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Having trouble finding a suitable mattress 22 Aug 2019 09:29 #1

Hi, I'm new to this forum and wanted to get some advice about finding a new mattress, as I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by my options and lack of knowledge.

First, a little about my body and sleep habits: I am fairly ectomorphic at 6'2" tall and 165 lbs. I tend to sleep on my side, but I've found that I fall asleep fastest on a firmer mattress. At the same time, after doing some research, I want to be cautious of getting too firm a mattress, as I don't want to put excess pressure on my hips or shoulders (I am an athlete in my 20s and haven't experienced this yet, but I realize that this could change as I get older).

I can give you an overview of some of my past mattress models and my thoughts on them. In high school, I used an Ikea mattress that I would rate as 7.5/10 firmness. I actually liked this mattress a lot, but I think the materials in it are probably lackluster, and at any rate I believe it has been discontinued. (It is at my parents' house so I don't know the exact model). In college, I used various dorm-issued mattresses, all of which I found a little on the soft side.

After college, the first mattress I bought was a 2017 Leesa mattress. I recently sold this because I found it had started to sag slightly in the middle after only 1.5 year of use, and I really hated the feeling of sinking into a "bowl" in the middle of the mattress. The materials of the Leesa were a layer of 2-in Avena foam (polyfoam) at 20-IFD 3.65-pcf, a layer of 2-in memory-foam at 9-IFD 3-pcf, and a layer of 6-in polyfoam 32-IFD 1.8-pcf. I suspect that the 3-pcf memory foam layer was the culprit in the middle sagging so quickly.

I've currently been mattress shopping, but I'm not really sure about what I should be looking for. On a friend's recommendation, I went to a reseller near me who sells factory and floor models at deeply discounted prices. There, I tried a Stearns and Foster "white label" memory foam mattress – it was really firm, which I liked, but after doing research on this forum it seems like Stearns and Foster is a brand that I should stay away from, especially since the retailer couldn't tell me about the specific materials used in the mattress. I next tried a Saatva Loom and Leaf mattress, which I really liked in terms of feel (nice and firm), but which seems to be a little less than ideal because it features a convoluted layer of 4 lb memory foam in combination with their 1.5 lb base layer that Phoenix has said is not especially high quality. I also tried a Nest Bedding Alexander medium hybrid mattress. I know that Nest Bedding is a trusted member here, which indicates their mattresses are of a high quality, but I think that the medium is a bit too soft for me. The reseller is, however, offering a great deal – about $750 for what is normally a $1299 mattress. Finally, I tried a Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream mattress, which felt really nice (about the same in comfort and firmness as the Saatva), but which I don't think I would consider because it is a Chinese made Zinus mattress and doesn't offer transparency about its make-up.

I was hoping to get help about what my next steps should be in searching for a mattress. I am in graduate school on a fairly humble stipend, so I would prefer to spend less than $1000 on a queen mattress, but I could splurge on up to a $1250 purchase. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Having trouble finding a suitable mattress 22 Aug 2019 11:22 #2

Thank you for the deep explanation of your mattress history. Have you tried any Hybrids with pocket coils and latex? These have become our best sellers. A firm spring coupled with 3" of your choice in firmness for the latex comfort layer. I would choose either a Medium or Firm based on your experiences. Normally I would recommend a Medium for someone your size and a side sleeper but it seems like you prefer a firmer bed than what would be normal. You will get much more durability with latex than you experienced with the Leesa and with having a zippered cover you can also change the comfort layer many years down the road if necessary. With closed mattresses you never get that choice and have to toss the whole bed.

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