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Searched for: Savvy Rest
11 Jul 2022 16:03
  • eoren
  • eoren's Avatar
Thanks for the replies

To update, I was able to figure out the exact components of the current mattress:
Talalay Global Latex foam in that mattress:
top layer 3” celsion Talalay 14ILD
transition layer 3”Talalay 24ILD
Core layer 6” Talalay 36ILD
Rayon Fire Barrier
Polyester cover

We also had a Casper topper that we purchased in 2019. From YouTube videos at the time, it looks like it had a 1" memory foam and a 'infused' latex foam middle then some soft top.

We went to check out a local store that had Savvy Rest mattresses and found all 4 (two splits with different density makeups) to feel too 'thin' for lack of a better term at only 9"

We also removed the Casper topper off of ours and I remembered why I had it on - would get a 'dead' left shoulder that woke me during the night (and I fall asleep on my right side). Wife tossed and turned. This continued on night 2.

So now thinking will need to get a minimum of 4 layers and looking more at SleepEZ. Wondering if I need to go with a
Soft Talalay
Soft Dunlop
Medium Dunlop
Medium Dunlop

Also trying to decide timing of moving to the adjustable bed (Leggett and Platt Comfort Elite) as we likely won't agree on a sleep setting but could at least see what the adjustments offer on the current 12" latex mattress before deciding on twin XLs.

Any suggestions based on the updated info?
11 Jul 2022 10:17
  • BurnedButOptimistic
  • BurnedButOptimistic's Avatar
Hey Pheonix (and LMF),

Over the last few months I developed some pretty irritating back pain when I woke up that continued on to back spasms requiring to get up and stretch in the middle of the night >50% of the time. When it started, I was sleeping on a Beauty Rest BR800 Medium that was right around 2 years old. The mattress had already developed a "divot" where I usually slept, to which I attributed my problems. Fool that I was, I figured a mattress topper would fill in the deadspace, and bought a Saatva 3" graphite-infused-memory-foam mattress topper, which predictably did very little for me (if not made things worse). At the time, I was very uneducated in the world of mattresses.

Then, realizing I needed more research, I took to the internet and after wading through marketing scheme after marketing scheme, came to a few reddit posts that pointed me in the direction of this website. Being impatient and desperate, I found a redditor who said (more or less) "yeah yeah yeah... but here are a couple brands you can trust", leading me to purchase a Bear Hybrid mattress a couple weeks ago. Since getting the new mattress, the pain has NOT improved, and has likely gotten worse. I still have my old Beauty Rest mattress and Bear has been very kind and is likely to allow an early return given that the mattress is too soft. Post hoc pictures confirm that my hips sink in too deep relative to my shoulders both on my side and on my back (also true to a lesser extent of my Beauty Rest)

Now I hope I've learned my lesson. I've done hours and hours of research on this website and in some mattress stores. I've come to the conclusion that latex is probably going to be the way to go and I'm on the hunt for a mattress that will let me actually sleep through the night.

More about me:
Sex: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 240# (Athletic build)
Age: Upper 20s
Back sleeper with maybe 10-20% on my side
Preferences: Honestly none

I recently went to one of the only stores that has all latex mattresses in my area and bounced around for a little while and found a build that seemed to meet the 3 P's for me (I also tried Medium-firm-firm, which was a little too firm for me, and my shoulders did not sink in as much as my hips):
1" unknown quilting/batting layer, from their advertising, looks like wool/cotton
3" Soft Dunlop (ILD:20-22, couldn't find the density)
3" Medium Dunlop (ILD: 32-35, couldn't find density)
3" Firm Dunlop (ILD 38-42, couldn't find density)

Unfortunately, I don't love Savvy Rest's price point, nor their return/layering policy, but through the recommended providers found what I think is a great match in Spindle w/ 1 inch wool batting, and 3 customizable 3" layers.
Soft Dunlop: ILD 20-23, Density: 65 (kg/m^3)
Medium Dunlop: 26-29, Density: 75
Firm Dunlop: 34-37, Density: 85

