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Searched for: Restonic
16 May 2022 06:58
  • Mattrebuild
  • Mattrebuild's Avatar
Great questions and I'll try to help you with some answers since I look at this already myself.

1) Short answer is yes, pressure mapping allows you to analyze pressure relief really well but it does not address alignment (although the two can be inter-related).

2) No, the prices on them are insane unless you're a business that can write off the expense (ie Mattress Designers, Mattress Retailers, and Medical Professionals)


3) I would love to have one but I haven't been able to try one yet so no idea.

4) If someone knows of cheaper alternatives that works well I'm all ears (I'd buy one up to the $1k range but $7.2k is way out of my wheelhouse)

More links you might find useful on the subject.

Data Links:
28 Feb 2022 09:48
  • Basilio
  • Basilio's Avatar
Hi Downinahole,

Debating going out to the mattress store in Annapolis who you recommended here as a retailer near me

Not sure which retailer in Annapolis you are referring to – CozyPure is in Norfolk, VA and Richmond Bedding is in Richmond, VA.

but it’s like an hour away and they no longer carry restonic-only Sleepwell latex. Wondering if you can comment on the brand. Thanks.

Restonic has several retailers in or near Annapolis including Macy’s at 1295 Annapolis Mall and Havertys at 4510 Mitchellville Road in Bowie MD; They are manufactured by Scott Living, and they have Dunlop and Talalay latex options. The Slpp Well Collection was what they called their line of products in 2017; While I could not find much info on them, as long as you keep in mind the mattress specifications you need to know and mattress durability guidelines you can try them out in person; but without any information on components or construction, I would not be able to comment on this mattress.

27 Feb 2022 04:37
  • Downinahole
  • Downinahole's Avatar
Hi again,

Debating going out to the mattress store in Annapolis who you recommended here as a retailer near me but it’s like an hour away and they no longer carry restonic-only Sleepwell latex. Wondering if you can comment on the brand. Thanks.
27 Nov 2021 11:58
  • forbush
  • forbush's Avatar
I am a senior and a side sleeper and I am considering a sterns and foster lux estate Cassatt luxury plush mattress and I am also looking at a Restonic comfort care plush hybrid and wondered how durable these mattresses are
02 Sep 2021 02:35
  • Tripped89
  • Tripped89's Avatar
Thank you so much for your help!

Unfortunately, I don't see any tags on the mattress. I likely tore them off. The logo does repeat over the surface. It's a spring mattress, no separate pillowtop layer. Very heavy. The mattress is about 10 years old. It was purchased at a local high end furniture store. They currently carry Stearns and Foster, Restonic, and Simmons Beauty Rest, but I don't know what they carried a decade ago. It was rather expensive, I recall. I thought it was a Stearns and Foster, but when I realized the label doesn't match, I decided my memory must be faulty.
17 Aug 2021 18:12
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi jswhite.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

It's exciting to embark on a new mattress shopping journey. We have a number of resources to help you get started. In case you haven't already, I would suggest perusing the Mattress Shopping Tutorial as well as our Mattress Durability Guidelines .

I wasn't able to find much information on the Restonic Sensora. Would you happen to know what the layers are (the material and the density of the material, if possible)?
What is it you like about this mattress in terms of support and feel?

You might find it helpful to review post #9 here which describes several ways that one mattress can "match" or "approximate" another one.

13 Aug 2021 12:21
  • jswhite
  • jswhite's Avatar
First time poster! We bought our queen size Restonic Sensora mattress in 2005 and it is well past the time to replace it. Moving to a king size bed is now forcing the issue. Since they don't make that mattress anymore, does anyone know of a current comparable mattress? We love/loved the Sensora and would buy another one if we could.

Thanks in advance!
30 Jun 2021 14:38
  • cgibsong002
  • cgibsong002's Avatar

I also searched the forum to see if any other forum subscribers had shared positive Portland area experiences, and Parkland seemed to be the common denominator but there was also some chatter that it potentially was purchased by Bedmart.

Google led me to Portland Mattress Makers and Stumptown Mattress, but neither lists the foam densities of their mattresses and I have no personal knowledge of their transparency, etc. but it may not hurt to call and see what kind of information you can get out of them if your preference is to stay local.


Thanks for the reply! Yes it seems there's a number of local manufacturers (surprising amount really) but i haven't found much info.

