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Buy King Mattress on Maui 14 Jan 2018 19:07 #1

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I need to replace the king (coil type) mattress in our vacation rental condo. My husband and I use the condo three months and rent it on VRBO nine months. Current mattress is Sealy posturepedic Fergus Falls II T3 'firm', mfg. 2013. Still "OK", but beginning to 'valley' on the sides. Any online options recommended? Limited choices on Maui -- and in the whole state.

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Buy King Mattress on Maui 16 Jan 2018 15:54 #2

  • phoenix
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Hi OurSue.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :)

Online shipping to Hawaii

You are correct that it is a challenge for people in Hawaii to find a decent quality mattress, and many do order products from the “mainland.” Higher shipping fees are unfortunately a way of life in Hawaii, but one that I know you are used to. The tradeoff for the location seems to be worth it.

I don’t know if you are looking to replicate your old mattress and stick with an innerspring product or if you are looking to go with all latex or different foam combinations, Your old mattress was a tight top pocketed spring unit on the harder end of the spectrum and you certainly have many of options here (spring/latex, spring/poly or MF combinations)

I’m currently discontinuing the provision of listings of potential retailers online or in various geographic regions (unless they are a vetted member here of the site.), because of the difficulty in maintaining such lists in a retail landscape that is constantly changing, and most importantly the confusion it was creating with the consumer members who incorrectly assumed that these businesses had indeed gone through the strict qualification process and were approved as members of The Mattress Underground.

There are many of our members who make and ship mattresses anywhere across the country, many of which make latex or latex hybrid mattresses. All of them IMO offer great quality/value and offer the forum members here a minimum of 5% discount or a product bonus on their mattresses. All of the latex options could be made firm to match your original mattress in terms of comfort (if that’s what you prefer), but I suggest that you have a detailed conversation with any of the manufacturers you are considering to get guidance as to which layering options would be best for you.

At a quick glance here are some listings of on line retailers members of our site that may ship to HI. As I have time I will refine this list and add more to it for the reference of others who seek online alternatives just as you do.
www.mattresses.net/ Specializes in customizable 6" + 2" or 6" + 3" layering in either Talalay or Dunlop and side by side split construction is also available. Has a range of other options as well including organic Dunlop and a very popular pocket coil/latex hybrid and can also do special orders of alternative layering on request. Has a zip cover so that the base layers can be exchanged if needed. Discount Code: MU5

www.mygreenmattress.com Specializes in 2 sided talalay latex mattresses which are fully finished on both sides (no zip cover) as well as innerspring hybrids with natural fibers or latex. Can be chosen in soft medium or firm versions and has a 90 day comfort exchange if needed. The ability to flip a mattress will extend the life of even a latex mattress which is already longer lasting than other foams. Ships to Hawaii at additional charges. Discount code: MATUNDR

www.sleepez.com Specializes in component "choose your own layer" mattresses that offer either natural Dunlop or natural or blended Talalay latex with a wide range of layering options and thicknesses available. A 3" 5.5 lb Sensus memory foam layer can also be chosen instead of a 3" latex layer in mattresses with a 3" comfort layer. Side by side split also available. They also offer several zip covers so layers can be exchanged and ship to Hawaii

www.kissmattress.com This is a re-launch by SleepEZ and is of one of the " simplified choice mattresses ". They have comfort layers that are a combination of Talalay latex on top of a 4 lb high performance hybrid polyfoam that has many of the properties of memory foam without the slower response and temperature sensitivity that is typical of most memory foams on top of a 2 lb polyfoam base layer and is also a very high quality/value choice. (more details and specs will become available soon) Shipping to Hawaii is free.