I have a few questions for all those that are so much less foolish than me:
1) Part of my problem is that VIRTUALLY ALL mattress feel great to me and have good pressure relief, while I also don't having a whole lot in the way of personal preference. The only "P" that I struggle with is posture, which I usually only find out about until 6 hours into the night when I wake up with back pain. I had my girlfriend take pictures of me and eyeball how much I'm staying aligned, but I just feel like it's an endeavor doomed to fail with each mattress I get now. Is there something I'm missing? I feel like being easy to please in the pressure and preference categories should make shopping easier, but I feel like it's hurting (figuratively and physically).
2) The ILD of the two companies' latex mattresses has some consequential discrepancies in the medium and firm range. If S-M-F worked for me for Savvy rest, should I try S-M-F with Spindle? Or S-F-F? M-M-F? Thankfully, they have a pretty good policy regarding switching out layers to find the right fit, but I just don't want to royally screw things up again.
3) Is there something else I'm missing here? I'm a little at wit's end and don't want to make yet another foolish purchase out of my desperation.
10 Jun 2022 19:56
  • Basilio
  • Basilio's Avatar
Hi rhemy1,

Do you have a suggestion for a full latex mattress no coils. I weigh 226 lbs and tend to sleep on ever side. I’m 5’ 11”

It is difficult to make any suggestions with certainty, as again a mattresses comfort and ability to provide support while you sleep is unique to you having a unique body type and needs and preferences. Thanks for providing additional stats; I will say that at a higher BMI, while you’ll need to put a special emphasis on more durable materials and constructions and probably on mattresses that are thicker have firmer comfort and support layers (firmer materials feel softer for heavier people and firmer support layers are usually important to for good alignment for higher weights). I would especially make sure you read Post #2 here that has some generic guidelines for different body types and sleeping positions and post #14 here has more about the benefits of thicker comfort layers and thicker mattresses. You will likely want to look at firmer-feeling mattresses to provide enough support and prevent any misalignment in your spine or joint pain, but not that firm that it created pressure points since you are a side sleeper. This is to say that I would definitely run all of this summarized info by the retailer/manufacturer themselves as they are the best to know how their mattresses and designs work with different body types, weights, and sleeping positions. Which is why it is so important to speak with someone knowledgeable rather than be given a “script response” from a sales rep that has little to no experience with how the mattress works.

Since it sounds like you are leaning towards an all latex mattress, some options from TMU trusted members list would include a DIY mattress construction under the direct supervision of a trusted member such as DIY Mattress , who allow you to create your own customized mattress, they have 2” and 3” layers of both Dunlop(this a denser, firmer latex with a ‘bouncy’ feel) and Talalay (A softer more responsive feel in case you like that better) of various firmness levels, allowing you to use for example, a Talalay layer at the top for comfort, with Dunlop below to provide support. By providing them your stats and sleeping preferences they can create a layered latex mattress which you can place on a base like a platform or adjustable bed frame.

Member Latex Mattress Factory specializes in mattresses for plus sized people and are extremely skilled in guiding consumers to good fit mattress on the DIY construction model, I would go for something with 10” of more of firmer natural latex mattress. (On the call I would make sure to mention the base model construction that you tested in the shop and liked) so that they get a better sense I’d start with these two and then see what other similar options you can find from other members that best fit your personal criteria (price, returns, warranties, and all else that is important to you) such as Flexus Comfort and CozyPure , who likewise offer all-latex mattresses. I have included a list below of all the trusted members who offer all-latex mattresses:
Arizona Premium Arizona SleepEZ Bay Bed & Mattress BioSleep Concept CBH Wood Furniture CozyPure DIY Mattress DIY Natural Bedding Dormio Organic Beds Flexus Comfort Mattress FloBeds Foam Sweet Foam Fox Mattress Gardner Mattress GhostBed Latex Mattress Factory Luma Sleep Mattress Makers Mattress To Go MFC My Green Mattress Nest Bedding Oklahoma Mattress Company Richmond Bedding Shepherd’s Dream Shovlin Mattress Factory Sleeping Organic Spindle Mattress Texas Mattress Makers The Beloit Mattress Company The Mattress Factory
It’s good to see that you started by eliminating the worst contenders then deciding the basics – the feel and firmness you want in a mattress, what materials or options you do or don’t want (like ‘no coils’) You are on the good track. Let us know how far you go and we’ll be happy to make additional comments on any of the mattresses you are considering.

07 May 2022 13:11
  • HybridQuest
  • HybridQuest's Avatar
Thanks for your thoughtful response, Phoenix.
We have been researching for quite a while. I have been reading this site and other sites. We tested several mattresses in stores, although we have only a few in our area (Central NJ). I should let you know we did place an order with Sleep EZ for the 360 Hybrid and went with their recommendations... 3" Soft Talalay for my side and 3" Medium Talalay on my husband's side. Hopefully we won't end up down that rabbit hole of trial and errors, but in case we do and need to send this mattress back I will answer some of your questions and share our experience.

