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Searched for: buckling column gel
29 Sep 2022 13:25
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi Zurtle.

You can buy some of these components from our Trusted Members like Arizona Premium Mattress , DIY Mattress , or DIY Natural Bedding . As for the buckling column gel, I'm not sure where you would get that component if that is the way you wish to go.

Unfortunately a lot of these massive "one size fits all" mattresses like the Purple have a lot of problems with durability because they tend to use the most economic materials available to create their largest financial margin.

You can definitely find the relief you're looking for with some configuration adjustments or extensive mattress testing. I wish I could say more about buckling column gel, but it's just such a rare component that I don't have much I can add.

27 Sep 2022 21:57
  • BillyIdol
  • BillyIdol's Avatar
I bought Purple 4 and had back pain just like you. Im looking at Tempurpedic now. I like Luxe Adapt Firm. Try out the whole line of Tempuroedic.

Also, try Aireloom Preferred M2 Firm and Plush and Plush Plus (includes topper). Airelooms have that “floating on a cloud feel”.

Latex? Go with VZone FloBeds because top layer is adjustable in zones. Havent tried one myself.

If you didnt like Purple 4, Id stay away from Purple and Intellibed. The buckling column gel has good pressure relief but support was lacking.

01 Sep 2022 15:06
  • Basilio
  • Basilio's Avatar
Hi JBR2022

Has anyone slept on a Purple Hybrid Premier 3? Or any Purple Hybrid Premier? Do they give off heat?

Purple, like many of the ‘big box’ brands, are not very transparent regarding the materials and density of their components. The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 espouses that it does not sleep ‘hot’, however the comfort layer is a 3” gel infused foam, so you may or may not feel this retains too much heat for comfort, depending on your preference. Also, there is the issue of buckling column gel in that layer may be unlikely to be comfortable or supportive to you unless you have extreme support needs (you can read more about this Here also, The issue we tend to hear from Purple users is that the material starts sagging shortly after use. It's possible this wouldn't be your experience, but I've rarely come across someone who is still sleeping comfortably on their Purple mattress 2 - 3 years later, so I would advise proceeding with caution; while you may feel it sleeps cool, there are a number of other potential issues with the brand.There are a number of posts on the forum regarding the Purple 3, if you do a search.

As far as the issue of ‘sleeping hot’, you may want to take a look at This Post that addresses the many contributing factors to the microclimate of a mattress.

Hope this helps,

~ Basilio
16 Aug 2022 12:04
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi atritt.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

I think latex is a good option for you as well, in terms of sleeping cool. As a side/stomach sleeper, you would ideally want a 3" comfort layer - because you're a very light weight, the plush factor is less of an issue for you. In other words, a very plush mattress isn't going to affect your alignment as much as you change positions since you likely have a harder time sinking into the layers in comparison to someone of a higher weight.

I'd avoid the Purple. Buckling column gel will be unlikely to be comfortable or supportive to you unless you have extreme support needs.

I'd suggest looking into the Qudraflex Hybrid and Arizona Premium's Ultra Plush mattress. If you have a mattress you've found that you're interested into that you'd like me to help you evaluate, I'd be happy to do so.

05 Jul 2022 12:58
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi JCShumpert.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum :)

It's going to be nearly impossible to approximate a Purple mattress because they use buckling column gel in a grid form. You can read more about this material here .

Mostly, I'm needing help deciding between a hybrid or a full latex mattress. I'm assuming that since she liked the bounce of the Purple Hybrid that means I should stick with a hybrid setup with coils, correct? I know latex is very responsive, but a fully latex mattress won't be able to mimic that bounce will it?

Hybrid mattresses maintain the traditional bounce of an innerspring mattress, while all latex is sometimes described in comparison to pound cake but is great for motion isolation.

The only reason I'm hesitant to go the hybrid approach is that from what I've read most usually don't recommend them for side sleepers.

I wouldn't worry about being a side sleeper. As long as you have adequate material in your comfort layer, you should be fine. In general a good starting point for a good comfort layer for a side sleeper is 3" and then depending on weight, body shape, preferences, and the firmness of the support layers, to go up or down from there. Most side sleepers will fall in the range of from 2" -4". Without an appropriate comfort layer, a side sleeper will end up with pressure points during the course of the night and could have symptoms of numbness, soreness, localized redness, or end up tossing and turning all night as your body tries to relieve the pressure. Some side sleepers find that a set up in which there is a comfort layer followed by a support layer followed by the coils is successful, supportive, and comfortable for them.

