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Searched for: Gold Bond
02 Jan 2021 12:09
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi scully967.

Welcome to the Mattress Forum. :)

With so many manufacturers and retailers available and so many changes within the retail landscape, it is impossible to maintain a current manufacturer database for the entire service area (we are world-wide in audience). Instead, we created our Trusted Member program of expert manufacturers/ retailers to help with consumer questions and education, as well as offer advice regarding component recommendations. These industry professionals have the expertise to help consumers make educated choices based on their years of experience and deep product knowledge. We feel they are among the best mattress and component producers in terms of quality, value and service.

That said, Phoenix has - in the past - provided some resources to consumers in the North Carolina area. I cannot tell you which of these companies is closest to you or which are still in business but these are recommendations offered by Phoenix as far back as 2012.

www.lakemattress.biz/ Local factory direct manufacturer in Conover. They make a wide range of memory foam and latex and hybrid mattresses. They don't have finished mattresses at the factory but they will put layers together to give their local customers a good sense of what they feel like. Good quality and selection of different types of layering and good value.

www.originalmattress.com/ Regional factory direct manufacturer with an outlet in Hickory. Makes some good quality and good value mattresses including latex, innersprings, and memory foam. They have two latex models and also have a new memory foam model which uses high quality materials and has good value.

www.royalekomfortbedding.com/index.htm Local factory direct manufacturer in Taylorsville. Makes a range of mattresses including innersprings, latex, and memory foam.

www.dilworthmattressfactory.com/ Local factory direct manufacturer in Charlotte that also makes a wide range of matresses with quality materials and good value but focuses on latex. Has memory foam mattresses for those that want it but made by another manufacturer.

www.coltonmattress.com/ Local factory direct manufacturer in Asheville. Makes a wide range of mattresses using quality materials including HR polyfoam, latex, and memory foam.

www.verlo.com/stores/NC/AS Asheville, NC. Regional manufacturer. They also make latex, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses that may have some better quality and value.

nestorganics.com/ Asheville. Carry Savvy Rest mattresses which are a high quality "choose your own layer" latex mattress that uses good quality materials (Dunlop and Talalay latex) but may not be in the best "value" range compared to other similar mattresses.

www.sleepeasymattressgaffneysc.com/ Local factory direct manufacturer in Gaffney, SC. They make all types of mattresses including innerspring, memory foam, and latex.

High Point Bedding Local factory direct manufacturer in High Point. Makes mainly lower budget and good value innerspring/polyfoam mattresses. No website.

www.walkerbeddingcompany.com/Products.html Local factory direct manufacturer in High Point.

www.bandlbedding.net/ Local factory direct manufacturer in High Point who makes quality mattresses using high quality material with very good value.

reliablebeddingcompany.com/ Another factory direct manufacturer in High Point that has been making a range of two sided innerspring mattresses for over 40 years.

www.theorganicsleepshop.com/ Retailer in Pineville that carries Savvy Rest component latex mattresses along with Organicpedic (OMI), NJaturepedic, Hypnos, and Gold Bond mattresses. They are all high quality mattresses but some of them may also be in more premium price ranges so I would make some careful "value" comparisons here.

sleepworldnc.com/ Retailer in Asheville and Arden. They carry Pure Talalay Bliss, Anatomic Global, and Organicpedic mattresses

www.agoodnightsleepstore.com/ Wilmington. Pure Talaly Bliss.

fredsbedsonline.com/ Wilmington. Also carry Pure Talalay Bliss.

www.shopcustomhome.com/ Wilmington. Park Place

aamattressandfurniture.com/ Wilmington. Jamison, Restonic, Pure Talalay Bliss.

hampstead-furniture.com/ Hampstead. Golden, Therapedic.

Hoping this gives you a springboard. I'd also recommend reading our Mattress Shopping Tutorial and how to choose a quality outlet to help you get started.

21 Jun 2017 12:58
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Pamelamac,

I have a question for you about the mattress I am considering. I am looking at the Brilliance Adjustable Hybrid that is at Worley. It is made by Gold Bond, stretch knit tencel cover, 2 inch 25ILD, 5lbs Dunlop (Vytex), heavy insulator pad, 968 Bolsa Spring System (13 1/2 gauge) with Quantum Edge Steel Perimeter, Heavy Fiberboard. This mattress is very comfortable and everything I looked up on the Gold Bond site was exactly the information Patrick Worley offered me (impressive!) My concern is whether 2 inches is enough latex. I am 5'6" about 140lbs and my husband is 6'2" 218lbs. Do you think we will have enough support?

