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06 Jun 2022 09:24
  • SadieD
  • SadieD's Avatar
Thanks for your input!
I live in CA, so no CharlesPRogers showrooms. Did you end up with Medium or Soft as your choice?

In returning PlushBeds, did you arrange their pick-up? There's no way I can pack up a 120lb mattress!

I can tell that the issue with PlushBeds is Not the Comfort Layer, but rather the density of underlying "support" layers.
They seem to have zero compression for my 135lb body.
My daughter has a V-zone Flo-Bed which has very adjustable components. Price is similar to Charles P. Rogers.
06 Jun 2022 01:50
  • cathye
  • cathye's Avatar
Hi. I ended up returning the mattress - which was an odd experience - they really pushed the comfort exchange and then offered a $600 discount if you keep it. Best of all, they say “We would like to settle things amicably”!! That is really not what I expected to hear from a company that offers a 100-day return policy! In the end they did take it back of course. We went with a Charles P Rogers lifetime mattress, which is super expensive but really comfortable. And we tried it out in person first. Good luck with your situation!
13 May 2022 14:04
  • Bort Datsun
  • Bort Datsun's Avatar
Hi NikkTMU,

Thank you for your response! I tried out the Nest and thought it was nice — about the right firmness, great pressure relief. But I'd really like to avoid polyfoam because of concern about VOCs, and unfortunately it's quilted rather thickly into the top layer. I'm now thinking I'd like to try a mattress that doesn't have such a thick top layer above the latex, and add a wool topper for surface softness.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time within the return window to try a topper on the Charles P Rogers bed. It's already so thick that I've been resisting this option, and now this is what I get for waffling.

At this point I'm considering just trying the Avocado or perhaps the MyGreenMattress Natural Escape, which should be somewhat less firm than the Avocado (it has 3" of 24 ILD Dunlop, vs 2"). Am I correct in thinking that a 1 or 2-inch layer of soft Talalay over 2 or 3 inches of 24 ILD Dunlop could be comfortable? Is there reason to think that one of these options would be better than the other, if I'm anticipating needing to add a topper?

I'm also considering the Flexus QuadraFlex, which would give me the benefit of split Talalay layers that can be exchanged for a different firmness.
11 May 2022 08:59
  • Bort Datsun
  • Bort Datsun's Avatar
Hi everyone,

I’m currently searching for a mattress with specific criteria, and I’m wondering if folks have specific recommendations I might consider.

Here’s the situation: As I recently posted , my wife and I currently have the Charles P Rogers Estate SE. It’s nearing the end of the 100-day trial period, and we’re leaning toward returning it.

I'm 170 lbs, 5'8", and mostly sleep on my back and side. She's 125 lbs, 5'7", and mostly sleeps on her side. We both find that the mattress is somewhat too firm.

For me, it seems like the Estate SE promotes good alignment (I don’t usually wake up with backaches), but has poor pressure point relief. It often feels like the upper layers are “bottoming out” under my hips and shoulders. I feel “heavy” on this mattress. For reference, this mattress’s comfort layer is 2” of 24 ILD Talalay latex.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

* Hybrid
* Natural materials. It doesn’t have to be organic. I’d prefer to avoid polyfoam if I can achieve the same level of comfort without it. My concern here is less about durability and more about indoor air quality/VOCs and impact on the planet.
* Medium firmness with good pressure relief
* Decent motion isolation
* Neutral or cooling temperature properties. I tend to sleep hot.
* Moderate price. The Charles P Rogers was ~$2,500 and I’d rather not go past $3k, which puts some of the typical natural options out of reach.

And here’s what we're considering:

Avocado Green with pillow top: I love this mattress’s natural materials and environmental certifications, but I suspect it will be too firm for us. Consensus seems to be that the version with the pillow top is approximately medium-firm, and that’s how it felt to us in the showroom. I suspect I’d be looking at adding a topper with this mattress.