02 Jun 2022 14:24
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi Pleg10.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum :)

Sorry to hear of the collapsing grid system in your Purple. Do you happen to know if the 3" grid (buckling column gel) and the springs are glued together? That would be the first assessment to make as separating layers can be a nightmare.

It sounds like you enjoy the feel of memory foam based on your history, but you'll have to be diligent about purchasing a memory foam that has adequate durability (a density of at least 4 lb per cubic foot).

could I buy foam in queen size and cut it to fit inside?

Could you preserve the existing foam or does it have to be replaced?

I’m thinking 1 inch of firm-ish latex, with 2 inches of dense gel infused memory foam on top

You'll be hard pressed to find 1" of latex on the commercial market that isn't a topper. You may be better off going for 3" of memory foam. Is there a reason you're looking at gel infused specifically? You might wish to look at the configuration of Ghostbed mattresses for some inspiration. There are quite a few DIYers here in the forum, although I think most are experienced with latex. If anyone has any expertise with memory foam, I do hope they chime in.

You may also wish to reach out to forum experts like Arizona Premium and Memory Foam Comfort with your DIY questions!

26 May 2022 14:19
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi blackdog578.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

It sounds like you've already done quite a bit of thinking and research about what you want and need from a mattress.

The issue we tend to hear from Purple users is that the material starts sagging shortly after use. It's possible this wouldn't be your experience, but I've rarely come across someone who is still sleeping comfortably on their Purple mattress 2 - 3 years later.

Because sleeping cooler is important to you, I'd lean towards a hybrid model. All foam doesn't offer the same breathability.

I was intrigued by there egg-carton topper and was wondering if anyone can comment on their experience with it (is it similar to purple grid due to the egg carton structure)

It's my understanding that Purple actually uses buckling column gel so the feel and overall experience would be quite different.

The other mattresses you mention are all great in terms of durability. It really comes down to a choice between great, great, great and great. Ultimately it will come down to your preference for having a "swappable" layer and any other differences in the materials (such as the covers) that you lean more strongly towards.

You mentioned wanting to stop stomach sleeping. Is there any particular reason for that?

10 May 2022 11:00
  • BillyIdol
  • BillyIdol's Avatar
Look up my thread "Dont be cheap with mattresses".

Im as cheap and frugal as they come, but I don't skimp on beds. Lets say your ideal mattress is $4300. and you go cheap and get a less than ideal mattress for $3500. Now you have a back ache. Now you have to go out and buy the $4300 mattress too. Now you have spent $7800. It is better to go with ideal mattress right off the bat and spend $4300. In the long run, $4300 is cheap. Don't have the money? Get a loan or do DoorDash.

I did go over to Flexus Comfort and their latex mattresses are amazing. They can do split king. I think split king was $1984 and they might even have Memorial Day sale.

Flobed Vzone had Cinco De Mayo sale on King Vzone. Normally $4200, but $800 of with sale brings it to $3400. What is there to think about? You are only out $200 (shipping) and you have unlimited latex core switch outs. I guess Arizona Premium is good too from what I have read. Im not a fan of latex personally, but it works for others.

The Purple beds are a poor man's version of the Intellibeds. Purple 4 did not work for me, but you should check it out for yourself. The buckling gel columns seems great for side sleepers. Recommendation ? Purple Hybrid 3 or Purple Hybrid (2). Im not a fan of technology anymore, but you might like it. Just because I (or anyone else) like it or hate it...ignore that. Try it yourself. Im a back sleeper.

I love Tempurpedic myself. Pro Adapt Medium, Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid, Pro Adapt Soft, Luxe Adapt Soft. I like Pro Adapt Firm and Luxe Adapt Firm myself. Some here say Tempurpedic is terrible....that may or may not be true. Try it yourself. My opinion? I feel that Tempurpedic is absolutely heavenly and so different from anything else that I have felt. The absolute best in memory foam. I visited a few mattress stores and the only brand that was carried in every store was Tempurpedic. There must be a reason. I know that consensus is often wrong, but is it wrong every time? Im a huge Tempurpedic fan.

Let me know what you get.

07 May 2022 00:38
  • BillyIdol
  • BillyIdol's Avatar
I think you need something adjustable. Dont go with Sleepnumber. What else is adjustable? Flobeds VZone!!! Plus you can return it and you are only out shipping cost. If you gain or lose weight later, you can make mattress softer or firmer. The VZone layer is adjustable. On paper, it looks like the perfect mattress.

