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Searched for: bed boss
04 Aug 2022 02:08
  • BillyIdol
  • BillyIdol's Avatar

Ive been reading a lot about mattresses lately. When I first heard about the prices of Hastens and VISpring, I felt that they were not worth it. But I might be changing my tune on that! It is really amazing how quickly you can get to the 8-10k price mark at Macys. Is it really that crazy to think that a great mattress would cost $15k? I know the Hastens 2000T is $40k plus. I spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. Why not be comfortable?
Why have a backache? Why not wake up refreshed? Why not have a bed that promotes good posture? A great mattress is critical to good health. I will not be cheap with my health. If I can get a great mattress for less than $15k…..thats great!!! But I wont count out Hastens and ViSpring and Duxiana simply because they are expensive. Sometimes expensive is well worth it. My health it worth it. Id rather spend $40k on a mattress that benefits my health daily over a $40k sports car that breaks down all the time and I never drive.

I have not laid down on a Hastens or ViSpring or Savoir Bed. Why? Because I like it. Then if I like it….I might buy it. Im trying to line up my luxury mattress test list now. Id try them all in 1 day. Plus I would test my 2-3 favorites a few times.

Im not impressed by the “luxury” or “premium”. My name embossed in gold letters on mattress doesnt make the mattress better. Having the name of the craftsman that built the mattress doesnt help me either. Im quite practical.

While I might be looking at “luxury mattresses”, I will not look at price tags at all. I am not fancy. If a lower priced mattress is better than a higher priced mattress, that is ok. I wont pay attention to the brand either. I will only pay attention to PPP. Thanks TMU!!!! Preference and pressure relief are fairly simple to decipher. The hard one to determine is Posture or Alignment. Im hoping these luxury mattresses will have great Posture. I will only pay attention to the mattress and how it feels in relation to PPP. Im 5ft 11in, 225 pounds, 90% back sleeper, 10% side sleeper.

I was very curious to find that “The Sleep Doctor” Dr Michael Breus slept on a Hastens bed before he joined Hastens in 2020. Will that influence my choice? Nope! But I did enjoy reading his experience with Hastens online.

I will be making a run to check out Hastens, VISpring, Harrison Spinks, Obasan, Duxiana, Kluft, Aireloom, and more. I am a Tempurpediic fan boy, but these new mattresses might change my mind!!! I will post more here once I do. I might hate them all or love them all!

Are there any mattresses that give the Hastens or VISpring feel for a more reasonable price?

10 Sep 2021 18:54
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi MarinaraBoss.

If it's true that the WinkBed is too firm, a topper may be an adequate solution to get you the comfort and support you need. To me, it sounds like you're not sinking deeply enough into the mattress layers. As a combo sleeper, it is usually wise to choose a comfort layer that is a little thinner than your "deepest” sleeping position would normally require (typically side sleeping) and then choose a support layer underneath that helps you to sink in a little extra when you need it. A middle layer or "transition layer" can be especially useful for those who sleep in multiple positions and it can help you to sink in enough to help with pressure relief and also help keep you from sinking down too far and causing back issues. Innerspring designs that are more conforming like pocket coils or offset coils or different foams that are softer on top and become firmer faster when they are compressed (such as latex) also make very good choices here.

I would suggest trying to troubleshoot with a 2" topper to see if any of your pressure points are relieved. There is an excellent post about toppers, including a few posts that it links to, in post #2 here .

09 Sep 2021 18:34
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi MarinaraBoss.

I think you'll find those resources useful in some self diagnosis of your pain. Based on your BMI and what little I know about the Saatva and Wink Bed you've been sleeping on, it sounds like the mattresses are a bit too firm for your sleeping profile.

Are you a side sleeper?
16 Jun 2021 07:30
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey ConfusedParent,

Thanks for your question :) .