Nest Owl Hybrid in medium: This mattress seems like a promising contender, but I’m not wild about the use of polyfoam, especially in the quilting. It's also a bit galling that Nest calls this foam "eco-friendly" with no justification for that description. I know it's not a huge durability concern because it's only 1.5 inches in an upper layer, though. There’s a Nest store in my city (Seattle, WA), and we’re going to check out this mattress tonight.

Nest Dove Hybrid in medium or plush: This might check most boxes, but it sure is expensive.

Keeping the Estate SE and adding a topper: If I do this, I’m looking to add maximum pressure relief with minimal height, since this mattress is already 13 inches thick. Is a 2” layer of soft Talalay latex my best option? I’m wondering if wool or the Cozypure LaNoodle Cuddle Top might be worth considering instead.

What else should I consider? I’d welcome any recommendations.
19 Mar 2022 15:46
  • Bort Datsun
  • Bort Datsun's Avatar
Hi all,

I recently purchased a Charles P Rogers Estate SE mattress. After sleeping on it for a month, my wife and I have decided that we like a lot of things about it — but it's somewhat too firm. We need more pressure relief for side sleeping. For reference, I'm 170 lbs, 5'8", and mostly sleep on my back and side. She's 125 lbs, 5'7", and mostly sleeps on her side.

We can return or exchange the mattress for another ~70 days, but we'd rather not go through the hassle and would prefer to try adding a layer to soften it up. Here's where I'm looking for advice.

The Estate SE has a coil unit as a base and a separate topper that is 2 inches of 24 ILD Talalay latex, so I would have the option of placing an additional layer either below or above the existing topper. I'd prefer to use latex, and I'm hoping to increase the overall depth of the mattress as little as possible — 1 or 2 inches. (It's already 13 inches. Our sheets aren't going to fit well past 15 inches. And we'd rather not have to buy new sheets.)

Does anyone have any suggestions for the firmness of the additional layer and the placement, either below or above the existing topper? Thanks so much for your time.
30 Sep 2021 13:46
  • sleepseeker2021
  • sleepseeker2021's Avatar
Update: Never completely thought the Naturepedic was that comfortable. It was good, but just not great, and for $5000 on a mattress I just couldn't settle. Also for the first time ever experienced numb arm after side sleeping, so figured the Naturepedic just wasn't letting my shoulders sink in soft enough. Tested Purple, Vispring, Hastens and Dux in store. For Vispring -- what a difference their proprietary foundation layer makes -- but that was an extra $5k+ so just could not swing a $25k+ mattress right now. On bucket list for retirement. :) What has ended up working for us now is a Duxiana (6006) with one single layer of the Naturepedic extra soft latex on top. Changing bedding completely has also helped - what works for us is wool and cotton blankets and cotton sheets, over a Sleep Number cooling mattress pad. Also to relieve shoulder pressure when side sleeping have got a higher pillow configuration. The Dux bed is soft enough for my hips, no issues there... it's not my "dream" bed but good enough for now.

Very oddly enough, we slept on the Charles P. Rogers again over the summer, on floor, without a base, and it was surprisingly much more comfortable than either of us had remembered. How it felt did change when it was placed on a foundation - making me even more convinced a foundation is part of the "secret sauce" of an ultra comfortable mattress - just so odd the floor/platform was so comfortable as a base. (Wonder if this is true at all/is backed by evidence). It was like a wine that aged better over time - due to transport issues we can't have it as our main bed but now look forward to sleeping on it. Or maybe we have gotten heavier and can sink more into it now? (Haven't gained more than 20 pounds but so curious why it was so much more comfortable - even hubby thought it was and he has lost weight if anything).
22 Sep 2021 17:57
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi ghiggz.

I was able to dig up the specifications of the Lifetime 3 model from a recent thread .

