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Please help me choose the right pocket coil for DIY Hybrid 09 Oct 2022 13:41 #1

  • polyphony
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I've been sleeping on a very old ~9" innerspring mattress on a ~7" box spring for far too long and its time for a new one. My brother has a tulo Liv all foam from Mattress Firm and it is medium-firm. I consider it too firm and I don't like how flat I lay on it so I don't think I want an all foam mattress. I'm used to the slight hammock effect of my old innerspring so I'm looking to make a DIY hybrid with a slightly more firm support layer than what I have now and a more soft comfort layer.

5'8" 235 lbs.
Combo Side/Back sleeper
Bed size: Full
Desired firmness: Medium to Medium-Soft

L&P Caliber Edge 6" - 13.75 gauge - 560 coils in Full
BB 6" Ascension X - 16 gauge inner, 15 gauge outer - 1032 coils in Queen

I would also consider the L&P 8" Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa - 15 gauge inner, 16 gauge outer - 1057 coils in Queen if it is available in Full size but its not listed in the drop down. Is it available in Full? I would upgrade to a queen if I could but this is a small bedroom.

At first glance I would assume the 6" Caliber Edge is the most firm and least contouring, the 6" BB Ascension being less firm and more contouring, and the 8" QE Elite (if available in Full) being least firm and most contouring.

Build options from bottom to top:
1" Poly foam 2.8lb. ILD 50
6" or 8" pocket coil
2" or 3" dunlop latex ILD 29
2" or 3" talalay latex ILD 19-22 or gel memory foam (undecided)
wool batting maybe?
100% cotton knit cover (quilt is nice but I'm concerned that it is not as contouring)

I'm leaning towards the Caliber Edge but I'm open to advice. I've also thought of doing 3 layers above the coils instead of 2 so... 2" medium latex, 2" soft latex, 2" memory but I'm not sure about that. I would also get a low profile box spring ~4". I'm just not sure about the right coil for my weight and desired firmness.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Please help me choose the right pocket coil for DIY Hybrid 10 Oct 2022 16:20 #2

  • zag300zx
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Interesting question, I'm very similar size (225lbs 5'11") and recently built a bed similar to what you are after.

2" talalay from Latex mattress factory
3" dunlop medium from latex mattress factory
6" BB Ascension X
Arizona premium bamboo wool cover

This gives a very conforming feel with a slight hammock feeling, but very slight. I get no pressure points on back or side.

I tried a 3" talalay soft from arizona, but found that way too soft and sinking in. I tried a firm 3" dunlop under that 3" talalay soft and found that comfortable and cozy but too much sinkage for me ultimately. Tried the 2" soft talalay over 3" firm dunlop. Nice and supportive but pressure points on the shoulders if on the side. The 2" soft talalay over the 3" medium dunlop is perfect for me to get rid of pressure points

Regarding the coils, I do wonder if I would have been better off with the L&P caliber 6", because the BB might be a touch softer than I need longterm if things soften up over time. I'm no expert but hopefully this helps you a little bit.

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