If you go on amazon.ca and look for a latex mattress you will likely find this:
In the description it says Brand: Naturelle, over on the right it says:
LatexGreen Canada
Down below it has a phone number in the description: (905) 302 8810
If you google this company name you can't find anything about it.
If you google the phone number you get two companies:
1) www.bossbeds.ca
2) www.naturelleorganicbeds.ca/
If you call Naturelle's sales department and ask questions (e.g. what is the ILD) about the mattress on amazon they tell you that this mattress is sold by someone else, not them, not Naturelle.

Thanks for including the Amazon.ca link that you have concerns about, ConfusedParent. After some researching, it appears that LatexGreen Canada is an Amazon selling partner/ third party reseller, I used Amazon's "Contact this seller" and was introduced to their Chatbot. Using Naturelle Organic Beds' site, I also see the number (905) 302-8810 is Naturelle's Customer Service Number. I called the number and spoke with a terrific customer service pro for awhile, Naturelle has a "Become a Dealer/ Reseller" program available, and offers slightly different models in those programs for creating differentiated products. He did verify that LatexGreen Canada is a participating Amazon reseller but he also answered all of the product questions that I asked. BTW, for Naturalle's medium firmness Dunlop latex (they only use Dunlop process latex) is rated D75.

Why then is their phone number and name listed on the listing?

Why does the mattress industry have to be so full of so much sketchiness, why does it alway feel like a shakedown no matter how hard you dig into this?

That's a good question for LatexGreen Canada. They may have an agreement with Naturalle Organic Beds where their customer service should be answering product questions rather than the reseller, but that is just a guess. I found Naturalle Organic to be most helpful when I called earlier but unfortunately it seems that you didn't have the same experience. When dealing with Amazon Resellers vs. the original manufacturer, there are often important differences in how exchanges and returns are processed, so you will want a clear understanding of those, as well as warranty coverage, before deciding who to work with. LatexGreen Canada operates using Amazon Ca.'s Mattress Return Policy :

• Unopened mattresses in original packaging are returnable via our Returns Centre.
• Unboxed, expanded, and full-size mattresses are not returnable to Amazon. If you're not satisfied with the quality of product, we will issue you a full refund within 30 days of receipt of shipment.
• Contact the manufacturer directly for product registration and warranty-related information.

In this instance, this particular scenario doesn't appear "sketchy" but did take some digging to get answers. I did not attempt contact with LatexGreen Canada; did you reach out to them with your questions via Amazon's site? I did notice from your more recent post that you seem to be moving in a different direction with a different vendor. Any updates on your new 6" base research?

11 Jun 2021 15:45
  • ConfusedParent
  • ConfusedParent's Avatar
If you go on amazon.ca and look for a latex mattress you will likely find this:
In the description it says Brand: Naturelle, over on the right it says:
LatexGreen Canada
Down below it has a phone number in the description: (905) 302 8810
If you google this company name you can't find anything about it.
If you google the phone number you get two companies:
1) www.bossbeds.ca
2) www.naturelleorganicbeds.ca/
If you call Naturelle's sales department and ask questions (e.g. what is the ILD) about the mattress on amazon they tell you that this mattress is sold by someone else, not them, not Naturelle.

Why then is their phone number and name listed on the listing?

Why does the mattress industry have to be so full of so much sketchiness, why does it alway feel like a shakedown no matter how hard you dig into this?

21 Jul 2019 19:26
  • Aus10sntx
  • Aus10sntx's Avatar
Thanks for writing me back Phoenix! Appreciate your kind words. Can't complain too much b/c I'm alive! Just want a mattress to help heal. Since my post I've done a bit more research.

Yes, it is always advisable to ask for the density / ILD information, so one can determine if the specifications have the right durability required.

I'll be reaching out to them for sure, but I did get a chance to visit Texas Mattress Makers - I drove out to Houston last Sunday. While I wish it was really worth the drive..I didn't find "THE mattress" and was underwhelmed by the one mattress I landed on there. I wanted a hybrid coil w/latex. The pricing was in line w/what Cantwell had quoted, however.
    -1" foam
    -2" 21 ILD copper infused latex
    -2" 24 ILD graphite infused latex
    -1" transition
    -8" micro coil
    -2" base layer
Ultimately this mattress didn't wow me and it felt a bit too firm for me particularly.