• ~1.5” inch: Top Quilt: Dupont® Sorona natural fiber
o Partially plant-based polymer
o Breathable of its low water absorption, durable
• 3.5 inch: Natural Latex * Nano Spring Cassette comfort cassette unit for support and luxury with a light-as-a-feather feel.
o Latex layer in cassettes …
 Blue: softer 1.5” Talalay 24 ILD
 Micro coils in between: .5 sheet of ~5000? micro coils
 White: firmer: 1” Talalay 32 ILD
 How much is the cassette?:
• 0.75-1” inch: Intermediate support layer, inner tufted to spring unit
o Latex between comfort cassette and spring is tufted
• 8” inch: Powercore 3 Spring unit
o How many: 1000
o Double strength edge, zoned inner coils
 Firm tub
 14g pocket – tempered steel homemade – firmness
• Inner pocket, individual, compresses only where the body applies weight
• ~0.5” inch: Suspension Layer: Latex, shock absorber for the spring unit, reduces motion transfer, extends durability and
• ~0.5” Inch: Quilted down, like Sorona side panels w/heavy duty handles

The Estate 7000 is has two Talalay latex comfort layers – one firm, one soft – allegedly to give the mattress a "medium feel." I believe this soft layer is 24 ILD.

There are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences involved for me to be able to predict which of these mattresses (or any mattress, really) will be the best match for someone else based on specs (either yours or a mattress). But, when taking in all you know about your sleeping positions and preferences, as well as our Durability Guidelines, it does become easier to make a decision with the mattress specs handy!

Also (and you'll see me say this to just about everyone, bit of a broken record haha) it is important to have a detailed conversation with whomever you choose to purchase from and provide them with your stats, body type, sleeping styles, general preferences and history, some general information about your current mattress, or what you have tested, and any other specific information or circumstances that could affect your choice of a mattress so they can help you choose which may be your best fit from their inventory.

I hope this helps give you a starting point!
20 Sep 2021 11:26
  • ghiggz
  • ghiggz's Avatar
Hey all, I'm looking for some information on the specs of the materials for these mattresses. Specifically, I'm curious about the ILDs of the latex foams.

I'm shopping for a California King for my partner and myself. Currently, I'm leaning towards the Lifetime 3 model from Charles P Rogers as I like the inclusion of the nano springs in the comfort cassette along with the latex. Based on my understanding, the Estate 7000 only has latex foam in the comfort cassettes and is a bit firmer consequently. I'm not sure I've ever tried "nano springs," and the idea appeals to me as I like mattresses with some bounce but a bit of contouring as well.

The last mattress I bought for myself, mostly based on this site's recommendation, was the Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex.

I got the firm and it worked pretty well for me as a combo stomach and side sleeper, but I think I need something just a little bit less firm around my shoulders and my partner is a bit lighter than I am so I think he may enjoy the comfort layers in the Lifetime 3 as well. I'm 6'6" and about 210lbs and he's 5'5" about 145-155lbs.

I haven't been able to find any information on the specs or the quality of the materials used in these mattresses online from Charles P Rogers or searching these forums, so I thought I'd ask here. Thanks!
05 Sep 2021 19:45
  • TiredWarbler
  • TiredWarbler's Avatar
Thanks, Phoenix I connected with bionicbuk on Reddit and got my answers. And my decision matrix finally collapsed and I went ahead and ordered an Avocado Green mattress with pillowtop.
05 Sep 2021 18:48
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi TiredWarbler,

You are welcome! Glad to hear our site proved helpful in your research.
Hopefully, bionicbuk is subscribed to the thread to get notification of new reply and answer your additional Qs
03 Sep 2021 08:27
  • TiredWarbler
  • TiredWarbler's Avatar
Thank you so much for sharing this @bionicbuk! My own dive into mattress research including on r/mattress and here has also led me to the same two choices: the Avocado and the CPR SE. I’m trying to decide if I can afford the Lifetime 3 instead. I haven’t found too many complaints about the quality of the CPR mattresses, except for the ones about specific salespeople being cagey about information. Thank you for clearing that up and setting my mind at ease.