The comfort material you’re considering (Dunlop latex) is a good quality and durable material. Regarding support, this item does use a good quality innerspring unit, and in general there should be no reason based upon the information you’ve provided to be worried about the overall deep support of this mattress. Regarding your surface comfort and if it is substantial enough for your preference, that is something that only you can determine through your own personal testing. In “typical” hybrid latex mattresses, 1.5”-2” tends to be the starting point, with 3” being quite common, but I wouldn’t be able to determine via an online forum if the combination offered in the Brilliance would be “enough” for you personally. I’d definitely suggest some more time testing out the product if it remains one of your “finalists”.

Gardner has a similar bed- 2 inches of 28ILD Talalay over 915 pocket coils (15 gauge). The quilt cover is cotton- not sure if it is woven or knitted. Even though the latex is Talalay, it feels harder than the 2 inch Vytex on the Brilliance.

This mattress also uses good quality and durable materials. All of the layers of a mattress work together to create the overall feel, so the different innerspring, different latex and different cover will all contribute to the overall firmer feel that you experienced. As the comfort layer in the mattresses you’ve tested are thinner, the extra amount of initial travel that the pocketed coil spring units in these mattresses allow will have a more pronounced impact on surface comfort.

Additionally, I have been interested in trying a Talalay comfort layer, Dunlop core mattress but can't seem to find anything but online sellers for this kind of product.

This is most often found in “component-style” mattresses, which are most commonly found online, from local mattress factories/manufacturers, or a few of the national brands that specialize in such systems that also show in brick and mortar locations. You may wish to see if there is a Savvy Rest retailer near your home, as you can create a sample of a Dunlop/Talalay combo with their systems to test. Note that component-style systems are meant to be shipped in layers (like the Spindle) and you would assemble those on your own.

And thank you for your kind note in the other thread.

21 Jun 2017 08:02
  • Pamelmac
  • Pamelmac's Avatar
Dear Phoenix:
When I look at the date of my last post, I can't believe I am still researching mattresses. What an education! Time for an update in the hopes that others learn from my long journey!
I did go back to Jordan's and I have to say that their sales people are very knowledgeable and each mattress has a tag that lists all of the components of the mattress. I did love a mattress there- the Santa Cruz: Stretch knit cover, 1/2 inch 1.2lb"biofoam," 1" 1.2lb convoluted foam, 1" 100% latex 24ILD, 2" 100% latex 28ILD, 2" 100% latex 24ILD, 6" biofoam core (2Ib, 27ILD). This bed was so comfortable but I am concerned about the biofoam core. This bed is one of the Jordan Factory Mattresses. It is made in Brockton at the Therapedic factory.
I also visited Spindle and was impressed with the full latex mattress just not sure I want to assemble myself. That is a personal preference. After visiting Gardner's, the Mattress Maker, and Worley's (a great experience at all three places), I find that as much as I want to love full latex, I keep coming back to latex over springs. I am a side sleeper and the full latex (Dunlop or Talalay) feels like it is not quite adjusting to by body the way I need. Mattress Maker in Brockton had a lovely 9 inch layered flippable Dunlop (C2, C3, C3) - my husband liked it but to me, it just seemed too inflexible. Again, personal preference. As an aside, Mattress Maker is an excellent alternative for those individuals who want the mattress maker to put the layers together for you (in contrast to Spindle). They will put any combination of layers together for you.
At this point, I have a question for you about the mattress I am considering. I am looking at the Brilliance Adjustable Hybrid that is at Worley. It is made by Gold Bond, stretch knit tencel cover, 2 inch 25ILD, 5lbs Dunlop (Vytex), heavy insulator pad, 968 Bolsa Spring System (13 1/2 gauge) with Quantum Edge Steel Perimeter, Heavy Fiberboard. This mattress is very comfortable and everything I looked up on the Gold Bond site was exactly the information Patrick Worley offered me (impressive!) My concern is whether 2 inches is enough latex. I am 5'6" about 140lbs and my husband is 6'2" 218lbs. Do you think we will have enough support?
Gardner has a similar bed- 2 inches of 28ILD Talalay over 915 pocket coils (15 gauge). The quilt cover is cotton- not sure if it is woven or knitted. Even though the latex is Talalay, it feels harder than the 2 inch Vytex on the Brilliance.
Additionally, I have been interested in trying a Talalay comfort layer, Dunlop core mattress but can't seem to find anything but online sellers for this kind of product.