www.cozypure.com/ Specialize in high quality organic latex mattresses with a choice of layers and many custom choices including component latex mattresses. They also manufacture a wide range of organic accessories including toppers, mattress pads, and bedding at special discounts for those who have purchased a mattress. They are among the greenest and most ecofriendly manufacturers in all of North America and every product is as green, natural, or organic as it can be down to the last thread. They produce all their own power for their factory with wind, solar, and geothermal energy and would be of particular interest for those whose "value equation" includes buying from a natural, organic, and truly green manufacturer. (Free Shipping to Hawaii)

www.flobeds.com/ They are one of the original pioneer manufacturers of component latex mattresses where you can choose your own layers and have some unique designs. They use a 2" convoluted top layer in all of their latex mattresses and also offer a custom zoned vZone mattress where you can choose your own zones to customize support/alignment which is unique. They are very knowledgeable and take great care with their customers with their attention to detail and their customer service. They also make a line of latex/memory foam mattresses and some more premium mattresses that include some less commonly seen materials including coir and horsehair. (Ships worldwide)

www.spindlemattress.com They make a component latex mattress that use continuous pour Dunlop latex from Mountaintop Foam using 100% natural Dunlop latex. Their mattresses are 3 layers of latex with a wool quilted zip cover and they also offer a comfort adjustment with a new layer for those who need it after a purchase. Spindle itself is fairly new but the owner Neal is part of a mattress manufacturing family that has long term and deep roots in the industry and is very knowledgeable about latex and mattresses in general. This is another great quality/value choice. Post #6 here and this thread have more comments and feedback about them. Discount code: phoenix (ships to HI at additional cost)

[url=http://http://bit.ly/TMULumaHome]lumasleep.com[/url] > Shop > Mattresses. They sell 3 models – a 13" All-Latex Slumber mattress with a choice of comfort and two versions of latex/pocketed coil hybrid mattresses, each with a choice of comfort. Luma's two-layer slumber system allows consumers to exchange the 3" Talalay comfort layer for free for up to one year after purchase. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and very transparent. One of the owners, former CEO Latex International (now Talalay Global) and several large US mattress manufacturing companies, has extensive experience in the US mattress industry. 10% off for TMU Consumer Members with Discount code: TMU10

www.foamsweetfoam.com/ Fullerton, CA. Factory direct manufacturer. They sell component latex mattresses that you can choose between organic certified Dunlop latex or 100% natural Talalay layers with either two, three, four, of five 3" layers in your choice of firmness with an organic cotton and wool quilted zip cover. Scott is the owner here and I have known him for several years and he is also very knowledgeable and experienced. He makes good quality and value mattresses and is the only manufacturer I know that sells 15" component latex mattresses with 5 layers. He has been selling mattresses for over 30 years and online for over 9 years. They provide a 6% discount to the forum members here. Discount code: MU6

en.memoryfoamcomfort.ca/main.html Canadian online retailer that sells a range of high quality memory foam and latex mattresses and hybrids that use good quality materials including 4 and 5 lb memory foam, Energia 3 lb HR polyfoam, and high quality/density base foam as well as several Nature's Embrace latex mattresses made by Renelle and low cost HD polyfoam mattresses as well. They are good quality and value, provide good guidance over the phone, and can ship across Canada.

sleepingorganic.com/ Charleston, SC. Factory direct manufacturer. Sells component latex mattresses where you can choose your own layers using either 100% natural Dunlop (organic is also an option) or Talalay in 3" layers with your choice of ILD in each layer and a cotton/wool quilted organic zip cover. Brandon the owner is knowledgeable and transparent and they have good quality and value.

Nest Bedding Mountain View, San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles, CA. Mattresses made and partially owned by Brooklyn Bedding. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and transparent and carry several mattresses that they sell locally and online including an organic latex mattress, a latex/polyfoam hybrid, memory foam mattresses, a two sided dual firmness latex/pocket coil hybrid, and memory foam/pocket coil hybrids (including two sided) that all use high quality materials. Joe the owner left a larger manufacturer that had a somewhat exaggerated focus on "green" mattresses to form his own company because he wanted to "do it right". Please see their Nest Bedding details for discount codes for various mattress lines (they will also match any other larger discount).

sleeponlatex.com/ Online only. They manufacture two 100% natural Dunlop latex mattresses that are different thicknesses (7" and 9") and that each come in three different firmness options. Both have a wool quilted organic cotton cover. They also sell latex toppers and mattress cores as well. They are knowledgeable and experienced and offer good quality/value products.