Yes Parklane got bought out and I'm not quite sure if the current products are in any way related to the original line.

Then there's Stumptown like you mentioned. Portland Mattress Makers is a different Portland :lol: but there is also Mulligan Mattress, Cloud Natural, Bedtime Mattress, and 45th Street Bedding for local Latex options. There's "Leisure Rest" made locally by Mattress Warehouse. There was Tualatin Sleep Products who got bought out by Southerland. Sound Sleep Products seems to make a few different lines which is a bit confusing. I also found Amerisleep as another local bed in a box storefront. There's also Restonic, Sleep EZ, abs what seems to be a collection of quite a few others as i continue to look into it. The confusing part is where to start, especially since most don't tend to list actual specs by default.

It seems like Mattress Lot offers a good variety of memory, latex, and hybrids, so I'll probably start there to at least figure out what will work for us.
14 May 2021 12:08
  • MattressMIke
  • MattressMIke's Avatar
My family is actually from Lafayette and I have been to every store in the area, here are my favorites:

Box Drop of Lafayette: boxdroplafayette.com - Box Drop of Lafayette is a chain company that has it's own private label line of memory foam gel infused mattresses, my favorite being the Sapphire Sleep models.

Lafayette Furniture Gallery: www.lfgallery.com/ - Louisiana Furniture Gallery sells a large selection of furniture, mattresses, and accessories, with brands like Restonic, Scott Living, Consumer Digest Best Buy, and Biltmore.

Mattress Doctor Lafayette: www.mattresseslafayette.com - Mattress Doctor Lafayette is one of the newest and most up & coming furniture & mattress stores in Acadiana, they sell brands like M Lily USA, Serenity Sleep, Corsicana, Serta, Malouf, Brooklyn Bedding, Broyhill, Bed Tech, and more. The company has over 35 models priced under $1000.

Mattress Gallery: www.matgal.com - Mattress Gallery has been around for a very long time and specializes in the higher end quality & priced products, with brands like Tempurpedic, Sterns & Foster, and Sealy.

GoodBed.com Lafayette LA Mattress Stores
You do not have permissions to access this page.

FYI: Olinde's is no longer open in Lafayette.
14 Feb 2021 14:26
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey clayton,

Thanks for the Chicagoland recommendations. FYI.
• North Shore Bedding is permanently closed.
• Unplugged no longer lists Restonic on its website.
• Denver Mattress no longer lists a Chicago retail location

Thanks for the Chicago IL mattress retailer updates :) . The info will be helpful to our TMU consumers planning showroom visits in that area. Appreciate your eye for the changes and thanks for keeping us informed.

13 Feb 2021 12:16
  • clayton
  • clayton's Avatar
Thanks for the Chicagoland recommendations. FYI.
  • North Shore Bedding is permanently closed.
  • Unplugged no longer lists Restonic on its website.
  • Denver Mattress no longer lists a Chicago retail location
02 Jan 2021 12:09
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi scully967.

Welcome to the Mattress Forum. :)

With so many manufacturers and retailers available and so many changes within the retail landscape, it is impossible to maintain a current manufacturer database for the entire service area (we are world-wide in audience). Instead, we created our Trusted Member program of expert manufacturers/ retailers to help with consumer questions and education, as well as offer advice regarding component recommendations. These industry professionals have the expertise to help consumers make educated choices based on their years of experience and deep product knowledge. We feel they are among the best mattress and component producers in terms of quality, value and service.

That said, Phoenix has - in the past - provided some resources to consumers in the North Carolina area. I cannot tell you which of these companies is closest to you or which are still in business but these are recommendations offered by Phoenix as far back as 2012.

www.lakemattress.biz/ Local factory direct manufacturer in Conover. They make a wide range of memory foam and latex and hybrid mattresses. They don't have finished mattresses at the factory but they will put layers together to give their local customers a good sense of what they feel like. Good quality and selection of different types of layering and good value.

www.originalmattress.com/ Regional factory direct manufacturer with an outlet in Hickory. Makes some good quality and good value mattresses including latex, innersprings, and memory foam. They have two latex models and also have a new memory foam model which uses high quality materials and has good value.

www.royalekomfortbedding.com/index.htm Local factory direct manufacturer in Taylorsville. Makes a range of mattresses including innersprings, latex, and memory foam.

