grid system in your Purple. Do you happen to know if the 3" grid (buckling column gel) and the springs are glued together? That would be the first assessment to make as separating layers can be a nightmare.

It sounds like you enjoy the feel of memory foam based on your history, but you'll have to be diligent about purchasing a memory foam that has adequate durability (a density of at least 4 lb per cubic foot).

could I buy foam in queen size and cut it to fit inside?

Could you preserve the existing foam or does it have to be replaced?

I’m thinking 1 inch of firm-ish latex, with 2 inches of dense gel infused memory foam on top

You'll be hard pressed to find 1" of latex on the commercial market that isn't a topper. You may be better off going for 3" of memory foam. Is there a reason you're looking at gel infused specifically? You might wish to look at the configuration of Ghostbed mattresses for some inspiration. There are quite a few DIYers here in the forum, although I think most are experienced with latex. If anyone has any expertise with memory foam, I do hope they chime in.

You may also wish to reach out to forum experts like Arizona Premium and Memory Foam Comfort with your DIY questions!

30 May 2022 14:45
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar

Welcome back!

Sorry to hear they've stopped making what sounds like a great mattress. Sad, but not surprising (as you've pointed out!).

It sounds like you've tested quite a few mattresses which have solidified what you know you definitely don't want :)

I can't speak much to the Winkbed, Leesa, or Nectar beyond the note that they seem to be popular options here in the forum. I'm not sure why GhostBed tends to have poor customer service reviews - they have a really great product! You may also be interested it The Quail from Nest Bedding.

I hope others in the forum who have experience with Winkbed, Leesa, and Nectar are able to chime in here and give some sage wisdom!
27 May 2022 18:05
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Koop87:
It seems that you get the center of attention. To add to Jeff's valuable MI insights (Thanks Mattress To Go! :lol: )

I just wanted to make sure this isn't a "too good to be true" situation. I've been checking out some of the recommended mattresses, including Ghostbed. I noticed that the Ghostbed Flex, for example, is $1817 on Ghostbed's website but only $1018 on Target and Home Depot's website.

There can also be another factor at play …it may not be so much a “too good to be true” situation" as much as it is a temporary situation. Many retailers use the device of a “loss-leader”. A loss-leader is strategically offering a product at a very low-profit margin to bring in customers or traffic to their business. Unlike a standard discount these types of “deep discounts” are usually only for a short time, particularly during high sales seasons.

I'd make sure to consider all aspects of your personal value equation and what is important to you (including return or exchange policies which are important parts of the "value" of a mattress purchase but are secondary to mattress suitability and durability (A mattress that isn't a good match in terms of PPP(Posture and Alignment, Pressure Relief, and Personal Preferences) and you can't sleep well on it would have little value to you)
E.g. Amazon and Home Depot have only a 30-day return period and though Target has a 90-day it seems Target may not accept returns unless the product is unopened.

Most unopened items sold by Target in new condition and returned within 90 days will receive a refund or exchange.
Items that are opened or damaged or do not have a receipt may be denied a refund or exchange.

If this is the case, this policy would not give you the chance to sleep-test the mattress. The bottom line is that a mattress needs to be a good match for the sleeper. and Target's above type of 90-day return policy is not the same as the “comfort trial period” that GB offers on their site for 101 days, in order to ensure that the mattress matches the consumers’ PPP.

When purchasing products directly from GBs website consumers have additional features and services that their retail partners (such as Target, Home Depot, etc.) may not offer. Nothing really comes for free so different advantages are typically reflected in the price. Other variations in pricing may include shipping, returns, mattress disposal, and much more.

Is it really the same model or is there some kind of b-stock situation (or other disadvantage) with Target I need to know about?

I checked with Mark Werner (founder and CEO of GB) today and he assured me that they sell only first quality products whether from their site or their retail partners and that there are no “b-stock situations” for GB products on the market.
He went on to say that GB is more than comfortable with consumers buying from their partners. Just remember that depending on where you are buying from, you may or may not be able to avail yourself of different advantages such as extended warranties, special promotions, bundled discounts, 0% financing, or most importantly the ability to return the mattress based on a “comfort trial period” if things don’t go as well as you were hoping for.

For a deeper dive into the nuances of mattress pricing I’d say that there are many moving parts when it comes to the many factors involved in the final price of a mattress (see post #14 here ).
When you are comparing pricing for the same mattress sold by different retailers then, just like any two businesses that offer the same products, you’d need to take into account numerous variables: different business and infrastructure costs, different business models and margins, different business volumes which can affect the cost of raw materials, the cost of different options they provide before or after purchase (such as return or exchange options), different pricing policies, different shipping costs, different product or service "bonuses" that are included in a purchase, and any of the other normal differences between any two businesses that all lead to differences in how each business prices its products.