All of these mattress companies have been so helpful and have the patience of Job just like you do!
Thank you so much for all that you do!
04 May 2017 13:08
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi DanInNJ,

Thanks for the information about the adhesives you were investigating. "Latex based" adhesives are basically water based adhesives (like latex paints) that incorporate various types of elastomers (including but not limited to natural or synthetic latex) in different quantities as opposed to adhesives that use solvents (rather than water) and which often have higher levels of VOC's. There is some good information about different types of adhesives here and some information about some different types of latex adhesives here (which you already linked to in one of your posts). If a latex adhesive is water based, then it wouldn't be something personally that would concern me.

Looking at the 2 sided adhesive, it appears that the adhesive has the following properties during the application of the adhesive:

Those are general instructions for the purchasers, production managers and people applying the product to consider.

This one would be preferable since there is no smell and no allergies, but would require some level of Synthetic material in the latex (not sure what the min synthetic latex % that would be required to use this):

The synthetic latex is referring to the latex used in the bonding material, not what it actually bonds to. The SIMALFA 309 can bond to a wide variety of foams, and even wood and plastic. (I see you clarified this one of your subsequent posts – thanks!).

So, although Essentia is stating their latex's are GOLS certified, their adhesives are not, but are supposed to be less harmful or smelly than other adhesives, and less of an affect on the actually bonding surfaces after the curing process is complete

GOLS would be a certification only for the latex foam, not for the adhesive. The SIMALFA 309 you mentioned is Greenguard Gold+ certified.

19 Mar 2017 19:19
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Sensitive1,

I emailed the store today, asking if Talalay Global is the source of the latex - I had been told the manufacturer is in Connecticut -, and which of the types of latex I have.

This would be Talalay Global in Shelton, Connecticut.

I have read that the term may be used sometimes a little too loosely, and 'natural' could also be a blend.

The term "natural" is often used even for blended latex by some mattress manufacturers, as even the blended latex has some natural rubber in it, so it can be confusing at times.

And according to the Talalay Global website, the Celsion is generally ' Utilized on top of innerspring, visco, foam and latex support cores' and since mine is an innerspring, I'm afraid the top layer may be that instead of the natural - and since it has more additives, I'm afraid it may be more 'odorific' than than the natural version??

The addition of a small amount of paraffin wax phase change material to the Celsion latex would not change the smell of the item (you stated it smells like rubber to you, which is what it is), and adding the phase change material (if that is indeed what you have), which is not rubber, would not alter the normal odor of the latex. Using a phase change material is normally only used in the uppermost layer of any mattress, as this is the area closest to your skin where the potential for any difference in surface sensation might be noticed.

Talalay Global never uses the Dunlop process, correct?

Yes, they only produce Talalay latex. Dunlop tends to have a more "rubbery" smell than Talalay.

As for getting rid of chemical odor - I have a friend who swears by spraying vinegar on things, if that is of use to anyone, but I doubt it would penetrate down through the 'silk and wool' covering on my mattress - it is button tufted and there is no way to remove any cover. The same goes for the baking soda, I'm afraid, . but if anyone has had success with this I would like to hear.

I don’t recommend spraying material into a mattress and instead only recommend airing out the product. As you may be aware, if you spread powder on top of the mattress or spray vinegar or any other fluids onto your mattress, it will generally immediately void any comfort exchange policy a business has in place. Some liquids can also cause premature degradation of your comfort materials.

I've been looking up Styrene-butadiene Evidently it is a combo of styrene and butadiene.