If you don’t mind me asking, what made you go for the CPR over Avocado? I’ve seen more complaints about the latter on Reddit, about people finding the mattress too hard (although that is subjective), shipping delays this year, and poor customer service (lack of phone number being a red flag). I’m also inclined towards the CPR because they have some nice foundation bed options (we need a new one for these heavier latex hybrid mattresses) that are also discounted right now. The option of white glove delivery is also tempting.

Sounds like you’ve only just pulled the trigger, so it may be too early to ask, but how has your experience with CPR been so far?

Thanks to you and @phoenix for all the insights here - I’ve learned so much, and this is my first post.
03 Sep 2021 00:29
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi bionicbuk.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :)

Congratulations on your new mattress! "Fingers crossed it’s a good fit.” :cheer:

Thanks for the legwork on finding the details of the mattress. I am sure that many consumers that are both concerned with durability and suitability will find your info very helpful.

Looking forward to hearing how your new mattress goes once you have a chance to sleep upon it for a while, and hopefully your mattress journey is finally wrapping up!

02 Sep 2021 13:55
  • bionicbuk
  • bionicbuk's Avatar
Hey @Pheonix - Sorry for bumping an old thread...is that cool or does it deserve a new post...seemed in line with whats been discussed in the past.
Just wrapped up my mattress research saga and was between Avocado or CPR SE/Lifetime 3
There is a review here on reddit that I appreciated very much and OP gave me a few more fun facts: www.reddit.com/r/Mattress/comments/paoobm/charles_p_rogers_visit/

I pulled the trigger on the Lifetime 3 then went back and asked them the recommended questions in post #34....well that didn't go well. The NY Sales manager was concerned I was trying to learn proprietary information and have been asked not to communicate via email nor will they respond. Cool right?. After we cleared up some of the background, I felt pretty stupid about that, thought my chart I sent to figure out whats-what would be helpful. He was a little more forthcoming and guessed I wasn't interested in stealing their IP... It was either I DIY or buy this one...They are marketing to the masses and don't get too many people interested. Anyways, giving back to the group with what I could decipher from the website and my call with Thomas x110 if you want to speak to him directly.

• Charles P Rogers Estate Lifetime 3, 14.25” from the bottom

• ~1.5” inch: Top Quilt: Dupont® Sorona natural fiber
o Partially plant-based polymer
o Breathable of its low water absorption, durable
• 3.5 inch: Natural Latex * Nano Spring Cassette comfort cassette unit for support and luxury with a light-as-a-feather feel.
o Latex layer in cassettes …
 Blue: softer 1.5” Talalay 24 ILD
 Micro coils in between: .5 sheet of ~5000? micro coils
 White: firmer: 1” Talalay 32 ILD
 How much is the cassette?:
• 0.75-1” inch: Intermediate support layer, inner tufted to spring unit
o Latex between comfort cassette and spring is tufted
• 8” inch: Powercore 3 Spring unit
o How many: 1000
o Double strength edge, zoned inner coils
 Firm tub
 14g pocket – tempered steel homemade – firmness
• Inner pocket, individual, compresses only where the body applies weight
• ~0.5” inch: Suspension Layer: Latex, shock absorber for the spring unit, reduces motion transfer, extends durability and
• ~0.5” Inch: Quilted down, like Sorona side panels w/heavy duty handles

Hope that helps someone. Fingers crossed its a good fit.
26 Aug 2021 08:38
  • bobby2478
  • bobby2478's Avatar
I've got a TempurPedic Cloud Luxe Breeze mattress with adjustable bases that were purchased in 2015 and over the past year i've started waking up with lower back stiffness and pain. Reading up on this mattress it would seem this mattress is very soft, which in combination with the fact memory foam breaks down over time and the fact I gained significant weight for a few years (was up to 240 lbs) likely caused the mattress to no longer offer proper support. So while the mattress was great for the first 5 years or so, it just isn't cutting it anymore. Which is very disappointing considering we spent over $4,800 on the mattress. Hence we won't be spending that much on a mattress again. This was also my first experience with a memory foam mattress and Tempur specifically. I've lost 50 lbs this year and while I will likely have a range I don't plan on letting myself get above 190 lbs again.