I hope this answers your question about the price difference between vendors.
27 May 2022 14:07
  • JDMWDC's Avatar
We have really enjoyed our all-foam mattress, was named the "Aloe Adele" back when Brooklyn Bedding offered deeply customizable sleep solutions (now they're just mass bed-in-a-box like everyone else, sadly). I spoke to a BB salesperson and was basically told they don't make mattresses similar to the one I have anymore. So: after 9 years so it's time for a new mattress and it looks like I'm changing brands.

Our current mattress:
1" quilted pillow top
3" of 4-lb gel memory foam
3" of 28 ILD Talalay latex
and 7" of 2.17lb base polyfoam

What we're trying to recreate:
* Little to no motion transfer, no major bounce (hence hybrid mattresses are out... I truly can't tell the difference between coils vs. innerspring other than marketing)
* We need the all-foam feel, which we view as soft without compromising support. We want more than neutral foam, but don't want to sink deeply into the mattress. My wife describes it as "just enough sink to support all the crevices, then you stop sinking before you feel trapped."

Whether there's a quilted top or not isn't super important.

What we've tried:
* Saatva showroom, hated almost everything we tried mostly due to the bounce. The closest offering was the Saatva HD, meant for heavy people (awkward, I'm 145 lbs.) But as I read about it, I think perhaps it's because the mattress added additional comfort layers for heavy people, so we didn't feel the springs as much. In addition, the coils that WERE there, were stronger than normal so perhaps less bounce to them.
* Purple showroom, hated everything with a passion because of the bouncing.
* Casper showroom. The Casper Original wasn't bad but was a tad too firm for our liking, felt more like sleeping on top rather than slightly more "in." I would say "close." We disliked the Wave and Nova beds, not a surprise as they're hybrids and very firm.
* Nectar. The Nectar Original is maybe the closest we've had so far. If the layers were thicker it might be the winner, but overall a bit firm (more "on" than "in" again). Nectar Premier was definitely out of contention. All reviewers say it's a much softer mattress, but that really only seems to apply to the top layer. We layer on it, immediately sunk through the top layer with virtually no support, and hit the second comfort layer like a rock.
* Tuft and Needle Mint - Felt extremely cheap in the showroom. They call their payers "adaptive foam" but I really didn't get the deeply supportive memory foam feel, just felt like a lot of cheap base foam.
* Brooklyn Bedding Signature - Medium. Yeah it's a hybrid but adding it as a data point. We have this in our guest bedroom. Much too firm for us, really no memory foam feeling at all.
* Brooklyn Bedding Aurora - Medium. This is the mattress we ordered without doing much research to replace our current bed. We are planning to get a refund, it's bouncy, the cooling is really a gimmick (didn't sleep any cooler than the one we got rid of), and it is lacking that memory foam feel/support we want.

What I'm looking at and have no idea what I'm doing:
Ghostbed Luxe - The bad reviews are scary, but I could order through Costco and have their warranty back it up
Winkbed GravityLux - Looks ok? I'm not convinced Ghostbed and Winkbed stand by their products, they seem to have exceptionally poor consumer feedback.
Leesa Original - Possibly a contender? Going to try to find this in a showroom, I think they have them at Macy's, but I wonder how much we'll miss having that layer of latex.
Nectar - How has the new Original changed from the old one we slept on? What about the Premier... which just seems like a layer of marketing?

This community helped me so much 9 years ago that I'm really excited to hear what you all might have to say :)
26 May 2022 14:09
  • MattressToGo
  • MattressToGo's Avatar

In order to potentially cultivate more sales, some mattress manufacturers will sell directly to the consumer (DTC) on their own website, as well as placing their items with other online retailers and/or brick and mortar stores. In order to not cannibalize sales from these other retailers, the manufacturer will quite often offer their products at a substantially higher price on their own website, in effect driving sales to these retailers and not angering the retailers in the process. Could you imagine carrying a particular mattress brand at your store and then having that manufacturer compete directly against you by offering the same (or a lower!) price top the public? It's happened before, and it's a sure way of ensuring that retailers will pull your product off of their floors. The selling price on various online retailers is all the same (besides the Ghostbed site) for this item, so it seems that Ghostbed has some sort of minimum advertised price policy, where a retailer is asked to not advertise a product below a certain price point. Many brands maintain such policies to "protect brand integrity". While the specifications are not completely detailed on the websites, the GB Flex should be the same model at the stores you mentioned as shown on the GB website.
25 May 2022 05:05
  • Koop87
  • Koop87's Avatar
Hi all,

I just wanted to make sure this isn't a "too good to be true" situation. I've been checking out some of the recommended mattresses, including Ghostbed. I noticed that the Ghostbed Flex, for example, is $1817 on Ghostbed's website but only $1018 on Target and Home Depot's website. I expected manufacturers websites to be more expensive but that difference was larger than anticipated. Is it really the same model or is there some kind of b-stock situation (or other disadvantage) with Target I need to know about.

20 May 2022 07:06
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
It's pretty disheartening, not to be able to trust such reviews.

I just purchased a Ghostbed topper, for almost $400 (CAD) and it's no better thus far than the $150 toppers I've tried from Amazon. And it's not returnable. It smells worse than any other, HOT, and after 3 nights, it's already sunken in and stays there.