Sedona Sleep They are a sister company to Arizona Premium Mattress. This is also one of the new breed of " simplified choice mattresses " and is a two piece component system that is somewhat unique because it includes a separate finished "base mattress" that is made from 7" of 1.9 lb polyfoam which can be used by itself as a low cost medium firm mattress. It can also be used underneath an existing topper if you already have a topper and the mattress underneath it has developed soft spots or is sagging and needs to be replaced. The complete two piece system also includes a 3" blended Talalay latex topper in your choice of 4 different firmness levels on top of the base mattress and they also provide the option for a split firmness topper so each side of the complete system can have it's own firmness level (in queen and king sizes). The topper can be exchanged for a different firmness level during the 100 day trial period for just a low UPS shipping cost (using their commercial UPS rate). The discount code for the 5% TMU discount for forum members is "MUDISCOUNT"

www.novosbed.com/ They have now introduced their new " simplified choice " memory foam mattress in Jan, 2016 which replaces their previous lineup. They use good quality/density materials and their mattress comes in your choice of three different firmness levels that each have different memory foam densities and firmness levels (two 4 and/or 5 lb memory foam layers and a 1.8 lb polyfoam base layer) . They also have an optional "comfort +" attachment in different firmness levels as well which uses 2 lb polyfoam which is also a high quality material and is an additional zip attachment to the mattress for those that need to soften up or firm up their original choice after their purchase. They also provide good guidance about firmness options on the phone. Discount Code for a $100 discount on their mattress is MU100

www.addable.com is a new "simplified choice" mattress (launched in Feb/2016) from Spindle. They use good quality materials with 2" of 4 lb gel memory foam on top of a 2" transition layer of 1.8 lb polyfoam on top of a highly resilient 2.0 lb base layer. The design was based on the results of a focus group that tested many iterations of the mattress and there are are no lower quality materials or weak links in the mattress although I would be cautious with higher weight ranges (more than the lower 200's or so). They are also taking transparency and "truth in marketing" to a higher level with their matchmaker questionnaire which asks a series of questions to help their customers to assess whether the mattress may be a suitable choice (rather than saying that it will be suitable for everyone) and they have also listed all their material and manufacturing costs on their site and made their lower margins very obvious (which is one of the reasons for their low cost compared to most other simplified choice mattresses as well). The discount code for the 5% TMU discount for forum members is "UNDERGROUND"

latexmattressfactory.com/ They make a 7" 100% natural Dunlop latex mattress with an organic cotton cover quilted with natural wool that is available in a range of different firmness levels. They also sell individual Dunlop latex layers and a stretch knit cover for those who wish to build their own DIY latex mattress. They are also knowledgeable and experienced and carry good quality/value products.

www.reverie.com/ US manufacturer that makes a unique line of latex mattresses that use latex cylinders for support that have multiple firmness options and which can be arranged in different patterns to create a zoning system that can customize support/alignment for different body types and sleeping positions both before and after a purchase. They use comfort layers that are a combination of latex and high quality 2.3 lb or higher polyfoam. They also provide blueprints that show a diagram of the most common and effective arrangements for the cylinders.

Again I am not sure what type of product you are looking for but between these manufacturers, most mattresses can be "approximated" in terms of pressure relief and alignment and firmness level or almost any needs and preferences can be met with the quality and value that is typically much better than anything available to those who don't have a factory direct manufacturer or a good quality/value retailer within reasonable driving distance. They are also very good at discussing your local mattress testing and "translating" it into recommendations or suggestions about which of their mattresses have the best chance of working well for you....

Good luck! and I'm looking forward to finding out what you end up deciding.

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