Yes, that would be correct. Synthetic latex is made primarily from a combination of Styrene and Butadiene which have a very similar chemical structure to natural rubber (which is mainly Isoprene rubber) and become very stable when they are polymerized together. There are many sources for both Styrene and Butadiene but the most common source is from petrochemicals. SBR latex (synthetic) is a less dense material with a slightly different chemical structure than natural rubber. It is made from two chemicals which are Styrene and Butadiene while natural rubber is primarily Isoprene. These two polymers (SBR and Isoprene) are similar but not the same. In addition to being primarily Isoprene ... natural rubber also contains other compounds in varying amounts including proteins, resins, fatty acids, and sterols. These additional ingredients are missing from synthetic rubber (including synthetic Isoprene). Both are generally Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified in terms of harmful substances or VOC's and offgassing.

While I'm no expert in materials science or chemistry, while there may be precursor chemicals used in the manufacture of various types of foams, for example the manufacture of styrene and butadiene, when they’re combined to create synthetic rubber and then combined in the creation of foamed rubber (latex foam) they become inert and aren’t considered to be harmful, yet they can still be listed as "ingredients" in the foam. They could present a risk to the people who manufacture the foam or handle the unreacted chemical itself (which is where people commonly incorrectly relate the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to be representative of the “safety” of a finished product), but the risk to consumers that purchase the final product would be minimal. The only reliable way to assess the "safety" of different materials in more general terms is based on lab tests and the certifications they have for harmful substances and VOCs (regardless of whether they are organic or natural or synthetic) so that you have some assurance than the VOCs are below the testing limits for the certification. If the materials in a mattress or the mattress itself has a reliable "safety" certification then for most people they would certainly be "safe enough", regardless of the MSDS, type of material or the name of the manufacturer on the label.

The issue of "chemicals" in a mattress is a complex one with a lot of fear mongering, contradictory, misleading, and exaggerated information all over the web on all sides of the argument. In the end there are really no definitive answers to the question of "how safe is safe enough for me?" that would apply to every person but post #2 here about organic, natural, green, chemical free, and "safe" materials and claims and the more detailed information in post #2 here and the posts it links to may be helpful in sorting out all the information that you will be exposed to in your research so you can make more informed choices about the materials you are most comfortable with. There’s also more about synthetics material in post #2 here .

I would also be aware that the issue is not so much about chemicals in your mattress (every mattress material whether it is natural or synthetic has some type of natural or synthetic chemicals) but whether any chemicals that are harmful to you are present in amounts that you may be sensitive to for one reason or another. Other sources of "chemicals" that some people could be sensitive to in a mattress include various fabrics or fibers or the chemicals used to make them antimicrobial, antifungal, or water resistant, any fire retardant chemicals or fillers infused into the foam or fibers, or glues used to bond the layers together (or used in the foundation).

There are certifications for harmful substances and VOC's (some of which have a smell and some which don't) such as CertiPur (mainly for polyfoam and memory foam) and Oeko-Tex (mainly for fabrics/fibers and latex) and Eco-Institut (also mainly for fabrics/fibers and latex) that for most people would be "safe enough" but for those who are more sensitive to some chemicals even these may not be enough to guarantee that they will have no reactions to a specific material that would be fine for the majority of others. In general though, the use of more natural materials or components, materials that have more stringent certifications (such as Oeko-Tex or Eco-Institut), or that are known to have a very low risk of reactions in most people would generally be the most effective approach.

In most cases, "best judgement" along with "preponderance of the evidence" and your own personal or health history would be the best approach, especially in your case with your specific sensitivities.

There is also more about the different types and blends of latex in post #6 here but all of the latex you are likely to encounter (either Dunlop or Talalay that is made with either natural or synthetic rubber or a blend of both) will have a reliable safety certification such as Oeko-Tex, Eco-Institut, or Greenguard Gold (see post #2 here ) and based on actual testing I would consider any type or blend of latex to be a very "safe" material in terms of harmful substances and VOC's.

And the government says Celsion is safe for infants?.

Oeko-Tex is not a government certification, but a worldwide independent testing and certification system. There is more about the standards of the testing here . Yes, all the latex from Talalay Global is Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Product Class I certified.

31 Jan 2017 09:25
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Gman52,

Thank you for the detailed information about your shopping experience. It sounds as if you’ve been busy!