I also visited Denver Mattress locally and tried out their brand, which I happened to like the most. It was between a layered memory foam+coil OR a latex+coil. Finally when my husband tried them out this past weekend, surprisingly to me he didn't like the latex (even though we have all latex right now). Also surprisingly out of all mattresses he tried, he liked the exact same memory foam+coil.
Could you see any weak links in this mattress? $1200
Quilt Layers:
-knit ticking
-1" anti-microbial Super soft EF form
-1 1/2" Anti-Microbial 1.8lb High Density EF Convoluted Foam
-Rayon Fire Barrier

Comfort Layers:
-2" 4lb Gel/Visco Memory Foam
-1" 2lb High density luxury plush EF Foam
-1 Flex Net Insulator

Support System:

-BOSS (Balanced Orthopedic Sleep System)
-750 alternating checkboard coils for queen (we'd have more with king)
-14.5 gauge twice tempered steel

I think this seems to be a good solid choice based on what I've read on your site. My hesitation is that I did read that folks have complained about durability with Denver mattress and seeing impressions sooner than expected. I also wasn't 100% in love with the mattress. It felt really good to both of us but I felt so much better on the mattress in San Antonio, I just know my husband doesn't want to spend $3k.
I'd rather us start with a mattress from an online company that we can try out and then return if we don't like it.

I was about to order the Saatva as I figured we could try this out, Sleep Like the Dead gave it the top pick based on my questionnaire and overall good scoring - www.sleeplikethedead.com/mattress-reviews-saatva.html
But then I did read a lot of the comments/reviews on your page and once again, hesitated to pull the trigger.
I did like that it was a coil on coil, DID NOT come wrapped up in a box (I do have to wonder how this impacts the mattress w/coils being tightly boxed up for shipping), and the lumbar support enhancement in the bed as that's what has been hurting me a lot.

I'm ultimately thinking purchasing online would be the best option at this point, trying out a mattress based on the materials and what we've tested out so far, and go with a company that allows returns.

Could you help advise to any other companies you think may be a solid option? Definitely want a coil hybrid. Looking at:

Winkbeds - $1799
Like the coil on coil, and the heat dispersing technology
based on your previous post, the 2" 1.5lb poly foam concerns me as my husband is 220lbs
I have not found the rest of the densities and size of layers.

- $1599
Originally looked at latex hybrid, but now considering Signature Hybrid. Do like the ability to have one side firmer than the other.
    -.25" 4 lb. Gel Infused Memory Foam & Super Soft Quilted Thermic Phase Change Fabric
    -3" 3.5 lb. Medium TitanChill Endurance Foam®
    -1" 3 lb. SmartFlow Support Foam
    -8" Quantum Edge Pocketed Support Coils
    -1" 3 lb. Base Support Foam

Ghostbed Flex Hybrid $1785
I do like the cooling aspect of this for my husband. That's why I was leaning towards latex initially.
Do you know the densities of this bed? Any weak links? Concerns about it being rolled and shipped in a box?
    -Cooling Cover
    -1” of Cooling Fiber
    -1” of Gel Memory Foam
    -1" Gel Memory Foam
    -1” gel-infused Memory Foam -absorbs and dissipates body heat as fresh air passes through the foam.
    -1” Ghost Flex Soft Transition Foam
    -soft transition foam
    -8.5" Individually Wrapped & Reinforced Support Coils — Additionally, the coils near the edge of GhostBed Flex are specially reinforced for better support — so you can sit on the edge of your bed without sliding off.
    -1" High Density Support Foam