We had needed a bed for guests last year and purchased a Costco Nova Form Serafina Pearl (I think in firm) for our guest room along with a new platform bed with center support and slats across. I slept on it (during a Covid scare) and found the firmness comfortable but my hips felt like they were sinking(Im only 118lbs) and my legs became uncomfortable and numb like. I found myself needing to sleep in the center of the bed for the support of the center "bar" and that didn't alleviate the problem. I also wasn't thrilled with the sinking in of the memory foam. I like to be able to reposition easily.
We need a new mattress for ourselves anyway so we decided we will move our current mattress to our guest room and get a better quality mattress for us. The new platform bed in the guest room may have been part of the problem, so i will have to take a look at how sturdy the slats are. Maybe we have to add some extra support to the platform?

At the very start of our search, with little information, we visited Shovlin Mattress. We were not happy with the older salesman, when we tried to ask questions. He quoted 3k for anything latex which was out of our price range. We tried a traditional innerspring and when my husband got on one side the other side lifted up...felt very cheap... so we left.

We went to Urban Natural in Bloomfield and met Ari, he was great. Very informative. We tried three mattresses. Berkeley Ergonomics (he called it the "Madison" model) 6 inch coils with 2 inches Talalay. The Soft side had my husband's hips sinking and the firm he said was better. I found the soft very comfortable but the springs made it feel very different...almost like a waterbed with no edge support. Naturepedic EOS "firm" coil & soft Dunlop felt good to us.. felt like what I'm used to. Naturepedic Serenade with 2 " latex felt softer than the EOS .. i think the coils may have been softer this was just ok for both of us.

At Hibernate in Bernardsville they had a Naturepedic that was way too soft for us. They had an all latex Savvy Rest that I was comfortable on a configuration of top to bottom: Med, Firm, Firm all Talalay--- the other side was Soft, Med, Firm all dunlop I thought too firm. Go figure. Also, a Harvest Green with medium Dunlop(we were told Bear mattress tried to copy the Avocado) with and without the pillowtop. Oddly the pillowtop was firmer for both of us. My husband only liked the pillowtop. I disliked that it felt like the whole bed moved on springs. I loved the feel of a bed made by OMI Organic Pedic -Lago Nouveau which was all latex and was Dunlop, but not sure of configuration ... ... but it was 7k in a Queen!

Online, we had narrowed our search to three... Luma's Natural Latex Hybrid with a 3" Talalay topper...the Nestbedding Owl and the Sleep EZ 360. I watched video reviews to try to get an idea of the "feel" of the mattresses as someone rolled around on them(lol... unscientiific... I know!
My concern on the Nest Bedding Owl was the cover had no wool, but included foam that would get indentations rather quickly and no way to replace.. . The review of Luma was described as firm and appeared so without the topper. I figured it might be good with the topper but the cover was Tencel and no wool. I couldn't find any videos of Sleep EZ mattresses, but the fact we could have different softness levels was a deciding factor and I could find no other company doing this on a hybrid in a Queen. Which was my main question in the previous post.

The shoulder and hip issues are not related to our current mattress. I have a chronic tendinitis with calcium deposits in my outer shoulder that is sore with pressure. A lesser issue is my hip which has a gluteal medius tear in my outer hip. I feel pressure in my shoulder on our current firm Stearns and Foster. Since I do sleep on my stomach about 30% of the time, I have temporarily used quilter's batting to fill in the indentation and covered with a thick mattress pad and I'm comfortable. I will have to take a look and see if i can figure out more info on it. It was a "top of the line" at time. I know it had a wool layer at the top and is a standard innerspring in Firm.
01 Apr 2022 14:45
  • Rendak23
  • Rendak23's Avatar
Hi all,

I'm trying to make an apples-to-apples comparison across DIY latex mattress options to find the best deal at the lowest price and am at a point where it would be great if I could get the eyes of some experts here on my approach to make sure it's valid. I'm a little confused as to why pricing varies as much as it does, and I'm assuming that I'm not capturing all of the features that explain the price difference.

Anyway, what I'm looking for:
- King size bed, price inclusive of a basic foundation
- 3 3” layers, set up from top to bottom as medium/soft split, medium/medium split, firm solid, all dunlop

SleepEZ has one for $2,429.00 with a 90 day trial period (minus a return fee), SavvyRest has one for close to $4,000 with no trial period, and Latex Mattress Factory has one for a little over $2,000, with a trial period that seems like it might be 30 days or 100 days (minus a return fee).

I can understand a variation of maybe a few hundred dollars between the SleepEZ and Latex Mattress Factory options, but I haven't been able to determine why the SavvyRest Serenity option is so much more expensive.

