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Decided on the Quadra-Flex with Medium Talalay 15 Jul 2021 16:23 #1

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Well after countless hours of research both here and elsewhere on the internet, I finally decided on the Flexus Quadra-Flex with Medium Talalay.

I am a male, 6'2", weigh between 180-190 pounds, and have a pretty lean/athletic build. I sleep in various positions, usually on side and stomach I think, sometimes on back as well.

My current IKEA mattress has been on a downhill slide for a while, and has started giving me back and neck problems, especially when I end up on my stomach. I think it lacks support around my midsection, causing my lower back and/or hips to misalign. At the start of this search, on an impulse, I purchased a NovaFoam comfort grande plus mattress from Costco for $500, and I thought it was terrible, offered less support than my 3.5 year old IKEA mattress--I took it back the next day. That's when the more serious research started.

Right off the bat, I knew I didn't really want to go for a memory foam mattress. Maybe I should have done more research into them. But I've generally liked my mattresses to be more responsive and as cool as possible. Plus I not sure about the manufacturing process or the durability of memory foam. After I discovered latex, I really wanted to give it a try with its claimed durability, cooling properties, and natural traceable sources. But I didn't have a good reason to rule out coil mattresses either.

I had a very hard time deciding between full latex options and hybrid latex-coil options. I ultimately selected the quadra-flex after reading the article on this website about zoned systems and the body types they can be good for. In general, I felt like I matched that description with shoulders that are broader than my narrow, yet heavy hips/mid-section. I'm really hoping the zoned coils in the quadra-flex help support my hips and mid-section to prevent misalignment. Plus, the hybrid option was within my budget whereas the 10" latex option recommended by Flexus was substantially more expensive.

I also had a very hard time deciding between medium and firm talaly latex. I have a history of sleeping on firm surfaces due to lots of work and recreation outdoors, which I think helped me develop a preference for firmer mattresses, plus my intermittent stomach sleeping habits demand good mid-section support to prevent hyperextension of my lower back. My current mattress was labelled medium-firm and I think I should have bought the firm, although I was happy on it for a while. I called Flexus and the man on the phone recommended medium after I told him my situation. I still went back and forth between medium and firm and thought about getting split medium/firm (partially to try them both out, and partially because I think my smaller girlfriend may prefer something softer when she stays over). But I ended up taking the advice of Flexus representative and ordering entirely medium.

During this buying experience, I did have trouble finding good guidance on what level of firmness can be a good fit based on sleep style/weight/height/BMI, etc. I realize its highly individual and personal preference based, but I ended up feeling like choosing between medium and firm was no different than flipping a coin. Either way, I'm glad Flexus offers a latex layer exchange for $68. Flexus, it would be nice if you included a factsheet about what kind of latex you consider "soft/medium/firm" somewhere on your website, to make it easier to numerically compare things.

I'm writing this now to document my thought process during this experience. Perhaps it will help someone else in a similar situation down the road. If any of the moderators or anyone else have any feedback the process and thoughts that I documented here, that would be much appreciated!

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