I should have tried a tempurpedic.
19 May 2022 14:05
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi Willofva.

While a split configuration would be my first recommendation per you and your partners differing needs, I understand why that's not an option for you at the moment.

As Rococco mentioned, "I can tell that nobody can advise a mattress which will be suitable for you on all 100%. It is better to go to a store (possibly more than one or two) and try a mattress personally, so you will likely find a mattress that will satisfy you both."

It is really hard to give meaningful commentaries in terms of what someone may find satisfactory, but we can always happily comment on durability of a brand when specifications are available.

If you were to do a DIY, you could do a "hidden" split where you have a uniform comfort layer, a split support layer, and a uniform or split base layer depending on needs. This way there's no gap to worry about in the comfort layer.

So you could have a medium latex comfort layer, a firm support layer, and an extra firm base on your side and on your partner's side, it could be medium, medium, firm. Everything would be housed in a single encasement eliminating further the issue of any sort of gap between the foam in the mid and base layers. Of course, foam feel would ultimately be based on testing and real life data points.

I know it's not in your list of options from MF but you may find the Ghost SmartBed worth a gander.

16 May 2022 10:35
I'm going to be bed sharing with my baby/toddler. I need a mattress that is firm for her but comfortable for me. I'm considering the MFC bed, Ghostbed or I've looked into Naturelle (but not as likely to want this mattress with poor reviews).

Looking for latex only, organic, got, gol certified. Looking at those companies listed because I've found more reasonable prices compared to others in Canada.

I sleep on back and side mostly.

Any info is welcome.
08 May 2022 08:52
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
Mia12345 Did you decide on a topper? Wondering how it's working out.

I don't like the feel of latex either and after sinking a lot of $$ into a latex mattress and then a convoluted latex topper, I'm now looking for a quality memory foam topper.

I've tried gel foam toppers (about 5 different ones) from Amazon because they can be returned, none are of high quality to prevent eventual sagging after a few nights.

I'm looking at GhostBed as well but over $400 and not returnable, I'm reluctant without reviews specifically for their toppers.
08 May 2022 08:40
  • Lu1968
  • Lu1968's Avatar
Thanks very much Bill for your thoughtful and compassion reply.

I also read about MFC having issues and wasn't too pleased with my experience with them in the past, so am reluctant anyway.

I'm wondering about trying the Ghostbed memory foam topper. Everything is so expensive and the toppers are not returnable. I just sunk over $400 into a FloBed convoluted topper that I do not like the feel of at all and its not helping to alleviate pressure points at all.

GhostBed toppers are not available on Amazon unfortunately, where they would be returnable.
07 May 2022 10:54
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi JMD5.

You are in the fortunate position to select between "good and good" provided that you also select the optimal comfort level for you!
Nest's (12.5") Owl Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress is a well-designed bed and a good option for your higher BMI, This mattress has a zippered cover and will allow you to get the most out of it over the years as it allows you to replace or make comfort exchanges should need be. It has enough height to allow for progressive sinking in needed at your BMI but also has enough support to keep your spine in neutral alignment. FIY here are the detailed specs
.1" Organic Stretch Knit Cotton and Joma Wool
1.5" 1.5lb Eco-Flex Quilting Foam
3" Oeko-tex Cert. Continuous Pour Dunlop Latex (Medium 27 ILD/ Firm 36 ILD)
1" 1.5LB Eco-Friendly Comfort Foam
6" Reinforced Edge Coil Support Pocketed Coils
1" - 1.5 lb. Support Foam
Comfort Options - Plush, Medium or Firm.

The same goes for (12") GhostBed Natural ~ Hybrid Latex with pocket coils
Zippered organic cotton cover Viscose/poly blend
1” 1.8 oz wool layer
2" Natural Talalay latex (medium firmness)
8” Pocket Coils (Reinforced proprietary Sprinted Edge perimeter support)
1” Dunlop stabilization base

They are both Trusted members of our site which means that I think very highly of them and that I believe that they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of quality or their products, value, service, knowledge, and transparency. This said if you decide to go with GB Natural make sure to read their policy well regarding any returns in case the comfort level needs to be exchanged for any reason. They did have some issues with accepting or lengthy processing returns.

To help with the final selection Post #13 here has more about the most important parts of the "value" of a mattress purchase which can help you make more meaningful quality/value comparisons between mattresses in terms of suitability (how well you will sleep), durability (how long you will sleep well), and the overall value of a mattress compared to your other finalists based on all the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you (including the price of the course and the options you have available after purchase if your choice doesn't turn out as well as you hoped for).

Some of the BillyIdol suggestions may be good (especially the VZone ) Before considering the other suggestions you may want to first find and run the mattress specifications you need to know by the mattress durability guidelines here so you can compare the quality of the materials and components for your specific BMI which would need higher density and more durable foams.

Looking forward to hearing about your final decision.
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