Any assistance would be appreciated. And thanks very much to this community for developing such great content. It's really helped me determine what to look for and narrow down my choices.

27 Mar 2022 06:06
  • Roscoe
  • Roscoe's Avatar
I would appreciate your help in trying to narrow down mattress choices to replace an 18-year-old latex/coils hybrid. And I’m sorry this is so long, but it’s background that I hope will help you. Things would probably be a lot easier if we lived in Tempe Arizona and could just shop in your showroom :)

I am a 50-year-old male, 6 foot, 200 pounds (recently lost 45 pounds and still another 20 pounds to go). I have a history of low back pain, periodic sciatica, was just fitted for CPAP, and recently experiencing lots of neck pain that I suspect is due to my pillow, but perhaps also complicated with our badly sagging bed.

My wife is the same age, 5‘2“, currently about 260 pounds, and suffering from persistent hip, shoulder, and occasional neck pain. She tends to be a light sleeper and hasn’t slept well in months.

Due to our varying and emerging needs and stage of life, we are pretty certain that a split king adjustable base with split king mattresses will give us the best chance at achieving our collective goals.

Here in MN we have showroom-tested purple mattresses (hybrid/2, premier 3 inch), savvy rest (all latex), harvest green (latex/coil Hybrid) avocado, nest owl, and an original mattress factory serenity latex. We have no interest in memory foam or beds that largely utilize polyfoam (for the feel, temp, and durability concerns).

After we both agreed that the purple hybrid/2 felt the best to both of us On the first night we went looking for mattresses locally (re: pressure relief and coolness) we did some reading online and became concerned with potential long-term durability/sagging issues and reported pain issues from those who used their Purple mattress for months or years. And there obviously isn’t long-term data available on the hybrid purple mattresses because they’ve only been out since 2018, I believe.

The Savvy Rest we tried yesterday (soft talalay over medium Dunlop over firm Dunlop), Avocado and Nest Owl felt decent, but my wife was aware of some shoulder and hip pressure on those, also resulting in a bit of low back pain and sciatica for me). Then we laid on the purple hybrid/2 again and it both felt really good to both of us.

Cost wise, the most expensive of all the options was savvy rest, with purple next, then avocado, and then the owl. Everything that I have looked at online from SleepEZ seems less that most of those options, and comparable to the owl.. That’s pretty amazing. I also like that lots of people here speak highly of SleepEZ, which matches my experience when calling in to ask questions this past week, and that they are involved in this site/forum.

So here are my questions:

1. Could it be that my low back and sciatica pain I am feeling (when getting In and out of show room beds) isn’t the sign of a bad new mattress, but more the result of adjusting to a more firm (proper?) support as seen in the non-purple mattresses, and perhaps the Purple is mimicking our backs’ familiar!sleeping posture in our sagging mattress we have at home?

2. If we’re thinking correctly, it would seem that the most flexible option for tweaking down the road would be a mattress line the savvy rest (i.e. SleepEZ, etc.), then the owl or other hybrid options with a swappable top layer, followed by purple and avocado I only have their sleep trial/return option.

3. We have read online that one of the drawbacks of a traditional cotton/wool mattress zip case for an all latex mattress is it’s thick top cover layer, somewhat mitigating the potential benefit from a conforming soft talalay top layer. Would you agree? That website said that they would sell a stretch knit cover (by prescription only) in order to offer the most comfortable/conforming option, but it doesn’t have fire retardant properties… which is obviously a trade-off.

4. So, my ultimate question is do you believe we might be able to configure an all latex or latex plus coil bed (with swappable parts down the road) that could provide comfort and support for both my wife that might feel as comforting as the purple hybrid/2 but with more pain relieving support down the road? And if so, what product and configuration would you recommend?
20 Feb 2022 21:36
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
H MisterDerp,

Thanks so much for the response Phoenix. Are you aware of any of the companies in Toronto able to advise me?

I do know of a number of stores providing good quality mattresses in and around Toronto; you already mentioned you are planning on visiting one of our Trusted members who are highly regarded by our subscribers, Dormio Organic Beds but as you say their organic lines, they are not inexpensive. They do have however lower budget range lineups that you may want to look at. Another Trusted Member, CBH Wood Furniture offers a very good quality/value bed system with a flippable (dual-comfort) mattress and a sleeping system that is innovative, unique, and robust that is worth checking out. They have a showroom in Toronto called Swiss Dream Beds. Also, our Trusted member Ghostbeds has a partnership with and is selling beds through Costco Canada. A few other Toronto options you may be interested in which have quality materials and products:

