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Pocket Spring Mattress - Would all latex comfort layers be a good idea? 04 Mar 2020 16:40 #1

  • Slodki
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Hi All,

Fantastic forum here, and I've learned a lot about what specifications I should be looking at when purchasing a mattress.

I've found a factory locally in Melbourne, Australia who is able to customise the mattress to whatever specifications I want, including what I can have in the comfort layers.

I'm going for a queen size 3 zone pocket spring mattress. The model which they sell also includes 2 layers of high density foam (I can specify the density and softness/firmness upon ordering). topped by a 5cm layer of natural latex.

There is the option to remove the 2 other layers of foam, and replace it with another 5cm layer of natural latex. So essentially the mattress would be pocket springs + 10cm of latex on top (I can also vary the firmness of the two layers of latex).

Aside from making it a 'chemical free' mattress by reducing the 2 layers of high density foam, and changing for latex, would there be any other benefits to doing this?

I'm assuming the feel would be slightly different when comparing foam + Latex vs Latex only comfort layers.

Another option available would be to have pocket springs + 7.5cm latex + 3 cm wool. I should be able to test out these different options, but is there anything regarding wool that raises red flags? I do understand it can settle and firm up over time (would this cause imprints in the mattress top layer)?

I was quite happy to go with the original mattress they sell which is pocket springs + 2 layers high density foam + 5cm latex - however with these two other options mentioned, I wonder if they should be pursued?


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Pocket Spring Mattress - Would all latex comfort layers be a good idea? 08 May 2020 01:15 #2

  • ozmatela
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Hi Slodki,

I'm based in Melbourne too. What is the name of the factory?

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