A little overview on myself, my wife and our sleeping positions. I'm 6' tall 185 lbs, while my wife is approx 5'8" tall and weighs roughly 120 lbs. I likely spend more time on my back then my side, while my wife is primarily a side sleeper but also spends some time sleeping on her back. Neither of us are stomach sleepers.

It would appear based on reading up online that we likely would want to target a "medium" firmness mattress, however realize that since not all materials are created equal it likely isn't a one-size fits all metric. I would be looking for some guidance in this regard.

I'm also looking for advice on materials/brands.

Primary criteria for me:
    <li>A mattress that's durable (want it to last 7-10 years especially if we're spending over $2k)</li>
    <li>Soft enough to be comfortable but not too soft</li>
    <li>Firm enough to offer proper support for both back and side sleeping positions. Primary concern is enough support for me sleeping on my back since I currently experience soreness/stiffness while my wife has no complaints</li>
    <li>Preferably something that sleeps cooler then our existing memory foam mattress</li>
    <li>Minimize motion transfer as much as possible (willing to sacrifice some of this as other criteria above are more important)</li>
    <li>Ideally don't want to spend over $4k again</li>

I started looking at ConsumerReports which ranks the Avocado Green as their top mattress, however after reading a lot of member feedback I'm not so sure just how much weight I can give their ratings when selecting a new mattress. Reading owner reviews is difficult because no matter what mattress you look at there are always unsatisfied customers. Initially I was thinking I'd want to look at Sleep Number due to the fact it can adjust firmness and dynamically adjust firmness when you change positions throughout the night, but after reading more I'm not so sure it's quite as effective as it sounds. They are also fairly expensive. But would value perspectives from others whether I should consider them or not.

I'm leaning away from Tempur again simply because of the experience with our current mattress plus the fact that they sleep very warm. If it slept the same way as it did early on instead of losing support after only 5 years then I'd be willing to possibly overlook the heat retention.

Right now after reading a lot of reviews from many sources including NY Times Wirecutter, I'm leaning towards trying a Purple mattress, specifically the Hybrid Premier 3" mattress or the new Purple Plus (just released a week ago). We plan on trying one out at a store just to get a feel since it's such a radically different experience then people are used to. From what I've read people either love it or hate it, and many people grow to love it as they get used to it since its so different. What's drawing me to that mattress are that it appears to offer proper support without sacrificing softness, it's supposed to be durable, sleeps cool, and unlike memory foam that changes throughout the night as it heats up (and softens, loses support) it maintains a constant sleep characteristics like softness and firmness. In addition, due to the nature of the purple grid, unlike other materials where there is a trade off between firmness and support with Purple there isn't supposed to be a loss of support by going with a mattress that's softer (less firm). Plus I like the Purple 100 night risk free guarantee, where unlike many mattress makers and stores that have little wrinkles where they charge you restocking fees if you want to return it's totally 100% risk free (full refund if not satisfied after 20 days as long as it's returned within first 100 days). We'd order online vs buying in a 3rd party store like Mattress Firm for example as while they have a 120 night guarantee, if you want to return they charge you a $99 shipping charge plus a 20% restocking fee (plus if you want to exchange this also comes with a $99 shipping charge and 10% restocking fee).

The problem with our current mattress no longer offering the proper support is something I'd like to avoid in the future, especially after only 5-6 years, however this isn't likely something that will be apparent in the first 100 days so can really only rely on others experiences in this regard.

Others I'm considering are hybrid innerspring with latex comfort layers like the Saatva Zenhaven or Charles P Rogers Estate SE. But again I'm open to any and all suggestions. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
21 Aug 2021 14:37
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey Meino,

Welcome to The Mattress Underground :) ! Thank you for the kind words and for your question.