City Mattress. Answered all my questions and if he didn't know the answer, was willing to look it up for me, even though some of his answers were incorrect. Such as, companies don’t make flipable mattresses anymore because the “foundations are different these days and the mattress are constructed of higher grade materials”.

Two-sided mattresses certainly are still made, as you are aware. It is true that these will typically benefit from a flexing torsion-modular or true coil box spring, as opposed to a foundation, but the two-sided mattresses didn’t disappear because of the rise of foundations within the industry. It was more an issue of cost than anything.

All their latex is a 55/45 natural/synthetic Talalay blend.

All of the blended Talalay latex you are likely to encounter (Talalay Global or Radium) would be 70/30 SBR/NR in the blend.

Their top of line latex (Prana) is extremely plushy and comes in various thicknesses (they all have a 6" latex support layer and their comfort layers get thicker as you move up the price scale).

Prana uses some higher quality materials in the mattresses, but I would make some careful value comparisons when considering their products, because as you discovered they are quite expensive products.

Sleep City. I couldn't even intelligently describe their latex mattress because no one came over to me, which lead me to believe that perhaps this is how their customer service would be after the sale.

Unfortunately sleep shops can be short staffed at times. Also, some know that people are tired of being “trampled” when they first enter a store, so they take the “hands-off” approach to the extreme. And sometimes you just have a staff who aren’t as attentive to their clients, so if I needed help I would simply seek out a sales associate. I wouldn’t necessarily use this as a complete reflection upon the overall service of a company. They do offer the Gold Bond latex mattresses using Vytex latex, which is a good quality and durable material.

Metro Mattress. Words can't even begin to describe the level of unprofessionalism I experienced while in there.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience with the salesperson there. I think your email to their customer service was a good idea, as I’m sure the ownership would want to know about your experience. In situations like this I try to avoid painting with too broad of a brush, but I certainly can understand some of your concerns with the questions asked.

Talalay mattress is the “best in the industry because they wash it more than any other Talalay manufactured product” (oh really???) and “we source all of our latex from the best place in the world…Italy”

If it’s the latex listed on their web site, Pure Talalay Bliss, this would be from Talalay Global in Connecticut. All latex is rinsed after production to remove residual soaps and proteins.

Through the years, I have determined that I am the exception to the rule when it comes to comparison shopping. Sales people in any industry and any store know instantly what kind of customer they are dealing with based on how you ask and answer questions.

As sad as it is ... most of the members that spends a few hours on this site will know more about mattresses and mattress materials than most of the salespeople that sell them in the mainstream industry and it's always refreshing to find a retailer or manufacturer such as Jamestown that is transparent and knowledgeable about the mattresses they sell and the materials they use inside them.

Jamestown Mattress. Jim Pullan (owner) emailed me back and was very accommodating with the price and the specs, he was professional, courteous and truly wanted to work with me and win our business. He succeeded.

As you might know from your reading here I think highly of Jamestown Mattress and the quality and value of their mattresses as well as their knowledge and customer service and willingness to do some "fine tuning" for their customers that need it.

I’m looking forward to your future updates.

29 Nov 2016 10:14
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Mattress1953,

It certainly would be worthwhile to check with the local stores to see if they have an area in their warehouse where they could stand the mattress up and slide the plastic covering down and let it “air out” for you and allow you to come and check on it. I’m familiar with retailers who have done this in the past for customers who are sensitive to odors. It’s certainly worth asking.

Good luck!

28 Nov 2016 17:20
  • Mattress1953
  • Mattress1953's Avatar
Thank you so much for your very helpful response. That is a great idea about scratch and sniffing a new one. Unfortunately, I was out in Northampton
Ma, looking at their Berkeley latex mattresses when I came across the Gold Bond. There were no new ones there, and they would have to order one if I chose to buy it there. They very generously offered to keep the mattress
in their warehouse until no odor was detected by them and /or have me come out to check on it from time to time.and sniff it for myself for as you say, it is a very individual issue. They said it could be anywhere from weeks to months until it was odor free depending on my sensitivities. Also the delivery charge from there to Newton was going
to be close to $400. Delivered locally,
$40. Going back and forth about whether or not that's worth it to me. In the meantime, I reached out to the Gold Bond rep who pointed me in the direction of stores that carry their mattress within 15 mins of here rather than 90. Not sure they would be amenable to airing it out for me which does have value. Maybe they have some new ones available for smelling.
That would be a great solution.
Thanks so much for your wise advice.
I hope you are doing well.
28 Nov 2016 14:18
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi Mattress1953,

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the Gold Bond Buckingham Plush? Was interested in any feedback but mostly concerned if it arrived with an odor and how long It took to off gas.

