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Searched for: Fox Mattress
10 Jun 2022 19:56
  • Basilio
  • Basilio's Avatar
Hi rhemy1,

Do you have a suggestion for a full latex mattress no coils. I weigh 226 lbs and tend to sleep on ever side. I’m 5’ 11”

It is difficult to make any suggestions with certainty, as again a mattresses comfort and ability to provide support while you sleep is unique to you having a unique body type and needs and preferences. Thanks for providing additional stats; I will say that at a higher BMI, while you’ll need to put a special emphasis on more durable materials and constructions and probably on mattresses that are thicker have firmer comfort and support layers (firmer materials feel softer for heavier people and firmer support layers are usually important to for good alignment for higher weights). I would especially make sure you read Post #2 here that has some generic guidelines for different body types and sleeping positions and post #14 here has more about the benefits of thicker comfort layers and thicker mattresses. You will likely want to look at firmer-feeling mattresses to provide enough support and prevent any misalignment in your spine or joint pain, but not that firm that it created pressure points since you are a side sleeper. This is to say that I would definitely run all of this summarized info by the retailer/manufacturer themselves as they are the best to know how their mattresses and designs work with different body types, weights, and sleeping positions. Which is why it is so important to speak with someone knowledgeable rather than be given a “script response” from a sales rep that has little to no experience with how the mattress works.

Since it sounds like you are leaning towards an all latex mattress, some options from TMU trusted members list would include a DIY mattress construction under the direct supervision of a trusted member such as DIY Mattress , who allow you to create your own customized mattress, they have 2” and 3” layers of both Dunlop(this a denser, firmer latex with a ‘bouncy’ feel) and Talalay (A softer more responsive feel in case you like that better) of various firmness levels, allowing you to use for example, a Talalay layer at the top for comfort, with Dunlop below to provide support. By providing them your stats and sleeping preferences they can create a layered latex mattress which you can place on a base like a platform or adjustable bed frame.

Member Latex Mattress Factory specializes in mattresses for plus sized people and are extremely skilled in guiding consumers to good fit mattress on the DIY construction model, I would go for something with 10” of more of firmer natural latex mattress. (On the call I would make sure to mention the base model construction that you tested in the shop and liked) so that they get a better sense I’d start with these two and then see what other similar options you can find from other members that best fit your personal criteria (price, returns, warranties, and all else that is important to you) such as Flexus Comfort and CozyPure , who likewise offer all-latex mattresses. I have included a list below of all the trusted members who offer all-latex mattresses:
Arizona Premium Arizona SleepEZ Bay Bed & Mattress BioSleep Concept CBH Wood Furniture CozyPure DIY Mattress DIY Natural Bedding Dormio Organic Beds Flexus Comfort Mattress FloBeds Foam Sweet Foam Fox Mattress Gardner Mattress GhostBed Latex Mattress Factory Luma Sleep Mattress Makers Mattress To Go MFC My Green Mattress Nest Bedding Oklahoma Mattress Company Richmond Bedding Shepherd’s Dream Shovlin Mattress Factory Sleeping Organic Spindle Mattress Texas Mattress Makers The Beloit Mattress Company The Mattress Factory
It’s good to see that you started by eliminating the worst contenders then deciding the basics – the feel and firmness you want in a mattress, what materials or options you do or don’t want (like ‘no coils’) You are on the good track. Let us know how far you go and we’ll be happy to make additional comments on any of the mattresses you are considering.

07 Mar 2022 18:19
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi eshaffer!

Sorry for the delayed reply. I was watching your thread to see if seasoned forum members would chime in with recommendations so you didn't get stuck with me again ;) but now I'd like to answer to bump your post back to the top and once again hopefully invite some other opinions into the mix!

As for double sided flippables, the manufacturer that immediately comes to mind is Fox Mattress who specialize in exactly what you're looking for and offer nationwide shipping. They're definitely worth looking into!

Again, if any others in the forum have experiences they'd like to share, I do hope they chime in.

01 Dec 2021 00:09
  • phoenix
  • phoenix's Avatar
Hi gorjessina17.

Welcome to our mattress forum! :)

Congrats on your upcoming 40 years anniversary and decision to upgrade to an adjustable system and mattress.

