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Today 10:54
  • Laichee
  • Laichee's Avatar

Not sure what's causing you to shift from your side to your stomach, but stomach sleeping (also called the prone position) requires a firm mattress to keep your spine in proper alignment and prevent hammocking. Middle or lower back pain after sleeping on your stomach which then typically dissipates in a couple of hours is due to a mattress which lacks sufficient support or has too soft or thick of a comfort layer which allows too much sinkage.

- Bill

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your response. The problem is I start with sleeping on my side and find myself on my face in the morning so I'm not sure how much the back pain is caused by the side sleeping portion of my sleep versus the stomach sleeping. You are indeed correct that the pain dissipates over the course of the hours after waking up.

A mattress saleslady told me it's likely due to the mattress being too firm in my side sleeping position and my body's trying to relieve pressure by moving to my belly. Is there an objective test to determine if I needed a firmer or softer mattress/does middle/lower back pain ALWAYS signify that a firmer mattress is required? I subjectively felt more pain on the firmer mattresses (IKEA HAUGESUND) over my current (casper nova hybrid.)
Today 05:32
  • Laichee
  • Laichee's Avatar
After trying the IKEA Haugesund, Douglas mattress, and now the Casper Nova Hybrid, I've found that I'm still waking up on my stomach despite predominantly being a side sleeper my whole life. The stomach sleeping is accompanied by mid or lower back soreness upon waking - wondering if anyone knows if this is more likely due to the mattress being too firm or being too soft?

I've never had this happen before and am especially confused due to the Casper Nova Hybrid supposedly being one of the softest mattresses I've tried in store.
Yesterday 15:40
  • najc33
  • najc33's Avatar
Hi Nikki. Thanks for your welcome and your response!

I'm 5'11, 175 lbs male,. I've got a bit of a "bony" build. I'm a combination of a side sleeper/back sleeper. I really like the option of being able to sleep on both side and back, but that has presented difficulties in terms of mattress satisfaction. I need the softness for sleeping on my side, but the margin of error for also being able to sleep on my back seems slim. If it's too soft, I wake up stiff and twisted like a pretzel. On a firm mattress, I have a hard time falling asleep.and staying asleep. That's a far more miserable experience (and one I'd like to avoid) then my softer mattress experience.

As for your question about the layers: I tried a casper wave mattress once and liked it, so I thought I might try to imitate it. That mattress has 1.5 layer of latex over 1.5 of memory foam(with a high resiliency foam below that, which I could also throw in there instead of 3 inches of memory foam).

Additionally, I tend to sleep deeply on memory foam. I tried a latex topper once, and it was a little firm for me (though I've never tried talalay latex), so I'm hesitant to go overboard with the latex. I would be concerned about losing the pressure relief that my body seems to require to fall asleep if I moved away from foam. I feel like the latex may mitigate some of the postural/alignment concerns, though, so I definitely would like to integrate it into this DIY somehow. That's why the DIY is appealing in the first place, I can mess around with it and try to adjust as needed, as opposed to buying and having to return (yet another) mattress.
26 Jun 2022 08:31
  • Laichee
  • Laichee's Avatar
Hi, thanks for the response! Since my previous posting, I've purchased a Casper Nova Hybrid from SleepCountry. They'll negotiate down to roughly $1100-1600 if you call around and ask for floor models - it has definitely been an improvement so far but I'm still negotiating some back pain/ trap soreness; unsure if it's residual pain from the Douglas. I might end up purchasing a Silk & Snow memory foam to test what the "softest of the soft" would feel like for me.
I've also purchased a Buckwheat Hull pillow, might recommend that. Good to hear you're starting on a DIY build.
20 Jun 2022 14:24
  • bobby2478
  • bobby2478's Avatar
I should note, this is separate experiment from my casper original mattress. Once i figure out what mattress and/or mattress/topper combo works, then if there's a height difference I'll consider FBM, Foamonline and any other places where I can buy basic high quality density foam in various sizes/heights so I can add it below my mattress just to raise it up. Any other retailers anyone would suggest to buy polyfoam (high density 1.9lb, high resilience 2.8-3lb) as a base to raise up mattress without altering feel of the sleep surface?
16 Jun 2022 17:15
  • Laichee
  • Laichee's Avatar
I'm not even sure if what I'm referencing is the comfort vs. support layer being too firm... I have a gut feeling when I physically evaluate I'm typically only judging the softness of the comfort layer. I don't know if you have any input about this but I was at a place with a Casper Nova Hybrid today for 30% off and I loved the mattress, but no returns are allowed. How's the composition of the Nova Hybrid in your opinion long-term?
10 Jun 2022 10:30
  • bobby2478
  • bobby2478's Avatar
I guess the question is for DIY mattress folks, where do you buy foam materials for the various layers? I've read here that FBM isn't recommended, but have seen Foamonline mentioned as a possibility. Then I know that I can look for either a high quality/density polyfoam, or a firm dunlop latex (such as sleeponlatex or others).