I don’t have any personal experience with the “odor” of this particular mattress, but perhaps there are more knowledgeable members on this site may have had experiences with thjis particular product when it is new. Have you been able to visit a Gold Bond showroom and personally take a look at one of these mattresses? They may have a new one in their back room where they could cut a notch in the plastic bag to allow you to smell what the item is like when new.

Because of your particular sensitivity to odors as described in your previous posts, I’d be cautious of using anyone else’s experiences or opinions on the initial smell of any particular mattress, as it may not align with your own.

I also wanted to reiterate from one of my previous replies that the smell of a material and off-gassing can be very different things. I believe that what you were curious about was how long the initial odor takes to dissipate.

27 Nov 2016 23:33
  • Mattress1953
  • Mattress1953's Avatar
Hii Phoenix,
I was wondering if anyone had experience with the Gold Bond Buckingham Plush? Was interested in any feedback but mostly concerned if it arrived with an odor and how long
It took to off gas.
Thanks so much..
21 Aug 2016 08:00
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi BellaHome,

I switched your post into a new topic of its own.

Thanks for letting us know what you ended up purchasing ... and congratulations on your new mattress :).

I'm looking forward to your comments and feedback once you've received it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.

21 Aug 2016 06:01
  • BellaHome
  • BellaHome's Avatar
Hi - Appreciate all of the info provided on this site. We had not idea of the depth of detail and information available in the purchase of a new bed. We reviewed content on this site for an entire day and decided on the Bliss latex line. Luckily the webite's store locator produced a local option for us to visit. We intended to buy the Bliss but ended up with the Gold Bond Brilliance. From the PPP, we found this bed to be very firm feel we were looking for as well as the pure latex composition. We left the shop with our order underway for an ergo system with two extra long twins ordered. We should receive it in two weeks. I'll round back with a progress report.
We worked with Ken at Bedderrest in South Portland, Maine. He was excellent to work with and extremely knowledgable.
I hope this info is found helpful to someone on this site as all of you have been so generous in taking the time to provide your knowledge and experiences.
Thank you
09 Jul 2016 11:30
  • MattressToGo
  • MattressToGo's Avatar
yialanliu wrote:

Recently I have lived in China as an expat for a few years and coming back to the US have realized that I have grown accustomed to Chinese bedding and mattresses and am having a hard time finding anything close to the firmness they have in China.

I know what you mean. I looked at some really firm beds from my Therapedic group at market and they were from the Indonesia licensee. None of them are currently being produced in the USA unfortunately.

I do recall that when I carried Gold Bond futons they had a really firm one and it was good quality, but that may have changed. Take a look at that list that Phoenix provided.

One other option that is sort of outside of the box. If you wanyed to make your own, you could try ordering a coir rug and then placing a 1"-2" firmer piece of latex on top of that.
05 Jun 2016 14:55
  • NYGiants
  • NYGiants's Avatar

I went to CTmatress in South Windsor CT today. I tested a few mattress and asked some questions based on information from your mattress forum. I would like to go over the mattress specs with you and get your insights.

Gold Bond Mattress: Nettleton (store mattress brand by Tom Wholly)
Top Layer: Pacron-Polyster Blend
Middle Layer: Aurora Latex on top of Polyfoam 1.5, not sure what the ILD is in regards to firmness which is over Individually wrapped coils.

Would you please share your thoughts on the materials provided in this mattress. I feel like there are more questions that I needed to ask the salesman but I'm not sure what I"m missing. I'm not sure about the latex used in this mattress. I was told its new type. I was concerned about the level of polyfoam. I'm not sure if its HD or HR? Its underneath the latex. The edges of the bed are supported by a frame. Thats the best way I can describe it. I"m not sure about the top layer (comfort layer). I"m not sure what Pacron is? The gentleman working showed me the demo of the whats in the mattress so I was able to see the different layers.

Thank you for your time

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