Regardless of the material of choice for your mattress, I always suggest that higher weight range individuals do a bit of due diligence regarding mattress longevity and how long they can expect to sleep well on any particular mattress.. I’d start by reading the mattress specifications you need to know so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the mattress durability guidelines here This is especially important as you have eliminated latex as a choice in your mattress, which would have been the most durable of all types of foams.

Having a high BMI presents special challenges and generally requires firmer materials (in the support layers especially). This could be firmer HD or HR foams or innersprings (the type of support component would be a personal preference and in the right design either could be suitable) or even a zoned construction. The same overall guidelines apply with higher weights though that PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) along with using high-quality durable materials that will maintain their feel and performance for longer periods of time are the way to make the best choices. Heavier people, in general, will need firmer and thicker comfort layers and firmer support layers than those who are lighter and because no materials will last as long with much higher weights the quality and durability of the materials and components is even more important than normal. I’d base your choices on your own personal testing. Post #3 here has more information and suggestions about heavier weights that are worth reading. You’d just want to be sure that the memory foam was a higher density (5lb), and that the memory foam layers were not too thick, and that the support structure and other foams were appropriate for higher BMI individuals

Generally The mattress shopping tutorial here has the basic information, steps, and guidelines including suggestions about how to test a mattress for what is called PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) that can simplify your search and help you make the best possible choices according to your personal value equation

Once you have a chance to read the information provided and the links included, you can safely start to look for a new sleeping system that is appropriate for your PPP
At a quick scan through our members here are some manufacturers/retailers that carry innersprings, hybrid, all foam, and memory foam mattresses: :
• Escondido Mattress has a Hand Made Inner Spring Mattresses made the old fashion way that Daniel could customize to your needs.
• Fox mattress has a few ready-made options and also the possibility to custom-made a mattress for you.
Gardner Mattress also has a few options that do not include latex or wool
• It’s worth chatting with [urlhttps://www.ghostbed.com/products/ghostbed-flex?irclickid=xjoSFlVpBxyOT-ewUx0Mo36HUkG2YbUKhWBD3U0&irgwc=1&partner_id=1412395&utm_campaign=577565&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=impact] Ghost Bed [/url] as they has a few foam mattresses provided that they use at least 5lbs density for any memory foam in their mattress.
Magic Sleeper has a few options that might be suitable for you
Mattress Makers offers a large selection of foam and innerspring mattresses.
Mattress To Go also has a great selection and can skillfully guide you towards a product that has the best chance to be a good match for you.
Nest Bedding also has a few good options to look at especially as they provide zippered covers that would allow you to replace any comfort layer that starts breaking down the road.
Oklahoma Mattress
Texas Mattress Makers
Poly, Memory Foam, Combos & Other listings

When you are down to a couple of finalists let us know if you have additional questions.
Good luck on your mattress shopping journey.
27 Oct 2021 19:28
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi ZhivagosGirl.

I'm sorry to hear they've change the construction of the mattress you previously loved! The construction of the mattress you described sounds reasonably durable (without knowing the density of the omalon foam).

A company that comes to mind when you describe what you're looking for is Fox Mattress who are experts in crafting two sided mattresses. They can do custom ones, as well, and I know they offer nationwide shipping. It may be worth reaching out to them to see if they can help you find exactly what it is your are looking for.

They may also be able to help point you in the direction of places closer to you, regionally speaking.

15 Oct 2021 07:58
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey Packratt,

Welcome to The Mattress Underground and thanks for your question!

I need to get a new mattress for an antique 3/4 bed.

I am looking for firm to extra firm, double sided. Leaning toward traditional inner spring. Having to get custom I'd like a mattress that will hold up for a long time.

I've found Winndom. Can anyone recommend any other manufacturers?

We don't make recommendations outside of our trusted member program but here are some TMU Trusted Members who may be of help or can point you in the right direction:

Perhaps our consumer subscribers may offer ideas as well. Don't forget to use our site search function , there may be older conversations that would be of use. Good luck with your 3/4 bed shopping, Packratt ;) .

