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26 Jun 2022 19:43
  • alice289
  • alice289's Avatar
Hello, my partner and I are looking for a new King bed that provides good support for side sleeping. We found that the beds at Naturepedic were comfortable, but need help determining if it'll be a good bed for us long term. We currently have a Winkbed Soft that started sagging around the center / hip area and it's only 4 years old, so we're worried about durability in our next mattress.

Some background - My partner (250 lbs 6'7) and I (120 lbs 5'7) both have broader shoulders than hips and find that soft beds are more accommodating for our shoulders when sleeping on our side. My partner is primarily a side sleeper while I am a back and side sleeper, though sometimes end up waking up on my stomach.

These are the 2 mattress we are considering from Naturepedic - EOS pillowtop and Halcyon Arcadia (linked below), both in the softest version. There's a big price difference and we're not sure why. The only real difference I see is that the EOS is 8 inch coils vs 6 inch coils for Arcadia, while both have 6 inches of latex. In person, we did feel that the Arcadia was more comfortable, though on both beds, our shoulders stay higher up than our hips so our spine isn't perfectly straight. Not sure if it's possible to get a straight spine given that our shoulders are broader than our hips? Would you recommend either of these beds, and is it worth it to pay up for the Arcadia? Any other bed you'd recommend?

We also considered FloBeds because of their zoned support and reading good things about it on Mattress Underground, but there's no showrooms with FloBeds near us, and we generally like the feeling of hybrid beds more. Do you think zoned support is important in our case?

26 Jun 2022 18:35
  • SherryBin309
  • SherryBin309's Avatar
I am also lIghtweight, but somewhat higher BMI than you, so understand it can be difficult to find materials that feel soft enough. Since a topper on the floor is working better than some mattresses you’ve tried, maybe a topper, or combination or a couple of soft toppers on almost any inexpensive mattress is worth exploring. I had some success with 15 ILD Talalay latex for a while. Also used a LaNoodle topper from Cozypure over that at times, and a wool topper at other times. The LaNoodle felt great but needed to be massaged or fluffed regularly to maintain its softness. Currently we have the convoluted Talalay latex topper from Flobeds and it is working pretty well, but I’m thinking I’ll want either a very thin memory foam or maybe wool layer over it for more pressure relief. Something else that caught my eye is the shredded latex topper sold by Flobeds. If you need something softer than straight memory foam or plush latex, the shredded, noodled and convoluted foams are one way to get there. Good luck in your search.
23 Jun 2022 22:26
  • BillyIdol
  • BillyIdol's Avatar
Im not an expert. Im just a real picky consumer.

I am 5 ft 11in, 225 pounds. I sleeo 90% on back and 10% on back.I have had a history of lower back pain.

I was going back and forth between Tempurpedic Pro Adapt Firm and Luxe Adaot Firm.

I felt that PAF was more supporive for llower back and less confortable. PAF was not that great for side sleeping. PAF has an old school Original Classic Firm feel to it. I felt like I was on PAF.

I felt LAF was amazing and the most comfortable mattress Ive ever laid on. You melt into it. I was concerned about support for lower back when I was on my back. It felt supportive enough, but PAF was more supportive. The LAF is just so conforming and pressure relieving. The comfort of the LAF is overwhelming.and hard to describe. Ive never ever felt a mattress like this. The best way to describe it is a firm and soft marshmallow. Somshow….the LAF is firm and soft in the same mattress!!! Perfection!!! LAF really feels like a medium firm and only slightly firmer than Pro Adapt Medium. I will be ordering next week.

I dont like the feel of latex, but it might be for you. With that aaid, you might want to rry out FloBeds VZone. I have not tried it. What is the genius of it? Adjustability!!!! You can change the VZone or swap out base layers. Almost no other bed can do that.

Tempurpedic Luxe Adaot Firm is my dream mattress and Im ordering it. I will do a review after I sleep on it for a month. Mt feelings might change!!!! But maybe not!!!

14 Jun 2022 10:14
  • bobby2478
  • bobby2478's Avatar
Thanks. Another question: who else makes "zoned" mattresses and mattress toppers?

I know Flobeds makes their Vzone mattress, and may even sell the comfort layer separately, but they advertise Talalay latex not sure if they offer Dunlop latex as an option. I see Turmerry offers a zoned dunlop latex topper, but it would appear their "firm" is only 27 - 34 ILD which is the same ILD as my Sleep on Latex Medium topper with ILD of 34 (and hips sink in too far).