My mattress is Casper Original Hybrid that's on an adjustable base. Knowing the foundation is solid with no flex, I'm assuming whatever base layer i purchase to place under my mattress I'd want it to be as firm as possible to attempt to not alter the current feel and support of the mattress (just raise it up so it's level with my wife's mattress)?
09 Jun 2022 14:32
  • bobby2478
  • bobby2478's Avatar
My wife and I have different needs so we each ended up getting our own different Twin XL Mattress (each on a twin XL adjustable foundation), that we put together to form a King (with a bed bridge in between). However our mattresses are 2 different heights (mine is 1-2" shorter than hers).

Instead of buying a mattress topper that can substantially alter the feel of the bed, I'm wondering if it's possible to buy just a 1" or 2" dense foam base layer that I could put underneath my mattress to raise it up so they are the same height without altering the feel of the mattress? I have a Casper Original Hybrid. Something comparable to the 1.8# 36ILD High Grade polyfoam base many manufacturers use as the very bottom layer of their mattresses.

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions besides either getting a mattress topper to put on top of the mattress, or bed risers to lift up the entire adjustable base.
27 May 2022 14:07
  • JDMWDC's Avatar
We have really enjoyed our all-foam mattress, was named the "Aloe Adele" back when Brooklyn Bedding offered deeply customizable sleep solutions (now they're just mass bed-in-a-box like everyone else, sadly). I spoke to a BB salesperson and was basically told they don't make mattresses similar to the one I have anymore. So: after 9 years so it's time for a new mattress and it looks like I'm changing brands.

Our current mattress:
1" quilted pillow top
3" of 4-lb gel memory foam
3" of 28 ILD Talalay latex
and 7" of 2.17lb base polyfoam

What we're trying to recreate:
* Little to no motion transfer, no major bounce (hence hybrid mattresses are out... I truly can't tell the difference between coils vs. innerspring other than marketing)
* We need the all-foam feel, which we view as soft without compromising support. We want more than neutral foam, but don't want to sink deeply into the mattress. My wife describes it as "just enough sink to support all the crevices, then you stop sinking before you feel trapped."

Whether there's a quilted top or not isn't super important.

What we've tried:
* Saatva showroom, hated almost everything we tried mostly due to the bounce. The closest offering was the Saatva HD, meant for heavy people (awkward, I'm 145 lbs.) But as I read about it, I think perhaps it's because the mattress added additional comfort layers for heavy people, so we didn't feel the springs as much. In addition, the coils that WERE there, were stronger than normal so perhaps less bounce to them.
* Purple showroom, hated everything with a passion because of the bouncing.
* Casper showroom. The Casper Original wasn't bad but was a tad too firm for our liking, felt more like sleeping on top rather than slightly more "in." I would say "close." We disliked the Wave and Nova beds, not a surprise as they're hybrids and very firm.
* Nectar. The Nectar Original is maybe the closest we've had so far. If the layers were thicker it might be the winner, but overall a bit firm (more "on" than "in" again). Nectar Premier was definitely out of contention. All reviewers say it's a much softer mattress, but that really only seems to apply to the top layer. We layer on it, immediately sunk through the top layer with virtually no support, and hit the second comfort layer like a rock.
* Tuft and Needle Mint - Felt extremely cheap in the showroom. They call their payers "adaptive foam" but I really didn't get the deeply supportive memory foam feel, just felt like a lot of cheap base foam.
* Brooklyn Bedding Signature - Medium. Yeah it's a hybrid but adding it as a data point. We have this in our guest bedroom. Much too firm for us, really no memory foam feeling at all.
* Brooklyn Bedding Aurora - Medium. This is the mattress we ordered without doing much research to replace our current bed. We are planning to get a refund, it's bouncy, the cooling is really a gimmick (didn't sleep any cooler than the one we got rid of), and it is lacking that memory foam feel/support we want.

