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NeoLuxe Mattress Safe or Toxic? Latex Mattresses too hard unfortunately 12 Feb 2019 20:34 #1

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Hello, I am in Australia.
- I am 5'2" and weigh 41kg (weight loss due to giving birth and now breastfeeding).
I would have loved an all natural mattress but the healthy latex mattresses I tried were all too hard for me.
- I am buying a new bed since our 20 year old traditional spring mattress is also now no good - I wake up with sore hips from it.
- I tried zenbeds.com.au/ Their latex mattresses are either 3 layer (soft firm soft) or 5 layers, but I found they were all too hard.
- I then tried the softest Hypnos latex mattress here: www.bedsndreams.com.au/hypnos-bed-mattress-range.html - but it too was too hard (very disappointing).
- I then tried the Neoluxe mattress at the same store: www.neoluxe.com.au/products.html and found it reasonably soft and comfortable. But I'm concerned about the materials.
- Can someone advise on whether the materials are safe/non toxic? Since I have an 8 month old baby who I am breastfeeding who sleeps in our room - I don't want him to breathe in VOCs etc. given the bed uses various foams.
- The layers in the bed are listed as:
1. Silverline Surface Fabric
SilverLine genuine silver fibre yarn to guarantee a natural antibacterial function of freshness and hygiene as well as anti-static properties.
2. Breathable Luxury Quilt Layer
Combination of Hypersoft Foam and Quiltec comfort technology for luxury breathability.
3. Italian Silver form Comfort
Italian made high performance comfort foam infused with genuine silver particles for antimicrobial health.
4. HD Progressive Comfort Technology
Multi-Layer premium HD comfort foams provide a smooth transition in feel offering a perfectly balanced sleep.
5. 12 Zone Sleep System
Unique dual coil system provides targeted support for the ultimate tailored sleeping experience.
6. Complete edge to edge Support
With it’s ultra-durable construction, EdgeBoost robust wall encasement provides a 100% sleeping surface.
- Alternatively, can you suggest a latex mattress model or solution (in Australia) that will be softer than the ones I have tried?
- Please note I originally purchased and later returned the healthiest ikea mattress and placed a pure latex topper on top - but the ensemble turned out to be extremely hard and painful for me so I also sold the topper.
-I would be so grateful for your help. Many Thanks,

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NeoLuxe Mattress Safe or Toxic? Latex Mattresses too hard unfortunately 13 Feb 2019 05:35 #2

  • CozyPure
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Hi S -

Congratulations on your newest little family member!

Sorry to hear you're having problems finding a mattress that is comfortable and offers you enough softness. Since you're 5'2" and 90 lbs, I can see where this could be an issue because you don't have much weight distribution to sink into the comfort layers. Natural latex is very dense and supportive, and usually firmer than foams, so you would need to look at softer latex densities on the top of the build.

I looked at zenbeds.au and see they offer natural dunlop latex. Can you provide the densities they offer for the "soft" layer? Based on your weight, and your desire to have something softer, you should try a D55 (one of the softest dunlop densities); many companies don't offer that option, however you may be able to request it from them.

Also, have you tried any mattresses with talalay latex? Talalay is less dense than dunlop, and more yielding to your body to offer more of a "squishy bounce", and definitely something you should try because of your slight frame. I'm not familiar with any mattress brands in Australia, so you would have to research local retailers, and ask them about the options of talalay, as well as lower density dunlop latex choices for the top comfort layer.

Unfortunately, we only specialize in natural materials such as organic cotton, wool and natural latex, so we're not really qualified to answer your question about the NeoLuxe mattress since it does not have any of those components. Perhaps another member who is more familiar with conventional foams can chime-in and help with that information....?

Again, if a natural latex mattress is important to you, I think talalay is your best bet and I suggest you visit local retailers who offer talalay. Because you have had several disappointments already, I think it's best for you to continue working with a local store so you can lie down and test the various comfort choices available versus ordering online without trying it.

Good luck on your search... I hope you find a mattress that feels wonderful so you can enjoy a good night's sleep!

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