What i'd really like to do is get a zoned dunlop latex matress topper where it's more firm/dense under my hips to prevent my hips from sinking in too far, while softer by shoulders to allow my shoulders to sink in.
10 Jun 2022 19:56
  • Basilio
  • Basilio's Avatar
Hi rhemy1,

Do you have a suggestion for a full latex mattress no coils. I weigh 226 lbs and tend to sleep on ever side. I’m 5’ 11”

It is difficult to make any suggestions with certainty, as again a mattresses comfort and ability to provide support while you sleep is unique to you having a unique body type and needs and preferences. Thanks for providing additional stats; I will say that at a higher BMI, while you’ll need to put a special emphasis on more durable materials and constructions and probably on mattresses that are thicker have firmer comfort and support layers (firmer materials feel softer for heavier people and firmer support layers are usually important to for good alignment for higher weights). I would especially make sure you read Post #2 here that has some generic guidelines for different body types and sleeping positions and post #14 here has more about the benefits of thicker comfort layers and thicker mattresses. You will likely want to look at firmer-feeling mattresses to provide enough support and prevent any misalignment in your spine or joint pain, but not that firm that it created pressure points since you are a side sleeper. This is to say that I would definitely run all of this summarized info by the retailer/manufacturer themselves as they are the best to know how their mattresses and designs work with different body types, weights, and sleeping positions. Which is why it is so important to speak with someone knowledgeable rather than be given a “script response” from a sales rep that has little to no experience with how the mattress works.

Since it sounds like you are leaning towards an all latex mattress, some options from TMU trusted members list would include a DIY mattress construction under the direct supervision of a trusted member such as DIY Mattress , who allow you to create your own customized mattress, they have 2” and 3” layers of both Dunlop(this a denser, firmer latex with a ‘bouncy’ feel) and Talalay (A softer more responsive feel in case you like that better) of various firmness levels, allowing you to use for example, a Talalay layer at the top for comfort, with Dunlop below to provide support. By providing them your stats and sleeping preferences they can create a layered latex mattress which you can place on a base like a platform or adjustable bed frame.

Member Latex Mattress Factory specializes in mattresses for plus sized people and are extremely skilled in guiding consumers to good fit mattress on the DIY construction model, I would go for something with 10” of more of firmer natural latex mattress. (On the call I would make sure to mention the base model construction that you tested in the shop and liked) so that they get a better sense I’d start with these two and then see what other similar options you can find from other members that best fit your personal criteria (price, returns, warranties, and all else that is important to you) such as Flexus Comfort and CozyPure , who likewise offer all-latex mattresses. I have included a list below of all the trusted members who offer all-latex mattresses:
Arizona Premium Arizona SleepEZ Bay Bed & Mattress BioSleep Concept CBH Wood Furniture CozyPure DIY Mattress DIY Natural Bedding Dormio Organic Beds Flexus Comfort Mattress FloBeds Foam Sweet Foam Fox Mattress Gardner Mattress GhostBed Latex Mattress Factory Luma Sleep Mattress Makers Mattress To Go MFC My Green Mattress Nest Bedding Oklahoma Mattress Company Richmond Bedding Shepherd’s Dream Shovlin Mattress Factory Sleeping Organic Spindle Mattress Texas Mattress Makers The Beloit Mattress Company The Mattress Factory
It’s good to see that you started by eliminating the worst contenders then deciding the basics – the feel and firmness you want in a mattress, what materials or options you do or don’t want (like ‘no coils’) You are on the good track. Let us know how far you go and we’ll be happy to make additional comments on any of the mattresses you are considering.

08 Jun 2022 17:58
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi SadieD,

Thank you for the update and congratulations on your new mattress purchase from FloBeds :cheer: one of the veteran members of TMU ...

As you know I think highly of them and I believe that they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge, and transparency. All of their mattresses use high-quality materials and there are no lower quality materials or weak links in any of them so they would certainly make a great quality/value choice.

I will accept my fate and hope that negotiating Return with Plushbeds is a positive experience. (I incorrectly referred to the $149 fee as Flobeds, not Plushbeds.)