Flobeds has a Cinco De Mayo sale that goes until May 8/9th 2022!!!! $800 off a king bed? Im in!!!

I might order a VZone myself this weekend!

The other mattress I like is Tempurpedic LuxeAdapt Firm….it feels more like a medium. Also try ProAdapt Medium/Medium Hybrid.

I tried Casper Nova Hybrid and Wave Hybrid. I didnt like it.

You also might consider Intellibed Matrix Supreme. It rated as Soft….but purportedly soft and firm at same time. You might like it. Its not for me, but try it out in store. It is a bit like Purple with the gel buckling columns.

Im trying to decide between VZone and LuxeAdapt Firm. I may order vZone 5/7/2022 or 5/8/2022!!!!

With all this…try my suggestions….but trust only yourself!!! You might hate all my suggestions and thats ok!!!! Look through the Mattress Tutorial! I agree with it.

Try to test all mattresses on the same day!

Let me know what you buy!

23 Feb 2022 19:51
  • Basilio
  • Basilio's Avatar
Hi wk5h, and welcome to The Mattress Underground.
Glad to have you :) here.

About 12 years ago, my wife and I bought a sleep number - we both liked it, and for 12 years it served us well until the foam support started breaking down.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble finding a replacement for your old mattress. It can be quite a challenge to replicate the feel of your 12-year-old mattress when it was in its’ prime. It may be useful to include some of your stats (height, weight, and sleep position(s) for you and your wife) to be able to better guide you. but generally, a split king configuration is a good way to go for sleeping partners with different comfort needs and preferences.

We went shopping at a brick and mortar store, and ended up with a split king option - I got a Purple Hybrid 4 and she got the Purple Hybrid 3. Of all the mattresses aside from the Temporpedic hybrid, this was the most comfortable we tried in the store

Unfortunately, one issue with the major mattress brands like TempurPedic is their lack of transparency in disclosing mattress specifications you need to know – construction, materials used, and the quality firmness of individual layers – which makes it difficult for consumers to make an informed decision.

About a month into it, my back was letting me know the 4 was too soft, and I was able to exchange it for a 3.
About a month after that, my wife and I are both now waking up to lower back pain. Nothing debilitating - just what she describes as "tender" in the lower back, and it hangs with us both in the morning for a couple of hours.

Purple is using a layer of buckling column gel while it is a quality and durable material and some people may do well with … instead of getting firmer when you compress it more deeply like all other foam materials ... buckling columns start off firmer when it's not compressed and the gets softer when the columns buckle under pressure.
If you are interested to see why you may have gotten off the track with selecting this mattress you can see is more info from Phoenix articles about buckling column gel in this article and in post #2 here and a forum search on " buckling column gel " will bring up more comments and feedback about it.

We're reaching the end of our 120 day trial with the store - and I'm wondering which way and where to go?

In your search for a new mattress it would greatly benefit you to start off with a few basics and take a look at the mattress specifications you need to know to compare the quality of materials and components to the mattress durability guidelines here . Also, we have a Mattress Shopping Tutorial you can find information to help in your approach to finding the best mattress for both you and your wife. You definitely have the right idea, as the most successful way to find the right mattress is to do some in-person testing locally.

I've seen some decent review so the Ghost beds, and the Saatva Loom & Leaf - but another part of me is wondering if we should't just go back to a sleep number bed since we had one and liked it for the time we did?

I took a look at the Saatva Loom and Leaf; as, they are not transparent in the materials used in the layers and they have over 4” of memory foam, While I can't speak to whether any of the mattresses you selected would be a good "match" for you in terms of comfort, firmness, and PPP ... I would be cautious about Saatva’s 12" Loom & Leaf as they tend to use some lower-quality materials than I would normally suggest in the durability guidelines. Saatva does not disclose to me the density of the bottom two layers (see post #2 here [url]). so I would treat them both as 1.5 lb density.

I can't speak of how well, any of the GhostBed mattresses will suit you or your wife because every person is different and has their own set of needs and preferences, but[/url] Ghostbed are one of the Trusted members of the site and they have a few well-constructed hybrid mattresses; the Ghostbed 3D Matrix does have dual comfort by use of sensors and a smartphone app which may help if you and your wife have very different preferences, which resembles the comfort control you had with the Sleep Number bed. If you are considering this bed I’d make sure that you are taking into account that there is a gap between the two separate units.

