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new to forum and need help! 04 Aug 2020 16:02 #1

  • Princesspea57
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My head is swimming and overwhelmed by the plethora of technical information on this site! I am grateful to the contributors for all that I am learning today.

My fiancé and I need help in buying a king mattress for our house in Florida (gulf coast). We are both experiencing aches and pains from aging.He has lower back pain and I suffer from shoulder pain.

He is 174lb and 5'9 and mostly lower back pain. I am 5''2" inch and 136lbs. We are both back sleepers.

From my reading, I am guessing we will need at least 2 inches of latex? I am not sure if Talalay Latex for a comfort layer since we are both back sleepers? I understand that Dunlop is more dense and not evenly distributed through the manufacturing process and firmer than Tally. Currently we are sleeping on 3 inches of Dunlop Latex ILD (44) topper on an older King Coil (foam combo with steel springs mattress) which suits me fine but he still wakes up with back pain. I like to sleep without a pillow and horizontally across the bed when he is not present ( I know he thinks this is weird). We are steering clear of memory foam because we both suffer from hot flashes! Lol

Ideally we are looking for a customizable option that could be adjusted in both support and comfort layers for each person. I have looked at the DIY options and after reading the article of the pros and cons of DIY I do not feel confident in building a progressive construction mattress that would meet both of our needs. I think I may be better off leaving the construction to the mattress experts! I am leaning towards a pocketed coil support (for durability) with a natural latex comfort layer(s) as an option but I would be interested to hear any recommendation you have for us.
We need a good return policy since we will be unable to try any mattress out in the local stores due to Covid. I also am wondering whether I should consider synthetic latex or just pure natural latex? I read your post about the two and the only difference I get is the cost and that the SBR is less springy and more durable. We are hoping to keep this mattress for at least 10 years!
Thank you for all of your help!

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new to forum and need help! 05 Aug 2020 14:46 #2

  • Luma Sleep
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Hello Princesspea57,

Thanks for reaching out to Luma Sleep through The Mattress Underground. TMU has several members that specialize in DIY. Search DIY in the Trusted Members section. You will find the expertise you seek with them.

Team Luma
Team Luma ~ Luma Sleep™
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