30 Sep 2021 18:54
  • NikkiTMU
  • NikkiTMU's Avatar
Hi Egnatu.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :)

Essentia markets their latex derivative foam as a "natural memory foam." The claim is that it is softer a less responsive than "normal" latex acting more like what you'd expect from memory foam. They are GOTS, GOLS, and Greenguard certified so you can be assured that the latex is indeed organic.

It's funny you mention the rubber smell. Latex comes from the rubber tree!

We both laughed because we were so adamant about getting an "organic" mattress made from "healthy" materials and found this one, only to be greeted to an awful smell after opening it.

Even though the mattress is made with natural materials, it's not uncommon for those materials to "off gas" the way a mattress with synthetic materials would. The upside is these "gasses" are not harmful to you the way polyfoam or true memory foam gasses would be. The smell is unpleasant, but shouldn't last long. If it continues to bother you both, there are additional steps you can take to help dissipate the smell faster. Let me know if you need assistance there :)

So now here I am, with this Essentia Mattress, and to be honest I'm pretty pleased with how comfortable it is. I slept great. The only problems I had were with claims regarding their usage of "natural" and/or "organic" components as well as the fact that the mattress almost feels like it bottoms out when I drive my knee into it or step on it with a heavy amount of pressure

It's an excellent sign that you're feeling comfortable on the mattress. Like Burpleson said, the most important thing is that you're getting quality sleep on the mattress (in that you're well supported and comfortable). But, if you would rather return it, Fox is an absolutely wonderful company that I know you'll have a great experience with.

Also, it's not uncommon for a mattress to have that reaction when a pinpoint amount of heavy pressure is applied. Mattresses are meant to evenly distribute weight across the surface, not to perform under dense, microfocused pressure. I wouldn't let that be cause for concern, unless you're feeling that the mattress could bottom out if you're simply sitting on it.

what does "beyond organic" even mean?

They actually trademarked that phrase. Essentially, they feel they go beyond just organic by using vegan, non toxic certified technology. It's a marketing ploy more than anything.

I hope this helps in some way!
29 Sep 2021 15:32
  • Egnatu
  • Egnatu's Avatar
Alright, I've read a lot of negative information on this forum about Essentia Mattress and how they are misleading in the things they claim on their website and especially about their "patented natural memory foam". Unfortunately I did my research about them a bit too late and I already pulled the trigger on one of their mattresses (I got the Classic 8 for around $4000).

Now I haven't seen anything posted about them since 2017 (I could be wrong, I just couldn't find anything else) and read and re-read everything I could. Basically I wanted to ask around again on this forum to see if there was any additional updated information about them and I guess maybe see if there is anything else I'm missing that might assuage my worries so that I don't have to try to go through the arduous process of returning this 150 lb mattress.

I decided to do more research after I received the mattress because I noticed a fairly unpleasant smell coming from it after I opened the package and had it in my bedroom. My girlfriend compared the smell to paint thinner but I personally think it smells more like rubber than anything else (which isn't terrible I suppose). We both laughed because we were so adamant about getting an "organic" mattress made from "healthy" materials and found this one, only to be greeted to an awful smell after opening it.

After spending several hours now researching this industry I've found myself feeling very discouraged and distrusting. My mattress before this was from a company called Vivon and I was pretty happy about it for many years because I thought it was comfortable and didn't think much else about it. One day recently though I decided to take the top cover of that mattress off to wash it because it was stained from years of sweat and shortly after removing it, I was greeted to the realization that it was filled with an incredible amount of fiberglass *yikes*. Obviously I ended up throwing that thing out.

So now here I am, with this Essentia Mattress, and to be honest I'm pretty pleased with how comfortable it is. I slept great. The only problems I had were with claims regarding their usage of "natural" and/or "organic" components as well as the fact that the mattress almost feels like it bottoms out when I drive my knee into it or step on it with a heavy amount of pressure. I weigh around 160 lb and my girlfriend is 130 lb. So we're not particularly heavy. Either way I can basically fall asleep on anything (I've been sleeping on an air mattress like a baby while waiting for this Essentia) so this thing is definitely up there in terms of comfort overall. I'm just wondering about the opinions or experiences of users/admins here regarding this brand and whether or not I should feel comfortable and safe with the quality of their materials and claims. I included some pictures of the tags because I remember one forum admin (Phoenix I think) was asking if anyone had them in an older post. The actual legal tag says that the mattress interior is comprised of Natural Latex Memory Foam, so not sure what to think at this point but I'm assuming they can write whatever they want on there anyway? Also LOL at the writing on the green label, it seems so poorly written, and what does "beyond organic" even mean?