I hope that everything goes smoothly with PlushBed's return. (and thanks for the correction)

We'd love to hear any new updates once you receive your new v-zone mattress and have a chance to sleep on it for a while.
08 Jun 2022 08:58
  • SadieD
  • SadieD's Avatar
Thank you! We did purchase a new v-zone in 2020 for my daughter. Not sure why I was unwilling to spend the extra $$ for myself this year, but I certainly learned my lesson.
I will accept my fate and hope that negotiating Return with Plushbeds is a positive experience.
(I incorrectly referred to the $149 fee as Flobeds, not Plushbeds.)
07 Jun 2022 20:46
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi SadieD,

I am 130-135 lb femaie 70 years old
Recently purchased Botanical Bliss Med-Firm after 24 years on Tempurpedic.
I have NOT SLEPT WELL since.

Sorry to hear you “have not slept well” on your new PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress. As you probably know, your mattress is unique to you, and the comfort choice is based on your specific stats (height, weight, sleeping position(s), and any underlying health concerns) and your PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). Aside from weight, you not state your height or sleeping position, as these can play a major part in any bed you may select. Even though the best way to ensure that the mattress is suitable is to try it in a local shop your next best approach is to provide the manufacturer/retailer with a brief history of our experience with the previous mattress, stats, and PPP and make sure that they have enough experience to guide you through a good match comfort choice.

Not sure why I went with Plushbeds, because my daughter's 24-year-old basic FloBed seems far more comfortable.
I'm willing to take the $$ hit for returning Plushbeds and ordering FlobothBed instead.
What think? Someone mentioned that FloBeds makes you package up and drop your Return at curb for pick-up. Their website indicates $149 Returns:
"Should you need assistance with returning your mattress, we offer a concierge mattress removal service for $149. Our trained carriers will remove the mattress from your bedroom and transport it to a local recycling facility, so there’s nothing for you to do. Any free bonus items received with your mattress are yours to keep as a thank you for trying our mattress."
Has anyone tried this process with Plushbeds?

Good to see that our forum subscriber Cathye has responded to your call for help and provided their return experiences with PlushBeds in your adjacent thread about PlushBeds returns. It looks like you should be able to return the mattress following their requirements.

FloBeds is a long-time Trusted member of the site which means that I think highly of them and that I consider them to be amongst the best in the industry. They build their reputation and bed designs by focusing on consumer needs and preferences and high-quality materials. They are excellent at guiding consumers to a mattress that has the best chance to be a good mattress for them. I'd still keep in mind that no one can tell for sure what is best for you as no one can feel what you feel and there are many interconnected variables. This said in my conversations with both David and Dewey over the years I've learned that they have a more than the typical high percentage of satisfied customers. Their design is also built to be able to fine tune the feel at home if you did not find the comfort/support sweet spot with the vZone layer

I would certainly suggest that you rely on FloBed's advice as they are much more familiar with their own mattress designs and materials than anyone else and they can use the information you provide them about your body type and sleeping positions, your preferences, your history on different mattresses, and the results of your local testing to make suggestions based on the "averages" of other customers that may be similar to you. The more accurate and detailed the information you provide them the better you will help them to help you make the best possible choices out of the options they have available. Of course the options you have available with each retailer or manufacturer (or with a particular mattress) and your ability to exchange layers or the mattress itself or use other forms of fine-tuning after your purchase or the return policy may also be an important part of your personal value equation or to offset the risk that can go with any online purchase.

FloBeds has a 100-night ‘test rest’ trial period and a $99 return fee (as long as the mattress is not soiled or damaged) using the original packaging, and request shipping labels, and have it picked up at curbside. They prefer to ‘swap out’ components of the mattress if you are not satisfied instead of having it returned, and after the trial period will continue to do so, for up to 5 years for a minimal charge as part of their ‘goldilocks guarantee’. Since you still find your daughter's “24 year old FloBeds mattress more comfortable than the new PlushBeds mattress”.

Please let us know about your experience both with the return and with finding a suitable mattress replacement..

05 Jun 2022 18:52
  • SadieD
  • SadieD's Avatar
I am 130-135 lb femaie 70 years old
Recently purchased Botanical Bliss Med-Firm after 24 years on Tempurpedic.
I have NOT SLEPT WELL since.
Not sure why I went with Plushbeds, because my daughter's 24-year-old basic FloBed seems far more comfortable.
I'm willing to take the $$ hit for returning Plushbeds and ordering FloBed instead.
What think? Someone mentioned that FloBeds makes you package up and drop your Return at curb for pick-up.
Their website indicates $149 Returns:
"Should you need assistance with returning your mattress, we offer a concierge mattress removal service for $149. Our trained carriers will remove the mattress from your bedroom and transport it to a local recycling facility, so there’s nothing for you to do. Any free bonus items received with your mattress are yours to keep as a thank you for trying our mattress."
Has anyone tried this process with Plushbeds?
05 Jun 2022 18:20
  • SadieD
  • SadieD's Avatar
Hello: Just wondering what you decided.
I just purchased Botanical Bliss as well in Med-Firm and haven't had a good night's sleep since!
Not sure I want to ask for the "softer" exchange.
I really should have purchased a V-Flex from FloBeds. but was trying to save $$.
I'll give it 30 days trial tops, and then arrange for their return (which will cost me $149 pick-up fee but worth it!)
30 May 2022 12:14
  • Mattrebuild
  • Mattrebuild's Avatar