Thank you in advance for any help you have!
19 Oct 2018 11:12
  • cjjones
  • cjjones's Avatar
I just was closing my email and discovered bedboss had replied. They stated they could not give me the details bc of legal reasons. I emailed back that I did not need to know specifics but just if any model had over 1.8lb base w/ over 4lb memory foam. Im sure they will not give me that info but I just wanted to try. So not sure if what I found from other posters stats is correct anymore. maybe they changed their mattress.
19 Oct 2018 10:53
  • cjjones
  • cjjones's Avatar
I had a somewhat unexpected change of situation since I posted on the other thread concerning tempurpedics and christeli. I know longer need a king so it opens up my prices a bit. I also only have to consider my weight which is 120 to hopefully 130 in the future. So after realizing that the christeli was 3lbs and a bed in box, I have opened my mind to other online dealers and maybe even latex. I have a friend who bought a bed boss bed locally. im aware of the needed caution w/ that brand and have emailed them about densities included the density of the base. I saw lots of info online and here about the memory foam density but not sure if it is old info so I want to make sure.

I saw this post.. SleepEZ has several options here
Arizona Premium Mattress has some options here and here and here
Luma Sleep has a Talalay/Innerspring mattress here
Flexus has a dual sided and dual firmness latex mattress here .
My Green Mattress has an all latex and a latex/pocket coil hybrid here
Sleep On Latex has two latex mattresses here .
Sedona Sleep has a two piece polyfoam/Talalay latex base mattress/topper combination here
Latex Mattress Factory has a 7" latex mattress here ..

I was wondering if one, if anyone has found any of the mattress in a physical store or if anyone knows of a store that carries something similar so that I might try the latex feel. I see lots of online memory foam and latex mattress but its all becoming overwhelming. I still have the option of the things I mentioned in the other thread but I really don't want a king now and that's what was available at the time. There is a floor model temp that I might consider but I would rather spend less or at least have money back or exchange option.

if anyone has any direction for me for my weight and just as reference I like the feel of the cloud elite softness, but maybe the cloud supreme. i don't know if that would benefit anyone giving me ideas on latex bc of the different feel but just putting it out there. im not set on latex or memory foam.
09 Apr 2018 15:43
  • Parklane
  • Parklane's Avatar
Thanks for posting your question on The Mattress Underground site. I will try and address your questions with general knowledge of the industry; I am not completely familiar with all that Denver Mattress uses in their beds.

1). On the Doctors Choice Elite Firm, is there a problem with the 1" Anti-Microbial Super Soft EF Foam in the quilt layer? They don't state the density here. It's only 1", so it seems to be not a big deal, but I also believe I've read that Eggshell Foam is not a good material for durability? Is EF foam a lower grade foam to be worried about?

They say their top panel is made up using the following:

Quilt Layers:
Double Knit Ticking
1 1/2" of 1.8lb Density Convoluted EF Foam
1" EF Foam
Natural Rayon Fire Barrier

Their 1 1/2" of 1.8 Density quilt foam is a good product....right up until they convolute it. That takes away from the integrity and the quality. You will see that as you go up in price with the three models you have asked about, they no longer contain convoluted foam.
EF Foam is Earth Friendly foam from Denver Mattress. That means that their foam manufacturer use a natural oil that displaces a portion of the Polyol in the formulation. It plays to their marketing more than their quality. They didn't tell us the firmness of this foam.
The quilt pattern is a large continuous pattern that lends itself to firmer mattresses.

Their Comfort layers State:
Comfort Layers:

2 1/2" of 1.8lb Density Convoluted EF Foam

Again they don't tell us the firmness of the foam and they have convoluted what is there, challenging the long term integrity of the foam.
The Marshall Coil support springs have the 14.5 gauge wires which are a medium firm individual pocketed coil spring.

The next mattress Uses their B.O.S.S.® (Balanced Orthopedic Sleep System) Spring; and I have to say there is not a lot of material online about this spring. We do know it is a pocketed coil because the springs are individually wrapped, and this will be similar in feel to the Madison due to the gauge of wire used. The difference is the "Checkerboard" configuration of the springs. Does that mean they are alternating? I'm not really sure. I think a call to Denver Mattress will provide the needed explanation.
The quilt layers:
Quilt layers:

Luxurious Knit Ticking
1" Anti-Microbial Super Soft EF Foam
1/2" Anti-Microbial 1.8lb High Density EF Foam
Inherent Rayon Fire Barrier

The Super Soft foam will be comfortable, but they don't tell the density. This layering seems okay for a firm mattress.
Comfort Layers:

1" 4lb Gel/Visco Memory Foam
1" 2lb High Density Luxury Firm EF Foam

Having 1" of the 4 lb Gel and 2 pound firm EF foam seems good for this bed. The Gel will add softness, and if they are using over a 50 IFD on the EF foam, it will provide good support, however they don't tell us that.
You notice that there is no convoluted foam in this mattress; in fact, there is not a lot of foam at all in this mattress.

