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Spring Mattress 09 Aug 2019 12:51 #1

Hi There,

I was wondering if you might know anything about Sleep-Ezzz in Canada (Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge locations). I have visited their store and liked the feel of the below three mattresses. I am veering towards a spring mattress as I am used to this feel from my old one and they also seem to fall more within my budget than a quality foam or latex mattress. I was wondering if you could possibly provide some more insight on the below mattresses or what information I would need to gather from them to determine if they seem to be a quality purchase for the price they are listed at. The Courtney pocket coil has 1 ' memory foam however it does not list the pocket coil count. The Charlotte is listed as 600 thirteen gauge spring coil system and the Alexis is 1' memory foam 1' gel foam and 828 Zoned Comfort Pocket Coils. Any further thoughts you could provide on these or information that I would need to gather to make a more informed purchase would be great. Thanks.




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Spring Mattress 09 Aug 2019 15:20 #2

HI, We don't have any direct experience with this manufacturer so I hesitate to make any pronouncements pro or con. The pricing is quite reasonable, but remember low priced mattresses are also made from low cost materials. You can probably expect compression on the comfort layers similar to other brands in the same price bracket.
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