When you say v-zone support I assume that is the same as the combi zone coils where the middle is stiffer? That would be more difficult to achieve in an all foam build right? Unless the move was to use like cardboard shims underneath the mattress in the middle zone.

No, combi zone can't be adjusted, it either works for you or it doesn't. V-zone is fully adjustable which allows full customization of your support layer (just need to make sure your lower support layers are stiff enough). It's an expensive option but if you need it then it's the best on the market at the moment.

www.flobeds.com/components-for-flobeds/ (v-zone is about halfway down the page)
27 May 2022 06:34
  • blackdog578
  • blackdog578's Avatar
Thanks for the reply! I was actually able to recently try out a few latex mattresses at an Avocado and Saatva showroom. It was my first time on a latex mattress and they were all really nice. I also found that, after sleeping on a Tempurdic the past few years, I really enjoy any mattress that isn't too plush (anything above from 5.5-7.5 on the firmness scale).

I'm leaning more towards the Nolah mattress since the current price ($1200 for a queen with labor day sale) seems really great given the materials used to make the mattress.
I was also considering getting the Avocado Eco since it felt great too and I was considering buying the egg-crate 2" topper from flobeds separately.

I notice that Nolah and Avocado aren't in the Trusted Members. I was wondering if you or anyone else has any knowledge with the quality of these two companies? It looks Avocado and Nolah both use a great set of materials when making the bed (organic wool, cotton, and natural latex), and the Avocado mattresses seamed to have a good build quality when I tested them out. I was wondering if you or anyone else reading this has any long term experiences with the two brands.

Also for the Talalay latex topper (if I choose the avocado mattress) is there any noticeable difference between an egg-crate topper for the talalay latex? I noticed that I can buy a regular 2" talalay latex topper from Latex Mattress factory (with a cover) for about $100 less or from Arizona Premium (with cover) for about $200 less.

Also, I want to consistently back-sleep just for general back and shoulder health. I've had a few shoulder injuries from lifting, and sleeping on my stomach sometimes aggravates them. I just have a tough time falling asleep on my back, and I was planning on getting an adjustable base to help with this.

Thanks for the help!
26 May 2022 21:11
  • swedish
  • swedish's Avatar
Hey all, I've decided to try my hand at a DIY mattress, and am looking for some feedback. I tried out a Naturepedic EOS hybrid in store and liked it, so am looking to more or less recreate it. I tried out the firm coils and both the firm latex and medium latex, and think I might like something slightly in between the medium and firm. This is what I've come up with so far (top to bottom)r:

2" All Natural Talalay Latex Topper Medium#25-29
2" All Natural Talalay Latex Topper Firm#30-34
Combi-Zone Pocket Coil by Leggett and Platt
12" Mattress Cover: Knit Ticking

According to this post , the ILD ratings of the above line up with Naturepedic. I'm hoping by doing a medium layer on top of a firm, I'll end up with a feeling something in between the two. Does it work that way?

From what I've been reading, if I want firm coils then the Combi-Zone is the way to go. However, it's been a bit difficult tracking down information on coils, so if there's something else I should be considering, please let me know.

As for the cover, I'm considering the knit ticking from DIY Natural Bedding since I've seen their covers recommended in other posts, and also because it's machine washable. The Organic Cotton Zippered Mattress Cover from APM looks like it may also be machine washable (though it doesn't say on the site). However, I've made it this far without ever having washed my mattress cover, so I'm wondering if there's some other criteria I should be trying to use to make that decision.

I'm also wondering, is it worth it to cover each individual latex layer with a cover? Something like the Stretch Cotton Cover from Latex Mattress Factory . Will that improve the lifespan of the latex layers by adding a small protection layer? Or would adding a mattress protector like the St Dormier be enough protection?