www.dilworthmattressfactory.com/ Local factory direct manufacturer in Charlotte that also makes a wide range of matresses with quality materials and good value but focuses on latex. Has memory foam mattresses for those that want it but made by another manufacturer.

www.coltonmattress.com/ Local factory direct manufacturer in Asheville. Makes a wide range of mattresses using quality materials including HR polyfoam, latex, and memory foam.

www.verlo.com/stores/NC/AS Asheville, NC. Regional manufacturer. They also make latex, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses that may have some better quality and value.

nestorganics.com/ Asheville. Carry Savvy Rest mattresses which are a high quality "choose your own layer" latex mattress that uses good quality materials (Dunlop and Talalay latex) but may not be in the best "value" range compared to other similar mattresses.

www.sleepeasymattressgaffneysc.com/ Local factory direct manufacturer in Gaffney, SC. They make all types of mattresses including innerspring, memory foam, and latex.

High Point Bedding Local factory direct manufacturer in High Point. Makes mainly lower budget and good value innerspring/polyfoam mattresses. No website.

www.walkerbeddingcompany.com/Products.html Local factory direct manufacturer in High Point.

www.bandlbedding.net/ Local factory direct manufacturer in High Point who makes quality mattresses using high quality material with very good value.

reliablebeddingcompany.com/ Another factory direct manufacturer in High Point that has been making a range of two sided innerspring mattresses for over 40 years.

www.theorganicsleepshop.com/ Retailer in Pineville that carries Savvy Rest component latex mattresses along with Organicpedic (OMI), NJaturepedic, Hypnos, and Gold Bond mattresses. They are all high quality mattresses but some of them may also be in more premium price ranges so I would make some careful "value" comparisons here.

sleepworldnc.com/ Retailer in Asheville and Arden. They carry Pure Talalay Bliss, Anatomic Global, and Organicpedic mattresses

www.agoodnightsleepstore.com/ Wilmington. Pure Talaly Bliss.

fredsbedsonline.com/ Wilmington. Also carry Pure Talalay Bliss.

www.shopcustomhome.com/ Wilmington. Park Place

aamattressandfurniture.com/ Wilmington. Jamison, Restonic, Pure Talalay Bliss.

hampstead-furniture.com/ Hampstead. Golden, Therapedic.

Hoping this gives you a springboard. I'd also recommend reading our Mattress Shopping Tutorial and how to choose a quality outlet to help you get started.

27 Nov 2020 23:02
  • cornfedteeth
  • cornfedteeth's Avatar
Hi all,

Me and my wife have been mattress searching for a while now and had gone to just about every mattress store around us at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020...then COVID happened and we decided to suffer with our current mattress until everything calmed down. We've now restarted our journey and found that we are picking up right where we left off and are more sure on the type of mattress we are looking for. I'd like to get a mattress built by a someone since the feeling I get from reading posts on this forum is that by doing so you end up saving money while getting more quality. I'm having trouble figuring out how to build the bed that we would like using information from beds we've liked.

I'm 5'10 200 lb and my wife is 5'10 and 150 lb. She's 1/2 side sleeper and 1/2 back sleeper. I'm 1/2 back and 1/2 stomach sleeper.
We are currently sleeping on a fairly cheap spring mattress that she has had for close to 10 years now. It's pretty firm and I wake up with neck and back pain. I used to sleep on a Tempurpedic that's now down in our guest room. I used to think it felt comfortable but now 10 years later every time I sleep on it it just doesn't feel great anymore.

We went to Denver Mattress last year and tried out Aspen and Telluride but thought both of them are too firm so we did not go back this time.

We went to Midwest Mattress and found 2 models we liked: I didn't get too much information other than on the pamphlet and pricing sheet on the bed.
Beautyrest (Simmons) BRX 1000
13.5" thick
3" gel memory foam
1" comfort foam
1000 pocketed coils
Thought it offered good shoulder support but my hips slumped a good bit.

Restonic Oxford Hybrid Luxury Plush
15" thick
Double sided
850 encased coils
Copper infused Latex
Gel Memory Foam
7" comfort core innerspring
Cashmere woven with "hyperperformance cotton jacquard ticking"
I thought it was comfortable but again hips slumped.

We tried out a few other models of Beautyrest but I've heard that the brand is very overpriced even though quality is decent.
All in all my hip did not feel well supported and even though the top layer was comfortable, when I laid there for a moment my shoulders start feeling like they're folded in and my hip starts to slump. My spine was not straight when I was on my side.

