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DIY Latex pillows 01 Mar 2018 12:01 #1

  • Twoods196
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Hello, I’m in the process of building a latex mattress. Along with the mattress I would like to make some pillows while I’m at it. I have found some shredded latex for an ok price but I also found some scrap pieces for an amazing price. I would like to buy the scrap pieces to shred them up for a pillow. I know that to fill a pillow around 2.5-3lbs of shredded latex is needed. So this leads me to my questions. 1) Is there a certain ILD that would work better for pillows as I’m sure the lower ILD would be too soft. So in what range do you feel is the general best ILD for pillows. 2) how would I calculate how many lbs a certain piece of latex foam would end up being after shredding it for example a 24 ILD 40x26.5x2 Talalay piece of latex would weigh how much? Also is there a certain size they need to be shredded to for optimal performance/comfort? I will be covering the shredded latex with zippered bamboo covers. I chose bamboo because we love how cool they stay. Is there any other pillow case material that cools better than bamboo? Thanks for the help!

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DIY Latex pillows 06 Mar 2018 13:20 #2

  • foxmattress
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Hello Twoods 196,
While I can certainly offer my opinion on how to choose a pillow it is not possible to make specific recommendations as each individual has specific preferences they prefer. The overall ILD is not the most important factor to pay attention to as the latex will be shredded and in small pieces/compacted. The density overall will be impacted by the firmness you’re looking for and container you’re using.

As an example, I would recommend creating the ability of having an inner chamber within the pillow to remove and replace fill until you’re able to reach the feel you’re searching for. An example of a company that offers a shredded latex pillow that allows customization by the user is Savvy Rest. Every individual obviously has different combinations of shape, weight, etc. of their heads and necks which is why there’s no “size that fits all” with pillows. This link may prove to be helpful with the shredded latex pillow design. (savvyrest.com/products/organic-pillows/shredded) You could always use a mixture of different ILD’s of latex if trying to create a specific feel.

A good image to picture when trying to determine the amount of fill to put in the pillow is popped popcorn and smaller. In order to determine the weight of a piece of foam would use the density. As an example: if a 24 ILD latex is used that is 3.5 lb density; then a piece that is 40”x26.5”x2” would be a total cubed area of 2120 inches cubed. (A cubic foot is 12x12x12= 1728 inches. So 2120/1728 = 1.22 cubic feet. 1.22x3.5lb density = approx. 4.3 lbs of material.

Again, there is no one specific answer to help determine the “perfect” pillow for every person. Just like with mattresses, every one has specific comfort and support they’re searching for.

In regards to the type of pillow case that is best, this is again preference based. Some individuals prefer a soft/silky texture but that can create more heat. Bamboo does tend to be a very breathable material and I'm sure whatever you choose will be great.

Wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question!
Fox Mattress- Chelsea

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DIY Latex pillows 06 Mar 2018 13:32 #3

  • Dormio Organic Beds
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Hello Twoods196,

Sounds like you’re working on quite the project!

I wouldn’t worry about the ILD of the latex, as it will be shredded up into small pieces that will feel the same in firmness when compared. The 2.5 – 3 lbs listed isn’t necessarily a standard recommendation – it really depends on the firmness you’re trying to achieve, which can be determined using the amount of fill that is being put inside the casing.
For a “true” queen pillow (20” x 30”) I would get at least 5 lbs of latex and shred it into little pieces – this should be enough to play with.
I would also recommend that you create an inner casing that has a zipper, or something that will allow you to add or remove fill from the pillow. This would give you complete control over the loft and firmness that you require. The neat thing about shredded latex is that it is very malleable – great for all types of sleeping positions.
Yes, bamboo is a cool material – but as you know latex is very breathable, so I don’t think you will have temperature issues there.
Wool is the best material to use for regulating body temperature. The fiber actually wicks moisture from the body and releases it into the air – but at the same time keeps the body at a neutral temperature. Many people are incorporating wool into their homes and especially into their bedding for this reason.

I hope this gives you some answers and can assist you in your DIY project.
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