What I'm looking at and have no idea what I'm doing:
Ghostbed Luxe - The bad reviews are scary, but I could order through Costco and have their warranty back it up
Winkbed GravityLux - Looks ok? I'm not convinced Ghostbed and Winkbed stand by their products, they seem to have exceptionally poor consumer feedback.
Leesa Original - Possibly a contender? Going to try to find this in a showroom, I think they have them at Macy's, but I wonder how much we'll miss having that layer of latex.
Nectar - How has the new Original changed from the old one we slept on? What about the Premier... which just seems like a layer of marketing?

This community helped me so much 9 years ago that I'm really excited to hear what you all might have to say :)
22 May 2022 19:23
  • mattressdude123
  • mattressdude123's Avatar
I'm buying a mattress with my wife. We weigh 175lbs and 120lbs. We are seeking a medium-soft mattress, memory foam, ideally cooling, that is very durable. We can spend up to C$3,000 but would prefer to go much lower if we can still get adequate quality.

The consensus seems to be that Serta and Sealy mattresses are generally way overpriced and many argue that you should avoid the online box brands too. Apparently they are not durable and build / material quality is lacking for the price. Not sure what that leaves us with in terms of options locally (Montreal, Canada).

We went to a Dormez-Vous store and tried a bunch of mattresses from Sealy, Serta, Casper, Purple and Tempur-Pedic. The best one for us was the Serta iComfort TempActiv III (we actually loved it and I fell asleep on it in-store) and a close second was the Sealy Posturpedic Optimum Chill Trio Vivid. They were priced near our price limit with taxes.

What are some great soft memory foam mattresses that are durable?

Any help much appreciated. Thanky you.
14 May 2022 19:06
  • Willofva
  • Willofva's Avatar
I have several general questions that I’m hoping for help with.

Background: I’m 5’9” 370 lbs, back sleeper primarily, but will shift to side or stomach when I get too hot. My wife is 5’7” 125 lbs, mostly side or stomach sleeper. With such a difference in size and sleeping position, I’m concerned about finding something that works for both of us.

We are currently on a King Beautyrest Black Hybrid (Clermont model) purchased at Mattress Firm about 5.5 years ago. The store model was incredibly comfortable for 5-10 minutes, but when we got it home it’s been far too soft and sleeps super hot. A Beautyrest rep recently told me that one of the foams they used in that model proved too soft and didn’t hold up, so they’ve discontinued use of that particular foam. I’m sure my size didn’t help either. It’s currently dipping pretty far around the hips and is hell on my back.

Prior to this I had (when single) a Serta interconnected spring with 2” memory foam eurotop I got from Sam’s Club. It was great for about 10 years until I wore it out. But now we’d like something with more motion isolation.

I recently learned that our Beautyrest Hybrid is sagging enough to qualify for a warranty claim. If I can get them to accept it, I’ll get a voucher for about $3,000 from Mattress Firm. After much reading, I’d rather not buy from them again, but not sure it makes sense to walk away from that much money.

So I’ve been in MF a couple times, and I’m drawn to a couple mattresses. I’ve laid on several others (Serta, Sterns, Beautyrest, Tempurpedic) and below are my favorite two at the moment. I’d like opinions/recommendations if you’re willing.

First is the Beautyrest Beyond Medium (medium was suggested due to wife side-sleeping). They appear to also have a “Beyond Hybrid” with some different layers and for significantly more expensive, but for the life of me I don’t understand why the non-hybrid model isn’t considered a hybrid. The non-hybrid model has 4.5” of various foams and a 0.5” latex layer above the springs. I could get this model for about $600 above my voucher ($3600 total). I’m concerned that I will have a similar experience to my current mattress…comfortable in-store, but miserable at home. My back can’t take 5-10 more years of that. And would it hold up to my size? I expect it to wear more quickly, but would be nice not to drop $4k every few years if it can be avoided. Also would be nice to have something that sleeps cooler, as heat has been an issue.

Second is the Tempurpedic Medium Hybrid (again due to side-sleeping). This one would be significantly more expensive…$3600 after voucher ($5100 for mattress, $1500 for base, minus voucher). This was initially the most comfortable/pressure relieving mattress we laid on. I like a little bounce response from the springs for…activities. I’m worried about the foam breaking down under my weight, and about sinking in and sleeping hot. Also by comparison, we have a Casper BIAB from Costco in our guest room, and it’s firm enough to hurt my hips and cause pressure points in other ways (though it may not be broken in enough). So here the decision is if this bed is worth another large investment, and if it’s likely to hold up.

Given everything I’ve read, if the MF warranty claim wasn’t in play, I’d probably build my own mattress. That way I could make sides for my wife and I, and dial it in to our preferences. I could also change out materials as they wear out. But I’d likely lean toward more latex to hold up longer.