Factory Direct Manufacturers: non TMU members
• If you want to look at poly and memory foam options BB Bedding Manufacturers St Clair Ave West, 23 Westmore Drive Unit #4 Rexdale, ON M9V 3Y7 416-747-0968 - Factory direct manufacturer in Rexdale. He has about 25 mattresses on the floor and can custom-build most mattresses. Uses Carpenter memory foam normally 4 lbs but can order higher density on request.
Factory Mattress 1650 Bayly Street, Pickering ON 905-837-0288-Factory direct manufacturer in Pickering, ON. They carry a range of mattresses including innerspring, latex, memory foam, and polyfoam that use high-quality materials. Some of them are manufactured by themselves but they also carry some additional manufacturers such as Dreamstar and Easy Rest that would also be worth considering. A mom-and-pop manufacturer who is doing things right.
A1 Quality Furniture 30-12612 Highway 50, Bolton ON 905-857-7899-Factory direct manufacturer in Bolton. Used to be Flexopedic Mattress owned by two brothers, using quality materials. One of the brothers has retired and one is still involved with the new business which has the same phone number and they are still making similar mattresses using latex, memory foam, coils, and custom sizes.
Foamite Industries 1000Edgely Blvd Concord ON 905-66-0477- Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto. Makes a range of latex, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses.
Springmade Mattress Inc. 110 Norfinch Drive Unit 7 North York ON 416-736-9003 - Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto. Has been making mattresses for 15 years and uses quality materials. He will also custom manufacture. Has access to any foam or density a customer may wish. See this thread for more feedback about them.
Fantastic Sleep Shop 268 Rutherford Rd, South Brampton ON 905-455-0085 - Factory direct manufacturer in Brampton. Talked with Frank the owner and he can custom build any type of mattress but focuses on more economical models in the store due to the economy in the area. Good people.
Ideal Mattress 5015 Maingate Drive Units 34-37 Mississaugua ON 905-624-2614 - Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto and Mississauga. Talked with Kristina who with her brother is the owner and she clearly is knowledgeable about mattress materials and manufacturing and uses good quality materials. They also carry Kingsdown but I would tend to focus on the mattresses they manufacture unless you have a compelling reason to choose a Kingsdown. Uses a zip cover so customers can see what is in their mattress. There are some good quality options here and we had a good conversation although there has been some occasional feedback on the forum that they were "downplaying" or steering some customers away from some of their lower budget mattresses that may also be good quality/value
Quality Mattress Factory 2700 Unit 2 Toronto ON 416-760-7007 - Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto. They make traditional innerspring/polyfoam mattresses using a range of foam quality but mostly higher density 1.8 lb and higher. will disclose the foam densities for anyone who asks.
Dreamtime Bedding 116 Milvan Dr North York ON 416-741-2337 - Manufacturer in North York. They are mostly wholesale but have a showroom at the factory and will sell direct to consumers as well. They make a full range of mattresses including innerspring, memory foam, and latex and will disclose and help educate their customers about the quality of all the materials in their mattresses.

Soma Sleep 100 Bridgeland Ave Unit C Toronto ON 416-789-2337
Retail outlet in Toronto. Knowledgeable and they carry a wide range of mattresses made by many
independent manufacturers including Natura, Greensleep, Springwall, SleepTek, Savvy Rest,
Magniflex, Tempurpedic, and Hypnos which are all high quality but make sure you make some careful
"value" comparisons as many of these tend towards premium prices.

Ton Furniture 647-839-5672 - Retail Direct outlet in Toronto. Works closely with Dreamstar (a wholesale manufacturer in Toronto) and knows his stuff. Is focused on quality and value and can also arrange to have a mattress custom built. Normally sells online only but will make an appointment to visit his warehouse with 2 hours notice. Sells latex, memory foam, and traditional poly and innersprings. There are some good comments about them in post #6 here

