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Wool mattress topper for Sleep EZ latex mattress 12 Sep 2018 18:53 #1

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About a month and a half ago we purchased an organic latex mattress from Sleep EZ. It has taken some adjusting to get used to sleeping on latex. My husband is sleeping fairly well on his dunlop bottom firm, soft, then medium on top. I am sleeping ok on firm, medium, soft dunlop on top. But not as well as I hoped. I miss the plush pillow top feel in my mattress. I like a soft feel on top but not too soft to feel like I am sinking into the mattress too much, as I did with some of the memory foam options we tried before latex. We have tried an Avocado Green Mattress latex topper on top of the latex mattress and I felt like I was in a pit for some reason. Maybe it is softer than the Sleep EZ soft layer on top of my mattress... Anyways, I tried a wool topper in a local showroom when I was testing latex beds and it felt so wonderful. I guess my question is would this be a good option for me to get a plusher feel out of my latex mattress but still enjoy the support of the mattress? I was looking at the DIY Natural Bedding option because the price is affordable for me. Any advice is appreciated.

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Wool mattress topper for Sleep EZ latex mattress 13 Sep 2018 05:56 #2

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Congratulations on your new organic mattress! Sorry to hear it's not perfect.... yet. But hopefully with some advice (from us and other members), we can all give suggestions to help you feel more comfortable.

You didn't give specifics about the wool topper you tried. How thick was it? Was it tufted or quilted? Is it wool batting or wool "fleece"? The thing to keep in mind with a wool topper (using wool tufted batting) is it will compress over time and become flatter under your body, leaving slight indentations where you sleep, also known as "nesting". That area can actually feel a bit more firm/dense over time and use. A lot of people like that nesting, however it sounds like you want a "plush" pillow top feel on the surface, so I'm not sure I would recommend the wool topper since it will not provide that cushioning plush feel in the long term. However, with that said, since you did try it out in a showroom, and you really seem to like it, that could very well be a good option for you.

From our experience, customers who want a plush surface, really enjoy our Cuddle Top or CozyTop collection of toppers made from "floating" latex noodles. You get a nice soft "pillowy" surface, but with the support and resiliency of latex at the same time. Since it's not a solid 3" thick topper you don't "sink in a pit" but rather it gently "cuddles your curves". Customers use these toppers for both our mattresses, and other brand mattresses, when they are want to soften a firm sleep surface with a "feather bed" feel (but doesn't flatten like a feather bed).

You may also want to look for a thinner solid latex topper that is only 1" or 2" thick so you don't get that sinking in a pit feeling. It will be just enough to provide surface softness. We offer a sculpted dunlop 2" topper , and there are other companies who provide solid 1" or 2" toppers as well - in fact you may want to look at natural talalay latex which is softer than dunlop (we don't offer talalay, but many other companies do).

Since you ordered an organic latex mattress, I wouldn't recommend memory foam since that what defeat your purpose of an organic sleep system.

So in summary, it sounds like you just need to add a small layer of a softer latex to the top so you can get "progressive" support and comfort... However you'll also need to contact Sleep EZ to find out the density of the soft layer you're using, and get their recommendation on how soft you should go adding another top layer, because if you go TOO soft, you'll actually sink down too much and hit the layer you're trying to soften (hope that makes sense).

Wishing you the very best of luck in your search for perfecting your mattress!
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