Also I wanted to mention I started looking through some of the mattress companies listed here on the forum, especially the ones that have locations in my state. I live in Florida. I found that some of them don't have good reviews online and don't look very promising either, which is disappointing. Especially considering so many of the companies listed don't have some of the certifications I was interested in when buying the Essentia (GOLS and GOTS, etc.) The only one that really caught my attention is Fox Mattress and I'm planning on checking out their factory sometime this week so I can update how that goes as well. Anyway I look forward to hearing from anyone regarding my situation and thank you in advance for any information you can provide.
20 Aug 2021 08:28
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey K.Aschenbrener,

Thanks for your reply :) .

Three of the mattresses you mentioned (Brentwood Home Oceano, Nolah Evolution 15, Novafoam) all share a common comfort material: memory foam , a slow response foam. It responds slowly to new and changing positions and has somewhat of a "dead" feeling nature. It's also difficult to control how far you sink into a memory foam layer as it may soften over the course of the night, changing a once correct spinal alignment into a "hammock" position and resulting in a backache by morning. That said, you may consider a hybrid mattress using other pressure-relieving materials in the comfort layers; latex foam could be a good choice.

We prefer California King, and I'm expecting to pay around $5000, would love to find something closer to $2000, however I'm to the point that I'd rather invest in something that lasts and works to take care of my discomfort. Before we bought these mattresses, we were sleeping on a Novafoam bed from Costco, which I didn't like as well, we slept on that for 8-9 years. During this time I was experiencing shoulder, lower back and hip pain. Which is why I began looking into hybrids. Thanks for the help!

You should be able to find a Cal King size for considerably less than $5,000, depending on what materials and constructions you prefer. As you may know from reading other forum posts, we do not make mattress recommendations outside of TMU's Trusted Member Program, as these manufacturers have met our strict vetting process for quality, expertise, and superior customer service. Here is a list of members offering latex hybrid models for your review:

Hopefully, this listing will help get you started with ideas ;) . Have you made any further progress since your last post? Good luck with your mattress research and hope it goes well for you.

12 Jul 2021 07:44
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey Bennett,

Welcome to The Mattress Underground :) ! Thanks for your question.

My wife and I need to replace our Tempurpedic mattress because it sleeps VERY hot. (It's about 15 years old, so the technology in it is at that point in time.)

Congrats on your new mattress shopping adventure :) ! I'm sorry to hear that your Tempur-Pedic is sleeping too hot for you and your wife. Otherwise, hopefully, your mattress has served you well these past 15 years.

We need a short queen size (60" x 75") to work with our short queen size Murphy bed. I am 5'4" / 140 lbs., and she is 5' / 115 lbs.

Any advice on where to get such a mattress? We live in New York City. I've read in this forum about Talalay latex, and it sounds promising, but not sure if any manufacturers make it in short queen size

You may consider a possible purchase from one of our quality trusted members , these all offer queen short and other custom-sized mattresses in latex configurations:

You may also ask them questions here on the forum should you need specific latex advice as they are all knowledgeable experts in the latex category. Fun fact: participating trusted members offer a small TMU discount code towards a purchase to any consumer subscriber who asks at least one question on the forum as a Thank You for support…and your question counts ;) . Good luck with your research Bennett and let us know how things go as you narrow down choices.

05 Jul 2021 07:51
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey cgibsong002,

Welcome back to the forum :) ! Thanks for your question.

Just finished testing some mattresses at a local store. Tried some latex, hybrids, and memory foam, and settled on pure foam as our choice. Most were pretty good but there was one mattress in particular that we really liked. Southerland/Englander Osborn. Specs as follows:
2" 5lb gel memory foam
2" 3.5lb copper infused gel memory foam
1.5" (website says 3") hd comfort lock foam?
7" hd comfort lock power foam?