Wholesale Manufacturers: non TMU members
These don't sell factory direct but through retail stores but are smaller manufacturers and are made in Toronto and will often have better quality/value than other larger alternatives (depending on the retailer). A call to each of these (or a retail locator on their site) will give you a list of the retailers near you that carry them. Local manufacturers like these will typically be much more open about providing the specs of the materials they use to their retailers.
www.dreameasy.com/ Wholesale manufacturer in Toronto connected with Foamco. I had a long conversation with Arun there and they are doing things right and focused on quality and value and not giving into the pressures to use lower quality foams.
www.dreamstarbedding.com/ Wholesale manufacturer in Toronto. They make a complete range of mattresses including latex, innersprings, memory foam, and hybrids that are good quality and can have good value.
• Endless Comfort . Wholesale manufacturer in Woodbridge, ON. Makes a range of mostly innerspring and memory foam/innerspring hybrids and makes some of the house brands that are seen around Toronto.
• galaxybedding.ca/ Wholesale manufacturer in Etobicoke, ON that, makes a range of innerspring, memory foam, and latex hybrids and may have some better quality/value as well.
www.marshallmattress.com/ Wholesale manufacturer in Toronto, ON. they are the manufacturer that "marshall coils" (pocket coils) were named after and they make a range of high-quality mattresses.
• sleepinnmattress.com/ Wholesale manufacturer in Etobicoke, ON. they make a full range of mattresses including latex, innersprings, and memory foam.
There are also quite a few other manufacturers most of which don't have websites and who I haven't talked to so I'm not including them because the GTA is notorious for opportunistic manufacturers who are here one day and gone the next and use questionable materials and sources. There certainly is a wide variety of good choices here

I'm a relatively standard BMI, 22, but have had some lower back issues. Specifically disc herniation in my lumbar. this is why I have tended towards the beauty rest which according to the sales material has better support for lower back. Whether or not this is just lies I don't know!

You did not mention your sleeping position(s), but thanks for including your other stats… lower back issues can be indicative of spinal misalignment and lack of proper support; however because of disc herniation you may need extra attention to proper alignment – you may want to work hand-in-hand with your healthcare provider to ensure proper alignment. As you do have some very specific health considerations, nothing can replace your own personal testing. You’d obviously want to consider something that allows for enough surface comfort, and also assists with pressure point relief, while still overall being resilient enough and provide enough support while sleeping. Overall, the two basic functions of a mattress are to support and to provide comfort (you can read more about the basic functions of a mattress here ), with posture and alignment being the first priority and then comfort/ pressure relief “plushness” coming second.

Because you are lighter, depending on your sleep positions you might not need a very high mattress; this could cut down on costs a bit, you should discuss this with Dormio or CBH Wood when you visit.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing with testing and narrowing down a few good alternatives when you have a chance
14 Feb 2022 16:25
  • DancingBayLLC
  • DancingBayLLC's Avatar
Thank you for your detailed response.

I was surfing around and came across a company called Rest Right Mattress. Their prices on the L&P adjustable bases are the best price I've found. They have a great BBB score, but have not been about to find any other information about the company in general.

As far as mattresses, We've decided on the SleepEZ. I will call and discuss firmness layers per our experience laying on a SavvyRest. The trial period was the deciding factor.

Allergies... dust mites, pollen, grasses, dogs, a few antibiotics, etc.... As far as I know, no foam or latex allergies. The biggest concern I have with non natural bedding is off-gassing. Our TemperPedic mattress is around 10 years old and I wonder if it still off gases. All I know is that I developed asthma after buying the TemperPedic. May be totally unrelated. If a new latex mattress improves my breathing issues, then we'll have a better idea. I did buy a latex pillow a month or so ago and have not noticed any respiratory or dermal reactions to it.

$$$ wise, the adjustable base that SleepEZ carries would be the most economical, but (and I may be falling for the marketing) I feel like the wall hugger technology would be best for us.
14 Feb 2022 11:04
  • Sleep EZ
  • Sleep EZ's Avatar
Hello Tyler and thanks for the inquiry! In our experience, when customers try a Savvy Rest mattress but come to Sleep EZ to order it, we've recommended that they choose the layers based on the terms used to describe them (soft, medium, etc.) and not the ILD numbers and we get zero complaints in that regard. So if you like m/f/f in their showroom, you can just order our m/f/f and it should work out just fine! Please keep in mind that even if you lay on a mattress for hours in a showroom, you still won't know if it's right for you until you actually sleep on it and allow your body time to adjust. Also, our initial recommendations have a 90% success rate (we only have a 10% layer exchange rate) so there's a 90% chance that our recommendation works perfectly for you. But, most importantly, if you try that set up and find that it's too firm or too soft, you can unzip the cover and rearrange the layers or request a layer exchange to adjust accordingly and get the mattress fine-tuned for your specific preferences & needs. As such, the best thing you can do is pick the setup that has the best chance to be successful for you and adjust from there (if needed). My advice is to order the same firmnesses from us and you really can expect it to be quite close to what you experienced in the showroom.
12 Feb 2022 17:00
  • tdrich7
  • tdrich7's Avatar
Good evening all,

We have been on a mattress journey for a few months now. Started out at mattress firm, and after some internet research decided that we wanted to try latex mattresses due to the custom options and easy ability to swap layers due to preference or wear over time.