The final mattress you mention is the Richmond - also the most expensive.
Comfort Layers:
3" 2.5lb Serene ™ Comfort Foam

This is a patented foam from Carpenter. I don't have direct experience with this foam, but 3" of any type of memory foam is too thick in my opinion.
They put this on top of their B.O.S.S.® (Balanced Orthopedic Sleep System) Spring and then put it all on 4" of 1.8 pound base foam with some sort of strategic cut outs for air flow. Again, not a lot online showing this configuration, but something a phone call or visit to Denver Mattress can explain.

Finally, you say

(from online google search) The Boss system (Balanced Orthopaedic Spring System) provides 7 zone support, helps assist in body alignment as you sleep and minimises partner disturbance by reducing sideways movement giving you a more restful night's sleep.

However, that is the definition of the Australian company Sleepyhead. They call their BOSS spring system - Balanced Orthopaedic Spring System
The Sleepyhead spring is an offset coil system, and Denver Mattress says theirs is an individually wrapped Marshall Coil spring. So I am not confident these are the same springs.

I hope this helps you when reviewing the three mattresses. The best thing is to actually go into a showroom and let the RSA fit you to a bed that you find comfortable and supportive. If you are not near a Denver Mattress showroom, then a conversation over the phone and they can hopefully send you pictures of their spring system, their Engineered Articulating Cuts and provide IFD's for the foam they are using.
Debbie Lewis
18 Jan 2018 05:15
  • alevinemi
  • alevinemi's Avatar
OK - I've done research here on Mattress Underground, Sleep Like the Dead, and Consumer Reports.

I've got a list of places I want to check-out from that research, but I can't spend a lot of time going out and shopping (have autistic child that makes going out with wife to shop very difficult - we have to shop separately, and communicate later). Because of this, an online vendor is attractive, but that also of course means I don't get to see or lie on the mattress before buying it, which I don't like.

I know that I want a king size mattress, either all-latex or innerspring/latex hybrid. I don't want an air mattress that can break like a machine, and I don't like memory foam because it's terrible for the non-sleeping activities you may do on a bed.

We are a obese couple in our 40s, who are out of shape (high BMI), and we are both side sleepers. We're willing to grudgingly spend $3,000 for a mattress, but if we can get a durable one we can sleep on for less, we would love to spend less.

Here's the too-long shortlist of suppliers that I have:
(Online Vendors)
(Local Vendors)
03 Oct 2017 09:01
  • takesh1k0vacs
  • takesh1k0vacs's Avatar
Hi Phoenix,

Thanks boss for your gratuitously informative and awesome site!

Here in Hong Kong we have brands like Airland, Seahorse, Emma's or De Rucci. Not sure if you guys have heard of those, they are overpriced, have opaque specs as well as pushy salespeople. This is a totally different market.

What do you think of the TITANFLEX™ FOAM as opposed to more traditional latex comfort layers? Could humidity play a factor in durability of these beds and should there be ways of alleviating it?
12 Aug 2017 11:47
  • Ari
  • Ari's Avatar
I decided to reach out to mattress hub instead since the boss did develop this bed and they sell it in their stores and it has been confirmed the densities and the certipur certification(Diamond mattress) .
25 Jun 2017 10:25
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi dharmlost,

We ended up with a MLILY Bliss mattress, We found one that was within our immediate budget, was comfortable, and had some decent reviews online. I didn't see much about the particular brand/mattress here, so I'm second guessing myself. But the mattress was very comfortable.

mLily uses foams that are made by Health Care Foam ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint: certipur.us/pages/for-industry/find-a-foam-supplier/hk-foam/
in China (the same source as BedBoss, Easy Rest, and several other memory foam mattresses) which are CertiPur certified for harmful substances and VOC's and as long as you can confirm the quality of all the materials in the mattress from your retailer (see this article ) some of their mattresses can be reasonably good quality/value options.