My wife is 5' 120 and i am 5'11 170. Surprisingly it seemed like this mattress was perfect for us both. It seemed to keep good alignment both on back and sides for both of us, and what we enjoyed about this more vs the other ones we tried was how conforming it was. Felt like "true" memory foam that really molded to our bodies and did a great job of providing support all around. Edge support was fantastic. Cover felt nice and cool. The salesperson mentioned it was probably the 5lb layer on top that gave that feeling of being more "conforming" vs the other ones we tried that didn't really seem to wrap around us as much.

Congrats on your new mattress shopping adventure :) ! Nice work on making the store visits and happy to hear that you've found some good options. Thanks for including the specs for the model of interest, as well as some details of both your personal stats. Southernland is a well-known older U.S. manufacturer of mattresses, and their collections can be found in showrooms across the country. Which local store have you visited that is carrying their models? The Osborn is featured on their site; however, the densities of the foam layers are not provided, only the foams used and their thicknesses are listed, so I am not able to verify the provided comfort layer specs nor find details for the HD foam layers. Perhaps the showroom can provide those for you to evaluate the durability potential of the support core.

So overall it felt great, good price. My concerns: the manufacturer doesn't have great reviews online. Questions about durability (we're looking for a new one precisely because our name brand sagged so bad). And also somewhat cautious of something so "plush" will hold up or simply become too soft as it breaks in.

You and your wife are both well within normal BMI ranges, and I'm guessing that you both are back and side sleepers, as you mention testing the mattress in those positions. If you have durability concerns based on reviews, you will want to also confirm the densities of the support layers too. HD foams are often used in the support layers of mid-range and even rather expensive mattresses under higher quality materials such as latex or high-quality memory foam. Phoenix recommends an HD foam weighs 1.5 -1.8 lbs. per cu. ft. as a suitable density for support layers, providing an appropriate grade and durable choice. You mention being "somewhat cautious of something so "plush" will hold up or simply become too soft as it breaks in": can you expand on this concern a bit? As your current mattress has developed sag, what type is it and how old?

One last thought on reviews: other consumers' comments on product knowledge and customer service of a business can be helpful; however, take caution when considering more personal points of view regarding how you would "feel" versus what they may on the same mattress or how suitable/ durable a mattress may be for you. Your personal stats of height, weight, body shape, and sleeping preferences combined will determine which components and construction uniquely work best for you.

Looking for any guidance about this particular manufacturer, quality of materials, etc. I'm hesitant to just go ahead and make the purchase after having such bad experiences with buying in stores in the past. Should we try something like a Tempur-pedic to compare?

As you may know, we do not make manufacturer recommendations outside of the strictly vetted TMU trusted member program , but we can provide a listing of our business members who specialize in memory foam mattresses for your review:

You are welcome to reach out and ask your specific questions requiring more expertise to any of these fine memory foam specialists and they will be more than happy to help out. Good luck with your research and looking forward to your updates ;) .

01 Jul 2021 08:15
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey EvanTex,

Thanks for your reply :) .

I am much closer than I have been and feel like I've got a better sense of what I'm looking for both design/feel wise. 2" comfort over pocket coils could work as I do think the 6" of the EOS is getting to the point of unnecessary amount. Though with the caveat that two things I do believe help my feel is have a 2nd comfort layer to transition from a soft to the more firm base. And possibly having a pillowtop or topper to allow a bit of "sink" as they'd be a bit more independent of the firmer based and transition layer. That is more my best description on feels I've noticed than possibly accurate meaning, as what I like about my old mattress is that it has a bit of give but not like memory foam which I don't like nor like talalay which I feel is closer to 'floating on top' or pressing me up than a comfortable but minimal sink.

This is definitely doable setup, EvanTex. If you went with the Sleep EZ 360 Hybrid Pillowtop that you mentioned in your previous post , you would have 2 firmnesses within the mattress pillowtop to experiment with. Or, you could create your own DIY mattress with the help of our trusted members.