We started out ordering a Sleep EZ hybrid, but we have not been comfortable on this, even after a layer exchange. We finally tracked down a place within an hour where we could test an all latex mattress, and we found that my wife and I have very different preferences in a mattress. Simply put, we tried the Savvy Rest demo mattress where one side was their firmest offering (firm/firm/medium) and one side was their softest offering (medium/soft/soft) and my wife and I both felt that each side was the one for us (myself favoring the firmer side as a stomach sleeper). While it was great to be able to go to a show room and test a promising mattress that should last a long time, their no return policy coupled with a very high price tag is a bit unsettling. We know that we can go to a company like Sleep EZ and get a comparable mattress for $1,000 less with the ability to return it should we be unsatisfied.

After conducting a search, I do believe this is a common topic, but I was not able to find anyone who followed up with their experience. With that in mind, I am wondering if anyone can offer a recommendation for choosing a Sleep EZ custom setup based on Savvy Rest preferences? They have advised that for "for both Talalay and Dunlop, our soft is 19-22 ILD, medium is 30-32 ILD, firm is 37-40 ILD, and extra firm is 44 ILD." I was able to find on this site that in the past Savvy Rest has reported ILD ratings that indicate that their soft layer is more like the Sleep EZ medium, and their medium is more like a Sleep EZ firm, etc. I know there are many different factors other than ILD, and it will probably be impossible to get a true/direct comparison, however I am hoping someone may be offer some kind of experience that can help inform us given the price tag and non-returnability of the Savvy Rest product.

Thank you all in advance,
10 Feb 2022 22:08
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi DancingBayLLC,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing nightly discomfort due to the dips developed on both sides of your Tempur-Pedic bed.

A side-by-side split sounds good for partners with different needs and preferences or with a larger weight differential. It’s also good to see you have narrowed your search for a replacement mattress down to a few good choices. I agree that searching for a new mattress can be very involved, but the advantage of taking time to review basic mattress information and how this applies to your particular circumstance leads to an Increased likelihood of finding a good match mattress for you and your partner that will last you for a long period of time if you select something with durable and quality materials. You probably came across The mattress shopping tutorial here but I’d make sure to take a look at our mattress specifications you need to know so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the
mattress durability guidelines here before beginning to test or shop for a mattress.

You said you have developed some allergies… Are you allergic to foams, latex, wool, or are you just concerned with VOC levels and FR solutions in general? What type of mattress and materials you are considering (innerspring, all latex, memory foam, etc.)? Also without knowing more specifics – you and your husbands’ height, weight, and any general conditions/pains you may have which are affecting your sleep (you mentioned you both use CPAP machines – it would be impossible to make any specific comments on any of the mattresses of your choice except in very general terms.

I also watched some of Sleep essentials’ videos and they are useful and informative, but unfortunately, I do see some type of disconnect there as there are too many reports of issues with their customer service as can be seen on their Facebook page and other consumer report sites.

You are correct that the most successful way to find a suitable mattress for your needs and preferences is to do some local testing and compare a few good quality mattresses side by side. Again I would not consider testing any mattress for which you cannot find the mattress specifications you need to know so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the mattress durability guidelines here
The SavvyRest is a good quality product, but without a trial period, I understand why you’d want to err on the side of caution and why this criterion is important to you. It can take quite some time for your body to adapt to a new mattress, and for the new mattress to adapt to you. This may be especially true in your case as your body has "adapted" to sleeping in the Tempur-Pedic dips and out of alignment which typically causes some muscles and ligaments to stretch or shorten attempting to compensate and allow you to get a good night rest… so it may take some time for your muscles to loosen and for your "muscle memory" to get used to sleeping in better alignment.

On the other hand, I am glad that one of your finalists for a mattress is SleepEZ as they are is a highly trusted veteran member of The Mattress Underground and have built a strong customer excellence and reputability. SleepEZ is also on TMU’s panel of mattress experts and they can answer any questions or issues you might have on their dedicated TMU forum here They are very good at approximating the feel of a more well-known mattress on the market. I am not sure if they do that right now but you may want to enquire about it.

I really like the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 base for me and the Leggett & Platt S-Cape for my husband. I am told that there is no problem using these 2 together in a Split king configuration. I don't really want to split up my bed and base orders to 2 different companies if I can avoid it, but looks like if I go with SleepEZ, I will have to.

As for the power bases, you may consider running your questions by Richmond Bedding who has decades of experience with Leggett & Platt bases including the ones you are mentioning, Prodigy and S-Cape . As you have clear requirements for bases, and how they need to be placed, you can reach out to Tim either by phone or through their dedicated forum here , he is very knowledgeable and very prompt to respond to questions.