We lastly went to Lebeda because during our shopping trip earlier in the year the Reve model was our favorite.
We tried out the 6" Talalay latex bed they have and found it too firm which was the exact impression we got earlier in the year.
We tried out the Opulence Pillow top Hybrid and found it comfortable but I found it a bit lacking in hip support even thought it was much better than any of the mattresses in Midwest Mattress.
Opulence had:
932 quantum edge coil base
steel border rods
1320 micro-coil unit in pillow top
Posturized center 1/3
2" Talalay Latex (24ILD 3.5 density)
.75" 2.7HR urethane foam 24ILD
We tried out the Reve Hybrid which was our favorite last time and again is our favorite this time.
Reve specs:
16" thick
932 quantum edge coil base
steel border rods
Posturized center 1/3
4" Talalay Latex (24ILD 3.5 density)-the spec sheet actually only said latex but I'm pretty sure they only use talalay latex in their mattresses

Since now we've gone twice to try out mattresses almost a year apart and the Reve remained our favorite says that we either need to get the Reve or have someone build something just like it.
The bed was very comfortable and the only thing I wished it did was offer me just a bit more hip support but I'd say out of all the mattresses it offer me to best support.
We would like to purchase an adjustable base. We don't have a budget and would like to spend on quality even though I don't like overpaying for a name.

I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on how I should build my mattress before I reach out to a few of the companies on this site.
09 Oct 2020 11:23
  • Starks
  • Starks's Avatar
No. If I'd have done that, I would not have had this problem. After loosing out at US-MATTRESS.COM, if I'd have stuck strictly to the ranking/#user/cost criteria I'd have gone straight to WALMART after my problem with US-MATTRESS,, because by this criteria WALMART ranked above THEMATTRESSEXPERT. Instead, I looked at the type of springs, the coverings, the additional foam supports, warranty, appearance in website photos, and so forth. Turned out the fraudster was adding adjectives to describe the foam support. Adjectives not used on other websites to describe the support. So the fraudster's false name and misdirecting description sucked me into his trap.

Also, I would not have ordered the King Restonic just using ranking/#user/cost criteria.

What I'm getting at,"Is there anyway to detect fraudulent mattress sites?" Sites that say one thing, but deliver another. I know I'm never buying from any site that just has a PO Box address from now on, or sites that hide their true ownership, but even these things are not easily discovered or considered.
08 Oct 2020 08:59
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey Starks,

Welcome to the Mattress Underground :) ! Thanks for your question.

I've been searching for a firm to extra-firm inner spring mattress for several months. After reducing my search list to 11 mattresses, 9 from US-MATTRESS.COM, 1 from WALMART (the Wolf Corp Dual-Rest $559) , and 1 from (the Wolf Corp Brolynn $900) THEMATTRESSEXPERT.COM. My first sort by customer rank and price had the top 3 from US-MATTRESS, then WALMART, then THEMATTRESSEXPERT. After weighing each sites descriptions THEMATTRESSEXPERT move to #4 in the list and WALMART moved to #11. I ordered a King Restonic ($1179) from US-MATTRESS, but my order was canceled because of technical difficulties with their site. Problems that knocked out my 2nd and 3rd choices too. So I had to order from THEMATTRESSEXPERT.COM. Imagine my surprise when I got the WALMART mattress.

Congrats on your new mattress shopping journey, Starks :) ! From the table you have shared, looks like you've done quite a bit of research on potential choices, good job on your hard work. I'm curious about your process: are you basing your top choices solely on the criteria mentioned above of "customer rank, price and product description"? Where do your personal preferences, component specs/ durability, a preference for materials, etc. weigh in with your candidates? You may have addressed those separately as I see the spread sheet is only partially viewable from the leftmost side.

How does one avoid deceitful resellers? The site's description led me to believe it really was a better mattress than the Dual-Rest.

Not sure what you're getting at here. What in these images suggest this is a "WalMart" mattress? And should it be a concern that WalMart may be a reseller of a given manufacturers' line? As you likely know, WalMart recently has made strides towards taking a share of e-tailer Amazon.com's mammoth online shopping business and third party relationships are key to both company's resources. To my knowledge, the Wolf Company is a well-respected U.S based mattress manufacturer, perhaps providing product to WalMart for resell, as they would any other retailer they have relationships with. Could you be more specific as to what your meaning is here?

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