The zoned coils, due to how I sleep, seem to have two issues. The first being that when I flip to my stomach from my side, I usually slide down the bed and find that the zone ends up higher on my body than intended. The second issues has been when I try them, I often feel like the center zone is pressing up further into me making me almost feel like my hips/lower back are at the pivot point of a fulcrum as my upper body and legs feel like they sink lower. Now this variable could be also due to confounding my dislike for talalay with the zoned coils. However in stents trying in stores, I've tended to lean more to single firmness coils over zoned.

That is good news that you have access to local showrooms for testing and comparing mattresses. It does sound as though you are set on your preference for a single-zoned support firmness; good job on narrowing down the mattress types of interest! Based on the conversations we have had, you may consider a Natural Latex Hybrid mattress, and these quality TMU trusted members offer single-zoned Dunlop latex hybrid mattresses comparable to what you seek:

Texas Mattress Makers (HD Foam + Coils)

Hope this helps get you started, Evan. My apologies for the delayed response; do you have any updates on your research?

05 Jun 2021 10:32
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey KiryuKun0,

Welcome to The Mattress Underground :) ! Thanks for your question

5'10" 200lbs male - Looking for ultra plush / body contouring. I want it to be a like a marshmallow. I do not toss and turn at night, I want to sleep in the bed, not on it. Currently using an old mattress with a 4" memory foam topper, it's probably less than 2lbs density - The cheapo blue swirl Amazon stuff.

Congrats on your new mattress shopping adventure:) ! You are off to a good start as it seems your preference is for memory foam . It definitely checks off the boxes of body contouring, motion isolation, and of "sleeping in" the bed feel. Good job on detailing your personal preferences !

After returning a Purple 3 I just couldn't find a bed I liked in the store other than Tempurpedic but none were ultra contouring.

Good work on making store visits and testing mattresses :) . Sorry to learn that your Purple 3 didn't work out for you, KiryuKun0, nor the Termpurpedic. There are plenty of models out there that could be a better fit, so keep a running list of which tested ones do work and those that do not to help you continue to narrow down choices.

2" 2.5LB Gel Topper (I want ultra plush/contouring) 2.5-LB. GEL SWIRL MEMORY FOAM TOPPER
2" 4lb Gel Memory Foam Topper: 4LB Topper
2 1/2" HD36-HQ 2.8lb Egg Crate topper: HD36-HQ Eggcrate Topper
6" HD36-HQ 2.8lb Foam base: HD36-HQ Foam

No cover as of yet, I have a very stretchy sheet that I was hoping would be good enough. However I'd probably go with something like this: Topper Cover

What is your preferred sleeping position(s)? In addition to BMI/ body profile type, sleep position(s) plays an important role in determining which materials and constructions are better suited for optimal comfort and support in a mattress. For example, if you are primarily a side sleeper, a 3" top layer may be more suitable for achieving the "marshmallow"/ body contouring feel you prefer. A topper encasement is needed to keep the layers from shifting, and your choice from trusted member SleepOnLatex is an excellent one.

I am noticing that there are many retailers of various foams and there are many options to choose from. Am I making a quality choice here? Please let me know any suggestions.

There are many foam mattresses in a wide variety of combinations available on the market. You may consider one of our fine trusted members for a consultation and possible purchase. These TMU manufacturers/ retailers specialize in memory foam/ foam mattresses and would be happy to help with your questions:

PS. I do not care for hybrid beds, and am concerned that latex may make the bed too bouncy.

Indeed; some do find that the combination of latex and pocket coils to be a little "livelier" than they prefer, especially if as in your case, they enjoy "sleeping in" the mattress and motion isolation. Do you have any updates on your mattress testing?

08 May 2021 11:07
  • Sensei
  • Sensei's Avatar
Hey Eric,

Thanks for your reply :) .

Thank you, Sensei. I didn't see your response until today. We are still debating a new bed. Our Oceano Hybrid trial runs out in early July. We've been on the bed since the end of July 2020. The 12 year old bed we replaced was a natural hybrid mattress from a mattress company in Indianapolis that went out of business. It came from friends who gave us a king bedroom suite. The bed had body indentions on both sides and was too soft.

