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Elevating the head of an adjustable bed or also using a mattress wedge for GERD 07 Nov 2021 19:39 #1


as someone with GERD (I'm both a side and back sleeper), I appreciate the various GERD posts and solutions I've read on this forum, such as the ones here and here. My current solution is a traditional frame and mattress, with a DIY rigid foam wedge running the length of the mattress, elevating the head about 4 inches more than the feet. That works great for me, but it's finally time for a new mattress, and I've expanded my search to include adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds that have a no-bend incline feature (no bending in the torso, allowing for better side-sleeping) seem tempting, but bases with that feature seem to limit the other options quite a bit. For example, it is hard to find a base with head tilt, lumbar support, and no-bend incline all in the same model.

I do like what I've read about the L&P Prodigy Comfort Elite, and feel it would work great for me if I could also get a fixed 4 inches or so of incline. Is it reasonable to:
1 - incline the entire L&P CE adjustable base by having 4" longer head legs than foot legs?
2 - put something like the latex KTT 80inch full-body wedge on top of or under the mattress, to incline the entire mattress but otherwise preserve the adjustable base features?
3 - put the L&P CE zero clearance base on a inclined support base/frame?

I suspect #1 and #3 are going to void warrantees.
I'm guessing #2 would work ok, although pre-programed positions like zero-G might feel slightly off. I've also read that the full-body wedges sometimes slide out of position under the mattress on regular beds, something that may be more problematic with an adjustable bed.

Any thoughts on or experiences with the above options, or ideas regarding an alternative?


(note: edited to be specific to L&P CE base, in case there was any confusion)

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Elevating the head of an adjustable bed or also using a mattress wedge for GERD 04 Dec 2021 22:55 #2

For those following: I've decided to create an itermediate option 4: buy a latex mattress and an 6 inch full-length (80 inch) elevator wedge to address the GERD in a know-to-work fashion. The L&P adjustable bed, if worth it, can always be purchased later.

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