A final note, as much as I like the idea of a split king, we have a co-sleeping 1yo that we don’t want getting stuck in the crack, so I need a non-split model.

So, forum experts, what would you suggest? Is there a bed I’ve missed? What’s the best way to utilize the store credit and help a sleep-mismatched couple be comfortable? Thank you for reading!
07 May 2022 01:03
  • BillyIdol
  • BillyIdol's Avatar
I was really excited about Casper Nova Hybrid and Nova Snow Hybrid, but then I went back to try the Tempurpedics and I liked the Tempur a lot better. Night and day difference. I know that many say that Tempurpedic is a bad mattress, but I love them! But they arent for everyone.
07 May 2022 00:38
  • BillyIdol
  • BillyIdol's Avatar
I think you need something adjustable. Dont go with Sleepnumber. What else is adjustable? Flobeds VZone!!! Plus you can return it and you are only out shipping cost. If you gain or lose weight later, you can make mattress softer or firmer. The VZone layer is adjustable. On paper, it looks like the perfect mattress.

Flobeds has a Cinco De Mayo sale that goes until May 8/9th 2022!!!! $800 off a king bed? Im in!!!

I might order a VZone myself this weekend!

The other mattress I like is Tempurpedic LuxeAdapt Firm….it feels more like a medium. Also try ProAdapt Medium/Medium Hybrid.

I tried Casper Nova Hybrid and Wave Hybrid. I didnt like it.

You also might consider Intellibed Matrix Supreme. It rated as Soft….but purportedly soft and firm at same time. You might like it. Its not for me, but try it out in store. It is a bit like Purple with the gel buckling columns.

Im trying to decide between VZone and LuxeAdapt Firm. I may order vZone 5/7/2022 or 5/8/2022!!!!

With all this…try my suggestions….but trust only yourself!!! You might hate all my suggestions and thats ok!!!! Look through the Mattress Tutorial! I agree with it.

Try to test all mattresses on the same day!

Let me know what you buy!

04 May 2022 10:56
  • achorak
  • achorak's Avatar
Hello Underground. I was wondering if anyone could help me know how to find good local retailers. Background info, wife and I are looking for a new mattress. We previously bought V-zone beds from Flobeds but we just couldn't get the feel right for us. I also don't think a DIY mattress is for us as we found that the layers tended to shift too much. I will say Flobeds has been great. They always answered questions and tried to help us get the right feel by moving layers around but ultimately a solid latex mattress wasn't what we'd hoped as far as feel. They also had no problem with us returning it. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to go with a make it yourself type latex mattress. After ordering a bed without trying it first, we decided we need to really be able to test a mattress in person. Went to a local mattress place and thought the Tempur pedic was pretty good but having been on this website i knew it wasn't the way to go. Can anyone suggest an retainers in the Casper, Wyoming area that would be worth looking at? The closest suburban area to us is Ft Collins, CO where we visit a few times a year. Other possibilities are we will be visiting family in Utah in July and could look in the greater SLC area if needed. Right now we are leaning towards either memory foam as we liked the tempurpedic or a spring or hybrid. No all latex for us. Any suggestions on where to look? Thank you!
25 Apr 2022 08:03
  • brvier
  • brvier's Avatar
Hello, I’m looking to build my first DIY mattress. We have a Tempurpedic mattress that is approaching 10 years old and recently got a Casper Hybrid which is an upgrade but my wife still isn’t sleeping well (likely too firm). We went and tested a bunch of mattresses this last weekend and it seems like we both like the feeling of hybrid “plush” or “soft” mattresses the most. Even the mattresses advertised as “medium” were too firm. I liked the Purple 4” the most but the wife wasn’t a fan and definitely not for the price tag.

About us, both mid-30’s:
Me: 6’ 1” 210lbs, side sleeper
Her: 5’2” 110 lbs mix of side and back sleeper. Says number one priority in a mattress is minimizing motion transfer from me

Given the preference for plush feeling mattresses but still having enough support for me- my proposed build is for a king matress. Also don’t know how to go about addressing the motion transfer piece which is very important to my wife

Bottom: Lux-R foam standard mattress 1/2” overtop box spring (is this even necessary?)
Base: 8” Elite Edge Pocket coil
Transition: 2” Dunlop latex 19 ILD
Top: 3” 2.5 lbs Gel swirl memory foam
Cover: sleep like a bear bamboo and cotton cover

Any thoughts?
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