No worries on the response delay; I was hopeful that meant you found a "restful" resolution by now ?. So your 12 year old hybrid mattress that is being replaced has body indentations and is too soft; was that going on for awhile or gradually over time? Your bodies have definitely had plenty of time to adjust to your new Oceano Hybrid's nearly year-long trial. What advice has Brentwood Home given aside from the topper exchange?

I'm 5'9" and 140 lbs. My wife is 5'4" and 135 lbs. She is primarily stomach sleeper and some side (40%). I'm primarily a back sleeper with side sleeping (40%). We tried the polyfoam topper and it made things worse. My wife's back felt better but mine felt much worse. So, we returned it. We are now back on the Oceano with no toppers. I thought I read somewhere that it was not the best idea to put a firmer topper on a softer bed.

Sorry to learn that the topper addition didn't improve both of yours back pain issues, Eric. With your preferred back sleeping position and her preferred stomach sleeping position, it would seem that a firmer support system rather than a softer mattress would serve you best. As far as whether using a firmer topper on a softer bed, that would defeat the design intent of the softer mattress. Toppers are used to add comfort to a mattress, a "feel" improvement to the upper layers. It is far easier to achieve either a softer or more plush feel by use of a topper, rather than use a firm topper to offset the softness of a mattress with a plush feel.

So, we're back in paralysis by analysis. We like the feel of memory foam (sinking in a little) more than the bouncy latex feel. Definitely prefer the hybrid with springs. I want to try the Luna but I'm concerned about the latex mattress given the experience with Plush Beds.

Have you considered use of a split mattress/ 2 twin XLs? That would allow you each to have the comfort and support that you prefer. If you like the feel of memory foam over the bounciness of latex , focus on memory foam hybrids in your search, as latex's feel will never approximate that of memory foam. They are polar opposites in their feel, response, and properties. You may want to check out these quality TMU trusted members offering memory foam mattresses and toppers:

Are there any new developments since your last post? Good luck with your research and let us know what you decide.

15 Apr 2021 17:33
  • datrumole
  • datrumole's Avatar
so, after taking a huge risk, and a bit of an investment in shipping, helper fee (friend in germany) etc... i've got this bett1 mattress ( en.bett1.de/products/bodyguard-anti-cartel-mattress )

ironically the thing i thought would be the coolest and best part of this mattress was the 'zoning' it has

after about a month now, i realized the issue that i've had with the mattress IS the zoning

when i lay on my back, i feel like my middle is being pushed up, and the backs of my legs barely touch the surface of the mattress. not nearly as bad when i'm on my side, but i believe i do a bit of rotating in the middle of the night spending time on my back as i move from side to side

I've been trying to cover it up with a 20ILD latex topper, but the issue shines through. i have a 28ILD talalay ordered (might even cancel at this point) since i dont think this was ever the issue all along

i'm not in horrible pain, the mattress if quite supportive and comfortable, however i finally laid parallel with the zoning slits, and all the issues i had with the mattress were gone. i'm going to give it a shot tonight to see how it goes

that said, what next?

- throw in the towel and get a real base (would suck to eat the loss, maybe i can find a new home for it to recoup even half the cost, but with covid i'm not sure many folks would be interested in used)
- try and 'slit in' my own new zones and try and even the mattress out
- do the reverse, order and cut up some foam and fill in the slits?
- sleep WITH the zones (laying parallel with them) and just have this sort of 'firmer hump' in the middle?
- maybe a 1-2" firm layer of foam, with then a latex topper to prevent some of the zones?
- currently sleeping on the med-firm side, maybe i flip to the firm side, and jack the 2" 28 talalay to a 3" (as the firm side is quite firm), but would be less exaggerated with the zoning due to the added firmness?


pic to help visualize (ordered in the 200cm x 200cm, about a king size)

EDIT: 210lb male side/back sleeper, 150lb female who can sleep on a ladder and wouldnt notice

06 Apr 2021 15:07
  • NikkiTMU
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Hi jimlaheytpb.

You're not the first to question Naturelle, as seen on this page .

They clearly state that their latex is organic and that certifications are shown on their site. If they are using GOLS latex as stated the latex itself will have a sticker that says it's GOLS Certified. Hope this helps!
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