I have a few questions but my stats are 5'9" 170 - BMI around 25. I'm in the NYC area. I do have some back issues, and generally I look for a mattress that's on the firmer side, so I have more lumbar and especially hip support. The problem always comes in that then, being a mostly side sleeper (who's trying to become a back sleeper (which is harder than I thought it would be)) but more or less a combination sleeper side/back - anyway the problem is that my shoulder and often my neck will suffer. I tried avocado for it's zones, but that just...didn't work for me.

Congrats on your new mattress shopping journey :) You are in good company, Meino, as the NYC area is a haven for finding firm mattresses. It sounds as though you have a strong grasp of your personal preferences and which sleeping positions are best for you. A back sleeping position can be beneficial for many reasons, such as acid reflux reduction, improved spinal alignment, neck pain relief, etc. You may find use of a back sleeping training pillow helpful, there are many good ones out there to experiment with.

I have a tendency to want to avoid anything with a pillow-top or any kind of top really that's not just a solid mattress, but padding of some kind. In my experience, this upper part has always degraded and started to sink and then sag way too early in the life of recent mattresses I've tried. I've tried a WinkBed, Avocado (without the topper), Casper too soft, and now a Stearns an Foster from Costo - Kirkland brand but it's not being stern enough to foster a good night sleep...I mean it slowly sinks in during the first part of the night, and I don't get the lower-body support I need. So thankfully I've found this forum and am planning to visit a few shops this weekend and the coming weeks. I'm in NYC area (Brooklyn) and planning to check out Nest, Dixie Foam, and perhaps Charles P Rogers this weekend.

Sounds like you are hard at work with comparing different types of mattresses. You may encounter difficulty shopping the weekend with the approach of stormy weather forecasted for your area. In that case, it could be a good time to read up on some of Phoenix's shopping tutorials ;) . You may find these useful: "The Basic Functions of a Mattress" explains the roles that Comfort and Support play in a mattress; "Five Steps to Your Perfect Mattress" describes how to test mattresses for correct spinal alignment; and "Mattress Specifications You Need to Know" offers shopping tips regarding mattress quality and durability. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to navigate the ins and outs of the mattress showrooms with confidence.

So tldr is - am I being unreasonable to want to avoid a pillow top or sewn-on topper? I still actually have the winkbed, and if I could just remove the topper, I bet I'd be happy. If I am being unreasonable about topper avoidance, should I look for something that's exclusively latex of a certain density or foam of a certain density - i.e. what toppers are good toppers in terms of durability? I feel more comfortable buying a rectangle and getting my own topper, which I can trade out if need be at a fraction of the cost of buying an entirely new mattress.

This is one of those personal preference conundrums, unfortunately. If you don't want a pillowtop/ topper design, look in another direction. As far as which topper would be most durable for you, latex toppers purchased from a reputable source, such as one of our TMU trusted members would be advisable, the density in this case being a measure of topper firmness and also a personal preference.

Also one quick Q if anyone knows - what is (for the Real Mattress) eucalyptus-based inherent rayon - is it just a fire retardant or is it a type of comfort layer. And if the latter, how should I evaluate it in terms of durability. See Link Here and scroll down a bit to see the cut-out.

Thanks for including the link referral to your question regarding the Real Mattress's cover. The site says that they use two layers of eucalyptus-based inherent rayon within the mattress, one above the comfort layers and one below the coil unit, as a fire barrier. Both wool and natural latex are used as comfort materials.

Thank you - if anyone has other recommendations on places to visit/try in NYC please let me know. My price mid range tops at 2200 + 10-15%? I'd prefer of course to spend less of course because America

Hopefully, other NYC-based consumers can share some shopping ideas with you, Meino. Good luck with your showroom visits and looking forward to more updates when you have time… ;) .

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