My final question: I've seen posts saying it's not necessary to have a foam layer under the springs, but I've seen a lot of people doing it as well. Should I add half an inch of LUX-R Foam under the springs? Or don't bother?

And in case anyone is wondering, the mattress would be for me (6', 180lbs) and my wife (5'3", 120). I fall asleep on my stomach, wake up on my back. My wife sleeps mainly on her back, sometimes on her side. We both like mattresses on the firmer side.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
25 May 2022 13:53
  • Mattrebuild
  • Mattrebuild's Avatar
I spent a bunch of time this weekend testing because quite frankly I was tired of being in pain. I toiled many hours trying out just about every combination you could think of and making small changes each time (along with taking copious notes about what felt better/worse) so that I could go back to ones that got closest and explore them more. Each of the combos took quite a few minutes because I had to remake the mattress layers again and then test it for at least 10-15 minutes. I even tried some sections of SOL latex in the v-zone and it did make a difference but in the end the all talalay setup still felt best. Interestingly I think part of the issue was that my shoulders were actually sinking in too far which was causing some misalignment down in the lower back/hips if you can believe it. After this new setup I've been sleeping fantastic and doing alot of stretches/exercises to help with the SI joint issue. The pain has melted away after only a few days and it feels great to be finally past the hump on this project. I have been playing around a bit with the Sleep Number settings on the air chambers to see if I can get any further improvement (right now I have it set to 60) but very very happy with it all now.

Here's my final combo at this point (my wife's still hasn't changed at all):

I still need to work on the mattress cover but for now it's been working great to just use Flobeds bottom cover to surround the air chambers (I tucked the lose ends around the edges of the foam) and I used the purple mattress cover to go around the 4 layers of foam. This makes it easy to get sheets on and doesn't add any extra tension to the sleeping surface.
25 May 2022 06:27
  • blackdog578
  • blackdog578's Avatar
Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of getting a new mattress (queen size just for myself). I'm also planning on getting the DreamCloud’s Adjustable Bed Frame to help me get off of stomach sleeping.

Some of my stats - male in mid twenties, 5'9", and I weigh around 160-165 lbs. I'm a combo sleeper, and the main sleeping position that I take up depends on the mattress .However, I rarely fall asleep on my back, which I want to address. I also sleep very hot, and I'm really looking for a mattress that will keep me cool. I also have some shoulder problems (stiffness or slight pain from lifting).

From about 10-22 I slept on a traditional box spring pillow top mattress. My sleep was always "ok" nothing crazy.
The last couple of years I've been sleeping on a Tempurpedic that I got from my grandfather. For some reason I can only fall asleep on my stomach in this bed, and it sleeps really hot. I wouldn't say it's comfortable, and based on my experience with the bed I can say that I don't enjor memory foam.
I've slept on a twin purple mattress (Purple 1) at my parent's house the past 4-5 days and it has been fairly nice, however, there is not much support when I stomach sleep and as a result I tend to sleep on my side.

I've been researching into latex and latex hybrid mattresses. They seem to have a nice blend of a support and breathability, but I've never slept on a latex mattress before. I also recently went to a Mattress firm to try out a latex hybrid that they had on show to get a feel for latex. The bed was comfy, it was 1" of Talalay latex over pocketed coils with a wool/cotton top. Compared to the mattress brands that I've found here, it seems that the Kingsdown mattress was really overpriced, and had less quality material as well. I also tried out the Purple Hybrid 3 at the MattressFirm too, which was comfortable.

So far I've been looking into the following beds/brands online:
Luma - all natural hybrid and all natural latex. I was considering the 3" Talalay topper in medium
Arizona Premium - Hybrid and all latex. I was considering the 3" Talalay topper as well.
Flobeds - 12" deluxe. I was intrigued by there egg-carton topper and was wondering if anyone can comment on their experience with it (is it similar to purple grid due to the egg carton structure?). From their survey I picked a medium bed.
Nolah - Nolah Natural 11. Seems like an overall solid mattress, but doesn't offer the ability to swap out any of the latex.
Purple Hybrid 3. I enjoyed this mattress when I tried it at the MattressFirm. My concerns are that I won't like it 2-3 months down the road (I've seen some reviews of people not liking their purple after some time). Similar to Nolah, there's no flexibility in the topper.

I'm having a tough time deciding between a latex, latex hybrid, and purple mattress. If anyone here has any advice / guidance that would be great!
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