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matress and box spring combination cost 08 Jan 2018 19:38 #1

Does $2000 seem like an excessive charge for a combination latex/coil spring queen size mattress and a box spring, assuming the materials are of top notch/superior quality?

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matress and box spring combination cost 09 Jan 2018 07:58 #2

Hey Scarps,

Such a price wouldn't necessarily be out of the question, but I can't judge what might be an "excessive charge" for any product, as that is quite personal and has more to do than just the actual cost of the product. You're not specific with exactly what you're considering (layers, type of latex, blend, covering, etc.). Certifications such as GOLS and GOTS can also add to the overall cost of a product, as can the blend of a product, and may or may not be important to you. Additionally, the level of service you are receiving, potential return policies, the ability to test out in person (brick and mortar store) and the extra costs associated with that versus online, and other intangibles will all factor into the value of any purchase. It's actually something that's been discussed quite a bit here on the forum by Phoenix called the personal value equation . You may find it interesting to read through that as you go through your decision-making process. I hope that helps you out a bit.

Jeff Scheuer, The Beducator
Beducation / Mattress To Go
Jeff Scheuer, The Beducator™ Owner of Mattress To Go
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