Hope this helps,
27 Jan 2022 18:29
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi breamefford.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :)

. My husband & I thought we had picked a great mattress, it's a new brand from Intellibed called Gelee and after 45 days of trying to "break it in" we can't take it anymore. It's nothing like what we laid on in the store. It feels like a plank, with a tiny bit of foam around it. So, in an attempt to not waste $4k we spent, we have to trade and are now limited with a few mattress companies to choose from: Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Serta and a handful of Therapedic mattresses

I am sorry to hear about the 40 nights of “sleeping on a plank” experience on the IntelliBed Glee. You’d certainly need to do a bit of damage control with some creative solutions to make the best of this odd predicament.

The Buckling Column Gel in your IntelliBed is certainly an interesting material but like any material, some people will do well with it and some won't. The thing that's most unusual about it is that it has what could be called a negative compression modulus. Compression modulus is the rate that a foam becomes firmer with deeper compression. The equivalent with a spring is called the spring rate. With buckling column gel instead of getting firmer when you compress it more deeply like foam materials ... it starts off firmer when it's not compressed and gets softer when the columns buckle under pressure.

I don’t know for how long they had the Glee you tested in their showroom but judging by the bed’s release date I am guessing that it would be around one year. It may be that the gel columns do soften a bit with use, temperature, and other factors so you may want to ask them some questions about that. If you still like the Glee in the showroom you can ask if they are willing to trade the floor model for your bed, otherwise, you are certainly limited in your options.

Major brands such as Sealy/Stearns & Foster, Simmons, and Serta and the major retailers that focus on them are generally among the least transparent in the industry and they all tend to use lower-quality materials in their mattresses than most of their smaller competitors. See some simple Q &A in Post #3 and Post #12 about Major Mattress Brands and some more “buzz” about marketing stories & major mattress brands ).

Therapedic, like most mattress manufacturers, has agreements with different licensees throughout the country to produce their mattresses, and they offer hundreds of different models. While Therapedic does have some consolidated “national” lines, they also allow some flexibility for their local licensees to produce products of their own unique specifications to meet demands in their particular region. This is why any information you’d want to acquire should come from your local retailer, and this is why there is no grouping of products based on price (pricing is dictated by the retailer and won’t tell you anything about the mattress or quality of materials used within).

At this point, pretty much every mattress I lay on in store feels incredibly soft and great. I really don't know how to pick. We do prefer a more medium feel. My biggest concern is durability and the mattress not sagging. I don't want sagging spots in the bed after a couple of years.

You are quite right, and that is certainly the place to start. I’d make sure that for any mattress that you are considering you find out the information listed here so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the durability guidelines here to make sure there are no lower quality materials or weak links in a mattress that would be a cause for concern relative to the durability and useful life of a mattress before even trying the bed or making a trade. Even though you may end up trading for a lower price bed, it is worth getting good nights of sleep.

Next, once you have a reasonable pool of beds that meet the durability guidelines you’d need to carefully test them for alignment and comfort to make sure they meet your preferences. While nothing has a 100% success rate ... with a local purchase for the majority of people ... careful testing using the guidelines in the mattress shopping tutorial here (rather than just testing for the more subjective "comfort" of a mattress (which often won't predict how well you will sleep on a mattress or how it will "feel" when you sleep on it at home) and some good guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced retailer or manufacturer will usually result in a mattress choice that is well inside a suitable comfort/support range and will generally be "close enough" so that if any fine-tuning is necessary it would be relatively minor and involve different mattress pads, sheets, mattress protectors, or perhaps even a topper if a mattress is too firm (see post #4 here and post #10 here ).

I’d be interested to learn about your further experience and what you find out from the retailer.
25 Nov 2021 18:26
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi Stephil3.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

I am very sorry to hear of the pain you're experiencing on your mattress. I agree that a split king is likely going to be a great option for you. This will reduce almost all of the motion transfer since you'll have a literal split in the comfort (and potentially the support) layer.

For sleeping cool, our recommendation is generally latex. This is the coolest of all the foams as it does not "collapse" under your body heat like a memory or polyfoam (which causes that over-heating, stuck in the sand feeling).

I would not recommend the Purple Hybrid as there have been quite a number of complaints here in the forum about the Purple causing shoulder pain, and while basing ones purchase on another person's review is something we generally recommend against, the buckling column gel that is used in the Purple mattress is really only for people with extreme support needs. While I cannot speak for certain, I would wager that this mattress could be problematic.

What I love about Sleep EZ is that you can actually plug your sleeping statistics right into their handy tool by clicking "build your mattress now!" on the mattress page and it will give you a suggested build for your height, weight and sleeping position (and yes, "toss and turner" is even an option). They allow for splits beginning at queen sized.

