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Looking for mattress similar to BedInABox Natural Silk Elegance Comfort 22 Feb 2022 10:45 #1

It’s time to buy a new memory foam mattress and I’m trying to determine what would be a good choice.
My wife and I are around a 30 to 31 BMI and mainly sleep on our sides but also sleep on our stomachs. We both sleep near the edge of the bed.
We currently own two memory foam mattresses.
The first mattress we bought is a Costco Novaform Pure Comfort Memory Foam 12” Mattress purchased in 2010 for $550. We never really liked this mattress – it’s a little too firm. We slept on this mattress for six years before getting a BedInABox Natural Silk Elegance Comfort Adjust GEL Mattress in 2016 for $2100. We really like sleeping on this mattress; however it’s been discontinued.

The specifications for the two mattresses are listed below:
Costco Novaform Pure Comfort Memory Foam 12” Mattress:
- 2.5" of Nutratemp memory foam as the top layer 4lb density. The ILD rating will be 12-13
- 9.5" of premium base foam 2lb density and will have an ILD rating of 40 .

BedInABox Natural Silk Elegance Comfort Adjust GEL:
3" Reversible Adjustable Foam Topper. 1.5" CoolRest® Gel Memory Foam on one side 3 lbs/ft3 Density and 10 ILD and 1.5" High Resilience Foam. The other side is a 32 ILD 3" CoolRest® Gel Memory Foam - 3 lbs/ft3 Density

The foam support core is a 8" High Resiliency (polyurethane)Foam Support Core - 2.4 lb Density and 32 IFD – this is a reversible foam that provides different firmness. One side is called a “memory foam layer” and the other side is called a “support foam layer”.

Also there is a 1.5" Quilting foam top layer made of Natural Silk Cover Pillow soft polyester microfiber.

The mattress can be adjusted to four firmness levels: Soft, Med-Soft, Med-Firm, & Firmest.
This can be accomplished by flipping the foam topper and/or foam support core to get the four combinations. We’ve kept the mattress set to a "Med-Soft".

We would like to stick with another memory foam mattress. Don’t think we would want a hybrid or innerspring memory mattress.
We don’t mind if you provide several recommendations to choose from that may be similar to the BedinABox mattress.

I'll make sure to keep you informed on the decision I finally made and how the new bed met our needs.

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