They are also generally transparent about the quality of the foams they use so that their customers can identify any weak links and make meaningful quality and value comparisons with other mattresses (although this may vary from retailer to retailer and their willingness to call their distributor and find out the information you need).

Overall I would say these are among the "better" Chinese manufacturers although there will always be some additional uncertainty and risk involved with buying a mattress that uses Chinese foams and that may have been compressed for longer periods of time (see post #2 here and post #6 here ).

Any specific mattress is only as good as the quality of its construction and materials regardless of the brand, so it's important to make sure that you have a list of all the layers in your mattress that includes the thickness of all the layers and the foam density of any memory foam and polyfoam in the mattress before considering any mattress purchase (see this article ). The specs for this mattress were listed on the forum in 2013 here , but some of that information was inaccurate so at that time it did cause me some concern regarding the accuracy of the remained of the specifications. And of course, those older specifications have no bearing on what the foam densities might be in the new mattress you purchased.

Regarding online reviews, they are one of the least reliable ways to select a mattress. You are the only one that can feel what you feel on a mattress and I would be cautious about using anyone else's suggestions, experiences or reviews on a specific mattress (either positive or negative) or review sites in general as a reliable source of information or guidance about how you will feel on the same mattress or how suitable or how durable a mattress may be for you. In many if not most cases they can be more misleading than helpful because a mattress that would be a perfect choice for one person or even a larger group of people in terms of comfort, firmness, and PPP may be completely unsuitable for someone else to sleep on (even if they are in a similar weight range). In other words ... reviews or other people's experiences in general won't tell you much if anything about the suitability, quality, durability, or "value" of a mattress for any particular person (see post #13 here ).

Regardless, congratulations on your new mattress! :cheer: I hope it serves you well, and I hope you’ll take the time to comment back later once you’ve had a chance to sleep upon your mattress for a while.

12 Jun 2017 15:29
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi RahulBosse,

Thank you Phoenix. I called Mario and looks like only the core foam is replaced, it has all the layers as same as the original. So I pulled the trigger.

Congratulations on your new MFC mattress purchase! :cheer: I'm glad that you took the time to phone and receive complete specifications on the product before placing your order.

I'll look forward to your comments once you've had your new mattress for a while.

12 Jun 2017 11:28
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi RahulBosse,

I am finalizing to buy Presto mattress from MFC. But MFC owner Mario suggested that I should have HR foam core instead of HD foam core, because I have an adjustable base.

I’m guessing that with the power foundation they’ve found that people are better serviced with this thicker, higher density polyfoam core in both flexibility and durability.

It would be very much valuable for me, if you shed some light on this, is 6” 2.5 lb HR foam (33 ild) better option than the combination of 2” 3 lb HR foam(30 ild) and 4” 2 lb HD foam(40 ild) for the cost of upgrade?

The best resource for this would be Memory Foam Comfort. They have the experience and knowledge to know how their products perform in certain situations (like in an adjustable bed circumstance) and the suggestions they make are ones that they honestly think will result in the best comfort and performance for their customers. In this case, the overall net effect is more high density material, in one solid piece, but the more appropriate way to look at things is the applicability of the componentry for the situation.

I would suggest that you phone Mario with your specific questions. You can confirm the entire configuration, and also at that time I’m sure he’d be happy to explain the reasoning for his suggestion. I’m guessing it will have to do with the appropriateness of having a bit more substantial polyfoam core to put up with the demands and specific weight concentrations placed upon this mattress when used in a power bed configuration. You’re of course always welcome to choose whatever configuration you prefer, but in situations like this I would tend to strongly consider the advice of the manufacturer.

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