I'm not familiar with Parachute Bed! Avocado has some really wonderful options, as well, but I think they won't split anything that isn't a Cal King.

Also (and you'll see me say this to just about everyone) it is important to have a detailed conversation with whomever you choose to purchase from and provide them with your stats, body type, sleeping styles, general preferences and history, some general information about your current mattress, or what you have tested, and any other specific information or circumstances that could affect your choice of a mattress so they can help you choose which may be your best fit from their inventory.

31 Oct 2021 06:22
  • Mr yabo
  • Mr yabo's Avatar
This is impressive. I did a similar build with an intellibed topper, an inch of latex underneath except I used coils underneath the latex. I find buckling column gel very comfortable in all sleep positions and it sleeps cool. Its right up there with talalay latex and zoned nano coils imo.
12 Oct 2021 08:35
  • BoardStiff
  • BoardStiff's Avatar
I've had a chance to try some different mattresses over the past few months, and this is what I've learned:
  • Bear Mattress (memory and HD foams, reportedly 1" 9 ILD / 2" 18 ILD / 5" 30 ILD): Plenty of pressure relief, but not enough support. I sag deeper than I'd like
  • Purple Mattress (buckling column gel over HD foam): Loved the pressure relief, but no support. I'd bottom out the mattress every time I sat on it.
  • SleepOnLatex "Medium" (1" wool / 4" 34 ILD Dunlop / 4" 46 ILD Dunlop): I loved the support. Mattress felt very firm and bouncy, no sagging at all. But no pressure relief either, and lying on my side, it felt like the mattress surface was "springing" me out, rather than conforming enough to let me stay on my side without falling onto my stomach or back.
  • Previous SleepOnLatex "Medium" (1" wool / 2" 20 ILD Dunlop / 6" 30 ILD Dunlop): I tried this one a year or so ago and confirmed its specs with SOL when checking on their new "Medium". I recall it offering some pressure relief but feeling insufficiently supportive.

Based on my experience with these different mattresses, I've learned that I want a very supportive mattress that won't sag under my midsection at all on my side and back (like the new SOL Medium), but with enough pressure relief to be comfortable on my shoulders and hips on my side (like the Bear or Purple). I'm going to try building my own SleepEZ mattress to achieve this, and I'm thinking a talalay comfort layer over two dunlop layers is the way to go. These are the combinations I'm leaning towards:
  1. 3" Talalay soft (19-22 ILD) / 3" Dunlop Firm (37-40 ILD) / 3" Dunlop X-Firm (44 ILD): This would be more of a differential build, something like a thick soft talalay topper over the relatively firm "medium" SOL mattress that I liked for its support. My concern with this one is that 3" of soft talalay might allow my waist/hips to sag down more than I'd like.
  2. 2" Talalay soft (19-22 ILD) / 3" Dunlop Medium (30-32 ILD) / 3" Dunlop X-Firm (44 ILD): This would be more of a progressive build, with less soft talalay for my midsection to sink through, but hopefully enough pressure point relief, with the comfort layer borrowing a bit from the top of the middle medium layer. My concern with this one is that the medium layer might compromise the strong spine-aligning support that I'm looking for.

SleepEZ looks like it has good policies for exchaning a layer, so with option #1, I could exchange for a thinner top layer if I'm sinking too much, or a softer middle layer if it's not pressure relieving enough. With the second option, I could go softer with a thicker top layer or more supportive with a firmer middle layer.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on which option is more likely to achieve what I'm looking for from the start, or if neceesary, with a single layer exchange.


09 Sep 2021 18:09
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi needsleep_

Welcome back and thank you for your report.

It is somewhat alarming to hear that your Berkeley mattress is sagging in such a short amount of time, and that the sagging continued with a layer replacement. This suggests that other issues may be at play and I'd recommend working to determine what's causing this sagging in these mattresses in a short amount of time prior to making a new purchase.

When you discovered the sagging, did you troubleshoot with or investigate the bed frame at all? Would you mind sharing what kind of frame you use and if it is slatted, solid and/or has a center support beam?

Do you happen to still have the Berkeley or any of the other mattresses that have sagged in a short period of time? If so, there is some testing you can do by placing the mattress on the floor.

If you're willing to share yours and your husband's BMIs, this could also be a useful data point for figuring out what may be occurring with the latex.

As for the Purple, the comfort layer is made of buckling column gel which stays firm until a threshold is reached, as which point the columns collapse. You can learn more in this article .

I look forward to your reply.
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