All in all, you seem to be on the right track, let us know if you have additional questions as you continue any local testing and decisions

09 Feb 2022 11:43
  • DancingBayLLC
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This is a very difficult process. There's so many claims and so much conflicting information.
  1. We decided on a split king on adjustable base.
  2. We went to several local mattress store looking for a mattress to replace our 10yo TempurPedic which has big dips on both sides and is very sticky roll over in.
  3. I started doing research online, taking into consideration that I have allergies which have become increasingly more severe over the last 9 or so years.
  4. Every website I read gave me more information.
  5. We had it narrowed down to SleepEZ and SavvyRest.
  6. We drove over 4 hours to lay on a SavvyRest mattress. We both really like this mattress, but were concerned that there was no trial period, just layer exchange.
  7. I ran across some videos from Sleep Essentials. They also don't have a trial period but was impressed with the information on the vidoes.
  8. This morning, just before placing my order, I decided to check out independent reviews on Sleep Essentials. What I saw was disconcerting. The complaints I read were mostly with them not honoring the warranty even though the consumer sent lots of photos. The responses were unprofessional and essentially seemed to accuse the consumer of trying to perpetrate a fraud. I then went to their Facebook page and saw similar complaints. He might have great informational videos, but the way he's handing complaints is less than reassuring.
  9. One of the FB comments I read was that he uses the same source for Latex as SleepEZ which is on your recommended company list, does have a trial period/return policy, and is slightly less expensive than Sleep Essentials.
On the bases, I'm not sold on the SleepEZ base. It's made by Ergo Motion, and while I believe a reputable company, as far as I can tell does not have a wall hugger type base. That feature is pretty much top priority on our list because we both have sleep apnea and need to be able to easily reach our cpap machines.

I really like the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 base for me and the Leggett & Platt S-Cape for my husband. I am told that there is no problem using these 2 together in a Split king configuration. I don't really want to split up my bed and base orders to 2 different companies if I can avoid it, but looks like if I go with SleepEZ, I will have to.

Am I correct in my observations about these 3 companies?
Are there any recommendations on where to purchase the Leggett&Platt bases?
04 Jan 2022 12:03
  • DancingBayLLC
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My biggest concern with SavvyRest is they don't have a return policy. The other 2 on my list do, though it isn't free to return. They all have exchange policies and SavvyRest is the best since it's free where the others charge shipping.

I don't see CERTI-PUR certification on their website. Here are the SavvyRest certifications/tests:
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
  • Eco Institut certification
  • Cradle-to-Cradle GOLD
I don't know what if any of these stack up against the CERTI-PUR certification. We'll probably end up going with the SleepEZ if the SavvyRest certifications aren't up to organic standards.
03 Jan 2022 18:09
  • NikkiTMU
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Hi DancingBayLLC.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

SavvyRest has a showroom closer to me, but the SleepEZ price is better. I haven't been able to find any reviews on the iSleepEZ Adjustable Base so don't know if I should get that one or a different one.

Generally speaking, the base recommended by the manufacturer is its best fit. That said, other bases fan be great fits for a SleepEZ bed as well. If you prefer a base from the SavvyRest showroom to match with your SleepEZ mattress, that's perfectly fine.

The SleepEZ is easily within our budget and would allow for sheets since it already comes with a mattress protector and pillows.

Both offer Talalay and Dunlop latex. How do the latexes differ between brands? Is one brand better than the other? I think this will be the deciding factor due to my allergies.

SleepEZ is one of our Trusted Members and as such they meet high industry standards in terms of durability, quality, and transparency, I would check the certifications of the SavvyRest, they like are CERTI-PUR certified. If they're using a 100% latex and not a blended latex, you're likely fine in terms of allergies assuming there are no other synthetic foams in the mattress.

if we like a certain combination of layers on the SavvyRest, will those layers be the same in regard to comfort on the SleepEZ?

Yes, if you're speaking talalay - talalay or dunlop - dunlop. But if you like the feel of, for example, a soft talalay it will differ in feel in comparison to a soft dunlop.

Sleeping Organic to my list. Can anyone tell me about quality, customer satisfaction, customer service, etc...

Sleeping Organic is also one of our Trusted Members. You can see what forum members have had to say about them here

03 Jan 2022 07:16
  • DancingBayLLC
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After more research yesterday, I decided to add Sleeping Organic to my list. Can anyone tell me about quality, customer satisfaction, customer service, etc...
  • SleepEZ
  • SavvyRest
  • Sleeping Organic
Hoping to hear something today.
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