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30 Nov 2013 20:44
  • mg517
  • mg517's Avatar
Hello all,
Haven't posted in a while, mostly following the discussions and taking my time with my research.

Anyway, thought I'd start a new thread, as I'm seeking to put my past bad choices behind me! For much of this year I've been attempting to make my too firm Norwalk latex mattress more useable through various toppers. Lately I tried Brooklyn Beddings' 3" 4lb gel memory foam (soft but not good support) and their 3" 5lb memory foam (better supportive, but too much pressure on my body) and I think I'm ready to move beyond trying to reinvent my bed and just find something that will actually work as designed. I've been attempting this all year and have now spent as much on toppers as the original bed - I'm feeling enough is enough. (Inventing a bed for oneself is a daunting task!)

After much searching, my favorite option is a bed that Goldbond makes for CT Mattress which, above everything else I've tried, puts me in the best position on my back I've been able to find. But it's a fairly new product, and it's not something I can find any reviews on. Info about it can be found here: www.ctmattress.com/brandpage_nettleton.html (The video tells more than the page, oddly.) The one I like best is the pillow top, which is identical to the plush top, just the top layer is stitched on differently. If you had any thoughts about it, I'd love to get some advice before I order it. Unfortunately, as I'm out of state, I can't enjoy the comfort exchange offer, so I'd like to be as sure as possible. (EDIT: seems unfair of me to send people browsing a link page, so: the basics of the bed:"Contains all natural latex foam rubber for pressure relief/Individually pocketed coils provide superior conformability and less motion transfer/Technologically advanced side support system for edge to edge comfort" etc. It has no memory foam at all in it.)

I also let myself be a bit seduced by the Aireloom Rip Van Winkle they sell at Long's in NYC. It feels like it's better quality than the Goldbond, but I know that 'feel' and 'reality' are far different things. Is this a brand that lives up to its reputation (and price) these days? They'll give me a 'Black Friday' price if I buy it tomorrow. (Or maybe next week, for all I know - they gave me a real hard sell today, which is making me kinda not want to deal with them at all.)

The only other choice on my list after months of shopping are the new Sealy's (Glen Falls or Foster Lane Plush) - like the Nettleton, they have a lumbar support section, and they feels great. Based on reputation, I guess it's wise to avoid them, but I also can't avoid that the PPP of their design suits me so well.

Having been everywhere in the neighborhood, I feel like these are my best options. Phoenix, any thoughts or advice that might come to mind, I'd be thrilled to hear.

Thanks to you and everyone else on the forum whose discussions have been so informative to me!
25 Sep 2013 11:41
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi furkidzmom,

Suggestions for what I should consider to help me find the bed that is going to last me at least as long as this one has would be really appreciated. I am overweight about 40 lbs, and I'm seeing that I should take that into consideration with my new mattress along w the budget restraints. Additionally, I do not have anyone to go with me to check out my spinal alignment so how best to judge this by my lonesome?

Hopefully you've read this already but just in case ... post #1 here has the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed or confused ... you are probably reading too much or trying to "study" the information instead of just reading it like you would good book. All you need is enough information and familiarity to know the basics and to help you recognize when you are dealing with a salesperson who knows what they are talking about. Finding an "expert" is much easier than becoming one :)

Also suggestions for where I can go to test drive whether it be latex, foam, combo, innerspring, etc. would be appreciated. Customer service, sleep trial, no issues w returns/exchanges is important to me. I don't have credit cards so I will be paying cash. I bought this bed from Better Bedding (great experience-had to return 1st purchase as it hurt my back-no issues) which was was taken over by Sleepy's. Tom Wholley who used to own Better Bedding now has 2 shops in CT, Connecticut Mattress. S. Windor, CT is a bit of a drive; if someone has had experience with him and his place, please chime in. A drive under 1/2-3/4 hr isn't out of the question.

Some of the better options I'm aware of in and around the Springfield area are listed in post #4 here .

You can see a few comments about Tom Wholley and ctmattress here and a couple more with a forum search on ctmattress (you can just click this).

24 Jan 2013 17:10
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi yianni54,

Foam Sweet Foam also has a 9" version as well for about $600 less and there are also many other online options in the 8" to 9" range that would be suitable for your height and weight ... many of which offer exchangeable layers if your first choice is not what you prefer.

I personally place a premium on the ability to try a mattress locally and if Flybynight is close to you I would take advantage of the ability to test an all latex mattress regardless of where you end up making a purchase.

You may also want to check ctmattress.com/ who carries Pure Latex Bliss in South Windsor and Avon (at least according to their site retail finder ) which is an all Talalay latex mattress.

13 Mar 2012 02:23
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi paaschjc,

Thanks for the news that Restopedic now has a website. I'll change my records.

There's no factory direct manufacturers in Eastern CT that I'm aware of (the closest east is in MA) which means that the closest to you would be either about 50 miles north or south of you. While I realize that either way it would be quite a drive ... in both directions you have several close to each other and IMO the value would likely be worth it. If you do decide to take a trip in either direction ... I would of course call first to make sure they have latex or latex hybrid mattresses available for you to test and so you can get a sense of what to expect when you go there.

I also took a quick look for what was near you locally and I've listed a few along with the brands they carry that make latex mattresses (although the "value" may not be as good here). When you are looking at local retail outlets ... it becomes especially important to make sure that they are willing to provide you with the layer by layer details of any mattresses you are interested in so that you can tell what the "weak link" of the mattress may be, make sure that it really is a "latex" mattress, and make meaningful value comparisons with other mattresses. I've also added some options or possibilities for the Hartford area for others that live there as well.

www.comfortss.com/ Comfort Sleep Systems. Branford, CT. They are a member here of the site (which means that I think highly of them) and a little bit of a drive but would be an excellent place to visit. Hand-made mattresses using high quality materials, including latex, innersprings and more "natural" choices.

www.allyouneedforsleep.com/ South Windham. Carries several Restopedic models (along with several other brands)

www.ctmattress.com/ South Windsor. Carries Gold bond and their own private label brand.

janices.com/ Hartford, CT. Carries Innerspring/natural fiber, innerspring/latex, and an all latex mattress.

www.puritanfurniture.com/index.html West Hartford, Wethersfield, CT. Gold Bond including Ecosense memory foam and futons.

www.beddingbarn.com/ Newington, Southington, Enfield, Cheshire, CT. Pure Latex Bliss, Jamison, Gold Bond, Symbol.

www.libertylagana.com/ Meriden, CT. Restopedic.

Outside of the larger Connecticut list that I linked earlier ... there are also some good options in the post #4 here for the the Springfield, MA area that may also be well worth including in your research.

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